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Okay, so, I think the cat’s outta the bag.

I mean, I’m sure at THIS point in the game, all of you readers know my [slightly irrational] attachment to the couples I work with, their love, and their weddings… right?

Well, what you may not know is that most of my couples only hire me for “day-of” services. Hence why I say I’m slightly [okay, okay, TOTALLY] irrational when it comes to my attachment! Really, I just feel so blessed with my career and my clients and each and every one of them as a part of my life. Which brings me to Dani and Bru. If I create such a strong bond with couples I only have the pleasure of interacting with a few times, imagine the excitement, love, joy, and attachment I experience when I get to work with someone from the beginning to the end of their engagement!

D&B are a dream to be working with! They’re so fun to be around, we click, we all work together, and I cannot WAIT for their big day next August! Shortly after getting engaged they fell in loooove with Jack Randall and his dreamy, artistic photography. He took them out for their engagement session a few weeks back and here are the results [hot hot HOTTT, by the by]. Now, please keep in mind that these are print-outs that have been scanned into the computer, so the quality here isn’t reflecting the actuality in level of greatness that these pictures are! Does that last sentence even make sense??


I. love. that. shot.








These are Danielle’s faves, that she sent over to me, and if this is only a teeeeny tiiiiny glance at what their wedding photos hold in store… hot damn, I’m sold!!

Wedvice: Vendor Meals


I found this article by Sasha Souza [event planner extraordinaire] and I found it compelling enough to share. As someone who works in weddings full time, this totally makes sense! Take my wedvice on this, regarding vendor meals!!

CLICK HERE TO READ the Sparkliatti lesson entitled “Feed Me aka We Can Only Drink So Much Coffee”.

Hope this helps give perspective and understanding! xoxo!

A little “off”.


Not sure why, but I feel a bit “off” this week.

Can’t seem to click into the mode, but then again sometimes a break from the norm is exactly what we all need, right?? I have 2 weekends off IN A ROW before my November weddings pick up, and I’m thrilled. Most of the time my days off are bittersweet. I always, always want to be working weddings. I love them too much to “waste” my weekend by taking time off. That’s what my weekdays are for! Hopefully these past few days will have refreshed me in a way that will pump me up BIG time for the slow season so that I can put all my creativity to good use!!!

A picture for you that’s not-so-new.


That’s frazzlemanda. Cute, huh?

SO. MANY. MORE. pictures to come. I’m thrilled! At least my blog will continue to be exciting!!! Oh and by the way, if you’re a couple of mine who got engagement pictures that I haven’t blogged, let me know! I may not have seen them and I want, nay, NEED to! xoxo to all.

Oh. my. goodness.

Now, I don’t play favorites with my couples, honestly I don’t. And I’m sooo excited for next year because I have some amazing weddings coming up. BUT, if I DID want to chose a fave couple award for 2007… well, K&B would be in the running. I looooove them. They’re like the kind of infectious you want to keep. :)

The wedding ceremony took place at St. Pius V Church, which was literally around the corner from Kris and Bry’s house! Their on-site coordinator, Kathy, was AWESOME! Since we had a huge wedding party, I was a bit worried [10 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen, 5 flower girls, 3 ring bearers, and…. well, a TON of sponsors!] about getting everyone’s attention in regards to walking down the aisle. Kathy worked it, and helped me out so much!


Since Kristine and Bryan were expecting nearly 300 guests, Kristine was a trooper to go all out the way she did in the details. You’ll see more later, but I think she must have made at least 150 to 200 of these super cute programs alone!!



Presenting the bouquet to Mary…


Married! I LOVE this picture!


And equally, this one too!!


After the ceremony we did some quick re-enactments for Harvard Photography to get “the big stuff” at a better angle. A few snaps for you:



And, onto the reception I went!! The main festivities were held at the Sheraton Hotel Cerritos. I love, love, LOVE the on-site coordinator there, Amanda [how funny, right!!]. Since K&B booked me for month-of coordinating, I got to talk with her lots, which was so fun! This was my first time working there and I’m already dying to go back!! You’ll see her later. :)


We made this ballroom [already gorgeous and fairly newly renovated] SHINE with glamour!! Satin linens from Dress My Chair, chair covers and sashes by Chair Covers by Angie, Eddie at Commerce Flowers was incredible and their arrangements were huge and full and gorgeous!! To top it off we had Ryan of Fly By Night killing it with music, microphone, and much more [he even helped us figure out our little glitch in the slideshow, which took almost 20 minutes but was SOOOOOO worth it!!!]. The whole thing caught on film by 29 Frames [who also, might I add, were responsible for the amazingness of the slideshow, which they put together!]. We had a dream team.

