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I wrote my original biography, below, nearly 9 years ago before the launch of my first website. It's raw, it's real, it's poignant. It's 100% me. For that, I love it. For that, I'm sharing it with you...

The truth is I didn't come to the wedding industry, it came to me. It has never let me out of its sight. It has chased me down and entangled me in what is now our strange romance. It has been more dedicated and devout to me than I could have ever asked of a career. With all of its persistent pursuing, how could I not finally fall in love? Now, I recognize we were meant to live happily ever after. As a wedding coordinator I am able to use my best skills, to inform and schedule, color coordinate and organize, and set up and delegate. I am a manager of events. I start them. I keep them rolling. I see them through to their perfect end.

Ive always been artistic, organized and obsessed with colors. That is for sure. But, tying that into a career never really found a place in me. I dabbled in a few things but never truly expected to find that one thing that really let me love it and that would love me back. It was not until after my own engagement that I found the true passion I had for the perfectly organized and executed event. I have become, in these past 5 years, a woman of vision and execution; of structure and organization; of detail and personalization; of color and creativity. I say this industry has chased me, because all of the pieces have fallen into place for me. It went from a thought, to a suggestion, to being in the right place at the right time- continually. I have felt for years now that I am exactly where, and who, I need to be. And that feeling above all else, is what wakes me up in the morning excited for each day and each bride.

I can, for the first time in my life, understand what people are talking about when they say they love and live for their job. I love the people; I love the unique and personal elements of each couple and each event. I am truly honored when people invite me to share their lives for just a few precious moments. This is my life, and I fall in love with every day of it!


A. Auer