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I am so SO behind on blogging! I have wonderful things to share with all of you readers, but I thought this first video would be a fun addition to our typical posts.

Here, Miriam, Brittany and I are working at Ruby and Jereco’s wedding ceremony at the Anaheim Sheraton. Pics and real post to follow, but for now…

Don’t mind my double chin. It’s always my best angle, huh!



Friday Lovelies.


I couldn’t pick just ONE this week. I know I’m so so terrible but I’ve been gathering inspiration for packets for two very very different styles of weddings. And thus, I ended up collecting these. For the fan of purple:


Sweet Pea + Orchids + Funky/Fun/Curvy Vase = Swoon-tastic floral arrangement!

And for those looking for a modern twist on an 80’s throw back:


Photo courtesy of the ever-so-ridiculously-fabulously-over-the-top-and-filled-to-the-brim-with-talent Chrissy Farah!

GUH-orgeous! I’d like to say that this color scheme is peaches. But, isn’t peach such a strangely ugly word? If you told me peach + teal [5 years ago] was anyone’s color scheme I’d probably melt in fear. But THIS is absolute divinity. It’s coral, really. It’s pushing the limits and the teal wall these lovelies are being photographed on…. wow, perfect! Such a wonderful compliment to the fluffy peonies, ranunculus, astible…. gardeny and gorge. Love it. All of my faves in one place!

Hope that you’ve enjoyed this shortened week! FLEW by! I have a lovely couple this weekend who made me tear up just at the rehearsal! Definitely excited for my Temecula wedding tomorrow.

Take time for kissing tonight!




It’s not often that an engagement session actually makes me say “Wow!” out loud, but these images from Eric Cotter took my breath away! Katie is such a knockout, it would probably be hard to take a bad picture of her, but these were still so far beyond my expectations that I was thrilled to see them on his blog! Katie and Travis are getting married in August at Casa Romantica and I am counting the days till I get to work with this genius behind the lens.

Katie & Travis E-Pic 1

Katie & Travis E-Pic 2

Katie & Travis E-Pic 3
She’s just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen right?!?

Katie & Travis E-Pic 4

Katie & Travis E-Pic 5

Katie & Travis E-Pic 6

Katie & Travis E-Pic 7

Katie & Travis E-Pic 8

Katie & Travis E-Pic 9

Katie & Travis E-Pic 10
Is it wrong that I want to own a Vespa just so it can sit in my driveway and look cute? Cause I’d be too scared to actually ride it.

Katie & Travis E-Pic 11

Katie & Travis E-Pic 12

Katie & Travis E-Pic 13
Now of course I saved the best for last. Marilyn Monroe, eat your heart out!!

And don’t forget to skipity-do-da on over to Eric’s blog to see the rest of these babies Here!!!

~ Alicia

Apply NOW!


Okay- we admit it… we need HELP! We have a fantastic summer and fall ahead of us, filled with so much ooey gooey goodness that we’d love some extra hands. We are looking for TWO magnetic personalities to join our team and act as our interns* for the next 6 months!Oh, and don’t forget to scroll down below this post. I’m leaving it as a sticky for a week or so to make sure all you potential fabby fab interns see this, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be slackin on the new posts! New adventures below!!!019.jpgSO, you think you’ve got what it takes to join the some of the best wedding event professionals out there [well, at least the most FUN!]? Here’s what we want from YOU:448.jpgGive us a rundown! That’s right- we’re asking for up to 10 random facts about you so that we can get to know who you are! Please feel free to be as quirky and random as we are- basically, catch our attention. From there, we’ll get together and decide who we feel fits best for the projects we’ve got ahead. Email yours [and what’s a good rundown without pictures, huh?] to and let’s get the ball rollin’ here, folks! We’re not looking for your resume, experience, education… nothing formal or fancy. Just plain old personality!603.jpgPLEASE do not apply unless you’re over 18. PLEASE do not apply if you’re engaged- you have a wedding to tend to. PLEASE do not apply if you’re a newlywed [before 1 year married]- you have a husband to tend to.* Please DO apply if you’re full of energy, life, and love. We are 100% committed to our jobs and our clients so ensure that your summer allows you to be flexible and spend your weekends [and some week days] basking in the glow of other people’s love stories.We can’t wait to hear from you!So…. what are you waiting for? The cutoff for all rundowns to be received and considered is June 6, 2009 at 5:00pm. Make it quick, make it good… make it YOU!jump.jpg[And yes, the person who is writing this post is the ‘tard that couldn’t get off the ground at the same time as the rest of the team. That explains so, SO much about me, doesn’t it?]*The stipulations I’ve listed about being over 18, not engaged and not a newlywed are purely based on my experiences of the past and my feelings about what makes an appropriate coordinator/assistant. If you think you’re above the bar and extraordinary so that these circumstances don’t concern you… show me! I dare you to prove me wrong!*This internship is an UNPAID position for 6 months with the possibility of a permanent assistant spot on the team.

