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How much are you loving all of these little videos I’ve been posting lately?? I know that I absolutely ADORE seeing my clients in live-action, and it’s always such an emotional connection for me to remember the details of their wedding after the fact. Therese and Jim are no different. I got to work with Therese so closely over the year or so prior to their wedding, and I have nothing but glowing memories of perfection from their wedding day. Seeing what Daniel Boswell of Imagique put together for them, as a same-day edit video, brings me back so vividly to their nuptials from their Santa Monica wedding. Plus, well, the bride’s a knock-out! Just look at that gorgeous, lioness mane of hair! So jealous!! Enjoy the video and hang on tight for images from Amelia Lyon in the future!!

Let your love grow today!



Hello my dear lovely readers. Are you ready for what I’m about to tell you or WHAT?? Well, prep yourself…. we’re having a designer swap meet!! Whatever, you may ask, do I mean by that? I mean that In The Now [in conjunction with a handful of other painfully fabulous So Cal event designers] is selling off gently used goods swap-meet style to be snapped up by brides and friends alike, for their own weddings. It’s just such a brilliant idea… I can’t even handle it! The event will take place at the NOW studios [see flyer for address] and we are just thrilled with the participants involved!

Designers On-Board So Far:
1. In The Now
2. Events of Love and Splendor
3. Joyful Weddings
4. Jesi Haack
5. Simply Modern Weddings
6. The Treasured Petal
7. JL Designs

*And if you’re a designer who thinks you have a great “hand made” or “hand-me-down” that could be of use to the next generation of brides, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for a booth space [space is quite limited at this point, as we want this fun and intimate and exclusive].

Please sign up for a ticket so that we know you’re coming! Would love to see lots of bright, smiling and familiar faces there [so past clients, bring new engaged or yet-to-be engaged friends!]. This could work well for anyone getting married, buying a new home, or just looking for some savvy buys to infuse some style into everyday life! We want *you* to have the trends you’ve seen on blogs, magazines… everywhere- come right to ya!



YAY! Candice’s fabu-photog Shannen Natasha, [without my knowledge] sent her uber stylish wedding over to Summer at Grey Likes Weddings and they loved it enough to feature lots and lots of pretties!! I cannot tell you how much I adore little surprises such as this!

Rush on over to Grey Likes Weddings to see the post they put together! I love every moment of it. Candice and Geoff were truly a dream to work with! Aside from knowing them both personally [such a perk], they trusted me 100% with the details of their day and we churned out a magical wedding for their guests- and an idyllic day for them! Yay team In The Now!!



This, my dears, is a MONSTER of a post… so I’m giving you 4 minutes to grab a cup of coffee or cocoa and cozy up. Ready? Go!

Ahh. That’s better, right? Now since you’re nuzzled in, let’s get it going! The idea was presented to us by Amanda @ Ruffled Blog, to style a shoot for her that was anything we wanted, with a vintage twist. Since my personal aesthetic is to push the box and add a modern twist to everything I design… I knew it had to be special. Enter Retro Vintage Outdoor Cafe. Serving souls all night long. The concept easily flowed from my mind to my fingers in a frenzy-typed email out to photographer Adrienne Gunde and from there, the details just fell perfectly into place. I’ll splice our ridiculous amount of pictures with the write-up that I sent over to Ruffled, just so you kinda know what’s going on. I hope your heart feels full and warmed [via pictures and coffee/cocoa] when browsing the images below. I know mine does. Truly, there is nothing better than love.

Okay so everyone lately has been focusing on bringing the indoors to the outdoors, and I love that about photography right now. I knew that if I wanted to do something like this for a shoot, I really wanted to challenge myself and take it a step further.

I immediately concepted the idea of building a cafe out in the wilderness. We found the perfect clearing with trees flanking the area and my ideas were set into motion.

As for the shoot itself, I imagined a couple deeply in love, newly-weded, who got distracted with the idea of a cup of coffee and some dessert on the walk home from their wedding. After the grand send off, after the dancing and drinks, after the party…. THIS is where the end up. At a quaint cafe, open late, laughing and loving the night away until dawn strikes and they mosey on towards home.

I love the idea of these two lovebirds reveling in the memories of their wedding day. Their feet ache, her head hurts from being pinned up, they’re exhausted… but they’re elated. Full of joy. Full of newness, hope, and love. Full of lemon crumble cake!

[sun slowly rising on them…. DYING!!]

The idea is that these two order a slice of cake, a tea, and a coffee, and chat the night away until the cafe closes and as they walk down a quiet side road in the breaking dawn… they give a whole new meaning to the term “walk of shame”. I adore the idea of a wedding “walk of shame”- like you spent the WHOLE night out and you’re walking down the road now barefoot, shoes in hand, veil off and hair let loose, ready to head to sleep finally.

