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About Me…



So I realized today that I’ve posted a few times on the blog now, but I’ve never really taken the time to introduce myself. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Alicia, Leashy, Leashy-kins….whatever you prefer. My friends would describe me as a down to earth chick who can be the girliest of girls (think Brittney Spears concerts, ponytails, and glitter) or the biggest tom boy on earth (think football, beer, and noogies). I know, it’s a huge spectrum to go between, but I always seem to find myself on the extreme edge of one or the other.

You might find me in a mall one day squealing my heart out over the most gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin heels I’ve ever seen. Then find me the next day sitting on a couch, in a football jersey, having a burping contest with “the dudes”. And just in case you were wondering, yes, I do occasionally win…

But enough about all that. I don’t want you all thinking I do nothing but sit around shopping and burping all day. So maybe a better way to do this would be to make a list. Top ten most interesting/uninteresting things about me…

1) I am an adrenalin junkie! Skydiving, bungee jumping, race car driving, ziplines, swimming with sharks, biking down a volcano, you name it. I’ve either already done it, or plan on doing it soon. I love that feeling of pushing the limits, and wondering if you’ll come out in the end the same way you went in.

2) I am also a reality T.V. ADDICT! I know, it’s gratuitous, voyeuristic, mindless, mush, but I just can’t help myself. If it’s “reality”, I watch it! And I’m not just talking the main ones like ANTM, Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, and Project Runway. I even get sucked into the most ridiculous ones like Bromance, I Love Money, Confessions of a Teen Idol, Tool Academy, and Charm School.
Reality TV

It’s a sick, sick addiction. I may need help…

3) I Love, Love, LOVE football. Other sports?? Enhhh, I’ll watch em, but Football?? THAT’S my kind of Sunday afternoon! I was a cheerleader in high school (i know, i know, let the eye rolls ensue), but I was pretty much the only girl on the squad who was actually up on my stool watching the game, instead of checking to see if my nail polish was chipped. I always ask guys if they ever wished they were a girl for just a day so they could do something that was “girly”, but they always say no…go figure. So maybe it’s just me, but I always wished I could be a boy for a day just so I could play football in the NFL.
Speaking of which, anyone wanna guess who “my” team is? I’ll give you a hint….this person is linked to them in some way.
Jessica Simpson
Anyone? Team Jinx??

4) I’m Romanian. Half to be exact.
Now, I don’t think this is a very unusual thing, but whenever I mention it to people, I get such a surprised reaction, so I figure maybe it’s rarer than I realize. Maybe I just don’t get it because I’ve spent so much time there. In the world of gymnasts and Dracula. People are also surprised to know that Transylvania is a real place, it’s kind of like a “county” in American terms, and one that I lived in for about a year when I was 13.

Do you see the family resemblance? It’s like twins separated at birth right?!?

5) I have the worst luck when it comes to favorite foods. I’ll find a specific flavor or version of something that I like, and undoubtably within a year or so it will no longer be in production. This has been happening to me since I was a teenager. I’ll walk into my grocery store to find that they are no longer carrying my favorite brand of chips, soda, cereal, cookies, pasta roni, etc. Apparently I have the weirdest taste buds in the world because no one else loves these things as much as I do.

6) I graduated from SDSU with a B.S. in Business Administration, Emphasis in Accounting in 2004.
That makes me degreed in bean counting. But I like to think it actually trained me well for the organization and meticulousness that come with being a wedding coordinator.

7) My two biggest pet peeves in the world are 1 – people who say FUStrated, instead of FRUStrated (my best friend use to do it for YEARS and it drove me crazy), and 2 – people who refuse to change the toilet paper roll when it’s out. I had a roommate who would actually take the time to remove the empty old one, but STILL just set the new one on top of the rod rather than putting it on there.

8 ) I’ll have been married for two years in May, and they have been the best two years of my life. People always say that the first year is the hardest, but I don’t get it. I mean yah, we had to figure out who was going to do the dishes, and if we were going to squeeze the toothpaste bottle from the middle or the bottom, but those are the little things. Getting to come home to this man every day that I love with all of my heart, makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive. :) I also honestly believe that one of the reasons I enjoy wedding coordinating so much is because of how in love I am. Getting to be around all of these couples who are in the same exact place as I am. Watching them make that ultimate commitment, to love and honor each other for the rest of there lives is a beautiful thing. And you’ll find me in the corner tearing up at the ceremony, first dance, and slideshows at almost every wedding.

