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Like, seriously you guys…. I am in love with Nick Bowser and Craft House Productions. If I haven’t personally tried to convince you to spend a bit on a wedding video yet… here’s a little attempt for you, below:

SoCal Photog Shootout 2010 from CraftHouse Productions on Vimeo.

Nick came out to take footage of the ShootOut and his compilation of the day is so perfect in essence. Talk about an art form! I’m so thankful that he was there to catch- in video format- the emotion and feeling of the day, as well as all the design details we worked to put together! It makes me feel so much more validated for my hard work [and heart] that went into the event!

Thanks NICK! You are amazing. Hope you all can spare 4 minutes to watch the awesome sauce above.

Wiggles and giggles to y’all on this warm Wednesday!



In the past few months, we’d had a facelift. It’s been plain to see- and it’s also been a slow, thought-through, calculated process. I’ve gone through a refined our logo, scaled back on our weddings gallery, gave a real focus to our table designs, and put our personality out there through our new bios, pictures, blog style, and more. We’ve made a lot of changes that can only mean good things for both the team at In The Now as well as each client we take on- each calculated, perfect-fit of a client.

So, with our new website and new vision for the future of In The Now, also came a new set of responsibilities as well as new ways to present our services and packages.

Currently, I’ve committed to taking no more than 2 weddings a month, personally. I feel that my time is best spent in undivided attention to the clients who have booked and claimed that time appropriately. Also, my non-wedding time is much deserved by my adoring husband, as we look for balance and sanity in the years to come. Having spent so much time pouring into my company with blood, sweat and tears over the past years has truly had it’s advantages- I’ve gained tons of experience, trained up a stellar team of people who work along side of me and who I can confidently send out to weddings representing the brand we’ve established and the name we have, and it’s also given me the luxury to choose my weddings wisely. Meaning- at this point in time- every single wedding that I take personally has design services attached to the package. My minimum service level is a package that I’ve coined the “essentials” package. It’s basically an all-encompassing package to ensure the needs are fully met on the day of the wedding, plus design services and a bit of pre-planning. It’s perfect for someone looking for a partner in crime to help them plan their day.

That being said, I realize that there are people who are still in a greater, urgent need of just the basics. Although I don’t personally honor this package myself, I thought I’d fill you in on what I like to consider the “emergency” package. It came out of the need for someone to have a “day of” coordinator, and the passion that we have for the industry. Here’s what’s included:

Organizational Services Provided:

• Available via phone and e-mail at any time, to answer any questions or meet any requests you might have from 3 months prior to your wedding date up until the day of the event.

• Two face-to-face meetings with your coordinator geared towards planning/efficiency of wedding execution [typically used for a site walk thru and a timeline meeting].

• Storage of wedding-related items prior to wedding day including but not limited to candles, custom pieces, vases or other floral container, programs or other paper items for up to ONE WEEK [seven days] prior to wedding day. This may also include storage of items after the wedding, which are expected to be picked up within ONE WEEK post-event.

• Customized professional itinerary made for set-up [at site] and distributed to each vendor either at final consultation meeting or via email the week prior to event.

• Customized checklist [for In The Now use] detailing out items to be set up or supervised on the day of the event. This checklist will be created by ITN and approved by client for accuracy in the final weeks prior to event.

• Referral of any last-minute vendor needs via email/phone.

Basic Services Provided:

• Provide an adequate number of assistants [whom client shall meet in advance] for the execution and set-up of the wedding and reception to ensure that In The Now is equipped to meet the needs of the client in every way. No less than two coordinators are assigned to each event [one lead, one assistant] and up to four coordinators may be provided for crowds of 250+ wedding guests. Assistants are assigned to events uniquely based on event circumstances [not only number of guests, but distance between ceremony/reception venues as well as venue restrictions or circumstances themselves].

• Greet vendors and oversee the proper set-up of ceremony and reception, ensuring that your requests have been fulfilled to the fullest extent.

• Coordinate and run the wedding rehearsal including direction of friends, family and wedding party to ensure all people involved understand their roles [as prior arranged with the clients and officiant].

• Full-service coordination of your wedding day or event and reception with no hour limit on In The Now services.

• Wedding day director for all family, vendors, and wedding party to look to for direction.

• Accurately ensure all seating plans and arrangements are executed properly [favors, place cards, table numbers, etc].

• Cue ceremony [including lining up and coordinating the wedding party, seating of parents, ushering, etc], cocktail hour, reception and all other large events, coordinating with church, DJ or live music hired for the events.

• Distribute final payments and gratuities as needed to vendors and other service providers on the event date.

• Keep all activities scheduled per time line [including set-up, ceremony, and reception as best as possible].

• Box-up and deliver all personal items [toasting glasses, gifts, extra cake, serving set, veil, makeup, etc] to their respected places [i.e. hotel room, car, mother’s car, etc].

• All services include the quality and integrity that In The Now is known for. All of your needs will be met on the Day-Of your wedding. No request is too minimal to address and the ITN team is committed to the stress-free success of each event we are a part of.

Click here to print Emergency Package Details

A few things that I’m committed to providing for any In The Now client are to ensure that each event is fully staffed [meaning we provide as many team members as we think are required to properly get the job done], and that no client feel “nickel and dimed” by hours on the job. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that you can never have too many helping hands [and it’s why my team is so big and why we’re continually working with interns], and that some weddings are just longer than others. Some of our days are 14 hours, some are 8 hours. The situations vary and I feel strongly that each event deserves to be executed to the fullest extent. So does my team. That’s why they’re a part of In The Now. This package is meant to truly be that huge sigh of relief at the end of one’s engagement- that’s why it’s only booked last minute [up to 3 months prior to the wedding date]. But, the cruciality of the package remains. That’s why this is the same level of service that each In The Now client receives on the day of their wedding- no changes. It’s because we always want In The Now to reflect integrity, quality, and love of the event above all else. We can’t cut back from something that we already know is going to be a very important part of our clients stress-free, love-filled, gorgeously perfect wedding experience.

