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I cannot stand it, you guys. They’re cuteness overload.

And can I even say how entirely THRILLED I am that they’re going to be mine?? Well, sorta. I mean, I have a client who is using them for her spring wedding. More on that to come, but, for now… soak in the goodness:


Individual serving size lattice pies. Like, 2″ big. Amazing, right? Thank you, Elizabethan Desserts for bringing these into the world!

It’s all part of the master plan to bring together a country-chic, modern inspired wedding full of lace, wood, warmth, family, homespun delights, and more! As the plan unfolds… I’m honored to be along for the ride [and even more- the chauffeur for the bride and groom]! Remember to email me if you’re planning your own soiree that needs a bit more style!



I’m working on a photoshoot for about two weeks from now that has been deemed a “Romeo and Juliet” inspired shoot! I’m not typically the sappy romantic tabletop gal, as much as I am the quirky mod push-the-envelope-with-my-textiles kinda gal, but I’m totally thrilled to be whipping this shoot together! The texture of the linens, the ideas I’ve got for the flowers, and the vendor list that I’m already piecing together is exciting me greatly! Bear in mind that this shoot was just brought into my realm yesterday and consists of a faux ceremony, reception and a few cocktail details [as well as dressing the models!]. It definitely is keeping me on my toes! More on this to come, but for now, as I’m inspired by color, here’s the color board I’ve made to inspire!


Blush, ivory, a plum/eggplant, based with navy and accented with a dirty, murky gold! Lush and loving it!! Definitely one of many ways that I want to bring the modern element into the romantic setting and vibe that Romeo and Juliet bring to mind!

Since this is the time of year for styling and shoots and FUN for us designers, I’m soaking it in! Remember that if you want YOUR wedding professionally styled by us, don’t hesitate to visit the site, or just email me directly!

Make today a colorful one!



My goodness! Have you all been holding your breath or WHAT. I know. I’ve been making you wait forever. But the truth is… I’ve been working, sporadically, on my new website for the last year and a half. Sob story, I know it.

Alas, the day is approaching! And speedily! I cannot wait to show the world what the new In The Now Weddings + Events is all about. I can say this: it’s design-oriented. It’s modern and clean [and oh so pretty to look at]. And it’s UP TO DATE! It’ll give you pictures, bios, and familiarity with the team members. The gallery area will feature weddings that are current and oodles of inspiration. You can spend hours there. I know I have.

But until that glorious day comes, this will have to tide you over. The new teaser page:


And, the home page:


I’m synching my brand new blog to release the same day as the site so as we take a day or two to tie up all the loose ends, I hope you’re antsy with anticipation! Looking forward to being sooo IN THE NOW again!



Now I’m sure you’re all dying to know an update on the designer’s challenge I entered last week. Well… We didn’t win!! But, we sure had a heck of a time designing and planning our uniquely modern, winter warmth of a tabletop!

Because each of the entrant’s designs are going to be published in the upcoming issue of Utterly Engaged, I cannot show you any photos of the tabletop itself, as a whole. Since I’ve got no patience myself, I’m sharing with you one small detail to give you a clue as to the images to come.

Don’t lose that winter spirit before you see these pictures!! I know you’ll love them! This photo is actually compliments of us [though on the night of the event, the stupendous Jasmine Star shot the tabletops, which are the images going to publish in the magazine]! Josh and I re-set the tabletop up the next day in the back alley behind my office to compliment the urban feel of the table. I literally cannot WAIT to share them with you, but until then… let this hold you over:

Modern Warmth-90

Thanks to Cathy @ Love At First Invite for her gorgeous paper design work on these cute cute cute little hot cocoa stirrer flags!

Hope you’re all soaking in that California sun now that it’s back in business. I do love me a good week of winter, but I cannot separate myself from leaning and growing towards the sun, just like a flower! Get things done today, y’all! I know I am!!



My Favor-ite!


So I never really got to feature these before, but the LOVELY Kristin at Twin Raven’s Press printed up my gorgeously [deep] letterpressed note cards for our studio opening party back in September. I actually still have quite a few of them left and I treasure them so much that I can hardly bear to hand them out, but do- openly- to anyone who wants/asks/is around to receive them. Pop on over to her blog to see all of the sweet, humbling words that she said about me [these all from someone who has yet to meet me in person or even hear my voice on the phone!]. But for now… enjoy the cute-tastic images of the cards that she took and featured over on the Twin Raven’s Press Blog!!



These amazing 3″ notecards feature modern typeface [to match my new, pending website] and are a nod to my studio artwork [as you can see, featured in the studio opening video and also the picture collage from the party!!]. I love them like a lot lot lot!


And tell me that the little mini logo on the back of the card isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!! Wait… you can’t. Because it IS!


Hope that this weekend makes a deep impression in your heart, the way that these quotes are deeply impressed on the softest of cotton papers…



Okay readers- here’s the first SNEAK PEAK you’re going to get related to our tabletop for the Utterly Engaged New Year’s Party debuting TONIGHT! I am beyond excited, nervous, and anxious to release our design to the world! But, without any further delay, here is the theme and inspiration behind all of the work that I’ve put into the last two weeks:


Do you love? I love!! I can’t wait to see all of the smiling happy faces at the UE event tonight! Hopefully I’ll get to hug some of my dear readers whilst I’m there as well [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]!!

Enjoy the torrential downpour […by looking at it from the warm indoors under a comfy blanket]!!



A Very Late Lovely


Consider this for last Friday! I’m not trying to neglect you all, my dear readers- but hang in there!! The eye candy at the end of the road will be worth it, I PROMISE! We’ve got so much goodness in store.

Until then, how can you resist the sheer fabulousness of this bouquet?? Thanks to Jen @ Green Wedding Shoes for providing as always, the cutting edge inspiration that I adore!


A great modern twist on the iconic and sweet daisy bouquet! Mini daisy flowers with a center of billy balls goodness!



Featured On: OnceWed!


I love nothing more than great surprises! And when I see a wedding of ours pop up on a killer inspirational blog like OnceWed, I get a little taken aback. And then I start jumping for joy. And it goes on from there, getting terribly terribly worse and typically ends abruptly with me hurting myself somehow in my celebratory dance. Coordination of events, I’m great. Physically coordinated… nope.


The truly beyond-words fabulous wedding of Josh and Leah graced the OnceWed blog earlier this week. And I’m swooning for it! Photographer [and 1/2 of the sweetest couple ever, it seems] Brandon Kidd truly outdid himself with their stunning, inspirational and evocative images. I was so thankful to be a part of Leah and Josh’s wedding [especially and specifically because I got to assist a wedding for the first time since I started my company, as it was really a client of Alicia’s!], and being there in person makes this even more exciting and special for me!

Pop on over, leave some comments- talk about how killer her bridesmaid’s dresses are [because, you know, everyone else already is!].

Find your style. Define your style. Put it into words- take it, and RUN!



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