Okay, I’ll admit it… I’ll take on my Cher moment and chalk it up to a “my bad!”. I’ve had these images for a few months now, thanks to Scott Nelson, who sent me a disc of images from the rock-my-face-off amazing Persian Wedding we worked together back in June at theuniquely gorgeous Rancho Las Lomas!

Nasim was my favorite- a 2-dress bride who didn’t blink an eye scarfing up a slice or two of cheese pizza about 20 minutes pre-aisle-walk [which we brought in on-the-fly for the girls because we just roll THAT cool at In The Now Weddings! You know it!]. She is a girl who exudes beauty from every fiber of her being. Something about her is just so relaxed and joyful. Even stressed and overwhelmed, she’s the epitome of grace. I should know- she hired me two weeks out from her wedding day, the week she was scheduled to take her final exams [for medical school, no less]. The weeks she was left to tie up the loose ends, from afar, for her wedding. I’m so glad she called. Let me say it again: I am SO glad she called. Now, onto the photos!!

Her and her “girls”:

Rancho Las Lomas Bride Getting Ready

Bridal Gown

The invite monogram was made by a family member and was all over their paper products!

Persian Wedding Invitation

Nasim and her flutter-sleeved dress [I die! I DIE!] holding that gorgeous bouquet!

Bridal Bouquet White

If you’re familiar at all with the gorgeousness of the high-end, private estate style wedding site that IS Rancho Las Lomas, then you’ll know that Nassy is leaving the bridal cottage on her way to the ceremony site, where her and Amir’s “first look” moment took place. In Persian tradition, they were surrounded by their closest family members when they saw one another for the first time. Truly beautiful.

Bridal Portraits

Here you can see the families lined up on either side, waiting for the bride and groom to see one another for the first time!!

Persian First Look

Rancho Las Lomas First Look

….aaaaaand the “money shot”!

Rancho Las Lomas Bride Groom

There’s a bazillion reasons why this wedding was so special to me, but one of them- one of the biggies- is this:

Brides Family

This is Nasim’s family. They are so warm. So welcoming. So joyful. SO real. It was an honor to feel like I belonged, and like I was a part of the family for the weekend!!

Ceremony time!

I must admit- this was my first time working Persian ceremony. It was beyond words for me. There’s something about the family tradition, the reason behind the actions, the meaning in every moment. It’s so moving, like realizing what marriage is and has been all over the world from age to age.

Persian Ceremony Details

The “spread” is a stage-like area full of symbolic and ritual-driven items. Everything on there has a purpose, from the nuts to the mirror to the honey to the sugar. I love that about it. Plus, umm, it’s totally beautiful on top of it!!

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Details

Rancho Las Lomas Courtyard

Rancho Las Lomas Groom

Bride and Groom Seated Ceremony

Sitting during the wedding ceremony??? THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING EVER. There’s something so completely intimate about it. Being seated. No bridal party. Like you’re the only two people in the world. Holding hands and leaning towards one another, completely IN the moment.

Persian Wedding Ceremony Family

Grinding sugar cones over the bride and groom [is the sister of the groom, as the other family members hold the cloth over their heads] signifies sweetness towards one another for the years to come, if I’m not mistaken. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Persian Wedding Ceremony Sugar

Rancho Las Lomas Ring Exchange

Seated Ring Exchange

SO cute!!

Petal Toss

Now a few of these were clearly pre-ceremony but LOOK at that carpet of petals down the aisle. So sexy!

Bride Groom Celebrate

Persian Wedding Ceremony

Rancho Las Lomas Portrait Session

Love this one, from the balcony at Rick’s Cafe:

Bride and Groom Ricks Cafe

Just before she scarfed pizza. And more than that, totally completely EFFORTLESS!!! [This amount of gorgeous should be bottled and sold!]

Rancho Las Lomas Portraits

Please place the following photo on my mantle forever and ever, because in 50 years it’ll still give me goosebumps:

Bride and Groom Potraits

Classic. Timeless. Portrait Perfection.

Classic Wedding Portrait

Dress change [would you have noticed if I didn’t tell you??] A few more “new dress” shots:

Groom Picks Up Bride

And just for a moment of fun:

Jumping Groomsmen

[Oh, boys!!] And even BETTER:

Parasol Jump Portrait

So wonderfully perfect- a display to the T of their fun loving personalities! The set up for the fruit display was over-the-top elaborate. So gorge!!

Fruit Display Persian Wedding

N+A moved and swayed for their first dance to a whole song… romantic and wonderful. But then, they busted into an all out MOVE with their fast dance number, as the crowd gathered around to cheer them on as only the Persians know how!!

Bride and Groom Dance

Bride and Groom First Dance

[See what I mean about the move busting??] Amir killed that dance floor!!

Homemade Wedding Favor

Favors were homemade sweets from the family. Looooooved it!

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Cake

Cutesy cake cuts:

Bride and Groom Cake Cutting

Not sure if this was prompted or not, but it is TOO cute not to post!

Bride and Groom Offer Cake

And of course their getaway car was sexy! Sahar, Nasim’s sister, is in the business of all things amazing, so she hooked this little ride up for them and had it parked out front all night… because that’s how they do. And it’s how I do. And it’s how we do, when I get clients who do things the way I do things… wait, I lost my thought…

Rancho Las Lomas Getaway Car

Now, if you’re already my friend on Facebook [become my friend! become my friend!!], you’ll have likely seen this picture already but here’s one of just us girls, workin’ it mid-day for Scott and his camera:

Rancho Las Lomas Event Design

[Do note the last-minute-pulled-up-and-tied-with-a-pen-bun in my hair. Make no mistake, readers, I mean business when I work] This was actually Sharon and Rachel’s very FIRST wedding and we got to rock it out at a fun and unique venue like Rancho Las Lomas to completely knock their socks off at their first taste of the industry. That’s right. You know it. We may very well be Southern California’s Coolest Event Design Team!!

Thanks to all the crazy good vendors that helped us with the incredible day. Since I lost my hard drive, my brain is killing itself trying to remember links and names rather than faces!! For sure, DJ Tarraneh and Scott A. Nelson, along with Heidelberg Bakery who did a fantastic job as per usual with the cake!!

So, seeing all the heritage and tradition that goes into this cultural wedding ceremony- what are YOU doing that will make your guests remember? Try googling old traditions of your faith and nationalities to pull things that will not only end up as beautifully personal, but symbolic and meaningful to those watching you get hitched as well! Are you planning to incorporate anything unique, special or different into your day? Tell us about it! Let’s start the conversation.