I’ve been so thrilled to have been working with Brook and Dan almost their entire engagement! Going through the whole process with a couple is so special and B&D are no exception! Just this weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brooklin to chat about the ongoing drama with tenting the courtyard at her reception site, the OC Sailing & Events Center, which I’ve worked a few times [always LOVE seeing how different couples transform this place]!

Here’s our current layout for the tent and courtyard area:


It entails: 5 cocktail tables ‘neath our tent, 2 heaters, one heater by the bar, just outside the tent, a stand-up table for the guest book, ALL of our exits are clearly accessible [please, fire department, please approve us!!] and the buffet to the left side, which is actually underneath a patio covered area.

Brooklin’s classically gorgeous wedding plans include incorporating damask into her ivory, black and avocado green pallet. I am in LOVE with her choice for lines: sleek black with ivory damask runners. She’s covering the provided chairs with stretchy ivory chair covers which fit like GLOVES and then tying a sheer black topper onto them for an added pop. Since the room is practically all white, we’re bringing in a dark element to “base” it with.





Some amazing inspiration pictures she’s given to me throughout the months:





The florals are being done by a family friend and we are THRILLED at the prospect of what’s to come!
[Last I heard the bridal bouquet is going to be like 15″ in diameter… come to mama!!!]





Her flower girl dresses will be in BLACK with green sashes. Oh how I love this! And the church will don a BLACK aisle runner with a custom monogrammed sticker at the top!

MANY more details of course to come before they tie the knot next month, including some REAL engagement pics! But I must say- I think my favorite moment of planning with Brook thus far has been when she told me that the pastor they are doing pre-marital counseling with told her she had ADD and requested that she be put on Ritalin! Instead of being offended she totally agreed and has since started taking it and… feels better! I heart Brooklin so deeply!