It’s what makes me tick.

If you’re on the fence about finding someone to work solely on your behalf on the wedding day- do it! It’s one thing that I’ve yet to hear someone regret. The emergency package sits at $1150 and just may be the right fit for your pending spring/summer wedding!

Plan well, my dear readers… but more than that, plan smart!



Now I can’t take credit for these, because this was Alicia’s client, from beginning to end! This sweet, totally wonderfully perfect Valentine’s Day wedding is 100% heart and 100% cute!

This dessert display is sooo channeling Amy Atlas! I’m in LOVE with the simple color combo and the Valentine feel to it. By the way, did you know that Krispy Kreme sells these little delicious heart-shaped donuts on Valentine’s Day only?? Brittany picked them up from the store on the way down to the wedding and they were definitely worth the extra trip [as the closest KK to Pala Mesa Resort is actually in Mission Viejo!!].

And one more precious detail:

Alicia came up with the idea to glue these little colored envelopes into the guest book, perfectly sized for each guest to sign their own Valentine to the bride and groom! So Martha of her!

You know, that’s how we roll here at In The Now! Details are a big deal. Details are the real deal. And we love them to pieces!

Thanks to Adrienne Gunde for making this look like a million bucks! We looove the pictures!! Can’t wait to share more with y’all!



Okay now- as MOST of you may know, I do coin myself and my style the ever-fabulous, never-outdated Geek Chic. I love it more than most things! So when I see a stunning tie, blazer, gingham or check… I just have a need to squeal like a school girl. Even if only for a very brief moment… the squealing happens.

You can imagine the high-pitched sound that came out when browsing Green Wedding Shoes and finding THIS little gem:

Oh, thank you Ali Beamish for the gorgeous composure of the photo. Oh, THANK YOU, young Beth + Scott for your love, fashion, music sense, and style!

The ties are from none other than American Apparel. How I loooove the AA. They totally understand the importance of each man [or woman] owning the “staple oxford shirt”. Pretty much anything classically meant for the workplace- or, uh, Catholic school- I’m totally into!

So for today, my readers, I am sending you out into the world… feeling preppy, geeky, and fabulous! Hope the weekend follows suit!



In the words of Sally Field… “You like me! You really like me!!”- wowza, y’all! We couldn’t be more thrilled at the action this little tabletop has been getting. It’s always so terribly overwhelming when you’re appreciated for something you feel confident in. Rachel and I both truly loved putting this table together from start to finish- detail after laborious detail. But the result was just sheer perfection, and for that, we’re elated!

So when we saw that Elizabeth Anne Designs featured the images from our shoot, I about jumped out of my skin! YAY for it all! YAY! If you missed all the images that we posted, here’s a chance to click around, visit the EAD site, and leave pretty pretty comments about our out-of-the-box industrial work!



Howdy y’all!! Well- it’s that time of year again! The time where the gals from In The Now Weddings gear up for the season ahead and in order to do so, we’re looking for a fresh pair of helping hands to add to our team.

Mainly, what I’m looking for at this point is someone available two days a week to work in-office, during business hours [about 11am to 7pm, flexibly, but standard per-week]. This is an unpaid internship so please, volunteer knowingly and carefully! Time commitment will be about 10 hours per week plus any field work you’d like [attending meetings, working events, etc].

If you’re interested in spending the next 6 months of your life with us, please send over your own Random Rundown [i.e. 10 randomly unique facts about YOU, YOU, YOU] straight over to me for consideration! The deadline for applications is this Saturday, 3/27/10 with a start date on or near 4/1/10 for the internship!

**This post will remain at the top of the page ’til Saturday!**

We hope to hear from you soon!!



My Engage-a-versay.


[photo taken around 9pm on 3/21/03, the night we got engaged! These were eventually featured on our save the date cards]

I can’t believe I’m even going to say this, but… seven years ago today, the wonderfully talented [and humble and sweet and loving and generous…. and more] Josh Auer asked me to be his wife.

He took me to Huntington Beach, where we parked out on a large stretch of empty sand just the two of us, his guitar and a blanket. He played me a song he wrote for me- the first song he’d ever written. Ever. For the wife of a now-full-time songwriter, it’s pretty unbelievable! Then he got down on his knee, and proposed. At 21 years old, I didn’t have a doubt in the world. And I never have!

Five months later we tied the knot in a wonderful whirlwind full of love [and, admittedly, chaos]. I’m so thankful that he “knew” enough to ask me to be his wife. I’m thankful for our story, and for who we’ve become together. Not everyone can survive being married and still having to grow up together- as man and wife. But we can, we did, we are, we have, and we’re going to!

Here’s one of our engagement photos, taken by a college friend of mine [now a high school photography teacher], Jette Via:

And just for fun, one from our first married Christmas [just a few months later]:

Never forget to celebrate the little things- and never forget the importance of your story! Becoming an “us” is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in my life! And I’m in love with each day that I get to wake up as a wife of the man I love. Truly an honor!!



Holy Moly. The entire Parisian Market Collection at Horchow is beyond amazing. If I could stomach the cost for ALL of these products, I’d snap them up in a hot second. But for now, I’ll just drool over these few:

Picture 2

Picture 4

Picture 3

Picture 6

Picture 5

Now, I know my aesthetic is clean, modern, simple design with a purpose but heck if I couldn’t work some of these pieces into one lovely vignette addition to an event!! I want to cuddle them. To spoon with them, even. A big, conga-line of spooning furniture and me in betwixt the pieces. le sigh.

Find some time to inspire yourself today!



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