Some details:





Favors were carmel apples, CDs, and mini wine bottles. It was a busy table, full of love! I adore the way it all turned out!!



Let me just say that I LOVE these place cards and with 30 tables of guests Kristine is a freaking miracle worker for these. Even the vendors had them!!!


Some shots of the cocktail hour.


See that puffy hydrangea arrangement [hydrangement??] in the background? Yep, I threw that together. :) I did the flower girl baskets too [as the church was a “no toss” church], but I didn’t get any pictures. Lame.


Since K&B wanted to do something fun with their bar budget, we decided to host a “signature drink” only for them. We chose apple martinis to go with their color scheme, green and brown. The hotel [Amanda the amazing I should say] went full force and rimmed the glasses with brown sugar. So. cute. And this display?? To die for! The guests loved it!



Back into the room for a minute…


Rossmoor Pastries is responsible for this. I am thankful!


A little bling hasn’t killed anyone, right??


I loooooove candles and how they transform a room!



The room:


These are Kristine’s “reception shoes”. I am in love with them.


This one is “for the blog”, just before the grand entrance:


The group walked in to the Rocky theme!!


And straight into their first dance [which, the bridal party crouches around the dance floor and blew bubbles during]:




Sooooo in love! [Even if Bryan didn’t cry during the ceremony, I know he really wanted to, and that’s how I know they’re really in love…]. Haha!!




A quick hello and thank you from our groom before dinner!


The groom’s cake was a tuxedo. So cute!! We dressed up the table a bit with an engagement picture, candles and petals.




Our cake, all lit up from the back!!



And more on why THIS is on the cake table later:



Sigh, perfection!!


The slideshow I mentioned before. Well, it was actually more like a video/picture montage. It was SO candid, SO personal, SO cute. They told their love story… and I was hooked!!


Their speeches were warm and heartfelt!





I grabbed a quick shot of Kris’s bouquet. It was incredible! I’ve come to find out that I don’t LOVE single-flower bouquets right now in life. But, this was serious perfection!!!


And the bridesmaid bouquets weren’t so bad either. I looooove the deep green hydrangea that Eddie used. Swoon!!


After the toasts, Bryan had a special surprise for the group: he sang to Kristine in front of everyone! The song was Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You” and he did SO well! I was blown away! It was too, too cute!!



So in love!!


Oh yah, THIS is Amanda @ The Sheraton. Who rocks my face off. Amanda, now that you’ve seen my blog I expect weekly comments!! :)


A close up of their low centerpieces:


And into the Father/Daughter dance!



Of course, Bryan and his mom weren’t forgotten either!




And NOW, it’s cake time!! Thanks to my amazing and tall cousin Miriam for most of these shots! She held my camera over the crowd and over her head and just snapped away!!




It got a LITTLE crazy, but thankfully the dress had napkin-protection.


Awe, love IS sweet!


Let’s ask Kristine how she REALLY feels about the taste of champagne… this one killed me!!



Time for the toss.



And the garter. I love that Bryan threw Kris’ shoes like halfway across the dance floor!!





Got it!!


And now, for the football. Bryan HIKED the garter to one of the single guys!!


A little money dance that the guests got sooo into!!





Though I will say this- Bryan took a pin to the head and there WAS some blood loss. All well worth it!

Since this was a big guest count, I brought along the hubs for extra hands. This is me struggling to get a cute background pic for MiPhone.


Back out to the cocktail hour. Their guest book had this sweet little poem sign in front:


And as we packed up items into Kris and Bry’s room, we stumbled upon these:



Since K kicked those shoes OFF for dancing, I snagged a pic of ’em:


Cuteness central. I am LOVING this colorful, funky shoe trend!! These are classy!


