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Hard At Work.


Just because recently I was a bridesmaid in a wedding doesn’t mean that the rest of the team working the event didn’t have some fun, too. Some recent Smilebooth pictures prove it, thanks to The Image Is Found!

I’m always so thankful when the team and I take a moment to pop into a photo booth at a wedding. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen. We’ll forget and get too busy and then before we know it, it’s packed down with the rest of the vendors for the evening. But documenting these feelings, these moments, these dates and times in our lives is just as important to me from a team aspect as it is from a personal/emotional aspect. I am in debt a huge amount to the fabulous team of people surrounding this company. We make up a force to be reckoned with and I know in my heart this is only the beginning. And I’m glad I’ve got that on film [err, screen] to remember forever.


So I kinda lied. And I’ll say it… I’m sorry. But, I did- I lied.

I told Kristin that I wasn’t going to blog any images from her wedding. And that’s because we took it on, last minute, as a friendly favor to our friendly friend. But you know what… Kristin and Dustin are in LOVE. And they’re CUTE. And they’re totally blog-worthy. So, I’m blogging.

The adorable Kacee Geoffroy was on hand for hair and makeup. Kristin looked like an idyllic bride- seriously, a perfectly summer-toned August blushing bride! Of course, Kristin, being who she is, insisted on a first look moment for her and Dusty. San Clemente makes a pretty good backdrop, too!

FAV-O-RITE! Stop it, Bethany Belle, just STOP it! [Okay don’t, seriously don’t]:

Deets from inside the Ole Hanson Beach Club [helloooooo bunting with pictures- be still my heart!!]:

Totally adorable- am I right? Totally blog worthily inspirational, right?? I’m glad I got to be a part of this wedding, especially seeing Kristin and Dustin exiting so happily to a crowd of friends and family twirling glow sticks with shouts of excitement. Nothing beats moments like that in life!!

Thanks again to the fabulous vendors:

Beautification provided by: Kacee Geoffroy
Permanent Remembrance by: Bethany Belle Photography
Yummy Deliciousness from: Taco Dude
Beachy Backdrops at: Ole Hanson Beach Club
Killer Coordination with your fave gals at: In The Now Weddings
Coordinator’s Support by: Veils and Fairytales

Now y’all give a big HOLLA to the team that you’re putting together. Remember your day won’t be the same without their genius- creative or logical in nature. I’m always thankful for a solid team of vendors that respect one another and treat each other accordingly. A big HOLLA to my vendor friends!


Friday Lovely: Wired.


I love these chairs from FOUND Vintage Rentals for a few reasons.

1. They look French. I took French in High school for 4 years and, although now I can recognize a few words and think frenchy thoughts from time to time, I really love the culture.

2. Because they look French, they remind me of my sister. My sister lived in France briefly after college and is the epitome, to me, of a French woman who feels she’s worth a man working at her to get her attention. I love and admire this about her.

Thus, I love and admire these chairs. Plus, they are just an exceptionally great addition to any event. Like most of FOUND’s pieces, it’s easy to fall in love with these. Right now I’m dreaming up an excuse to hang out with them for a few hours. Not the people… the chairs. Because that’s how I spend my time. Trying desperately to hang out with inanimate objects. Like a crazy person [who talks to herself… in all the best ways- because my conversations, with myself, are riveting].

Great right?? I have such an eye for savvy style. :)

Off to go toot my own horn some more around LA! Compliment yourself- and you siggy other- at least once today. You deserve it. They deserve it. And let it sink it gal darnit!!


I love videos. Like, really a lot. If you’ve been in a meeting with me and insist you aren’t interested in a videographer… you find this out quickly when you site my reaction to that statement. I’m not snobby about it, because I’m always seeking my clients’ best interest… but I am adamant. Only if I feel that my clients themselves may be ignoring their best interest. Because the truth it, the #1 thing you regret if you’re on the fence about it… is the video. And you can’t get that day back. Those looks. Those moments. Those words and that certain crack-in-the-voice from the one you love. It’s special and magical and made to be documented.

