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Happiness Is…


Finding out that one of your couples reads your blog by getting a slew of piping hot, hand-mama-made chicken tamales to take home “just because” [or maybe for Christmas, but either way].


And, moreover, happiness is eating said tamales with eager anticipation for the hearty perfection that they are.



[yes, I typically cut my food into bite size squares prior to eating JUST like I already have kids… don’t hate!]



Cesy and Krissy…. you two are the BEST. I always love when we get to meet up. Can’t wait for the big day!! xoxo! By the way, Cesar, I may officially be addicted to your mom’s tamales. Can she bring some to the wedding for me [wink wink!]. I’m kidding! Sorta.:)

Really, REALLY blogged!! I actually just posted some of P&C’s fab photos in a feature over at the Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog, but that was still technically before they had been blogged.

Mike and Emi at Evoke Photography put up a passel full of pictures [like, over 30] and they are ALL incredible, breath taking, heart stopping, gorgeousness. I’m so thrilled! It’s like a tiny little Christmas present even though I’d gotten a hint of what I knew it was already. Some of my faves that I hadn’t seen before:




SO many more, over at Evoke’s Place!!! xoxo!

As I’m sure you’re all dying to know who won the contest and which member of the team decorated each fabulous [ultra fab, if I may] cookie, I’ll get right down to it!!

BIG congrats to Stephanie, for being the randomly selected winner [and commenting just in the nick of time! Please note the timing on my blog is off- you got it, Steph!!]


And now, for the final count of cookie votes [discounting all of the votes Josh attempted to give himself]:


And the ITN winner IS…. drumroll please….


ME!!! I never, ever, ever, ever, EVER thought in a gazillion years that my tree-on-drugs would win a darn thing! I honestly thought that E.T. would take it purely on the nostalgia factor! At least the team can’t say that you guys play favorites! I don’t think you’d have any idea that the tree was mine [especially since it started out as a bouquet… ouch]!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend and get some shopping done!! xoxo!

Merry Merry


Be sure to VOTE in the Christmas Cookie Contest below this post and enter for a chance to win a delicious prize [details below]!! Remember, your voice matters! You have until tonight, Christmas Eve, at 5pm! Go VOTE now!!!

A quick update for you on the status of the vote:


Come on now, people! We can’t leave these measly numbers hanging around! A zero and TWO ones??? Seriously! :) You have just a few more precious hours before we end the contest and give away your chance at a Sprinkle-filled future!!

And now, for a very heartfelt holiday message from us, to yous:

Merry, merry, merry! Eat lots, hug lots, watch some movies, and don’t think too much about weddings!!!

The vote, as it stands!


Be sure to VOTE in the Christmas Cookie Contest directly below this post and enter for a chance to win a delicious prize [details below]!! Remember, your voice matters! You have until tomorrow, Christmas Eve, at 5pm! Go VOTE now!!!

As of 12pm today, here’s how the vote stands for our Christmas Cookie Contest!


And just for fun, here’s some shots we took at our in-home set up “fauxto phooth”. So fun!









Stupid that Josh and I didn’t get any together! He most certainly was there! Remember to cast your vote HERE HERE HERE and NOW NOW NOW!!! It’s a pride thing for us. You get it, right?? xoxo!

Christmas Contest!


So tonight the girls and I [sans Shannon, man, a winter Hawaii vacation must be rough, missing out on THIS!] decorated cookies and came up with a sweet little contest for ourselves and well, for YOU all!

Directly below me is a cookie that each of us decorated. We had limited items to use and we only had red/green/white of everything. It made for some interesting cookies, that’s for sure! But we totally had a blast. Anyway! Leave us a comment on this post telling us which one is your favorite! We’ll tally the votes for ourselves [for bragging rights] and then give one LUCKY RANDOM commenter a super sweet gift card to Sprinkles Cupcakes [who, I may add, decorate just a bit better than us]!!! This is open to ANYONE and EVERYONE so if you READ, I want a comment! That includes alllll of my clients who have yet to comment, friends of mine outside of the industry, vendors I know or don’t know, blogger brides or people who just randomly found me and have nothing to do with weddings. We’re a big old family here! I know how many people come by every day and I know you’re watching me… so chime in! Here it goes. For “fairness” purposes [because my whole team knows everyone loves ME so much] we’re keeping the cookies anonymous. You won’t know who’s cookie is which until the contest ends, Christmas Eve!! We’ll announce the winner on Christmas Eve [literally, in the eve] along with another sweet surprise for my faithful few followers.

Now, bring on the cookies!!!

Cookie A, “the eyeball”:


Cookie B, “the willy wonka tree”:


Cookie C, “the pretty flower”:


Cookie D, “the extra terrestrial”:


Cookie E, “the ‘bominable boy”:


Cookie F, “the bear that rings eerily similar to the grateful dead bear” cookie:


We took lots more fun pictures that I’ll show you all as the week progresses along [after all, it’s Christmas and we SHOULD be off of work, right??]. Please, chime in at YOUR chance to win some yummy, yummy fun at Sprinkles!! And may I suggest the Red Velvet [weak in the knees at the thought!!].


Wow! Thanks to my client, Cynthia, for pointing out that my lovely Fancy tabletop setting was put together in this outstanding collage featured on a few different sites/blogs! Yay for that! Although they gave all the credit to wonderful Jonilyn and none to me, I’m still excited that these pictures and ideas are getting around!!

Here’s the gorgeous collage [put together by the blogger at the first link, Berdie]:


They’re talking about it HERE, and HERE [as I mentioned]. YAY for me! So fun to be a part of something! xoxo!

I thought you all might find this fun. I’ve been working with Lisa on her invitations, trying to concept them for a while now. Since her “theme” is focused around the colors of a peacock’s feather, we’re working with kelly green, teal, black, and ivory as our base colors. I came up with the idea to wrap her pocket fold invite in an ombre ribbon [which means it fades from one color to another]. I found the PERFECT ribbon that fades from a teal blue to green, and right now we’ve split our minds between an ivory or kelly green pocket fold.Here’s the basic concept, what I’ve mailed to her and she’s fallen head over heels for [aside from Pedro of course]:


Basically, we knew a pocket fold was the direction we wanted to take since day one. Lisa [whose real full name is Elizabeth, yes, your eyes do NOT deceive] was sold on that. But coming up with the perfect color scheme took some time. Since we’re also trying to remain budget conscious and do this relatively cheap, we’re only printing in black ink! In fact, what you’re looking at is an ivory stock with a thick black [bleed-off-the-page] border to give it that extra POP. Lisa’s other request: postcard RSVPs. Not a problem for this gal! I do those all the time so plugging in that info to create a postcard was easy peasy!! I added in a handy directions card complete with a hand-Amanda-made map with directions from church to reception, and presto! We’re done-zo!

Another unique element… it’s all in Spanish!! Seeing as I seriously don’t speak a lick of Spanish, it’s been so fun to see the translation of what I know from the standard wedding invite! I had Lisa write up the text and send it over so that I could plug it in and style it to the best of my abilities. It truly came out great! I can’t wait for their big day next June. So far, it’s turning out smashingly!! Stay inspired, and happy Friday!! xoxo!

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