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I looooove the blog Style Me Pretty. I mean, come on, who doesn’t? Honestly!

So when our fabulous shoot photographer Jasmine Star told me she’d sent the photos from our cute-tastic Vintage Parisian Chanel Inspired Photo Shoot their way, I was in full-swoon for it! We got accepted, placed, and raved about so quickly it felt like a true whirlwind experience. I adored being a part of the shoot [and the head designer after the initial concept was presented to me] and these photos just remind me of such a fun, lovely experience. More on the shoot later, but for now… go leave love HERE and enjoy some great photos!

Big props to Jaclyne our amazing florist and of course my design partner-in-crime, Rachelkins!! Everyone deserves a sanity-keeper… am I right? Glad that I have mine!



There is something so ridiculously lovely about this photo from Feather Love Photography that I found courtesy of Jen at Green Wedding Shoes. Those smiles are SO real! The lighting. The wrap. The bouquet! Ugh!! I couldn’t love it more!

Have a whimsy-filled weekend, dears!





Just a couple of little placements that I’ve found [or been told about- thanks Carrie!!] lately…

The Party Dress recently used images from our adorable Orange and Yellow Summer Tabletop in an inspiration board:

The Wed Bug featured Alicia’s gorgeous Valentine’s Day Wedding shot by Adrienne Gunde:

The Wedding Yentas also featured a wedding of Alicia’s from last season… Emilie and Ross!

And lastly, the blog Marry You Me gave us a sweet little hollar on the Stylelab Workshop Wedding Chicks featured last week!




Gorgeous is ALL I can say! Now, I am SO all about the details, so this kills me! Thanks to the ever-fab Style Me Pretty for their unique inspiration to reality series inspired by Mint Chip Ice Cream!

Happy Friday- summer is almost here, which means we have an excuse to eat ice cream all the time!



Meet Kristen!


I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner… this my dearies, is the newest member of The Family! Meet Kristen, y’all! She’s sweet, up beat, on the ball, gets things done, and definitely has a “no task too small” attitude [thank you Lord because I sure as heck needed it]! Now I realize that she may kill me for posting these “behind the scenes” candid portraits but I just could NOT resist giving everyone a small taste of what it’s like in the NOW Studios!

She’s the one keeping me in line, on track, helping with studio organization and cleanliness, and emailing from our beloved address for the time being! I couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s the best office intern a team like ours could ask for! Talk about diving right in! We had to really give her a trial by fire welcome as we were in the midst of an insanely busy month… but she stepped right up to the plate!

Aaaaaad just in case you’re wondering- yes, those are hand made coffee sleeves wrapped around those cute lil biceps. Here’s a pic of them making their royal debut at the Stylelab last week!

[Thanks, Diana Elizabeth for the great pic of the sleeves!!]

Kristen, SO glad to have you as a part of the team! You’re the perfect fit. Can’t wait to watch you grow with us!



Now technically these two are now NEWLY-WEDS [but I’m also technically writing this up before their wedding on Saturday May 15th]- but I cannot stand not sharing these with you all, since the lovely Amelia Lyon knocked these right outta the park!!

I adore Therese and Jim and planning with them over the past year or so has been a total DREAM. Therese was so fun to pass ideas with back and forth- and their yellow and navy garden-style wedding will not disappoint when the pictures roll in, I guarantee!!

Guess where they’re tying the knot??? The one and only Shutters on the beach, in Santa Monica!

Yep- Therese is super gorgeous. Just imagine her dressed up like a real bride! I remember vividly meeting with Therese for the first time- and she said she had one request for her wedding… to look like a BRIDE! One day to really look killer, and you know she did!

My personal favorite:

And Amelia’s fave:

These two lovebirds are just the CUTEST, aren’t they?!



Well some of you may remember that I won a stellar contest a little over a month ago with our gorgeous inspiration board depicting what we thought to be an elegantly nautical, East Coast style soiree. Well, those plans came to fruition last week and now, the images have been featured on the ever-fabulous, highly-read-worthy blog of the Wedding Chicks!

I could NOT be more thrilled with the way the ideas were captured by fave photog Chenin Boutwell. She turns everything she snaps right into gold- so I’ve been giddy since moment one about this!

The stylish workshop was broken up into a couple of posts- so be sure to visit ALL of them and leave love for your fave event stylists over there!!

Wedding Chicks Part 1

Wedding Chicks Part 2

Definitely there are MORE images, descriptions and fun to come regarding this workshop so stay tuned for more! Thanks so much Amy, Jocey, and Chenin for allowing me to turn a portion of a San Clemente Golf Course into a dreamy, Nantucket wonderland!!



THIS is why I love my clients. Magnetic chemistry combined with soft hearts and commitment to one another. So excited to see the rest of the pictures from Robert Mullins [mainly the detail shots because there are bound to be SO. FREAKING. MANY. And they’re perfection]! For now, just a few of the beautiful couples that waltz into my Starbuckses…

Stacey and John were married at an In The Now FAVE venue- Rancho Las Lomas!

The gorgeous bride…

[I mean how is that NOT the money shot for every photographer??] But I must admit- something about this picture is so enchanting and shows exactly how Stacey felt, acted and appeared on her wedding day… calm, collected, so full of true joy!

My FAVE, below, and a shot at Rancho I’ve actually never seen before!

More to come from this wedding in the future- I promise! Hope you’re all soaking in the beauty of the spring air. Wedding season is in FULL swing, lovelies, and I’m adoring every busy minute of it!



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