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Yayers! I love when I find out that images I’m even partially responsible for “cooling” [as in, making cool- was that one totally lame??] are featured somewhere!

This was, if you remember, from my tabletop photo shoot a few months prior. I can’t thank the internet world enough for their crazy support of my kid’s table at a wedding idea with tons of fun personal details and crafts!

Prost to the Host featured not one, but two images from that table settings- one of the poppies centerpiece and one of the kid’s table with giant round balloons tied to each chair. LalalaLOVING it!

The inspiration board is pretty killer cute, too!

Hopefully you’re loving it as much as well!! Have you seen any of my images floating around??

You can always see more of my work as a Southern California Event Designer on my website. Since I’m always thinking and creating… anyone have any special requests of what they’d like to see?? I just shot a couple more earlier this month, but the wheels of change are cranking out new designs and new color combos all the time! Can’t wait to continue the debut of pretty pretties for you all!

Please remember to contact me personally if you’re looking for a wedding or event designer and even if you’re beyond the walls of California… if you’re just looking for design consultation, I definitely do that, too!!

Hope you’re having a fab weekend- apparently mine is fabulous in the making and I didn’t even know it! So thrilled to be home after a HUGE wedding yesterday! The couple was gorgeous, we definitely had HOT August weather but it was by the beach and the sunset was so unbelievably perfect. Sigh… love it!



No jokes here- this is straight up deelish! I went over to the Square Root Floral Design website the other day, knowing that they specialized in unique and ruffled bouquet wraps and stumbled onto this picture nearly right away.

Calla Lily Bouquet Ruffle Ribbon Bouquet Wrap

Gasp, I say, gasp!

Here’s the list of things I love:

1. Single-Flower Bouquet, which just so happens to be eggplant mini calla lilies. Holy gorgeous.

2. Rhinestone Bling Bouquet Wrap that rocks my socks nearly off.

3. Pleated Ribbon Bouquet Collar. Nuff Said. Wishing I could hold this in my hands right now, and take pictures with it.

Have you seen a bouquet with a ruffle-y type of collar/wrap in person?? What is your take on doing something like this as opposed to using greens/leafs or just allowing the stems to show on the undercarriage of the bouquet? Would LOVE your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

Visit the Square Root website for an absolute overwhelming amount of inspiration!

Have a weekend not only full of LOVELY, but full of love in all that you do. Plan away, my dear readers!



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Just in case you’re newer to reading the blog of In The Now Weddings and Events, I wanted to invite into taking an even more personal look into our lives and hearts!

Currently, three of our amazing team members are on Twitter, including Me! If you aren’t familiar with what Twitter is, it’s a place where people can create an account, follow others, and micro-blog throughout their days about their thoughts, feelings, and even add pictures! We tweet about our inspirations, about our new client meetings, about our excitement for the industry! Trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss out! Twitter is the new “it”!!

Follow Amanda on Twitter Here

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Hope you’re all having a week that oozes love the ways you always dreamt of. It’s been a whirlwind of a roller coaster for me [and I cannot BELIEVE that this summer is flying by], but I’m clinging to your love stories as much as I cling to my own! Truly loving the love all of my clients show me! What’s one way you’re committed to showing affection/love to your “person” this week? Let’s swap, inspire, create love together!

And, of course, if you’ve got questions, comments, concerns about your own wedding that lead you to me- go ahead and email the most stylin’ wedding planner this side of the ‘ssippi directly!!



What can I say about this couple? What can I say? The two of them [and their little family] are like the ruffles on my heart. I mean that as a good thing. They’re just there. With me. Day in, day out. I think about this wedding constantly, as I have been part of the design process from day 1 [and it’s a tail-kickin’ design, seriously you guys]. And now, here we are, less than two weeks away!

C+J are tying the knot at a morning ceremony in Palmdale, California on labor day weekend. However, the next day will be their Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Wedding Reception. And that is, mainly, where I come in.

Because C+J are so, so SO smart, they’re using oodles of different photographers. Their sessions below are a combination of images from Kelly Lubter of Steep Street Photography based in San Francisco [who shot the family session including Mia and Maile], and Jason Q. Tran based here in Orange County. Jason will be with us on Sunday for the reception portion of the celebration, whereas the fab duo of Mark Brooke and his wife, Candice will be with us for the Sunday morning ceremony [plus portrait session to follow. Can you imagine? What an entourage they’ve got! And what a gorgeous way to truly document this special time in their life!! Now, ONTO THE PHOTOS!!

From their family session with Kelly:




I love how these pictures feel so easy and natural. This family is SO fun, can’t you already tell? And the coloring on all of these photos is just killer! Kelly, if you’re reading… I am a FAN!