Random Rundown!

POSTED BY brittany


Aloha! Bonjour! Ciao! Hi! I am proud to say that I am the newest team member to become a regular blogger.  My name is Brittany [in case you didn’t catch that above picture with my name on it] and I’ve been with Amanda for one year and 4 months…but who’s counting?  I revolve my life around weddings and weddings only.  Basically I’m a totally romantic and a little bit of a nerd whenever I hear the word “wedding”.  I have yet to experience my own special day, as they call it, because I’ve been told you have to find “the one” first.  So if anyone knows where I can find this one, let me know!

I thought instead of blogging a novel about my life, I’d just make a list of ten random things about me…if I have ten.  I’m sure I can find something that will intrigue you.  I am known for my Jedi master-mind tricks! 


1.  I am a TOTAL sweet tooth.  Now you might think, ok she likes eating dessert every night, or has a stash of See’s Candies in her nightstand.  Ha, I laugh…that would be what I consider an amateur sweet tooth.  Actually I don’t even know if I’d be able to classify someone who did that as a sweet tooth.  It takes years of skill to create the prefect pallet in order to reach the sweet tooth hall-o-fame!  And yes, I have succeeded in this training process.  Now being a sweet tooth is a hard role, because there are SO many things that I just have to have, but have learned to control my urge and now go from 8 treats a day down to 4 treats a day.  I have stomach of steal when it comes to desserts.  I love them so much, I can, will, and have eaten cupcakes for breakfast more than once [no joke, it was 8AM].  So I’m sure you can guess that the first thing I ask a bride when meeting for the first time or assisting a wedding….when’s the cake cutting?




 2.  I have a thing for lions.  Not just any lions, male lions with bushy manes and a huge mouth when they yawn.  I don’t really know why this obsession occurred or when, but it might be because I am a Leo [summer birthdays are the best!]  I also have not one, but two male Golden Retrievers who look like they walked out of Africa.  I found out that lions sleep up to 20 hours a day and noticed my Golden’s do the same thing…what a life!  I even own a lion necklace.  I feel that I possess a liony energy and can be super mellow at times, then pounce when no one’s looking!  Kinda like my Jedi mind tricks.




3.  Pixar is my homeboy and we hangout any chance we get.  I am a kid at heart and just love watching little kid movies.  I own a lot and am not embarrassed to admit it [although my collection has scared away a few men….hmm, maybe that’s why I can’t find “the one”].  Anyways, I enjoy them and that’s all that matters.  The reciting of Pixar movies is my thing and I can pretty much sound like any character.  Not going to list every kid DVD I own, but a few are: Finding Nemo, Over The Hedge [not Pixar but still equally awesome], Wall-E, Monsters Inc, Ice Age 1&2, Cars, Ratatouille….see what I mean?


4.   How many nicknames can one female have?  I mean really, it’s insane!  I answer to the weirdest of names due to the nicknames I have been given in my life.  Responding to Nic has no significance to my name other than Nicole is my middle name and I NEVER use it.  It was until a friend of mine thought it would be easier to call me Nic because all of our names were Brittany spelled all different ways [there were 5 of us!]  Now I will answer to the following: Britt, Bee [B], B-rit, Nick, B.Fitch, Fitch….it’s retarded!  Oh and my last name is Fitch incase you were wondering where the Fitch came into place.


5.  My favorite hobby outside of weddings of course, is cooking.  I LOVE to cook anything and everything.  I am a pescitarian meaning do not eat meat but, allow myself to enjoy sushi, crab, shrimp, and fish; however I do enjoy cooking a prefect filet mignon with all the fixins.  Cooking/baking has always been a huge hobby of mine since I was a wee little one and now has blossomed into Top Chef status, if you know what I mean.  I don’t go one day without watching The Food Network channel and can watch it for hours.  My biggest attempt to date is to make veggie empanadas…check back in a few weeks!  I do have my pancakes down to a science though.  All I’m saying is I can make a mean pancake.


6.  Got powder?  I’m a freak for snowboarding and cannot get enough of it.  As far as sports go, this is my one and only.  Winter Olympics, Winter X-Games….bring it!  I’ve been snowboarding for 6 years and this has become my one love.  Fresh fallen untouched powder is such a sight; I go crazy whenever I think about it.  I buy a Big Bear pass every year for I go at least twice a week when the season comes.  At one time I was sponsored but I’m not going to get into that.  Writing ten random things about myself is enough attention for one month.




7.  I know I already stated my love for Pixar above, but I forgot to state my favorite genre of films.  I’m sure you will be surprised when I say that my all time fav is horror!  Yes I know I’m crazy, but I have this sick twisted love for horror films, old and new.  I’ve seen every horror movie you could possibly think of and own quite a few too.  I like to be scared and get my adrenaline going, especially when they’re based on a true story. 



