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Okay, so this may be a “1 of 2” posts for Cyn and Derek, but I just HAD to show you what Stephanie Williams has been up to with these two! Cyn and Derek are one EXTREMELY lucky duo because not only are they working with the FAB Stephanie for their wedding, but Cyn’s maid of honor is none other that the amazingly talented Susan of En Pointe Photography! Since Susan’s in the wedding, she can’t shoot on the day-of, but the couple and her have every intention of planning a 2nd engagement shoot to add beauty to the world! For now, these images from Stephanie will more than quench my need for pro pics!! Here’s three of my fave:



[Sorry, Derek. You were reduced to a blur on that one, but it’s WELL worth it for your hotttt fiance!!]


I know, right? Ridiculous! Go visit Stephanie’s blog for more!!! Now!

Blogged: K & G!


Okay so, the bride and groom from the protected post below had the honor of using the amazingly-talented-up-and-comer [book him now, ladies!!!] Wayne Toshikazu for their day. Now, UNFORTUNATELY, since they’re trying to keep their small, intimate wedding a private affair against this public world, I can’t blog anything that shows off who the bride and groom are. BUT, since Wayne got some killer details and it’s totally worth showing his style, here’s some detail shots from their day:





Since Wayne is JUST getting started into the industry, I hear he’ll be offering some amazingly great deals to second shoot… from what I talked about below, this is the time to jump on options like him!

Wayne, I wish I could show HALF of the brilliance that you caught in still frames! I seriously love them with every ounce of me!!

Random Rundown!


New tradition! I’m starting a weekly random blog about things that are important to me, things that aren’t, and everything in between!!

1. I am counting down the days until I can get an iPhone. I cannot believe how long I’ve been in the industry [and I pride myself on answering emails quickly] without a phone that I can check my email on. Because of this, I get stuck at home! But hey, I’m committed! Right now I’m waiting for the release of the new version in early July [before, I was waiting for my verizon contract to end…]!

2. I have a long laundry list of pet peeves. If I can recall any specifically, I’ll try to post one a week. BUT, we’ll see. Today’s pet peeve: since I’m left handed, when I write with certain pens, ink will get all OVER the side of my hand. I avoid all “wet” pens like the plague. I mainly use Bic Click Stick pens exclusively. When my company invests in pens [which I’m totally into this idea and want to SOON], it will be these pens. Since you can’t buy them at stores, I’m forced to use pens from places like Howard’s Appliances, The Doubletree Hotel, and random Realtors!

3. Funny Josh-ism: One time, in reference to a very tall thin person, Josh used the expression “tall cup of glass” as opposed to the real term, “tall drink of water”. Oh how I love him!

4. FACT: The only bridal magazines that I read and order [and that I feel are worth any time after you’ve got a ring and dress!!!] are Martha Stewart Weddings, The Bride and Bloom, and Ceremony Magazine. Seriously, people!!!

5. Gas prices are seriously KILLING me lately! Driving a Yukon sure doesn’t help, but honestly. It’s crazy how quick $100 goes lately, right?? At some point, I want to buy one of these:


6. Lately I’ve been super into my domestication. I want to bake. And cook. Well, cooking is easier for me since I don’t have a mixer here in my condo, but seriously! People like THIS make me need to bake!!!

7. Favorite event idea of the moment: I’m soo diggin’ the clients who hire an up-and-coming photographer to second or third shoot for them [even hiring them independently!]. This is a GREAT way to score a killer deal on an aspiring photographer, and it allows your day to be captured by multiple creative “eyes”! Plus, for the low price that most of these photographers are charging, it’s totally do-able for even the smallest budget!

8. My favorite reality shows of the moment: top chef [LOVE that stephanie won! though, richard put up a GREAT fight!!], project runway, america’s next top model [my sister protests this always], so you think you can dance [who is better than cat deely? she is soo elegant and sweet!], kathy griffin, and last comic standing [though, enough of the auditions, already!]. wow, that sounds like a LOT of TV. it’s not that bad.. i don’t think!

9. I found this website a while back and fell in love. I own a pantone guide for color reference [even though I feel that I’m a measly graphic designer!], but I just cannot get enough of having it accessible at any time online. Yessss.

