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Weekend Inspiration!


A very generous little birdie pointed me to these earlier today and I HAD to share my favorites.

These luscious florals are compliments of Dandelion Ranch located in Culver City [temptingly close for any of my weddings…] and they came to my birdie friend via Green Wedding Shoes.


Ranancs are my ULTIMATE favorite flower [soft stems, ugh, I LOVE them]. So of course I almost lost it when I saw these!

dranch_06.jpg dranch_05.jpg

The garden feel to these dahlias and more above, is epic to me. I absolutely adore it. And you knew I had to throw in one more with Rananculus in it!

Enjoy the weekend and make it a GOOD one. Remember, “good” and “productive” won’t always go hand-in-hand. Make it good the way YOU need it to be, as a couple.



Holy smokes.

To say that B&D’s wedding [which I’ve walked you through parts of HERE] will be “worth the wait” is an understatement.

First of all, they’re my FIRST wedding of ’09 and I’m anxious to hit the ground running shortly after [seriously people making me wait until the END of February for my first wedding this year?? Seriously??!!]. More than that, well, Brook is gorgeous, gracious, and genuine. The real, ideal “3G” [just made that up myself]! So of course when I heard they’re engagement pictures were floating around I was thrilled to snatch some up from Galvan Photography!!!

But, there’s a catch. Here’s where you all come in. You know how girls tend to re-think our every move? Well, initially after I met with Brook after these pics were taken, she was a bit hesitant on her outfit choice. Just wasn’t feeling confident and we all know how that can come across in photos. When I saw the images I thought she was out of her mind! Can you confirm that with me?? These pictures are relaxed, confident, and beautiful! Can’t wait for you two to TIE that knot!! We’ll get you down that aisle soon, B, I promise! For now, enjoy the photos:





Ummmm say YES to that green wall which matches her shirt which matches her eyes. Amazing.


Dear God, why is it that you bless me with theee bestest clients ever? How am I deserving of such luck, joy, and blessing? I know I’m not worthy, but I am so, so thankful!

xoxo to all of you!


Things I am loving…


A quick list, with pictures of course!

1. These pictures of Josh that were taken by the oh-so-fabulous-it-actually-physically-hurts Trever Hoehne [and yep, he does weddings]. I can’t stop looking at my gorgeous man!




And yes, he has a mohawk. This photo shoot was so, SO last minute. So glad that it came together and that the babe is so happy about his photos and impending album artwork!


[That’s right! Show off that ring and tattooed A! Hell yeah!] Moving on…

2 This cake is KILLING ME:


It’s not the top as much as the tiers. I LOVE the folds. A big bunch of peonies on top and I’d be just as happy!!

3. Lisa’s invitation supplies came in and they are BETTER than either of us could have imagined. Just wow.



The ombre ribbon is perfection with this grassy green and metallic teal combo. Ugh!


So peacock-inspired and fun! All we have to do now is print…

4. This picture from Brian Khang is changing my life [or at least affirming it]:


This picture from my niece [via MiPhone] is, too:


5. Popped into Z Gallerie yesterday and this is the first thing that made my jaw drop [my personal style, if I had to pick ONE store, would be the Z]:


These little dessert stand/cup/glass thingies with covers, I am 100% in LOVE with. Do not be surprised if you see them featured in the next round of tabletops I do.



6. My weekly Wedvice column over at Elizabeth Anne Designs [every Wednesday]!! Talk about a growing experience for me. An expert?? Really??!!


Plus I get to display fabulous pictures of tabletops and real weddings! So fun. And so thankful that the ladies there believed in me and gave me a chance!

7. My comment from Keyla yesterday on my birthday post. Holy goodness. It was hands-down the most incredible thing I’ve heard about my business. And Spain! That means I’ve been featured in Spain AND Brazil. Who knew!!


8. My husband’s EP being featured in the “Pop” section of New/Noteworthy on iTunes. Hollar!! I can’t even believe it!


It’s been a great week. And 2009, you’ve got me smitten like a kitten so far!





Greetings loyal blog readers! We’re doing things a little differently today. Amanda is probably still asleep snug as a bug, dreaming of weddings no doubt. So I’ve taken over the blog momentarily to stop in and give a little shout out of love on this special day.

Our wonderful, talented, motivated, inspiring, beautiful, loving, generous, caring, dedicated leader  Amanda is celebrating her Birthday today!!!

We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this beautiful woman’s life. She is without a doubt, one of the most caring people that exists in this world. Her dedication to every bride she meets is amazing. We are all thankful to have someone as inspirational as her in our lives every day.

So here’s to you Mandy!


Make a wish!!


The In The Now Team

* And for anyone who was worried, fear not….the delicious Sprinkles cupcake pictured above was not wasted. I sacrificed and devoured it shortly after finishing it’s photo shoot. It’s tough, but sometimes a girls just gotta do what a girls gotta do!!!

~~ Alicia

It’s My Birthday!!!