Favorite #1:


Aaaaand Favorite #2:


This picture below makes me LIVE out my new tagline: loving love: forever + always. For serious.



I love that Jason’s photos are artistic and fresh in a whole different way!


Bright, bold colors + good angles = pile of drool on my desk. Sorry folks- it’s the truth!





Hottest mom EVER.


Loving these lines…


Sigh… there are some specific things that I truly LOVE about being a Southern California Wedding Planner, one of them being that I get to do the leg work for my out-of-townsies. That may seem like a glorified middle man but I truly LOVE making things happen for my clients. And then, I get to comfort them in a unique way that only a professional can. Because I hold the key to their amazing, stress-free, stylish wedding planning experience. Me. Wow. What an honor and a privilege.

Cece and JJ- counting, counting, COUNTING the days until we see it all come together. We know the pieces like the back of our hands, and now putting them all into the same room…. ugh, my heart stops just thinking of it! Thanks for being so fabulously trusting, willing, and straight up gangsta with your style. You know I love it.

Can’t wait for our little wrap-up call, and then to finally again see those smiling faces!!

What’s bringing the warm fuzzies to YOUR faces today, dear readers? Is it anything to do with the wonderful world of wedding design?? Anything funky, fab, fun in your future? Do tell! And then, keep that ball rolling!!



Right now, I am craving to create. And the first item that I’m really yearning to pour myself into is a big textural mound of blossoms in white on white on white. I was browsing through my Facebook albums and figured, why not share some of my most prized possesions: pictures of my floral work.

If you’ve been a reader for any amount of time, I’d figure you could pin point me as a personal person. I take very few clients in the way of florals because of how seriously I take the job. My bouquets are PERSONAL to me. An outpouring of my heart and love into the hands of those I hold dear to me: clients. I’m always beyond honored to see their pretty posies in picture form. Typically I make bridal bouquets about the size of one’s head… doubled. Haha! They’re definitely two-handers, full of life and love, and nearly all of them have one of my signature “hearts” somewhere on them- they also are almost always heavily detailed on the wrap. Here’s two of my favorites, clad in ALL WHITE!

From Ginger + Kris’ June 2008 Private Residence Wedding [which was one of my FIRST weddings that I took on floral duties for]:


It’s been a while, but I can spot peonies, vendelah roses, and alstromeria in this bouquet for sure! I love the way the alstromeria, which is typically considered a cheaper “filler” flower, has leaves that compliment the garden-feel of the bouquet. Right on target.


Ginger’s colors were eclectic and amazing! Baby blue and baby pink, paired with white and grey. The day totally rocked and so did her bridal party- wearing Betsey Johnson bridesmaid dresses!


All images above provided by yours truly and the team at In The Now Weddings and Events. Represent! Eye candy time:



Thanks to Wayne Toshikazu for the pretty pretties above. He totally ROCKED this wedding and it was one of his first “official” gigs. For me, it was love at first image. I’ve been a Wayne fan, solid, ever since! Moving on…

From Cynthia + Ron’s May 2009 Craven’s Estate Wedding in Pasadena:


Quick rundown [from what I can remember and see from the pics]: ranunculus, peonies, astilbe, parrot tulips [white/green accent], scabiosa, and I believe some creamy vendela spray roses!


Her colors were black, white, and emerald green and we brought in a deep warm red to accent with the flowers [just for bridesmaid bouquets]. As a nod to the red, I added tiny red pins to affix the heart shaped buttons on herlace bouquet wrap.


UGH I love this bouquet! It’s possibly my favorite thing ever. I want to hug it. Continually. Hold on and never let go. All the above photos are courtesy of In The Now Weddings and Events! Now, for some real good stuff from the real good snapper, Sarah K. Chen:





And, with the deep red bouquets that I mentioned above:


Not sure about you, but right now I’m feeling like a good bouquet is like a good dessert- and I am FULL UP. Yum yum yum. I know that the idea of a classic white bridal bouquet is not new to this industry, but pairing that with an intricate bouquet wrap or your own unique wedding style will be what sends YOUR wedding over the edge! So… who’s holding white on their big day? And what are you doing to bring the YOU to your accessories?

Stay inspired as much for your love as you are for your wedding- it’s the only way to ensure love will survive!!



For those of you unfamiliar with, you are truly missing out! Not only is it a beyond fabulous bridal resource full of honest reviews from real clients, but it’s chock-full-a pictures and inspirations! I am always so humbled, awe-struck, and flattered by the sweet things my clients have to say about me.

