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ANOTHER teaser for you. And this one is a real hoot!! Talk about a great week [and instant gratification, by the way]- this lovely dessert bar was from this past weekend’s wedding! Special [special special special] thanks to Nicole Hill Gerulat for the blog post chock full of pictures!! Even more thanks to the impeccable Melody at the Sweet and Saucy Shop for her gorgeous goodies to make this display a smashing success [hellooo, alliteration!]. Did I mention that this entire reception was desserts? No meal, here. I’m a huge fan of this idea and have always pitched it to clients on a budget, and I’m so glad that I finally got to do one!

And the infamous TISSUE POM POMS that [if you follow me on twitter, you heard me moan about a couple of days last week] my team and I made in the wee hours of the morning!!

Visit Nicole’s post for more images and leave her pretty pretty comments about her pretty pretty pictures! I cannot wait for y’all to see the ridiculously perfect vintage furniture that Jeni from FOUND supplied. You will flip. Like for serious.

Until then, hang on and enjoy the ride!!



I know it’s been a few days since I’ve bombarded you with awesomeness via blog [and if you REALLY miss me, remember you can always follow me on twitter, which I love]. But when you see all of the amazing stuff we’ve been working on over here, to show itself in the next month or so… it’ll all make sense.

Until then, this will have to do [and do so, so well I might add]:

Candice and Geoff’s wedding pictures got a bit of blog action from their fabu photog Shannen Natasha. I am so so SO thrilled. I mean, can my girl look any more gorgeous?? Their ceremony was deeply personal [and of course, keeping it short and sweet] and so emotional. As a friend or family member, there wasn’t a dry, unmoved eye in the area. That’s when you just know it’s right!

And here’s a big old jumbled collage of fun, sherbet-inspired details:

Loooooved being able to craft away on the flowers for C+G’s wedding [along with Candice and her girlfriends]. The day was magically perfect with not a snafu in sight. These pictures are such a wonderfully gentle reminder. One more of the dashing groom and his delicious bride:

Happy Monday everyone! Hope this finds you well, refreshed, and rearin’ for the week! Find something inspirational today and make it fantastically yours with a twist!



Yay yay yay for Jen and Paul! Their wedding is being featured this week as Project Wedding’s Real Wedding of the Week! I’ll be honest in saying… it was one of my favorite, too!!

Combine a seriously gorgeous high-end venue with a totally beautiful, fun loving couple and some wonderfully perfect details… and you’ve got it! Thanks to the ever-fabulous Caroline Tran for the amazing pictures [and being able to capture it all so vividly!]. I love them all!!

Head on over and take a look at the amazingness!! And for a refresher course from our end… check out some of Jen and Paul’s details here and here!!

Have a productive Monday- I know I am!



Well… almost.

I’ll be honest- although the industry right now seems to be flooded with designers who are inspired with the recent remake of Alice and Wonderland [this re-creating their versions of Alice’s Tea Party], the table that Grey Likes Weddings featured last week stopped my heart. In fact, ONE in particular detail left me swooning, big time…

The cake!! The mini three-tiered hedge of a cake with half painted red roses. You guys… I love it. I love the fondant work. I love the creativity. I love the attention to detail. I cannot get enough. The cake was crafted by the genius behind I Believe It’s Cake and for the past week [since I saw it] I’ve been trying desperately to find an excuse just to hang out in Laurie’s presence so I can hug her in person. You can visit the photoshoot feature and see many more pictures of the inspired design… but really, here’s what you’ll be looking for [and at!!]:

And yes- that little crown is the topper. But really, it’s the roses that send me over. And the fondant leaves. I’m not sure how aware you are but I’m obsessed with ANYthing shaped like a hedge!

I’m off to work a fabulous wedding with a wonderful couple at a top notch venue. What a way to start my weekend! Hoping this Friday finds you well, lovelies!



Hello ya’ll! I am SO excited to show you these invitations!¬†Amanda approached me a while back with a wonderful idea for a country chic bride looking for a whimsical yet rustic western looking invitation suite. You better believe I was 100% in.

With all the inspiration of rustic and western vibes, my mind went straight to wood backing.

How more rustic could you get? With the perfect feminine color palate [all shades of purple, navy and mint green accented with cream and fruitwood tones], the wood backing ads just enough rustic to make it work!

Believe it or not, the first one I whipped up is what we went with! We then used the same design ideas for the RSVP postcard and information card on a nice ivory base.

We used a heavy-weight, deliciously textured ivory stock for the paper goods and ivory vellum for the main invite. The shape was custom cut for us [a must with this design and really what sent us over the edge in love with it]. We then tied it all together with a lace ribbon inside of a precious box! The lace was the perfect pop against the wood and paper products- and we went with a modern, more “geometric” lace to compliment the feminine colors. I would LOVE to get one of these in the mail!

What I loved most about this project were the quirky colors paired with the rustic country chic look Lesa was looking for.  It just worked, and turned out so great, if I do say so myself!

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about it as much as I did making it! And just in case you weren’t excited enough after these for Lesa and Eric’s wedding photos… the super cute background fabric is actually what we’re custom making their napkins from for the event! Yippee!



Y’all ready yet or WHAT?? I know I am. While I’m scurrying around, trying my darndest to pull together some absolutely killer modern details for this April tabletop, I’ve got a smile on my face and a spring in my step! I am LOVING this California spring-time weather, the pre-wedding-season bustle, and the joy that is encompassing everything and everyone in my life!

I know that after I show you this, you will not be able to STAND it another second- but you’ll have to! I need just a few more days to really whip up something special, so hang in there! I promise to try my hardest not to disappoint. Think fun, fresh, funky, modern… April!

Hopefully this April is blessing you from the inside out!



OH my goodness. I’ll be honest- it was love at first sight for me and this bad boy!

I absolutely ADORE these romantically textured blossoms that grace little feathery poufs with a grey ribbon collar. If I got married again… this would be a serious contender! Thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for the inspiration [and the rest of that shoot is pretty fantastic so you should probably spend a solid 20 taking a look…], and to Aly at The Vine’s Leaf for the florals. She may be my brand new fave and I cannot, CANNOT, wait to work with her in the coming months!!

Lovely Friday to you all, my lovelies! What’s your favorite style of wedding posies? Loose, organic and wild? Tight, sleek, and slender? A bit in between? Focus on finding the you in this crazy wedding world, and when you find it- don’t let it go!



FINALLY. Like, FUH-inally! The cat’s outta the bag. The past week or so has been a whirlwind since the lovely Amy Squires wrote me regarding the outcome of their Style Lab Design Contest. I am bursting with ideas and so overjoyed about the look and feel I’m set out to create. In case you don’t remember our delicious color palette, here’s our FULL, ridiculously all-inclusive [about 50 images] styleboard that we initially created to suit our “vision” of this workshop:

It’s going to be truly beyond epic and I can hardly wait until all the details come together! More on that as we sift through the goodies! Thanks SO much to all our adoring friends, family and fans- we couldn’t have done it without you!



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