10. I’m really, REALLY into music [duh, my husband like MAKES it for a living!]. Right now, my fave is Jesca Hoop. Last month my whole family went to see her down at this dumpy club in our area. It was soo awesome! Just her, a few guitars, a bass, and a backup singer. The harmonies were insane! Take a listen to a few of her songs here but really my favorite you’d have to buy on iTunes. It’s called “Seed of Wonder” and you can read the lyrics here. Love it!

Business lately has been great! After 2 official weekends “off” from events, it gave me an amazing amount of time to take care of my summer clients and I cannot WAIT for my summer events to kick into high gear! I love each and every client so much and get so attached. Can’t wait to see these brides walk down the aisle to their men! Knowing that I can be a part of it makes my heart happy. Thanks for helping me love my job!!!

Newly-weds: G and K!


***This post is for my clients, friends, and family to see the work that I’ve done for my most recent couple. To respect their privacy to the utmost degree, any picture or dialogue with personal information is in the password protected post below. Thank you for understanding, and please enjoy the details!!***

Since I already wrote a full blog for friends and family of the bride and groom, I’m going to limit myself to minimal commentary about the day. BUT, since I made the personal florals myself [all bouquets and boutonnieres], I wanted to make sure that they, along with a few other amazing details, made it up onto the blog! Plus, I took a few pretty good pics. I love it when I get lucky with the camera!!


I am a SUCKER for fresh-stem bouts. I whipped these up for the guys and saved a peony and two mini callas for the groom’s bout. Since it’s tradition to have the groom’s flower look like it was plucked from the bride’s bouquet and given to the bride, I wrapped them in the same color of fabric [light silver grey]. Love it!

The bride’s bouquet turned out gorgeous! BUT, it was a total labor of love. Ladies, PLEASE respect your florists!!!!!








I know, right? The peonies came out sooo delicious!

The couple had their reception in their loft area [in the courtyard mainly, with dancing and cake inside]. This is their amazingly funky chandelier:


Maid bouqs:



A close close close up of the mom’s nosegay bouquets [all in all, 3 mom bouquets, 6 bridesmaids, and a bride!]




The bridesmaids all came together two nights before the wedding and made 258 cupcakes for the guests [well more than enough for this intimate affair]- not only were they super cute, they were sooo yummy!!




[That’s our champagne, chilling after we took out all of the cupcakes]


The bride, after the wedding, wore a fresh peony in her hair. Since I’m big on options, I ran these upstairs during the cermeony:



First Congregationalmade a gorgeous vintage style backdrop and set the tone for the day!


Back to the reception…






Their custom cake topper was made by two of their friends, and totally fit their mexican-fiesta style vibe!



A moment during the first dance- and the closest we’re going to get to the bride and groom!

And, my mom’s favorite image of the day [she said she’d frame it and hang it above the mantle!]:


The end! Hope you enjoyed!!!

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Oh. My. Goodness.


Seriously!!!! When Ed and Karen of Atrero Photography offered me an album from Catherine’s wedding last year, I was elated and over joyed and any other word you can think of for beside myself ecstatic!

I never imagined what it would really look and feel like to hold this premium photo album, with killer photography, in my two hands. Well, last week, my expectations were far exceeded when I received this…




Remember THIS image?? Of course you do- no one could forget!


And, they even snuck in a photo of me in action:


See me???


One more of the gorgeous, soft, white leather cover:


Seriously- this is just a TINY sneak preview of the real thing. This album is to die for. And what’s best- they gave me a slew of business cards and some special discounts exclusively for MY clients. If you’re looking for a photography team and want pictures that POP and make a statement, don’t pass them up!!! Contact me for further info!

Current mood: tickled pink!



It’s been a while, but I promised more pictures from my personal flower arrangement last week, so here I am to post!


I originally bought one pack of white[ish] peonies, pink spray roses, white roses, and faintly pink tulips. I, of course, decided to make a hand-ties bouquet and set it in a vase! These were for my sis.


Finished it off with a dark purple ribbon wrap, and set it in a bubble bowl vase for display.


I like it, but I now know why spray roses in bouquets aren’t so popular! And, of course, the overflow:


Yay! I love how it all looks so soft and creamy!

Is it just me…


or does this picture of my favorite Josh:


Remind you of the Hamburglar as well??? I can’t help but laugh every time I see it!


YOU be the judge!

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