I created a “wedding style” for our models- magenta, purple tones, gold and browns accented by the groom’s grey suit. Then I created our “cafe style” to be complimentary, simple and stand out on it’s own in buttery yellows, blue hues and warm ivory/wood tones. The light posts we brought in set the perfect stage and feel for our “open late” cafe scene.

The whole idea was this humble cafe that sets up their services in the middle of a clearing- just because they can. It’s their “thing”, and they’ve been doing it for years. Quite feasible that a young, in love couple would see it walking by and stop in for a couple of warm drinks on their way home and then splurge on a piece of cake. Of course, the sitting time creeps longer and longer once you realize how bad your feet ache and how tired you are- the night of the wedding is a perfect excuse to just take your time.

Phew! Don’t you just love that last photo? I think that’s how all newly-weds feel on their way home from their wedding! Glad to see you stuck it out through this whole post! But, hey- imagine having to pick which images to share?? It was a tough job that I took on, all for the love of you my readers!

One last run-down again of the vendors in an easy-to-find paragraph for you:

Adrienne Gunde Photography for the genius photos
Carlie B Hair and Makeup for our “danced-all-night” bride look
Found Vintage Rentals for everything cool you see pictured, essentially ;)
Classic Party Rentals for the rest [lamp posts, chairs and such]
In The Now Weddings + Event Styling behind concept, flowers, design…
Ruffled Blog for the opportunity, the feature, and the prompt!
The Vintage Bride for the gorgeous wedding gown
Posh Paperie for the ever-important paper and branding details
Nick and Yanessa Bowser for making everything look GOOD with the use of their physical persons [God-given, don’t let it go to your heads! ;)]

Have a newly-wed moment today… whether you’re a nearly, a newly, or a seasoned pro at marriage… soak in the moments that make you flutter and flit all at once!



So I know that I continually state how much of an event design firm In The Now is- and we truly love what we do whole-heartedly, but I figure the easiest way to prove it is to really SHOW you! We’re best when allowed to collaborate, create, dream, get outside the box, and tie up loose ends. And that’s exactly what this wedding season’s focus is for us! For Melissa and Fonz, we wanted to create delicate, personal details that would combine for these “love birds” their passion for music, their vintage/historic site [Union Station’s Fred Harvey Room], the style of their invitation suite combined with their playful save-the-dates, and of course… pop in some modern for love of all things In The Now! We truly adore the details we got to put together for this weekend, and seeing them come to life has been better than we had imagined!

Their colors? Classic gold and ivory, paired with the richest shade of fuchsia-based purple!

The lovely Kristen, intern extraordinaire [and total graphical diva], was on-hand to create whimsy and personality combining the look of their invites, from Foglio Press on Etsy [in a purple and grey scheme]:

And their Save-The-Date cards:

And here is a couple items from their graphic suite that Kristen created – the graphic element is JUST the beginning. I cannot wait to reveal details from their actual wedding, but alas, pro pics are always worth the wait!!

A perfect combination for the love birds! Fun and fantastic all rolled into one!

What details, you might ask, are we creating? Everything from welcome baskets for their out of town guests [complete with custom monogrammed munchies], wedding programs, table numbers, signature drink accessories [flags and signs], menu cards, escort cards [the cutest you’ve ever seen- I’ll betcha!], and more, more MORE! We are totally thrilled with the deets for their day!

Until next time my dears!



This picture makes me feel crazy…. crazy good!

Life imitates art. Which imitates life. Doesn’t this just feel like a surprise party in the making? Or a birthday debacle? Whatever it is, I love it quite a bit! Thanks ffffound for the lovely Friday you’ve just given me!

Treat yourself to a balloon today, and let it fly in the sky after a few hours of fun! Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.



Some of my long-term readers may remember the fabulousness that IS Laura and Mark, and the stylish wedding that they threw for 120 of their nearest and dearest last October. If you don’t, take a moment to click on the link above and spend some time with them. Their wedding was a dream combination of sweetness, true love, style, and details! My favorite kind. So when Christine from Wedding Spun Wedding Films emailed me, seemingly out of the blue, with their video… I about squealed with sheer delight! Their film is tender. Delicate. Passionate. Everything you look for in moments-captured-on-film. I just had to share it with you! Please enjoy the below, courtesy of the team at Well Spun.

Wedding FIlm from Well Spun Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Have a deliciously delightful day, my readers! Here’s to making memories of your own.



Yay! The lovely team over at B Magazine caught a glimpse of our cafe photo shoot [that Ruffled featured] and fell in love! Enough to blog it on their own vintagely awesome site! So thrilled!! I know we still owe you more pictures and descriptions, but scurry right over here to see their words on the shoot. Big smiles on this end of the desk- hope there’s smiles on YOUR end, too!!

Live it. Feel it. Breath it. Love it.



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