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Graphic Design


I think my husband says it best when he’s referring to instruments- he’s a jack of all trades, master of none. Well, that’s definately how I feel sometimes with my own skills [and because of this fact, I will be taking them on one by one by one until I own them all!!! Haha] when it comes to things like interior design, graphic design, photography, floral design…

These are all areas that I love. I am completely excitedly passionate about them. But, regardless, I’m not trained or professional by any status. My most comfortable avenue would have to be graphics. This is because I’ve spent years honing in on my “good” talent in that department. The eye I have- it’s the skills and training that I don’t. But, most of the time I get the job done just fine.

I just made a new logo for my husband, as he’s embarking on a professional music venture as a songwriter more in 2008 than ever before [as he’s always been associated with a band]. I think I like it. The image below is what I made for his brand spakin’ new blog. Go here to view it… but, here’s a preview:


Oh, and just so you know, living up to my Sharon Ozbourne name [meaning that everything and anything outside of music that my husband needs taken care of gets done through me 90% of the time…], I get to post on HIS blog, too! So… I’m blogging for two, basically. Ha!



Wow! Okay, so… probably a lot more than this, but this is huge to me.

I started tracking my profile on October 18. Just before my website launched [about a week or two]. I know I’ve been blogging for months longer than this, but I just really started tracking my views a little over a month ago.

And today, I checked my stats and I’ve FINALLY hit 1000!

As of Tuesday, November 27 I was at 1017 views on my blog!

Thanks to everyone who is reading! I have much to say in the next few days, but I figure to keep you on your toes, I’ll save it for another day.

Thanks again everyone… yay! 1000 views!!!!

My husband is the bomb. Email me if you want to know why he’s on stage singing with Relient K.


Much needed.


Well, I am definately on my way to “better”. My voice is rasp-tastic today but hopefully that’ll fade away in a day or two [yay for my cold progressing it’s stages in about a day’s time]. By this point I know I’m over the hardest part. And, I must admit, it wasn’t so bad!


Yesterday, my husband and I headed out to the Inland Empire for Stella’s birthday and decided on our way out there to stop at Cabazon on the way home. When we pulled into Cabazon, we decided we weren’t going home last night. We got a room at Morongo [which, I might add, was one of the coolest hotels we’ve stayed in… seeing as normally we like to save money for our vacations and stay in some slummy hotels!] and enjoyed a much needed night away from all distractions. This was the first time in I can’t remember how long that we actually went away somewhere with nothing with us… no computers [no email!!!], no clothes, no toothbrush… nothing! And even better still- no phone calls. I turned my phone off and I’m not sure if Josh did the same, but I seriously can’t recall the last time we had an evening together without him getting at least 7 calls! So… it was great.

Today, I’m rested, getting better, and back to my old emailin’ self. Feels good to be home.


P.S.- 2 weeks and counting until my next nuptials! My December calendar has grown, and it looks like I’ll end up with 3 weddings to blog for the month! 12/7, 12/15 and 12/29!

Being Sick.


Being sick, for me, consists of a few things:

1. sweatpants
2. my husband’s t-shirts
3. a sleep-in-late and nap combo

I got sick on Thanksgiving. I had an allergy attack at my grandmother’s house. It was awful! But, each day I’m feeling better and better. The more I sleep, the better I feel! At least I got to enjoy some pumpkin pie. And, the bonus of it all- this is my first totally and completely appointment-free weekend in probably 2 months. That worked out nice- 3 whole days to recover!


Here’s to a healthy winter to everyone!

Stella is 2!


Yesterday, Stella turned two. I’m not sure if everyone who reads this knows what it’s like when your best friends have a baby… but I imagine in some ways it’s better than having one yourself! It’s getting to be the really cool aunt and uncle ALL the time. Today is the anniversary of the day I met Stella. She’s the most beautiful, happy, easy going baby ever. She listens. She holds your hand. She loves with her whole heart. I can’t wait to watch her grow.

Most recent, Stella and Daddy [Joey and Josh used to tour together- for 7 years. They’re still playing together today and are still close friends.]


Stella and Uncle Josh

Guitar Heroine


Stella and Mommy [Angi is the best. Besides keeping my hair looking cool… she’s been one of my best friends for over 5 years!]


Happy Two! We love you baby girl!!!

Oh, and just so I don’t forget…

Sooooo thankful.

Thanksgiving arrangement.


Okay, so, honestly… this is not my fave. Maybe I was getting too proud about my floral design skills. But, I had a rough day- I jammed in a few appointments and between prepping for the holidays and making this arrangement for my grandmother [because today was also her birthday], about 20% of my flowers died in the car. I always, always, always over-buy. Almost to the point of being absurd. But, today, my ranunculus, hydrangea, and half of my roses were all casualties. Now, the roses were my fault. Apparently I bought a bad batch.