My gorgeous husband and I on our wedding day. Picture by the FAB-U-LOUS Michael Norwood.

9) I’m not a crier. I know what you’re thinking, “but you JUST said you cry at all these weddings!”. Well that’s the weird thing. In general, I’m not a crier. Scuff a knee, have a bad day, feel frustrated…dry as a bone! But take me to a wedding or show me a sappy love movie, and it gets me EVERY time!

10) I have a cookbook collection that never gets used. Seriously, there are close to 30 different cookbooks on top of my refrigerator, 90% of which have probably never been used. And it’s not that I don’t like to cook. I DO!! That’s the reason I buy all of these cookbooks. It’s just that I’m either too busy, lazy, or cheap to ever go buy all of the ingredients it takes to make most of the things in them. Why does every recipe that sounds good have to have some exotic spice that costs $15 for the smallest bottle on the planet that I will never use again? Unless to make that exact same recipe again of course. I think it’s a conspiracy. Just sayin.

Ok, so hopefully that gave all of you loyal blog readers some insight into who I am. Just a simple, girly, tom boy, sky diving, reality T.V. watching, Romanian, accountant, who cries at weddings and avoids cookbooks if it means spending more than $5 on a spice jar.

So don’t be a stranger. I’d love to get to know who each and every one of you are too! Send me some love so Amanda knows that her blog wasn’t dead when she gets back from Europe. Just seven days and counting!! Do all of you miss her as much as I do?

~~ Alicia


Grace and Brian are getting married in just a liiiiitle over a month from now at the utterly amazing, oh-so beautiful Rancho Las Lomas. So I was soooo excited when I finally saw these engagement pictures of the two of them pop up on Henry Chen’s blog Here.

It was so apparent from the first time I met these two, that they were head over heels for each other. To say that Grace’s beautiful brown eyes were filled with anything less than utter love and devotion every time she looked at Brian is saying the least. I can’t wait until their wedding day is here and I get to help bring all of Grace’s hard work together, to make her candlelit, romantic, French/Korean inspired wedding come to life!

Ok, now on to the eye-candy! I am so in love with these two outfits Grace chose to wear. Those bright colors look so amazing on her, and are a total reflection of her bright personality. Enh, enh…you see what I did there?? Bright clothes…bright personality? Man I’m clever!


See, what did I tell you? Suuuuper cute dress right??




There’s that look of love I was talking about!


Killer outfit number TWO for Grace!
And Brian doesn’t look too shabby himself!! Way to work a suit man!


Love this picture…


But this has to be my absolute favorite, hands down! How sexy does Grace look?!? Brian you better watch out. Hotty Pa-Totty Grace is comin to GET CHA!!!



So head on over to Henry’s blog to see more of his amazing images from Grace and Brian’s engagement session Here. If these pictures are any indication of the beautiful work that is to come for Grace and Brian’s wedding, I can’t WAIT!!!

~~ Alicia

Like A Prom Dress.


What’s better than a mason jar packed with ranuncs to ease you into some news, huh??


Now, about the prom dress…

You get that, right? I’M OFF.

I’m flying the coupe!

I’m leaving the nest!

I’m running on empty!

[Wait. Did that last one work?]. What I mean to say is that I’m going out of town. Out of state. Out of country, actually! Yes, that’s right. You’re ever-present, ever-available coordinator is exploring this great world by going to Athens, Greece and Paris, France. I cannot believe it myself. My mom has had this trip in the works for her, my sister, and I for a while now. But, it all just came together sorta last minute and we’re actually LEAVING. Tomorrow!!! I’m so excited I could pee.

That’s not true.

It is. It isn’t. It is.

Either way, I had to let you all know. We’ll still be blogging- lots of engagement sessions for fabulous couples, a few other special things that I’m putting Alicia in charge of sending your way, and of course some fun Grecco updates if I have anything to do with it. Just wanted you all to know that I love and dove you all dearly [dove meaning peace and happiness and calmness in the midst of wedding planning, right? It makes sense, rhymes, and is cute. I heart that].

I’ll have an auto-response on my email but please feel free to email Alicia should anything urgent come up. She’ll be responding to all of the pressing matters at hand and everything else will be responded to upon my return April 6th [or 7th, or 8th, or 9th… bear with me, I don’t travel much!!]. I know you all will understand because you love [and dove] me as much as I do you. I know that because you tell me. And for that, I’m so greatful. So, pop by and enjoy the eye candy, the heart candy, the brain candy that we’ll be providing you in the next two weeks and don’t miss me too much! Two more of those delicious mixed ranuncs….



