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Thank you thank you THANK YOU to my good friend, Carrie, who’s always got my back. I never would have found this but low and behold, one of my tabletops was featured in a design board that was inspired and featured some time ago SOMEWHERE on The Knot.

If anyone finds a specific link/article… oh man, I’d love you. I’d take a “screen shot” of that baby SO fast!

Finally, the person who wrote the article that went with it featured it on HER website as well, you can find thatHERE.

Carrie actually found this board over at Lucky Me and I followed the trail of links back and back. Fun to do at 8am! For sure.

Here’s the design board, in all it’s glory. Note the lower right hand picture and HOLLA for me:


And okay- so we’ll talk about it! This past week I’ve been ignoring my blog and I’m SORRY! I have been so tremendously busy and even more filled with butterflies about my fun weddings approaching. The lovely Brittany will be blogging another of our weddings from last weekend and we still have a 3rd to post, too. It’s a fun time, spring, for all of us!

We love you. You love us. We love love. You’re IN love. Works perfect.




I feel like such a proud mama bird right now. And if birds could lay eggs that hatched into the most breath taking wedding you ever saw…that would be my egg. You should remember Shelley & Tony from the In The Mix posting I did a few weeks back Here. They are a couple from Chicago, who enlisted my help a few months back, to plan a wedding at Shelley’s Uncle’s private residence in Trabuco Canyon. You should also remember from the post that I told you there was still plenty more fabulouness to be revealed about their wedding.

So….let the fabulouness begin!!!

Shepards Hook & Program

The ceremony featured Shepherd’s hooks with hanging bud vases filled with pink roses & peonies. And we hung one of these hand made, uber-cute programs from the back of every chair.

Pink Bridesmaid Bouquet

Speaking of florals…check out this bridesmaid’s bouquet, featuring peonies, garden roses, tulips, & ranunculas. All of the flowers were provided by my new favorite florist, Carissa, of JL Designs. She is BEYOND fabulous and had so many great ideas that contributed to this day. It wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Place Card Boards

The place card table was another one of my favorite areas. So simple, yet such an impact at the same time.

Pink Place Cards

Peonies & Place Cards

The ceremony was officiated by Tony’s Uncle, who flew in all the way from Korea.
It had a beautifully intimate feel to it, and had yours truly sniffling away in the background again.

Shelley & Tony Ceremony

Shelley & Tony Ceremony 2

Shelley & Tony Ceremony 3

You may now kiss the bride!!

Shelley & Tony Ceremony 4

The family dog decided to sneak out and make an appearance during Shelley and Tony’s walk back down the aisle. Which was totally predictable if you knew this dog at all. I swear he was an escape artist. While we were on the property the day before for the rehearsal, every time someone said he was put away in the back, he would somehow manage to magically reappear within the next 10 minutes or so. So it made me laugh out loud when he just happened to appeared again, right at the moment that they were pronounced husband and wife. I guess you can’t fault a dog for wanting to see them get married right?

Shelley & Tony Ceremony 5

Now this picture makes me laugh out loud, but for a totally different reason. It is SO Tony. He knows exactly when to ham it up. So this couldn’t be a more perfect picture of the two of them.

Fabric Wrapped Vases

The cocktail tables featured simple, small vases, wrapped in our mod fabric, with a single pale pink peonie.

Cocktail Tables

We held the cocktail hour under this beautiful oak tree, filled it with pretty white lanterns of varying sizes, and tied the swing with some pretty ribbon.

The reception was held on what normally serves as Shelley’s Uncle’s driveway, but we transformed the space into a beautiful oasis. I apologize in advance for how many table shots there are to come, but it was just so beautiful that I seriously couldn’t stop taking pictures of the space.
Shelley & Tony Tabletop

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 1

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 2

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 3

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 4

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 5

Table Numbers

For table numbers, Shelley & Tony decided to do a photo shoot around the city of Chicago, taking pictures at some of their favorite places that featured numbers.

Table Numbers 2

This one was my favorite. The caption underneath says “it cost us $2.25 each to take this picture. thanks, mayor daley.”

Cootie Catcher Menu

Shelley also made these adorable Cootie Catcher menus that we placed at each persons place setting.

Tulip Cake

The beautiful cake provided by Sweet Gems. Carissa did a FABULOUS job creating a garden of tulips that appeared to be “growing” out of the cake stand.

Tulip Cake 2

Tulip Cake 3

Tulip Cake 4

Grand Entrance

Grand entrance time!

Grand Entrance 2

First Dance

Which went straight into the first dance.

First Dance 2


A speech by Shelley’s Dad.

Shelley & Tony

Cake Cutting

Who wants some cake?!?

Cake Cutting 2

Cake Cutting 3

Cake Cutting 4

Father Daughter Dance

A beautiful father daughter dance as the sun officially set.

Father Daughter Dance 2

Father Daughter Dance 3

Which quickly turned from the Beatles “Michelle, My Belle” to Rick James’ “Super Freak”. As you can tell from the picture, I was not expecting this. So as Shelley’s dad started bustin his moves, my lens could barely keep up!