Here’s a quick snippit from Nick at Crafthouse Productions of just a quick styled shoot we threw together for Wedding Chicks. And even this is convincing me to pull out my own wedding video and watch it again [don’t hate- it’s a VHS]!! Hope it does for you, too!

Pearl Shoot from Crafthouse Productions on Vimeo.


This is just a nice little lick from the ice cream cone that is the upcoming mega-post of details from my dear friend Angi’s wedding [which occured last weekend. And yes, I played planner/designer/bridesmaid/fabulosa. Don’t doubt!].

If you’ve met me, you know I love a good solid monogram. The theme for Angi and Ryan’s September nuptials quickly became hearts, and love. Because really, it’s all we’ve got- it’s all we need- it’s all we are. So when designing the paper products for her wedding, I whipped up this amazing heart-gridded background and playful font combo, tying the bow-on-top with the phrase “with love.” onto everything. And yes, this is a monogrammed flag. Which was flying 25′ above the gazebo where they tied the knot… flying high, in the name of love [and Angi and Ryan].

I cannot wait to share more [professional] images from this intimate, utterly FUNderful wedding- but until then, soak in the idea of making everything feel quaint and personal simply by being you, sharing your story, and going big [or, ya know, going home]. This flag didn’t break the bank and certainly gained enough gasps to be worth every cent.

Just something we do here at In The Now. And that makes me have “I-don’t-care-about-sitting-in-Friday-traffic” happy dances randomly in Starbucks [whilst enjoying their free wifi]. Handle yourself today with love.


I mentioned this briefly in a recent Friday Lovely, but not too long ago I had the distinct honor of styling a shoot to show off the Wedding Chicks awesome line of bridal inspired pieces. I totally adore working with Amy [1/2 of the chicks] any chance I get because she believes in me, is encouraging and sweet, and provides us with killer lunch, always! Here’s just a little slice of the pie from the shoot:

The main focus was to capture a true lifestyle feel to the images- and because we had a rockin’ backdrop like The Pearl Hotel, it was easy to bring that effortless retro feel in. I love me some mid-century!!

Our models were so super awesome and put up with my ridiculous ideas [like eating candy buttons, pretending to be post-wedding-rehearsal [bow-quet and all], and “writing your vows in the hotel bar the morning of your wedding”…. you know, that kinda stuff]! And they did it with grace and gorgeousness. For that, we can all thank them!

And of course so so so many kisses-of-love to our fabu vendor team:
Photography: Joielala Photographie
Hair/Makeup: 1011 Makeup [she makes beautification look easy and feel fun]
Venue: The Pearl Hotel
Video [coming soon]: Ever-awesome Nick @ Crafthouse Productions
Styling: The Gals @ In The Now [That’s us!!]
Products: Wedding Chicks [and their genius minds… seriously]

And don’t forget to view the feature about us all on Style Me Pretty!!

Until next time, my dear friends!!


A Good Laugh


Just a bit of a preview for what’s to come! What could this spectacular team of wedding vendors possibly have worked together on?? Only one of my most gorgeous, wonderfully detailed and FUN weddings of the summer! Coming straight to ya pretty soon. Until then, here’s a good laugh:

Not only do we have Brandon and Kristen Kidd [to thank for the photo, btw]- we’re joined by the fab guys from Crafthouse Productions as well! Nowies Kristen, Sharon and Josh [and mee] representin’ too of course. Note the awkward “I don’t know what to do with my hands” pose from Josh. Gotta love it! All in a hard day’s work right? Hey, there’s gotta be a little fun towards the end of a seriously kickin’ wedding [at least that’s what I say]! SO ready to do it all again this weekend. Have I mentioned how much I love my job??

Find your love today, readers!


Friday Lovely: Love.


What is not lovely about love in all of it’s honesty and reality? I cried like a baby after watching this video from a link via twitter. And even now, just thinking about it, my heart is moved.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Sometimes I think the best decisions we make in life are the easiest, simple little things that set the tone for our days every day. Don’t lose that childlike spirit, that honest wholeness of love in the mess of life. Moments are made by the people in them. So, today- this Friday- here is to LOVE!


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