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This is what I look like when Josh is recording:


Sometimes I look like this in the studio, because he plugs me in and I get to listen to what he’s doing along side of him. Sometimes I look like this in the living room so that I can tune out the endless takes of the same melody. To listen to music. To watch TV on my computer. To hang out with my sanity. No matter which way you slice it, most days from around 11pm to 3am, I look like this.

J and I are headed to Vegas for 5 days. Whoooo hooo! Special, special thanks to my mom for giving us a week at their time share [which was going to expire by the year’s end and prompted our trip]. We’re so thankful. We will both be working from Vegas, but if the emails float back to you a bit slower, please be understanding! You know I love you. :)

No matter what, I’ll probably end up looking like this for a few hours of every day.

Thanksgiving Rundown!


Focusing on what we’re all grateful for this holiday season is the best way to lift your spirits despite the rain [which I really truly love! Last night I stood outside with it pouring on me and smiled and laughed, just for a moment, because I was so happy!].

SO, instead of a bunch of randomness about MYSELF, I’m going to give my list of 10 “thankfuls” [oh wait, talking about things I’m thankful is still all about me, huh??].

1. I am thankful for my husband. That’s he’s the MAN in my life, my strong leader, my soft hand. He’s the utterly, frustratingly perfect opposite to create the killer combo that IS our marriage. I’m thankful that I adore his God-given face, for his heart that I recognize in all the small things he does. I am thankful that he cares about flowers, because I care about flowers. That he assists at weddings for me, because he loves to see me in my element. That he always, always connects with me when playing on stage [wink, wave, smile, funny stupid things]- these are my world, my marriage. I am so, so thankful that we have spent 5 blissful years and that we’re STILL being asked if we’re newly-weds. Way to rock it!!!

2. I am thankful that there is always music in my home. My dad was a musician growing up and his love of music made a deep impression that passed to me. I have always loved music and feel so blessed to have found someone to meet and appreciate that deep need of mine. I am so thankful for Josh’s talent and passion. Neither of us could have ever known how amazing he would be at the career he’s chosen, but we are so thankful! I love the people and the culture surrounding Josh’s music. I’m so thankful, and I hope that we continue to teach our family about music and keep making it a priority. And I am so thankful that I share this passion with my dad.

3. I am thankful for my mother. She is truly one of my best friends. She gives advice accordingly, listens, wants to hang out with me, and helps when we most need it. Her encouragement is key to my success. I love that she never takes anything too seriously and has taught me how to let things “roll off my back” accordingly.

4. I am so, SO thankful for my job. Never in my life did I imagine I’d find something that I love to do. I am thankful that it’s the perfect balance of creativity [though not TOO demanding thus making it forced] and anality [though not TOO dry thus making it torture]. I am proud of myself that this business has succeeded. Something I cannot take credit for alone. But, I am so thankful that each day I get to wake up loving what my life is.

5. I am thankful for my home. Even though we bought our condo in the peak of real estate season about 3 years ago, I am so thankful for a place to put my things, that is ours, that we worked for. I am proud that it reflects us in style and comfort. I’m glad that it’s a home with an “open door” to friends, guests, and strangers alike.

6. I’m thankful for my sister- the best friend ever. Thankful that I have a sister and that our bond is a silent understanding. I’m thankful that she pushes me to grow, personally, spiritually and professionally. I’m thankful that she’s encouraging with me, creative with me, and supportive of me. I’m thankful for weekday lunches by her office and weeknight TV in her pajamas. She is the best confidant I could ask for.

7. I’m thankful for my wonderful team here at In The Now. I never thought I’d be able to be a boss- to be able to hand things off and delegate effectively, but I have come to realize that my faith in these ladies is so rightfully placed- they continually do not disappoint. I’m thankful that they have the same passion that I do- that we have a standard of business that I’m unwilling to compromise on, and it’s something I hold so dear. I guess I’m thankful they meet my standards. Ha!!

8. I’m thankful for my excitement in life. Thankful that I’m willing to fight to keep it, every year, every day. Not just about being married, or work, but about family and projects and ideas. I am truly so thankful that I allow myself to see that half-filled glass when my natural tendency is to say “empty!!!”.

9. I am thankful for the opportunities that have been given to Josh and I. I am constantly astounded by the offers that my “no name” musician/song writer/composer/producer husband gets. I know that it’s nothing we could ever ask or pray for- it is beyond all realm of possibility for us [always] and yet just seems to fall in his lap. Even thought they don’t always pan out, I am thankful that they are always given at the right time to encourage us in knowing that this IS his career- he is doing the right thing with his life. I am so thankful for each professional opportunity I’ve been given, too. In my bio it says that this career chased me down- it did. Sometimes I think this is a dream and I need to wake up! I am so thankful for the open doors we’ve walked through and more than that, for the courage we’ve kept to continually walk through them, despite the scariness.