Kisses and misses!!!!



I actually received my final payment enclosed in a card at the wedding. The card was, clearly, written by Erica [in advance, of course], and signed “Erica & Aaron Perez”. Her married name. And the way I knew she felt writing that, in advance, the way I was so CERTAIN she looked at it, giggled, anticipated it, planned it, and got excited all over again…. that’s why I love Erica.

Another dream client- a dream wedding, and such a day full of JOY and laughter. Alicia [aka “The Leashy-keeners 4000”- not really, I just made that up right now] was with me all day yesterday and we actually talked- MORE than once- about how everyone at their wedding, all 230 guests, were so happy to be there. It seemed like a day, a union, that was so much anticipated and so longed for by the whole crowd. That is a wedding rarity. But it was in the air, filling the room with it’s joyous presence- and Leash and I were no exception! It was truly an honor to be a part of this wedding day with Erica, my happy bride and Aaron, my easy-going groom. They didn’t let anything get in the way of this day. And I’m SO proud of E for that- worth the effort to consciously “let it go”- right, Erica?? Yay! Onto my pictures that clearly do not do the event justice by any means…


St. Joseph’s set the background for our ceremony. We had minimal decor at the church, mainly because of lent, but the natural light flooding the sanctuary was stunning!


Happy brides are my BUSINESS!

Onto the Westin Long Beach. The ballroom was simple and gorgeous. The staff was incredible. The food was UNSPEAKABLE good. DANG. We lucked out! Erica’s been planning this event for a year and a half and the details were definitely in place!


Their fab photog, Renee Broughton used their engagement session to also snap their table number shots. This one was my FAVE:


I loved Erica’s 3-fold favors. Papa box, mama box, baby box! All held different sweets and treats and then were packaged together with a monogram and tulle. I can’t say this wasn’t a HUGE labor of love for Erica’s family! She had a vision for it and I think they turned out just darling!!


We, of course, tucked menus into each napkin. Did I mention about the food yet [I know I did]?? Us vendors ate the chicken and it was “bomb”. Wait, I don’t think people say that anymore… it was [insert some killer phrase from at least 2008]! For reals!



The easy head table decor. Those marbles in the vases were this amazing color of blue. I just wanted to keep hanging out with them [yes, the marbles] because I wanted to figure out their color and paint my life to match!!

A first for me: monogram IN the bouquet! Erica’s bouquet was extra special and personal and Jenny B did a great job making it what she wanted. Those deep red roses were so huge and lush, and her rhinestone initial was TOO cute. She also pinned the entire bouquet wrap with charm initials for the loved ones not able to be at the ceremony, those who had passed away. SUCH a neat touch!


Always a Bride…..’s best friend!! :)


Don’t hate on that pic. I’m trying to look crazy. Thank God I’m already married!!


The fabulous and fun and “Ohhh, I don’t TAKE pictures of me” Renee Broughton, y’all!!

Straight into the first dance. DANG Erica was emotional- appropriately, though. She was never a sobbing mess, but her voice quivered with the reality of it all sinking in. Because she “got it”, we sure “got it”, too. It was an enormous day for everyone in attendance!



And after some toasts, we had her father take her back for one last moment as his baby girl and nothing more…


Of course Aaron took his mom out for a twirl or two, too!


Sigh. I’m in love. I know E was excited to eat this cake that she hand-picked the flavor of. But I am 100% happy as a clam just looking at it. Forever.


I think you all know by now that I am a HUGE fan of Martha Stewart’s style, taste, vibe, etc. These thin ribbons on the cake are soooo Martha. I can’t imagine how hard they are to place, perfectly spaced and perfectly straight, but HOT DANG. This was perfection. A smoooth white buttercream cake with navy ribbon. UGH.


Thanks, Rossmoor!!!


I caught this quick shot of one of our amazing flower girls snapping a photo of the pair dancing. SO stinking cute!


The pic above is totally over-blown-out because another flash went off when I was capturing it. But there’s something so unique about it, I just had to post. By the way, Erica LOVED the amaretto cake she chose so greatly, she had Aaron feed her twice before taking the fork and offering him any! Haha!! LOVE that girl!