Maybe I’ll post some pictures later, but for now, a short list of why I LOVED my 26th year so much [and you can bet your booty I know that this 27th year will be incredibly better, I can feel it!]…

1. Working at home. Josh and I both working from home this past year has made so many amazing memories for our little family. We have always been best friends but hanging out together has been so incredibly special. I love my life, every day, because of it!

2. My job!! I absolutely, hands down, am head over heels for my job. I am so fortunate. Not only do I get to meet the coolest people, but I get to be involved in this important and monumental occasion in their lives. Being a part of such a tender process has got to be theee best thing in the world.

3. My hair. Duh! My absolutely delicious mermaid-like long tresses are putting me OVER the top for my 27th birthday! Yep, it took all year, but it’s been SO worth it!

4. My home. I know we didn’t purchase our condo recently [it was 3 years ago to the month, actually] but I am so proud that I own a home in California. Orange County, no less! I love that, each month, I gain more respect for taking care of my home as an adult and actually enjoying having a place that people- friends and strangers alike- consider a warm, loving environment.

5. My dreams. Oh, how I am thankful for my dreams!! Not only that, but I’m full of hope and pride- 2008 was more than enough for me. The success of my little business, of my life, of my husband… it’s been more than overwhelming. But I must say- I am so thankful that we always have dreams to strive for!

6. My team. When I started 2008 I had NO idea who would be a part of my company. It’s been a long time coming for me, and I don’t trust people with my name, my clients, and my heart very easily… but my team has fallen into place like stars in the sky. 2009 is going to ROCK our SOCKS off. We are growing like weeds and each and every member is a crucial element to our success. Yippeee.

7. My family. Each year I grow closer to them- as a person. It’s funny to get to know your parents as people. I’m so thankful for the mornings with my mom, the nights with my sister, the weekends with my dad. I’m lucky to be a member of my family and I look forward to spending more time with them this year!

8. My talents. And I say this mainly because I know it’s by nothing of myself that I’ve got them. I’m thankful that I can whip out a wedding invite design on my computer. I’m thankful for my feeble singing voice and that I can share music with my love. I’m so thankful for the heart I continually have renewed for this industry. It’s nothing I could ask or pray for. More than I could imagine.

9. Flowers. I am so, SO thankful for flowers. They may be my favorite element of a wedding. It’s a toss up between flowers and… well, the wedding itself. :) I’m thankful for the colors they provide, for the way they fill my home with cheer and pleasant aroma, and for the love I have for them [passed down, undeniably, from my mama].

10. The JOSH of course. As he’s locked away in the studio, currently writing and recording my birthday gift [a fab song that will surely rule the world- or at least MY world], I’m reminded of the stud that he is. And I mean that in every way possible- not only do I think my husband is the bee’s knees to look at, but his laugh, his heart, his genuity, his creativity, his innocence, his candor… he’s the whole package. I am, day in-day out, completely and totally enamored with him. In love with him. Thankful for him. I want to be everything that he needs and deserves this year and every year. I’m so thankful for the years we’ve had together, without kids. I’m looking forward to the years of kids, wrinkles, houses, puppies, lives, loves, marriages, failures, scares, accidents, hopes, dreams, deaths, births… everything. My husband is my stability, my rock, and my life! This 26th year has been so undeniably incredible. I can only imagine that my 27th- as each year has so far- will top the last and we’ll be happier than I’d ever imagined I could be.

27 is going to be amazing. It’s in the air. It’s in the trees. It’s in ME! Thanks to everyone out there who reads the blog- and to my clients for trusting me with your big day! It’s because of all of you that I’m so in love with the life I’m honored to live!



Since Alex and Brad [who you may remember from my initial post about them HERE and then my post on their invites- still in the works- HERE!!!] have a family friend who is their florist, they made the trek to downtown LA and braved the early morning market hours to have a little floral trial run. It came out wonderful and she LOVES it- which makes me more happy than anything. The staff at Dress My Chair were kind enough to allow me to borrow the linens for a bit to allow us to really complete the look! Here are some pics below.

The bridesmaid bouquets:


Cocktail centerpieces [but our linens will be aqua crushed satin]:


And now, for the centerpieces!!




Rumor has it the manzanita branches will be painted aqua to match the runner. Yippee… and moreover, we’ve got crystals to hang from the branches. I know in their venue, this is going to be so fabulous. YAY! I can’t wait for wedding season to start!



Phew! If I didn’t track my daily visits and incoming links I might miss this stuff all the time! A Brazillian art director displayed images from my tabletops on her blog! YAY to that! So fun!!


You can visit the post by clicking here!!!

Quite the Sunday delight! I love it when unexpected teeny tiny gifts fall into my lap. Yay for today!



Happy Weekend!


Not sure whether your plans including running errands, taking some time off, discussing wedding plans, or finally sitting down with family to organize once and for all… have a hippity happity weekend y’all!!


I’ve got a fun full day ahead of me with clients and linens and flowers, oh my! Looking forward to my Monday “day of rest”, but not as much as I’m looking forward to my weekend chock full of meeting friendly new faces and hugging loving old arms!


A. Auer

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