10. To my clients- past, present, and future. I am so, SO thankful to each and every one of you. For the decision to take a chance in trusting such a huge aspect of your lives to someone you’ve hardly met. For allowing me to be myself and trusting me anyway. For seeing me, my website, this blog… and being able to see my heart exposed. I’m thankful that you’ve come into my life. I always walk away having learned something from the love that each couple shares. Thank you for showing me your love, for teaching me how to love, for renewing MY love for my husband. I am forever indebted to you all.

Okay, so, there it is! I hope that wasn’t too boring for you.

What are you thankful for? I’d love to know! But more than that… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I was so pleased when I saw that Christine over at The Spiraled Stem blogged her husband, Darrel’s, pictures of K&J’s wedding! Their lush flowers were truly gorgeous!! Visit her blog for many more images, but here’s a few of my faves to give you a feel for the reception:







Since I didn’t get any real STELLAR images from their day, these were the perfect pick-me-up!! I love the detail shots!!

Tonight, my entire team pulled together for a very special project we’ve been cooking up and we spent the evening crafting and bonding as a unit! It’s hardly ever that we all get to be in the same place at the same time- since we’re always rotating who is working where. I try and gather us all together for lunches or dinners about once every other month, but this was the first time we really just spent the evening together. Some pictures from our fab night:


My sister is my original assistant. Her love and support for my business is invaluable to me! Although she doesn’t do work “in the field” with me anymore [meaning no real Day-Of stuff for her], she is a strong presence in the heart of this company!


Alicia was having problems all night with the glue/tape gun. I adore this picture!


Miriam knows that hammering is serious business.


Even just seeing these pictures of us gathered around the table is reminding me of how incredibly blessed I am. I could not have asked for this… I just could NOT have even asked for what I’ve been given!


Alicia took her turn at the hammer, too. I should note that although I’m not sure WHO took what picture [as the camera was passed around the entire night!], I do know that I didn’t take ANY of them myself. I can take no credit.


By the way, don’t mistake for a second… that picture above is 100% posed! Witty, guys!! This one, not so much:


I was stuck behind that paper cutter ALL night! Note the gorgeous mer-locks that I’m rocking [oh, I’m talking about my hair, in case you’re a new reader!]. And here’s a GREAT picture of Shannon:


THAT was sarcastic. Look up, Shan, look up!! She was too deep in thought to get the memo. :) Josh humored us with a few group shots that kept us laughing!


From left: Rebeks, Shan, ME, Miri, Leash.


Love these girls!



Up WAAY past her bed time [aka 9:30!]. Kidding, Beks!!



And a little sneak peek of our project:





It was totally amazing for me to be gathered around the kitchen table with these ladies that GET me in such a deep way. Our home was filled with love and laughter, and it truly felt like a “home” in those moments. I know when we get together that there is something amazing that connects us: our love of love. We are committed to commitment. And we are so, SO blessed to work in one of the most [hands down] joy-filled industries out there. Sure, it’s demanding. We know that. It’s high-stress. We know. High Maintenance. We know. HARD. WORK. We know. But, rewarding? Affirming? Totally, completely, utterly amazing? HELL YES! It made me so thankful that these ladies have found me, sought me out, came into my life, or stepped up in my life to be a part of this journey I’ve made my job. The perfect way to start a week full of Thanks!

I was so so SO thrilled when I saw these up on Gina’s blog! They turned out gorgeous! For more, just visit the Images By Gina Blog. I wish they were HUGE- but I should be getting a disc of images, and more detail shots, in the coming weeks. I’ll keep you posted.


The church looks UNREAL in her images!


This picture is a GREAT shot of how amazingly outrageous her tulle gown was!



And one of their first dance in the mood-riffic V2O nightclub:


Love, love, LOVE! This week is hopefully going to be CHALKED full of goody goody gumdrops, images, fun, love, and THANKS! Hopefully I’ll have lots to blog about. I know I’ll have lots to be thankful for!! As always- xoxo!

Caught… AGAIN!


So, since I’ve slowed down for the year I am requesting images like a MAD WOMAN for my new gallery and for my life in general [who doesn’t love pretty pictures of people they love, right?]. I’ve been SO excited to see these un-blogged images from most of the amazingly talented photographers that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a work day with. Seriously, they’re blowing me away! And San Diego-based Kim Seidl is no exception! We worked together back in May and I just got the chance to get some un-blogged goodness from her. Though THIS:


…not ideal, right?? There’s my 2 assistants in one corner, and me in the other! Haha. Oh well, you win some, you loose some. I honestly TRY and stay out of the photographer’s way! I’d much rather not have these images burned into the foreverness of time. At least the bride and groom are gorgeous!!