And of course, my absolute favorite image of the night because it’s the one that I carry with me in my heart long after the party ends…


K&B: you know it! I am SO excited that you’re married! You will love it. Marriage is the ultimate joy-bringer. You two are built for it! I see it in the way you touch, in the way you laugh, in how your hearts are so connected. Truly, you two are BEST friends, and have grown up together. If you can make it through that, you can make it through anything!! Have SO much fun this week but come back well-rested and refreshingly in love!!


The end!

Since it’s been SOOO long since I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah K. Chen [save the pop-in I made this weekend before she was done for the day shooting Christine and Rob], I was thrilled to see, whilst stalking her blog and living vicariously through her images, one of my fabulous couples for next year, Yvonne and Mike!!

Y&M are planning their wedding at Rancho Las Lomas and it’s sure to turn a few heads! Here they are, through the lens of the uber talented mommy-to-be Sarah!!


I *heart* this photo!!!




Yay for weddings! Yay for 2009!! Yay for Yvonne and Mike!!!

I know, I know, I know. It’s been FOREVER. How much have you missed my personal life rantings, right? I know I have!! :)
So, let’s get to it!

1. I can’t get into wearing perfume daily. I love it, but I just forget and I’m not good at being “scented”, really. Deodorant is where I draw the line. Well, and my hair products which I loove smelling like [and Joshy likes it, too!]. BUT, if I did wear it daily, it would be this:


Falling in Love by Philosophy. Besides the SWEET name, the scent is equally pleasing. It’s light and yummy and sweet and not overpowering. It’s. My. Favorite. I’d wear it on my wedding day if I could teleport back 5 years, a month, and 13 days.

2. So Josh went into the studio last week because a friend of his offered him a day for free to track a song of his choosing. Total score! It was so great to be with him in a professional studio and watch him literally kick ass and take names. [By taking names I mean trading business cards with the studio owners, who were impressed by Josh’s utter Josh-ness [in reference to You Me and Dupree] and want to work with him in the future]. Here’s a couple totally sweet pics from his sesh, shot by yours truly:





That last one is Josh’s fave. I think we were there a total of 7 hours for the entire day and about 5 and a half were spent actually recording [if we figure in the set up and tear down- such an event]. In that time Josh’s friend tracked drums for him and Josh tracked all the guitars, bass, vocals and backing vocals. Pretty intense. Ad just so you know- that’s QUICK to finish a song in that time frame. It’s because he’s amazing [hey if he won’t brag, I’ve got to!].

3. I’m slowing down!!! She says with excitement and eager anticipation. Love me! I don’t have any weddings for December or January and although my time fills up quite nicely with meetings and appointments and trips to the flower market [yaay], I really, really miss events when I’ve got such a large chunk of time off. Anyone planning a holiday wedding??? Help a sister out!

4. My right eyelid hangs lower than my left. This is constantly creating a problem for me with makeup. I swear by Urban Decay’s eyeshadow fixer. But still, if you see me with eyeliner all over the top of my eyelid… that’s why. Typically when working and wearing for 8 to 10 hours, it doesn’t stand a chance. I call it my “re-eye”. I realize this isn’t PC at all, and apologize in advance for any offense. But, it’s a little re-re, seriously. :(

5. Pet Peeve city [and this is one I’ve just remembered, as I haven’t encountered it lately]: I hate when you’re ordering from a Drive-Thru and after EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. the guy on the other end asks “is that all?”. Ugh. Totally terrible customer service.

6. Not sure if I’ve told you all about this but I have completed the implementation of the “basket system” into my entire house. Pictures to prove it. [and that I’m a nut-job]:


The pantry.


This was the first place we started using baskets in our home. It was inspired by Josh’s sister, who is a basket fanatic as well. It worked wonders for our food organization so from there, it went to under our sinks, into our closets, and even into some of our drawers. Hurrah for the system!!!


This is my craft closet. Real pictures for another day. It takes a LOT to explain, and I just re-organized the entire thing. A huge undertaking, to say the least [took 2 days of living room chaos]. But it’s soooo awesome!!


Again… hurrah!