Being one of the Top 5 Southern California Wedding Planners in their ranks is definitely more than enough to keep me blushing constantly, but just today via email I received the news that I’m now held in higher esteem because of my Perfect 5-Star Rating in my reviews. To say that I let out a yelp whilst jumping up and down is an understatement! I sounded my barbaric yawp from the rooftops of the world [name that quote… or movie, anyone?? I’ll give you something super sweet!].

In The Now Weddings Top Wedding Planner California

My reviews are wholeheartedly from my clients who, unprompted, took the time to support and love on my business with their genuity and appreciation for my services. Visit In The Now’s Project Wedding Review Site to read all of my reviews. And, if you’re a former client, please leave a review! My business is 100% built up on word of mouth, and since someday I have every intention of ranking number one as wedding and event design in southern California, I’ll need the continual push from the community around me!

As for now, I’m definitely holding my head a bit higher today, knowing that me at the team at In The Now Weddings and Events are the people that people can come to with confidence. And that feels GOOD!

Loving the love story oh-so-much of one of my potential clients today. Being terribly pleased at the organic and laughable ways that my couples are brought together. Is your story unique?? Share a snippit with me, below, and I’d love to feature it for all to hear [and, you know, brag all about how wonderful you are]!



I mentioned these a while back and I am SO. IN. LOVE. with the end result that my wonder-clients, Jen and Paul, got to send out. I cannot cannot cannot wait for the real deal images that the ever-so-fabulous Caroline Tran snagged at the wedding, but until then these will just have to do!

We really wanted to create a playful vibe for these invitations and still bring in that touch of elegance and wow-factor that their wedding was sure to create [being married at The Langham Huntington Hotel is sure to do that to any wedding, am I right?!?]. So, we went with a modern playful floral scheme, a nice young font, and added the glam factor by letterpressing the design, and boxing the invitation.

The result? Too delicious for words I’m sure.

Boxed Invitation Letterpress

Langham Pasadena Letterpress Invitation

The whole suite was printed on spongey ivory paper [the best for letterpressing] and had the mod, funky flowers flat-printed in pink before being pressed brown. This is a great cost-saving idea for a multi colored design that you want to get pressed!

Letterpress Boxed Invite

Pink Brown Floral Letterpress Invite

Who could NOT love these? Am I wrong to think that there’s a good possibility that, upon hand-delivering some of these beauties, their guests may have salivated openly at their arrival? I am in LOVE with them. And by the way if you could hear me say that last sentence aloud, I would have been singing the word “love”!

Pink Brown Letterpress Modern Invite

Gorgeous boxed invitation? CHECK.
Lovely-beyond-words venue? CHECK.
The most amazingly funky fun splendidly wonderful Wedding Planner in Southern California?? Chickety check check!!


J+P, I am bursting-absolutely BURSTING- to show off your images of the big day. I can’t believe it’s already been a week. Your love is like a friendship that never ends- and I’m proud to say that I truly LOVE the love you two share. So honored I got to share it with you.

Take a honeymoon!! Promise me you will!


A. Auer and the whole team at
In The Now

A coordinator hired by another coordinator!?! Can you think of a bigger compliment?? Seriously! That’s why when I got the inquiry to do the wedding of Leah, of Sweet Pear Events, I was beyond thrilled! And as I saw her vendor line up begin to fill up, I continued to jump for joy. She has made some great choices, and I am SO honored to be a part of this all-star line up.

Last year, In The Now was honored to coordinate for Jen, one of the other members of Sweet Pear Events, as well. You may remember her fabulous wedding from May, but if you don’t, check out some of her images here. So we are SO glad to have Leah joining our happy wedding family as well!

Ok, so back to these fabulous vendors I mentioned, I was thrilled to hear that Leah had selected Brandon Kidd as her photographer, but when I saw her engagement session pop up on his blog, I did a small happy dance. Think Irish Jig while wearing my PJ’s…

Just check out these A-mazing engagement pictures he took of Leah & Josh in Palm Springs.
The shoot started at The Viceroy, where Josh had proposed to Leah back in January.

Those yellow heels are KILLER right?


And when you can’t get the yellow heels in the shot, a yellow door will do just fine!




I love the way she’s looking at him here.


But this one is my favorite. You are Fierce girl…FIERCE!







Wow! That’s what you’re thinking to yourself right now right? And that you wish you could see more? I know, I know, I’m a mind reader…it’s a gift. Well, it just so happens that you’re in LUCK! This was seriously just a sampling of Brandon’s amazing work. So make sure you check out the rest of his goodies on his blog HERE!

~ Alicia

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