Calling people out, specifically, for her bouquet toss!


“The Prep”… and….


The result! Gotta love it that they were both dead set on getting married next!! As Ray at Fly By Night, our DJ said: it’s gonna be a LONG time before THAT wedding happens!

All in all- the evening was beyond fabulous. Nearly perfection, actually. I don’t have a complaint in my book. Great vendors. Great location. Fantastic couple. Amazing crowd. A room full of love… that meets every one of MY needs and MY desires- and this day wasn’t even [supposed to be] about me! For that, I’m thankful, grateful, and in awe! E&A: you two are full of it! LOVE that is. It’s oozing out of everything you do. Your kindness, genuity, candid nature, and loyalty [as your friends kept saying, over and over again]- it permeates the core of who you are. I knew it from the moment I met you. Insta-friends, Erica. I’m so thankful to have been a part of making this day everything you truly knew it could be. I hope it was more, in reality, than your dreams could have told you it’d be!!



So, I haven’t previewed my tabletops for any of you yet. I did 4 earlier this month. I had two fabulous photographers there and I am still waiting for pictures to float in. But apparently I cannot wait any more. Why, you ask? Because one of the photographers blogged them.

That’d be Jordana Hazel. She blogged about a week and a half ago. And since that blog, it’s been pretty consistent. Once a week, I’m featured somewhere out there in the internet world. And because it’s not fair to keep YOU, my lovely readers, in the dark whilst the rest of the wide web roams and frolics with my tables…. here’s a preview of where they’ve been featured. More details to come [as I’ll be showing them off once a month on their own, just like I did last time], but I am so so SO thrilled on the pre-buzz BUZZ they’re already getting.

Humbled. Honored. Flattered. I can’t believe my eyes [says my heart]. Thanks for being you, and letting me be me. :)

The lovely bride over at East Coast Wedding gave a short rant about kids at wedding while featuring my killer mod kid’s table [as a compliment to my poppies, below]:



With This Ring posted about my tuscan warmth of a table early last week, with Jordana’s collage:


And then, just today on Green Wedding Shoes Blog was this lovely collage dedicated to my happy, modern, clean poppy table:


I am so so SO thrilled that my clients have been seeing my name all over the internet. It’s crazy, really. Have you seen them anywhere? If so, let me know! I’m thrilled to be featured and I hope that one I finally DO feature my tables, you’ll all fall deeply truly madly in love!!!

Have a weekend beaming with sunshine and kisses- rain or shine!



Allow me to introduce the new Mr. & Mrs.!!! You may remember them from their gorgeous engagement session provided by the talented husband and wife team at Eight20 Photography that Amanda posted a few weeks ago Here. Nicky & Eric are so amazing, I can’t wait to see what they come up with for this wedding!

Erin and Adam have got to be one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met, and their wedding was probably also one of the smoothest events I’ve ever worked! This may be due to the fact that Erin is probably THE most organized bride I’ve ever met. I arrived at the event to find that Erin had provided Miriam and I both with folders (in her wedding color of red of course) filled with contract copies, layout instructions, timelines, and a contact list you wouldn’t believe! Every item was tucked neatly into a large plastic storage container, and of course contained a list of every item in it, and where each item should go. Now that’s my kinda bride!!! Talk about making a coordinator’s job easy!

Unfortunately this was one of the days that our team had to be seperated, since Amanda was busy working a different wedding this day, but Miriam was there to head up this event, with me by her side. The ceremony was held at the United University Church on the USC campus. They had these gorgeous drapes going down both sides of the church, and were able to change them out to red to match Erin’s colors!

All of the amazing florals for this event were provided by the talented Shirvan Design. Check out those Manzanita trees!!

All of Erin’s paper products were so stinking cute! Here’s her programs for the ceremony.

The reception was held at the City Club on Bunker Hill in Los Angeles. The Club is on the top (54th) floor of the building, so the views were to die for! We’re talking so high, it literally made your ears pop taking the elevator ride up there! You can see the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, & even Dodger Stadium out it’s floor to ceiling windows!

Erin and Adam provided several photos for a heritage table that were all placed in stunningly vibrant red frames .

Their place card setup.

Erin had us hang the cutest little red mini lanterns from the Manzanita branches.

The couple’s initials and the cutest little suitcase (which served as their card holder), were setup on the gift table.

The cocktail hour was held inside the room, and featured these simple table arrangements that were so perfect.