7. Possibly the worst movie I’ve ever seen. And since I see a lot of movies, that is saying a lot.


8. Okay, so I think we all know by now that “nothing is new under the sun”, and I truly live by that philosophy! If I see something that I love, I want to copy it. I want to do it better, or different, or similar, or change the color, or update the look… but still, I’m inspired by it. There’s not many times in life where you feel like your design is unique or original, and by no means do I! BUT, when I opened the most recent Martha Stewart Weddings mag, I squealed in delight when I flipped to feature on favors and stopped in my tracks on this page:




I gotta be honest- I think it rings eerily similar to my recent tabletop setting I just blogged about. Now, as I said, nothing new under the sun- I’m of course not the first to use the cute-as-a-button multi-colored black licorice, or bold color combo such as black/white/ANYTHING. But, to even have something come close to looking like it belonged with good old Martha’s name on it… yippeee!! Some close up shots of my favors for my Modern setting, which I think are the match to my main squeeze, Martha:


I skewed my black licorice, she boxed hers. The combo of my two favors make a pretty similar match to hers!




Even down to the fake simple style modern monogram with chunky borders and emphasis on stripes. So fun. What do you think… am I crazy??

9. Is it bad that I feel like I already need another vacation? I know, Josh and I just got back like a month ago from our cruise! But, with life being hectic and stressful and busy and costly… sometimes you just want to escape for a day or two and sleep in until 2pm!! :) Luckily I have a job that I love, a family that I love, friends that I love, and a hubs-central that I LOVE.

10. I’m throwing a baby shower for one of my best best best friends, Angela. She’s pregnant. With twin boys. So. Fun. I just finished her monogram for the event:


I’d at first figured I’d go with the “double the fun” theme, like Winterfresh gum, but the more I thought on it, the more this became appropriate. I stuck with the green color scheme, though. More eye candy to come as the event draws closer [it’s being held on November 30th!!]. You like??

I’m sure I could go on. I won’t. I’m stopping. I’ll get this back into the weekly rotation now that I’ve spewed all of my backed up blogs and pictures to you. We’re now, as a family, ready to move on! So, moving on….


What is there to say about Chris and Rob? Seriously?? I think Christine booked me, like, a year and a half in advance and I am SO grateful she did! I had a ton of inquiries for this date, and I’m always certain that the clients I end up working with are the best fit for me. I loved, LOVED being a part of this wedding. Not only was it a fabulous time with amazing vendors, but it was soo pretty to look at! I cannot WAIT until C&R’s “entourage” blog their pictures. I’m not kidding… here’s our list of photographers from Saturday:

The Very-Pregnant-and-Talented Sarah K. Chen was with us
Always-a-Fave for attitude and images, Jonilyn Photography, accompanied by husband Alex!
Jacob Atmodjojo was on board as well
And last but CERTAINLY not least in my eyes
I-Hope-We-Work-Together-Oodles-Next-Year and voted Best Newcomer just now from ME:
Jordana Hazel!!

Phew, right?? Images for DAYS! WEEKS! YEARS! Needless to say, staying out of their way was challenging and more than that, I did a lot of “leaving it up to them”. So, hopefully these pictures are pleasing enough to give you a real feel for Chris and Rob’s day. It truly was a great thing to be a part of!!

The pictures start at the church, St. Vincent de Paul in Huntington Beach. Just before the ceremony!


There’s a push and pull, love/hate relationship with church ceremonies when you’re a coordinator. I LOVE them. The tradition of it, the gorgeous churches around here, the fact that I am freed up to take photos. But the hate of it… most of the time the church coordinator gives us “indie” coordinators very little jurisdiction at their site. I never have a problem with that- I don’t want to step on people’s toes or anything and as I said… I love the extra picture freedom. I just always want to be the one taking care of my clients! Fluffing the dress, straightening the veil, giving that last minute pep-talk… it’s my heart!!


That’s Christine, being gorgeous.




Just a few of the “entourage” doing their thing. :)




I love the fake re-do of the candle lighting [for photo’s sake]. More than that, I LOVE Robby’s face. What a character!!


Some post ceremony portraits…. boys+parasols=ridiculous!



And the girls, apparently they’re GREAT at the fake laugh!!


Until it turned into real laughs!



THIS is my favorite! When your colors are green and orange, and your wedding is ’round the corner from Halloween, the socks are just ONE of the perks!!



A few last quick snaps before heading off to the reception!