1. Ever since we saw this a few weeks ago, we’re constantly talking, joking, and thinking about this skit:

I think it’s the baby hands that kill me the most. Also, Kristen Wigg is a FAVE of mine. She’s great!

2. A random question for all Canon photographers- how do I change my point of focus when I’m in TV mode?? I almost always shoot in TV [I don’t know why, I don’t even know what it means, but it keeps my flash from coming on and I almost always shoot sans flash during receptions]. My point of focus [little red box when I click 1/2 way down to focus] is all the way over to the left on the lens and it KILLS me. There’s gotta be a way to change it, right?? Maybe I should just read my manual… would it tell me in there?

3. High/Low for the week…

High: running out of gas with Josh ON THE FREEWAY, on our way to San Diego. Yep, this may seem like a low- but it’s these defining moments and stories that make me so aware of our love. It’s now a crisp, solid memory. Something unforgettable. And more than that, we have fun in those moments. I’m so thankful for a husband who is cool-headed and able to laugh it all off. SO thankful for my “mountain man”:


Low: so last week when my car broke down and we got it towed it was a HECTIC evening and in the midst, I lost my debit card. BUMMED CITY. I have no access to cashola besides checks without it. And checks… seriously? So I’ve been letting it ride credit style all week! Well, last night I FOUND my card in my car, when we got it back. STOKED. But, then I tried to use it twice, and it got declined, twice. I knew my bank account wasn’t empty, so I called today… I found my old, canceled card from like a year ago. Double low!!! So now I’m stuck waiting another week before actually having bank account access!

4. I want this sooo bad and I have no use for it. Can I justify it or what??


5. So, my team has a new company photo shoot coming up. I’ve picked out one rocking outfit so far, but not sure if I need to class it up or not. I’m kinda over that right now… so I’m thinking I may just kick it laid-back style for the entire shoot. What do you think?? Will that give people the “wrong vibe” about how professional I am? I’m pretty professional, either way. That’s what I think!!

6. This is the 2nd time that this all-spanish planning site has linked one of my pictures! I love it! I just have no idea what the’re saying. See Anita and Jason’s September until candle with floral splash on the left of the 3-pictures?

It’s kinda awesome. Does this mean I’m technically international famous??

7. I haven’t decorated for Christmas in quite some time just because we’ve been busy or away [we go away for Christmas to Sacramento every other year] but what I DO have the holiday tradish of is making stockings for the Josh and I. I make new ones yearly. Kind of a fun way to commemorate that our style changes a lot and they’re fun to look at. Now that it’s time again… I haven’t a clue of what I’m going to do! And, technically, I could even get a tree and everything this year. So strange!

8. I’m super, SUPER anal about keeping my computer desktop clean. Every document in a folder, every folder has subfolders, and so on, and so on. When I’m in the midst of a project it can turn to chaos [up until a week ago, it was a muck with pictures and other images for my new site], but I always curtail it very very quickly. The only thing that is constantly on my desktop is the icon for my hard drive, and my “In The Now” folder which houses all of my company info. Other than that, I don’t “do” clutter.

9. The sweet, talented, and amazing Jordana Hazel sent over a wonderful disc of images from a recent wedding and included on it was this:


Uggh, now that it’s officially winter I have GOT to get back on that weight loss thought. Sad face!! Or more like Chubbs McGee!

10. I think I want to open an Etsy Store. I’m working on a project right now that’s SEW cute. Haha! I’ve already made 3 trial versions and it’s still not quite right. I tend to get frustrated with things like this and loose steam, but I’m really hoping that if I hang in there long enough, it’ll pay off and I can really make some cute handmade goods. This ties into the “perfect Christmas gift” for my sister as well. It’s almost what prompted it. But, really, THIS is what prompted it. I am obsessed with it and can’t even bear the thought of paying over $100 for a necklace!!

As for my 26 Things… argh! I feel like I’m taking HUGE steps back on that. I do have it posted up in my closet. Maybe if I go through and cross some of them off, it’ll feel better.

One or two pictures


Of the fabulous Auer date day. Some key notes to things that happened:

1. Ran out of gas on the way to San Diego [in my mom’s car, because mine is still in the shop]
2. Video taped it all- to be edited and blogged soon enough
3. Stayed at a fab Boutique Hotel in downtown SD, The Bristol
4. Walked to Horton Plaza mall
5. Ended up eating mongolian bbq that I could have eaten here at MY mall
6. Fell asleep at 10:30pm!!!! in the big comfy cal king bed.
7. Woke up at 10am. It was great!





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