8.  For the past 20 years I have been blonde.  My hair was as golden blonde as it could get and as a child I had white hair.  It wasn’t until two years ago I decided to do something drastic and dye my hair black, and loved it.  However, I have come to tone it down a little to dark brown.  But for two years everyone told me I looked like a complete different person.  Aside from loving my look and being different, the only downfall is when I go out and get carded…I was interrogated for what seemed like days.  I get asked the same things twice and still would have a hard time getting into places.  I never knew a color change would drastically change my look.  Now I just hand my ID and Credit Card at the same time because I know they’ll ask for another form of ID.




9.  I’m obsessed with flannels.  There I said it.  I heart flannels.  They are my kryptonite.  I have about every color of flannel you could think of and more than one person should own.  I wear them out, to bed, to lounge in, to work, to play, to the gym [haha I wish!]  But I have come to realize that my love for flannel shirts has become more of a stage 5 clinger thing; when I see one I cannot stop looking at it!  Their like a magnet.  That also goes for watches too.  You will never catch me without a watch on my left wrist for I feel so naked without one.  I can go without my phone for days, but a watch…HELL NO!  One time I drove all the way to work and noticed I forgot my watch and drove all the way home to get one.  I was late of course, but blamed it on traffic!


10.  I thought I’d end the last thing with something really stupid and random [hence the Random Rundown].  Since the 6th grade I have known how to speak Double G.  Yes, it is a language and I am a pro speaker.  However, none of my friends now know how to speak it, but it stuck with me.  I can read the bible in Double G.  It’s not hard once you get the hang of it, but whenever I try to teach the language, it never works out.  I guess you just have to born with it!  All I can say is to learn how to speak Double G, put a D G after every syllable in a word [i.e. wedding= wed-id-get-ti-ging]  So simple right!


How boring am I?  I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I hope you had a few laughs along the way.  Like I said I am a dork and proud of it!  I am also proud to be blogging on a regular basis and hope to meet a few other dorks out there in the blogging world.  My autograph signing will be next month at the local “bucks” [aka=starbucks] starting a 5AM on June 32th….just kidding….




Friday Lovelies.


I am so so SO loving this. Since our girl Shannon is doing something with keys for her wedding, the idea of her husband-to-be wearing this tie is sending me OVER THE MOON!!


Ummmm…. key to my heart, much??


I love how it even wraps the chain around the back. It’s really speaking to me. I’m diggin it today. Thanks to one of my amazing clients for pointing me to Toybreaker’s shop on Etsy!


Find this tie here and buy it immediately. Keep this guy in business!!

As for me- I have a fun filled weekend with an incredible wedding at a modern art museum in San Diego. SO excited. Really. Seriously. And I’ve still got tons to blog!

Drive with the windows down and let the wind mess up your hair at least once this weekend!!




The reasons I am looking forward to Megan & Brodie’s wedding:

1) They’re getting married at the fabulous Marvimon in Downtown L.A. The place is just oooozin with character!

2) They are two of the most awesome people that I’ve ever met. Like seriously, fun, happy, loving people. And with style, OH what style, to boot!!

3) Their wedding is being photographed by the uber fun Jordana of Hazelnut Photography who I can not WAIT to work with again!

4) They are two of the most awesome people…..oh, wait, did I already say that? Ok I’ll say it again! They’re Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!

Here’s a couple of their engagement pics taken by Jordana that I just LOVE!
Megan & Brodie E-pics

Megan & Brodie E-pics 2

Megan & Brodie E-pics 3
How cute are those glasses?!?

Megan & Brodie E-pics 4

Megan & Brodie E-pics 5

Megan & Brodie E-pics 6

Megan & Brodie E-pics 7
And this one is my favorite, Jordana I can’t believe how perfectly you capture that dandelion!

Megan & Brodie E-pics 8

Megan & Brodie E-pics 9

And as always, I left out juuuust a few of these bad boys so you’ll be forced to visit Jordana’s blog Here to see the rest!! Enjoy!

~ Alicia

So since I just put this together, I had to put it out. And YES, I have weddings to post from this past weekend and we’ll get to that- promise!

But, in the past few months I’ve been moving more and more into full-time event design [first in my heart, now into reality], so in response to this new chapter [which is really just a bigger page of the same chapter], I’ve made a new custom package for event design only. It’s not on my website yet, but it WILL be! Promise! I’m SO excited, I thought I’d share it with ya:


If anyone is having trouble narrowing their vision down to ONE theme/feel/vibe, if you’re overwhelmed with misguided inspiration, or if the look you want simply doesn’t seem to match up right with your venue- give me a call! This is what I love doing. I LOVE a challenge, and I love an event! I think my favorite part about the idea of this package is that it can really be tailored to fit any venue, any event, any WHERE! I’d love to get to help people all over the world put together their events and make them a smash hit, for any budget.

I love you all. You’ll hear from me in the next day or two, promise!



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