Off to the reception! The details were outrageous! I loved them!! Linens and rentals all provided by Baker Party Rentals!! Our venue was the clubhouse at Park Newport and was perfect for our intimate, laid-back party setting!! It also gave Chris’ family the access that they needed to create all of the floral details- YES, ALL OF THEM- themselves, the day prior!


These cute orange favor boxes held “a few of their favorite things”. Almond Roca, Reese’s, Candy Corn…


CUTE printed materials and signs!!


Their candy buffet was a hit, provided graciously by one of Christine’s aunts!!




A sweet memorial to Robby’s grandmother.



LOVED the bouts! The dahlias… or, zenias, or whatever they were…. LOVE them!


Straight from the Grand Entrance into their First Dance!!





Christine didn’t want a cake. Like, really, didn’t care for a cake. But, in the end, tradition reared it’s head and she compromised with a small cutting cake and some sheet cakes for the guests. These unique, funky cake topper froggies are really salt and pepper shakers!


I wish I’d gotten MORE pictures of the centerpieces. This is just one of the many arrangements! The clusters of vases on each of the tables were gorgeous!


One of the two frames showcasing their fab engagement pictures:


This drink is the green machine. Seriously!


These simple cocktail arrangements were perfect!


And we had 7 of these little cuties!


C&R love cocktail snacks! So, they provided dishes for the lounge area and cocktail hour! It was totally “them”!


Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances…





We had a Starbucks Coffee station set up for the guests!


And around that time, Jonilyn set up a killer photo
booth, too!!



More detail.



One of our cute hanging vases out on the patio, at sunset!


The “entourage” snuck the couple out during sunset for a prime photo op!





A cookie bar accompanied the cake cutting and the cookies were delicious! All 8 kinds, a mix of home-made and store-bought!



The uplights were amazing! Provided by Lifetime Weddings!


After the speeches, a few words from our groom:



And Christine had a little surprise planned of her own. All for the joke, Alicia [the ‘sistant] and I brought out these HUGE champagne glasses for C&R!!




A few VERY blurry shots of bouquet and garter and things and things!


And I love this!


The photo booth was a huge hit!!!


You know, with the vendors, too! Jonilyn, you know I’m on my tippy tippy toes waiting to see your images!!!



And, to end off the blog, a few of my schmappy images, edited up all pretty like [as pretty as they’ll get for me]:









And my fave, just after the cake cutting, cute little crinkle-nose faces!!


C&R: I loooove you two! Your friendship, love, and laughter is so apparent. At your wedding, it was obvious that you had already been a family for so long now. It wasn’t a beginning, it was a continuing, and a deepening of your love! To be a part of that day, was an honor for all of the In The Now family! Have SO much fun on your vacay. Come back rested, and ready to party some more! xoxo!!

Modern | NOW


I must admit: this is probably my favorite table top! From concept to actual, I love this look! First off, the color scheme of brown, black and white. Every year it seems like one color is paired with black and white to make a smashing impact on guests. I love the warm, cocoa brown we chose to use as inspiration! As always, thanks to my lovely vendors, Jonilyn for photography, Kristin at The Treasured Petal, Signature Party Rentals for being all around awesome, and Elegant Design Specialty Linen for providing the base black linen for this look. Now, here it is!


The black and white, thick striped extra-durable-and-washable satin was found and made into a table topper by moi! It’s truly incredible to the touch. The brown “new damask” runner was also found and made by me, including the matching napkins, which I loooove the look of! I bought the white vase collection at Ikea and they didn’t need a thing to dress them up to fit this look. Kristin stuffed them full of creamy white flowers including these funky heart-shaped brown pods that I provided her with. I really wanted something textural for the florals in these. We included a mini little bud vase with a single stem and incorporated the table number right onto it! We wrapped the napkin between the two square plates and resting on top was a folded black and white napkin with their licorice skewer as a mini favor! For the real favors [pictured below] modern shaped Chinese To-Go boxes were filled with carmel waffle cookies and spreadable chocolate for dipping, all packaged with a monogram and a plastic knife! Here’s some detail shots for you all:


To see more, and there are definitely more details to see, visit the Tabletop Gallery on my site! Hope you love it as much as I do!!

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