So I realized today that I’ve posted a few times on the blog now, but I’ve never really taken the time to introduce myself. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Alicia, Leashy, Leashy-kins….whatever you prefer. My friends would describe me as a down to earth chick who can be the girliest of girls (think Brittney Spears concerts, ponytails, and glitter) or the biggest tom boy on earth (think football, beer, and noogies). I know, it’s a huge spectrum to go between, but I always seem to find myself on the extreme edge of one or the other.

You might find me in a mall one day squealing my heart out over the most gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin heels I’ve ever seen. Then find me the next day sitting on a couch, in a football jersey, having a burping contest with “the dudes”. And just in case you were wondering, yes, I do occasionally win…

But enough about all that. I don’t want you all thinking I do nothing but sit around shopping and burping all day. So maybe a better way to do this would be to make a list. Top ten most interesting/uninteresting things about me…

1) I am an adrenalin junkie! Skydiving, bungee jumping, race car driving, ziplines, swimming with sharks, biking down a volcano, you name it. I’ve either already done it, or plan on doing it soon. I love that feeling of pushing the limits, and wondering if you’ll come out in the end the same way you went in.

2) I am also a reality T.V. ADDICT! I know, it’s gratuitous, voyeuristic, mindless, mush, but I just can’t help myself. If it’s “reality”, I watch it! And I’m not just talking the main ones like ANTM, Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, and Project Runway. I even get sucked into the most ridiculous ones like Bromance, I Love Money, Confessions of a Teen Idol, Tool Academy, and Charm School.
Reality TV

It’s a sick, sick addiction. I may need help…

3) I Love, Love, LOVE football. Other sports?? Enhhh, I’ll watch em, but Football?? THAT’S my kind of Sunday afternoon! I was a cheerleader in high school (i know, i know, let the eye rolls ensue), but I was pretty much the only girl on the squad who was actually up on my stool watching the game, instead of checking to see if my nail polish was chipped. I always ask guys if they ever wished they were a girl for just a day so they could do something that was “girly”, but they always say no…go figure. So maybe it’s just me, but I always wished I could be a boy for a day just so I could play football in the NFL.
Speaking of which, anyone wanna guess who “my” team is? I’ll give you a hint….this person is linked to them in some way.
Jessica Simpson
Anyone? Team Jinx??

4) I’m Romanian. Half to be exact.
Now, I don’t think this is a very unusual thing, but whenever I mention it to people, I get such a surprised reaction, so I figure maybe it’s rarer than I realize. Maybe I just don’t get it because I’ve spent so much time there. In the world of gymnasts and Dracula. People are also surprised to know that Transylvania is a real place, it’s kind of like a “county” in American terms, and one that I lived in for about a year when I was 13.

Do you see the family resemblance? It’s like twins separated at birth right?!?

5) I have the worst luck when it comes to favorite foods. I’ll find a specific flavor or version of something that I like, and undoubtably within a year or so it will no longer be in production. This has been happening to me since I was a teenager. I’ll walk into my grocery store to find that they are no longer carrying my favorite brand of chips, soda, cereal, cookies, pasta roni, etc. Apparently I have the weirdest taste buds in the world because no one else loves these things as much as I do.

6) I graduated from SDSU with a B.S. in Business Administration, Emphasis in Accounting in 2004.
That makes me degreed in bean counting. But I like to think it actually trained me well for the organization and meticulousness that come with being a wedding coordinator.

7) My two biggest pet peeves in the world are 1 – people who say FUStrated, instead of FRUStrated (my best friend use to do it for YEARS and it drove me crazy), and 2 – people who refuse to change the toilet paper roll when it’s out. I had a roommate who would actually take the time to remove the empty old one, but STILL just set the new one on top of the rod rather than putting it on there.

8 ) I’ll have been married for two years in May, and they have been the best two years of my life. People always say that the first year is the hardest, but I don’t get it. I mean yah, we had to figure out who was going to do the dishes, and if we were going to squeeze the toothpaste bottle from the middle or the bottom, but those are the little things. Getting to come home to this man every day that I love with all of my heart, makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive. :) I also honestly believe that one of the reasons I enjoy wedding coordinating so much is because of how in love I am. Getting to be around all of these couples who are in the same exact place as I am. Watching them make that ultimate commitment, to love and honor each other for the rest of there lives is a beautiful thing. And you’ll find me in the corner tearing up at the ceremony, first dance, and slideshows at almost every wedding.

My gorgeous husband and I on our wedding day. Picture by the FAB-U-LOUS Michael Norwood.

9) I’m not a crier. I know what you’re thinking, “but you JUST said you cry at all these weddings!”. Well that’s the weird thing. In general, I’m not a crier. Scuff a knee, have a bad day, feel frustrated…dry as a bone! But take me to a wedding or show me a sappy love movie, and it gets me EVERY time!

10) I have a cookbook collection that never gets used. Seriously, there are close to 30 different cookbooks on top of my refrigerator, 90% of which have probably never been used. And it’s not that I don’t like to cook. I DO!! That’s the reason I buy all of these cookbooks. It’s just that I’m either too busy, lazy, or cheap to ever go buy all of the ingredients it takes to make most of the things in them. Why does every recipe that sounds good have to have some exotic spice that costs $15 for the smallest bottle on the planet that I will never use again? Unless to make that exact same recipe again of course. I think it’s a conspiracy. Just sayin.

Ok, so hopefully that gave all of you loyal blog readers some insight into who I am. Just a simple, girly, tom boy, sky diving, reality T.V. watching, Romanian, accountant, who cries at weddings and avoids cookbooks if it means spending more than $5 on a spice jar.

So don’t be a stranger. I’d love to get to know who each and every one of you are too! Send me some love so Amanda knows that her blog wasn’t dead when she gets back from Europe. Just seven days and counting!! Do all of you miss her as much as I do?

~~ Alicia