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Just WOW, right?


Photo via John Edgar, from a wedding shot in Greece. Just in case you were wondering, yes, this is what perfection looks like!

I will briefly admit that my husband was a groomsman who jumped into a pool at the end of a wedding reception in Mexico [at which I did not attend, obviously]. He did get pictures. They were awesome. And some of the bridesmaids did get into the pool also. But this, this photo above takes it to a whole new level. It’s beauty and serenity all rolled into one. So gorgeous!! Just sayin’… if you’re only wearing the dress once [and even if you’d like to save it], make it worth your while!

What are you doing to make TODAY worth your while??





I am so, so thankful. For so many reasons.




And these 3, too:




Even though they didn’t credit us, this was in fact an In The Now Wedding and I’m proud to put my stamp on it saying that we were a part!

InStyle Weddings Feature In The Now

[Click here to see the real page!!]

This image is from Alyssa and Mike’s 2007 pink and brown wedding at Rancho Las Lomas, and since it was so eco-friendly [thanks to Christine Saunders @ The Spiraled Stem], it’s gone on to be featured in the book “Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration” by Mireya Navarro! The image about is from the beyond-lovely, beyond-real, beyond-talented Chenin Boutwell!

So totally YAY to that! Now you can find images from a real In The Now Wedding on the In Style Weddings website, in the green wedding planning gallery! Visit for more eco-spiration today!!



I ’bout fell out of my chair when I saw this.


If you haven’t heard of the amazingly stylish blog Grey Likes Weddings then you are missing out in a serious way. She featured this oh-so-cute [ridiculous, actually] Save The Date for photographer Jeff Wallace, with photos shot by one of my personal faves Trever Hoehne. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and don’t you think it’d go SO great with MY loosely-designed Alice and Wonderland inspired table?? I sure do! Snippit here:


[To view more of this and other tabletops, visit the In The Now Website and have a looksie!]

What I really love most about these images is that this couple took their creativity to the next level and really pushed the limit with their wedding papers! Being creative [and not HAVING to do it all yourself] allows you to truly showcase your personality in your wedding, and lets your guests build excitement for your event in a whole new way! What plans are you making to show your friends and family YOU in your wedding? Remember if you’re looking for a stylish wedding planner to help you push the limits on your planning and design, email us!! We love a good design, a good wedding, and a good challenge!



YAY! I love it! They pulled two photos from our Poppies tabletop! Simply wonderful! Prost to the Host is an amazingly funderful [my new word which combines fun and wonderful if you couldn’t yet tell] blog that focuses on design an decor, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that they loved and used images featuring your favorite southern california wedding designers in the below inspiration board:

Orange and Pink Summer Wedding Inspiration

I know, right! Pink and orange and poppies and yummies and pretties. Okay, I think I got carried away there! It reminds me entirely of the mexican fiesta summer wedding of Caroline and Stephen [adding in a pop or two of blue]- down to the Jones Soda favors! See what I mean…


Fits right in, like it was made to go together!
Visit the real post by clicking here and make sure you say tons of good things about me!! Tee hee! :)

So… what’s your favorite part about a summer wedding? Is it the warm sunny weather? The bright pops of permissible color? The short dresses and twinkly receptions? Summer weddings just make me want to whip up some monogrammed popsicles! Are you thrilled with the idea? Should I follow through and make some up or WHAT! If enough people let me know they want to see ’em, I’ll do it!



Just a couple of images from John Truong at Life Captured. Julia sent these to me along with a thank you email [that I’m still blushing from] and I was just bursting at the utter clarity and gorgeousness of the photos!


J+I had a simple San Clemente wedding ceremony held at a park, and then washed it [and some drinks, too] down with a open summertime evening reception at the Historic Cottage San Clemente, just around the corner!



On a side note: Julia reminds me SO much of my Aunt Nancy. I swear it. And I mean that in the best way possible. Jules and Ian were just so wonderful to work with. A dream couple in so many ways! Realistic, kind, easy going, creative, and fun loving. Meetings with them continually went about 2 hours and the time just flew by as we chatted about weddings and life, sharing stories together. Literally, some of my favorite moments from this year [that I’ll treasure forever] were spent with my clients chatting away about life! It’s those moments that truly make me love my job in a serious way!!

Hoping that you’re loving your friends, moments, and experiences from 2009 in the same way! If not, you’ve got a month left. Write a list, make these days count, and make the rest of the year memorable on purpose!!



I’m in love.

Literally, guys. I’ve fallen in love again. With K+C’s love story. I think we can all admit [Kristina… Cesar, you two as well] that it was love at first meeting for us. This couple is infectious. They’re contagious. They’re real and lovely and raw and present. They’re all of that and a bag of chips [or, tamales in my case]. They’re more in love each day. And it shows. On their faces and in their hugs and through their stolen glances and kisses when nobody is looking. Except for me- I’m looking. I’m watching them, taking notes, and praying to grasp a strand of what they’re giving off to the world.

K+C, thanks for making me a better wife than I am just by knowing you. I love your love. I love you two. This video brought me back to your day in such an amazing way, and I’m so glad that you’ve got it for the years and years [and years] to come. Happy just-over-one-month-aversary. I can’t believe it, but it’s already happened!!

Watch the following, dear readers, to see what life looks like through love-colored glasses:

Kristina & Cesar from SWV on Vimeo.

And if you’re planning your own deeply personal wedding, or if you’re looking for a way to tie in modern, stylish wedding planning with your daily loving life, please don’t hesitate to email me by clicking here and you know I’ll hook you up ’cause that’s how I roll! Remember to stop by our website as well if you want to learn more about me and why I’m doing all this to begin with, too!

Today, I’m loving your love story from minute one to tying the knot…



Mel and Kev are so so so fun. They’re spunky, opinionated, classic, easy going, and in love. We hit it off immediately and while Miriam was in charge of coordinating their wedding day, I had the divine opportunity of working alongside of her [and them] for their wedding planning and design process! I cannot WAIT to see the pictures from their recently-passed October wedding but since I didn’t debut these before, there’s no better time than now to showcase how gorgeous the photos of up-and-comer Erin Alaine!


Melody and Kevin both share a deep rooted love for travel and tropical. Their wedding was a deeply personal reflection of their personalities and attitudes in life: beachy, mellow, and personal!




Their day was a classic intimate private estate wedding, held at Kevin’s brother’s home in Laguna Beach. The backdrop was perfect and complete with lanterns, shells, and orchids to set the tone for their guests [of course, you can’t forget the pintuck taffeta linens and the fruitwood chiavari chairs]!!

I LOVE this series:




Some classic black and whites:



Ugh those smiles totally brighten my heart!!


I have no idea where these shots are from, with the row of trees, but I’m so in love. Crazy about trees!! We don’t get to see those a lot in Orange County engagement sessions, that is for sure!


And one last one, with a bit of sun flair and a whole lot of character!!


If you’re planning you’re own modern style wedding with a beach-inspired twist, don’t hesitate to give the team at In The Now Weddings a call [or, just email me]. There are plenty of options for services and it’s definitely something you’ll never regret, enlisting the help of someone who knows the industry and events like only the pros can!

It’s amazing that I’ve got the rest of this year COMPLETELY wedding-free and more than that, quite flexible for meetings, venue walk thrus, initial consultations, and design ideas! I’m totally loving it, but a bit in shell-sock after a busy 2009 season. Trying my best to soak it in this week in the post-vacation madness! What are you doing to soak in your love, life, and harness your happiness today?? Be well, until we post again!



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