Here’s a rose tip for you: when you’re buying roses where many packs are shoved into a bucket [as is typical], be aware that when you pick up a bunch and hold them to look at them, the water that runs off from the stems will ruin the rose petals below! It actually browns and kills the petals. That’s the most common cause of rose petal casualties. I learned that in my floral class and have always been super catious since then about pulling roses out of bins myself, ensuring that I don’t hold my fresh cut stems over the other roses in the bucket still and damaging the other roses I’m NOT buying. But, today, I just didn’t pay attention and of my 20 roses that I bought, about 7 of them were totally beyond destroyed from water damage.

So, here’s the results. It’s late. I’m delirious. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Not sure if you can tell here but I wrapped the clear bottom part of the vase with these deep purple-y burgundy leaves. They matched perfectly and it disguised the floral foam inside!



Eeeep I look old.

*This was an asymmetrical piece from the overflow that I made for my sister. It’s… not so great. But she loves asymmetry.


Wonder Dressing.


The only advice I can offer for the holidays: AVOID THE GROCERY STORE. At all cost! Man, I was not prepared for today. But it is worth it for what will come from my terrible trip to the store.


This salad dressing. This… is Brianna’s Blush Vinagrette. It’s not strawberry flavored, though it may seem that way. It’s not. In fact, I’m not positive what the flavor is. Besides amazing. If you haven’t tried it, DO! But, now may not be the time of year for that… seeing as in order to get one measly bottle I went to two different stores [and they only had 1 left at the second store]. People who love Brianna’s Blush are serious business.

What do you do with it, you ask? Well, THAT I can tell you! I have one receipe and ONE family contribution to my name. And, that’s my salad. Actually, we just call it “Anita’s salad” because years ago a friend of a friend got it from my sister in law [actually, I think it was at my engagement party] and ever since then the receipe has passed along. So, today, I pass it to you! Now, I don’t have an official receipe and I always just “eyeball” the receipe and really it feeds my whole family. So, I’ll do my best to give you a “group sized” recepie.

1.Baby Spinach- [I usually buy the pre-packaged] 1 or 2 bags.
2.Hearts of Romaine- [I ususally buy the pre-chopped, pre packaged- can you see where this is going?] 1 or 2 bags, depending on if you want more spinach or romaine.
3.Blue Cheese Crumbles- [I don’t disriminate against brand]- typically I buy 2 or 3 packages.
4.Bartlett Pears OR Golden Delicious Apples- Usually I end up buying the apples because I forget to buy the pears in advance and let them ripen. Get 2 or 3. You don’t need both, just one or the other.
5.Bags of Whole Raw Almonds [in the baking section]- these are pricey, but usually I pick up 3 just because they’re delicious left overs. You’ll understand what I mean later.
6.Brown Sugar. One box should be fine. Actually, if you’d like, do a half white granulated sugar and half dark sugar mixture. You’ll need about 1 to 1 and a half cups.
7.Lemon Juice.
8. Brianna’s Blush Vinagrette [with the strawberry on the bottle].

First things fist: the almonds need to be candied. In a large WARMED skillet [this means let the heat run with nothing in it for a minute or so], pour in your almonds and then about a minute or two later, pour in your sugar gradualy. If you’ve never candied before… the heat is high, the stirring is contstant, and the sugar gets sticky! Keep stirring until the almonds are evenly coated [this could take 15 minutes or so] and the sugar is pretty much all liquid. Sometimes there are small clumps or crystalized pieces of sugar- that’s fine. It still tastes great. Before you stop stirring, cover a baking sheet in tin foil and place near you. After you remove the skillet from heat, you’ll need to dump all of the almonds onto the foil and spread them into as close to a thin, single layer as possible. These get solid and clumped together VERY quickly, so do this as quickly as possible. Any large clumps will have to be broken apart by hand later, so the more you spread, the easier your job is later. After the baking sheet is full of almonds, jam it into the freezer to cool. The pan, the stove, the spatula… everything will be HOT and sticky. So, be careful. While they’re cooling, chop the pears/apples into cubes and after they’re cut throw them into a bowl with about 2 tsp of lemon juice and 1/2 cup water [this is called a “lemon wash” and it prevents the fruit from browning]. I typically leave the fruit soaking in there for about 5 or 10 minutes after it’s all cut. Pull the almonds out of the freezer and break them apart into individual pieces [or as individual as you can]. After that, it’s really a “dump it all into a bowl and toss” type of salad… my favorite kind. Easy!

It’s simple, delicious, and a real hit at a party! Just enough of sweet and strong flavors.
I’ll be enjoying MINE tonight at our church’s Thanksgiving dinner… and then again on Thursday since my mom insisted on me bringing it! Trust me, this is a fail-proof receipe!

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