Here’s more of Erin’s cute paper products, and stunning floral arrangements.

So cute!!

Those gu-gu-gourgeous Manzanita trees were re-used next to Erin & Adam’s sweetheart table at the reception. I couldn’t believe that Art from Shirvan Design was able to transport these Giant things in one piece, and all on his Own! He literally carried these things in on his back like he was He-Man! Art, I am in awe of you. Anyone in the market for a florist with super human strength?

I didn’t get the best picture of Erin’s bouquet, but if you can’t tell, it had these beautiful red crystals in the center of each red rose. It was beyond perfection!

Grand entrance Time!!

Adam was being a good new husband and helped his wife look her best.

What the guests didn’t know was that Adam & Erin had hired the USC marching band to spice up the night! Adam is a graduate of USC and many of his family and friends shared his love for the school.

It was such a great surprise! You could literally hear the guests gasp in excitement as the band made it’s way around the corner.

Look at how happy Adam is. I believe this is what they call “Pleased as punch!”.

Now Erin & Adam did their order of events a little differently. The cake cutting came directly after dinner.

Cake provided by Hansen’s Cakes, decorated by Shervan Design.

They played nice.

And Then they had their first dance. I know, I know, cake cutting before the first dance?? What were we thinking? But surprisingly, I enjoyed the cake cutting being done so early. Since most people use this as a signal to their guests that it’s ok to go home, doing it as early as we did, actually took the focus off of that, and allowed people to just relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Erin’s simple, but beautiful toss bouquet.

It’s that time ladies, are you ready?!?

And straight into the garter toss. I love her face here.

And last but not least,a picture of Miriam with Erin at the end of the night.

So to Erin and Adam, thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us be a part of your day. It was evident from the moment that I stepped through the doors at the City Club, that you two had managed to affect every single person that you met. Every person I talked to was so completely enamored with you two that they just gushed about how great you were. They all went above and beyond to do the best job that they could for you that day. It was an honor to be a part of your world if only for a moment. May your new life together be so full of love and happiness that you don’t know what to do with yourselves!

~~ Alicia

I am absolutely adoring the new wedding style and inspiration blog, Grey Likes Wedding! So, when I saw that Summer, the inspirationist [yep, made that up], whipped up a cute-to-boot collage/board for a Preppy Wedding, I was 100% thrilled to have one our pictures included!!!


Kelly and Navy?? Oh so chic. Oh so in love! And the photo of mine that she included was one of Maddy and Steve’s amazing, gorgeous, over-the-top-eddly PERFECT letterpress programs!!!


Yippee!! Tomorrow is filled and filled and filled AGAIN with fabulousness. Plus, I cannot WAIT for my wedding this weekend. Big smiley faces with googley eyes!!



Paper Source Sale!




I’ll admit it. I love paper. I love paper a lot. Which makes me picky. About colors. About matching. About texture, thickness, and quality. So when I heard that my beloved supplier of happy thoughts, Paper Source was having a huge, HUGE sale… I knew I had to share!

Paper Source is one of the constant places I depend on for most of my creative paper needs. Their concept of selling colors with matching sets makes whipping up an invite to match an escort card, program, and menu card pretty much flawless. But that’s not my favorite aspect. My absolute hands-down FAVORITE thing from Paper Source….?

The “luxe” collection. I can’t get enough. Nearly every invitation design suite that I am involved in will end up printed on luxe paper. There’s something utterly high-class about the soft texture. It’s not like a linen or a laid [which you could pick up in bulk at another staple Amanda fave, Kelly Paper]. It’s more of a deckled texture, and I think of it mentally as being marbled, but only one color. It’s the most gorgeous thing. I remember one time specifically last summer, working with Jessica, whose budget [for paper goods, especially] was so limited, we had probably under $1.50 each for her entire suite. The only pragmatic answer was to print-from-home. So I did. And when she saw her invitations, she gasped out loud at their beauty. Because the paper made them look like a million bucks. And she was right- they did!





You may not be able to feel the detail in these pictures, but it was divine in nature. It still is [sitting in my filing cabinet, waiting for the day in which it will be displayed in my office along with other paper designs].

All that to the said- they’re having a SALE. A big sale. A huge sale. With luxe products [certain colors] about 50% off. Among many, many other things. Paper Source is beautiful but it’s also a wallet-full. If you’re looking to use them, seriously go buy now!



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