Shelley is a BIG baker, and is known in her family and circle of friends for making the most amazing cookies. So it was a no-brainer that she wanted to do cookies for favors. As good as hers are, she certainly didn’t want to have to deal with the stress of making all these cookies in the last few days before the wedding, so they went with these delectable choices from Bristol Farms.

Cookie Buffet

Cookie Buffet 2
I wish I knew how to take better pictures in the dark….take a photography class (must add this to my list).

To Shelley & Tony, I wish you both so much love and joy in your future. I know you are both going to make the most wonderful parents someday (and by someday, I mean you better start makin babies asap!). ;)
Shelley, I am going to miss our daily emails. Which almost makes me sad that your wedding is over.
Tony, please continue to make Shelley smile from ear to ear, every day, as I know you can.
Take the time to love and appreciate each other every chance that you get, and you’ll lead a long and happy life together.


~ Alicia

The Fabulous Vendor Lineup:
Photography: Theorie
Videography: Studio West Video
Florist: JL Designs
Catering: 24 Carrots
DJ: Brady of Props FX
Cake:Sweet Gems
String Quartet: Andromeda String Quartet
Hair & Makeup: i-style Salon, Los Angeles
Rentals: Signature Rentals
Linens & Chairs: Dress My Chair

Pretty Sweet.


I’ll admit it. I have been a bad mama bird this week. And I feel like all of my little “puppy birds” [and yes, I call anything in baby form a puppy as prefix] may very well be lost with all of my oodles and poodles of antics/pictures/love that is part of the regularly scheduled programming here at the world-famous ITN blog [world famous to my mom, anyway!].

So, to make up for it… here’s a few things that are pretty sweet!







These sweet sweets are frankly just making me smile at the moment. And I am exhausted! After a long day up in LA that included both the flower AND fabric district, straight to a tasting, a quick meeting, and a kiss kiss hug hug with my lovely associate Leashy-Pookie-Puppy-kins…. [and don’t forget the traffic, RIGHT? It IS California], I’m happily sitting in bed typing out and pouring out these lovelies to all of you, MY lovelies.

What are you doing for your cake? Going tradish? Doing something fun and different? These pictures I’ve compiled from TONS of blogs and sites all over the ‘net. Please share your loves with me! They definitely inspire me to push myself more and more each day.

More than that… dwell on what’s making YOU smile, right now. Figure it out, seek it out, and stick with it. Maybe it’s the way that new “morning run” makes you feel the rest of the day, or it’s simply holding hands each night watching TV with your husband [or to-be]. Whatever it is… chase it, and don’t let go!






I know what you’re thinking. FINALLY! I know. I’m just getting around to it! But, it’s been so nice to be back in the states, back to work, back to my life of love. Now, onto Greece! It was so incredibly lovely, and such an amazing time. We stayed in the heart of Athens, near their Parliament Building and on the street with ALL of the killer shopping. My kinda town. We walked our feet off EVERY day but it was so wonderful! Some pictures to tantalize you:


We enjoyed so many of the lovely cathedrals and sites despite the construction! It’s really incredible because so much of the new city is mixed right into the old city. There’s unique old churches in the middle of streets, on the sides of the road… everywhere!


We went up to the Acropolis the 2nd day and really soaked in the city. The houses built on top of other houses are beyond amazing. I would LOVE to get to go back to Greece someday!








We made our way through all of the historic sites all over town, but spent tons of time in the Plaka area [old town, tourist-y, and such a great ambiance]! The most memorable time in Greece was really the night when “earth hour” was held- when the major sites of the world went dark to symbolize saving our planet. The ENTIRE town went over to a grassy area across from the monument to watch it go dark, and celebrate with a live concert. Here’s our view:


Truly incredible! Our second to last day was spent taking a tour out to the Temple of Poseidon, which is on the outskirts of Athens and the bus ride was so fun, along the coast to really see the whole city and get a better feel of the land.





I love this picture of my mom and sis. Capturing these moments on my camera and knowing they’re with me forever in time… it’s a privilege. I really love it.



I loved this country-feel background. This building was right by where our bus parked and was seriously the maintenance hub.



This is my sister, before getting attacked by bees, enjoying the Grecian scenery:


Our last day there was spent shopping. SO. Fun. Not a ton of buying but a lot of shopping. We made one special trip of course to the infamous Poet Sandal Maker for my sister, who bought a pair that are so perfectly her. I didn’t get an image of her sandals, but the amount of leather and sandal in that tiny store was incredible! Just one of the dozens of cubbies stuffed with sandals:


All in all, Greece was SO fun. I haven’t really traveled Europe before, so being there with my family was really intense [as they travel a LOT]. We enjoyed everything but the meat market [traumatizing- seriously!!!], and have taken away some stellar memories and some serious love for olive pate and feta. Yummmm just thinking about it.

