The reasons I am looking forward to Megan & Brodie’s wedding:

1) They’re getting married at the fabulous Marvimon in Downtown L.A. The place is just oooozin with character!

2) They are two of the most awesome people that I’ve ever met. Like seriously, fun, happy, loving people. And with style, OH what style, to boot!!

3) Their wedding is being photographed by the uber fun Jordana of Hazelnut Photography who I can not WAIT to work with again!

4) They are two of the most awesome people…..oh, wait, did I already say that? Ok I’ll say it again! They’re Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!

Here’s a couple of their engagement pics taken by Jordana that I just LOVE!
Megan & Brodie E-pics

Megan & Brodie E-pics 2

Megan & Brodie E-pics 3
How cute are those glasses?!?

Megan & Brodie E-pics 4

Megan & Brodie E-pics 5

Megan & Brodie E-pics 6

Megan & Brodie E-pics 7
And this one is my favorite, Jordana I can’t believe how perfectly you capture that dandelion!

Megan & Brodie E-pics 8

Megan & Brodie E-pics 9

And as always, I left out juuuust a few of these bad boys so you’ll be forced to visit Jordana’s blog Here to see the rest!! Enjoy!

~ Alicia