We didn’t get around to going out to any of the islands. I know the next time I head back to Greece I’ll book a trip out to one, but for this trip it was the perfect amount of time in the city to really feel comfortable with it. I hope I can go back before I forget all of the details… and where that delicious caramel gellato was made- CAN’T forget that. Seriously!



Friday Lovelies.


I’ll be honest: today was a bit of a rough day. Just a touch. I received a slap to the heart and [though in my eyes totally uncalled for and unfounded] it dragged me into the gutter today. The only cure was a hefty dose of Zac Efron and let me just say… it did the trick! A wonderful husband, yummy dinner and mindless entertainment was the perfect way to wrap this day.

Oh, and this:


Can I have it? Can I have it? Can I have it pretty please?? Seriously, Martha, why do you do it to us? A client of mine sent me this and of course, insta-swoon over it, right? Packaged in a large bow and sent to my doorstep… this feeling of perpetual creativity, inspiration, and joy.

Thanks to you all for letting me do what I do. Hope that your Friday was filled with lovelies, too! If not, go out and find some. You can always start HERE.



To say that we’re all excited for Shannon and Scott’s big day this August is a serious understatement. We’re thrilled. We’ll all be there- together. There’s not a question about it. So, I knew that featuring her “In The Mix” sessions would be so fun. She’s planning a casual, relaxed and country chic event set on a historic ranch [her grandparents’, no less]!!

Here’s what she sent over to show her inspiration and color pallet:


Yep! It’s light. It’s fresh. It’s crisp. Just like an apple. I cannot wait to see her vision come to life even more! So from there, of course she had to whip up their custom monogram:


And if this doesn’t say country chic I don’t know what DOES! Yes, hand sewing is in the plan, if you can’t tell the nod to it. Yay! But when she copied me on this email to her bridal part, I KNEW we had to feature her. She just created this for them to show her decisions. Not only is the dress KILLER and the gold sandal soo perfectly Shan’s style, but the styling and presentation just made my heart swoon!


Did you do fun and creative things for/with your bridesmaids? It’s the best! Hope you enjoyed this mini sneak peek. You know I’ll keep you posted!

Have a wonderful mid-week break. In the midst of all the emails and phone calls and google searches, it’s nice [and needed] to take some time to breath. Of course, you can do that by browsing pretty pretty pictures, now, can’t you??



Happy Easter Sunday!


Spring is so lovely. The birds are chirping. The air is crisp. The sun is beaming through my windows [okay, okay… so I don’t have window coverings yet, but hey… it’s a work in progress and I am so thrilled that I get the chance to notice the natural light flooding in].

Easter has always been a special day for my family and I. For as long as I can remember, my mom was the host of her famous “Easter Brunch”. More like breakfast [because it started at 8am and was over by 10am], but it is such a fond memory for me. We’d wake up just before dawn, attend the same Sunrise Service every year, listening to the core of our faith with a million other people and freezing our butts off on the freshly dewed benches, and then come home. By 8 in the morning, we were home. As a family.

No eggs. No hunt. No chocolates. Okay, a few chocolates. We had love in abundance. Faith in abundance. Laughs in abundance. And memories. We had those, too. This year is different. For so many reasons- ones I won’t get into in this arena just yet. But as I think of my Easters past… I’m infinitely happy. Here are some quick pictures of a bouquet of flowers I whipped up [literally, mind you… be kind] for my grandmother yesterday:


Roses, tulips, and waxflower. Isn’t deep warm pink and light aqua such an enchanting combo?





I can’t wait to see her today and give them to her. And of course, the “afterthought” bouquet, which is nearly always my favorite.



My sister makes a lovely model.
[…and don’t think the sweater matching wasn’t planned. It’s mine and it’s perfect!]



That’s right, Bex… exactly where you held your bouquet for my ENTIRE wedding ceremony…





Hope you are all enjoying your own Sunday. Easter festivities or not, I truly love Sundays. They always seem to warm my heart and refresh my spirit in the right proportion needed to start my week. Not too too much, just enough. Infinitely happy.



Blogged: Alex and Brad!


Can I brag enough about Alex and Brad’s wedding? I don’t think so.

I am BLOWN AWAY by Jan and Tey Garcia and their images from A&B’s big day! I needn’t say more. Seriously.



After the ceremony they went to Soka for their portraits. A PERFECT background, don’t you think? The grounds are so gorgeous over there… I love them all!!


True colors, shining through [that’s why I love you!]



Straight out of the pages of Ceremony magazine! Well, it SHOULD be, that’s for sure!


Forgot to mention that Alex’s eyes are two different colors. We kinda bonded over that [but my eye is only 1/3 different than the other].


Inside the Art Gallery for a sneak at the reception:



And Soka, by nightfall:


More here on their blog. Since he blogged a gazillion of ’em, it’s like a little eensy meensy surprise for you when you go visit. Jan’s art is apparent, right? Love them. Love their photos. Love their love [as always]!

Hope your weekend is full of remarkable moments that allow you to remember why you’re going through all this insanity in the first place- sometimes, you gotta look to find them. FIND THEM!


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