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I know, I’ve been pretty good at keeping things under wraps lately. This just means that during the winter you all will have SO much to look forward to. It’ll be like brain-over-stimulation when you visit the blog. In all the best ways.

But for now, here’s some quick candy-like treats for the impending Hallow-day!

And a few quick deets for ya:

Yes, that last one is me. Holding a ring bearer’s “pillow” made of succulents and button mums. Dying. I just love so many things about this wedding [um, including our drop-dead-gorgey-kins bride and groom!!]. Much thanks go to for his shooting abilities. I can’t wait to show you more. But alas… it’s always good to have something to look forward to, right??

Hang in there for me!


Special thanks to my new friend in the industry Christa Rose for this little inspiration.

I’m always intrigued by architects. How they balance things properly, show their art, inspire others and design for themselves while pleasing the client. But these masterpieces- these timeless shapes and classy lines made into homes- by Robert Harvey Oshatz go way beyond what I could ever dream up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an outta-the-box type of gal, however I don’t think there is even a way to explain the beauty that is created when I look at these. Take the Fennell Residence:

Or the Mt. Crested Butte residence:

I can only dream of what it’s like to actually inhabit one of these places [and keep in mind, all of Oshatz’s designs are organic and sustainable]. But I do dream about it.

Be inspired today by odd lines in interesting places. By combining the unexpected and making something more unique than the world expects of you. It’s definitely liberating and sometimes, will even make you talked about for years to come!


YAY! There’s a first time for everything [and this is our first time being featured on the blog of Recycled Bride]!! Heather and Joe’s wedding from earlier this year- Valentine’s day to be exact- is splattered across the interwebs for your viewing pleasure! You’ll remember Alicia’s clients, H+J, from their beachy engagement session here. They were oodles of cuteness and it was just a matter of time before others caught on.

Their images, captured by the impeccable and flawless Adrienne Gunde are beyond words! So hop on over to see the full post, ’cause it’s a total can’t-miss for anyone planning a February 2011 wedding [especially Valentine friendly]!

A couple anticipatory shots for y’all:

I know, right? Pink, white, and delicious all over!

Give your Valentine a big old hug for me- in advance- today!!


I die for this couple. [Been watching too much Rachel Zoe recently I realize]. No joke. They are going to have one of THE best weddings of the century. I know we’re only 10 years in, but it seriously is going to be that fun. A bonanza if you will. And you will. Ohhhh, you will. Let’s get to this crazy couple, captured perfectly by Mathieu Photography!

That’s the tree they’re gonna get married in front of.  I’m squealing with delight.

THIS is them.  So cute.  So fun.  So happy.

Can’t wait to be a part of this big day, which is right around the corner (THIS Saturday!).  Go ahead and head over to Matt and Molly’s blog to look at ALL their hotness. Now. Go!

This seriously amazes me. And I’m thankful for this season of life [and season of the world], where everything and everyone and all of their creations are so accessible. Because Jenny Lee Fowler is incredible in my eyes.

The balance of precision and perfection mixed with the imperfection of nature [and life] is just beautifully, wonderfully, awfully inspiring today. Some other samples of her leaf silhouettes:

That little stem tip thrills me to squeals! I adore the detail of it all. And I want it framed in my house. Like yesterday.

Spend some time creating your stamp in the world today- art or not, it’s meant to be shared!


Nearlies: Karina + Tanner


I don’t know how I do it, but I seem to get the CUTEST, most IN LOVE, and considerably ADORABLE couples out of the bunch who choose me to work with them. And I love it. Karina and Tanner are totally no exception. They have been a delight to work with every single meeting and now, as we rapidly approach their wedding, their excitement is radiating from both of them! I’m thrilled that they’ve chosen Jered Scott to document their day [just a personal bonus that we’re friends]. So when he shot me an email over with a few gems from their woodsy engagement session, I was tickled pink! He begged me not to blog them until he’d met with K&T and they’d seen them all themselves [which of course I did] but now that their wedding is this Friday… it’s free reign!

Such a total fave of mine. I cannot get over it:

And some urbanite shots…

I love that the shot above is so indicative of marriage to me. It may not be a very feminist attitude that I have, but I feel exactly this way about my husband. He’s my protector, my best friend, my strong arm. I cling to him willingly and lovingly, as he promises to guide me, keep me safe, shield me from harm, and be soft to my heart. I can only hope that each and every one of my clients gets the same thing out of their marriage [as much as they desire it to be]- and I can tell that this is the dynamic already set up for Karina and Tanner in all the best of ways.

And two more faves:

Thanks Jered! Cannot wait to see the spanish-infused rustic fiesta fall wedding come together this Saturday!!


Nearlies: Carmen + Elmer


I went to a wedding on 10.8.10 and gasped when I arrived. Not anything out of the ordinary, really- I gasp a lot when I work because I looooove so much about my job [and the cute stuff that comes with it, like, GASP- cookies! GASP- succulents! GASP- bouquets!]. I gasped because I realized something quite important.

I’d forgotten to introduce you all to Carmen and Elmer. Via blog, of course. And they are oh-so-blog-worthy. But I’ll admit something candidly here just because I can: I’m happy about that. Mainly due to the fact that spending an hour with a couple learning about them initially is great, but working with them, seeing their love and their story and their time unfold… it changes me. It changes how I view my own world. And certainly how I view theirs. So, I’m writing to you now, imparting a bit of Carmen and Elmer and their bilingual love to you.

Oh Mr. Aaron Shintaku my affection for your work runs deep. Plus you’re a pretty fab hang with a great attitude- nothing I could ask for more!! He took C + E to their stomping ground, the Los Rios District in San Juan Capistrano. The iconic area as captured below:

When I first met Carmen- her sweetness immediately struck me. She is genuine, through and through, and now having shared her wedding day alongside of her… I know it. It’s pure, unfettered love for her HUSBAND that keeps her this way!

Oh and P.S. she totally got her braces off the week of her wedding. Along with a killer spray tan. This girl is one hot little mama.

With all the “fierce” they’re delivering in these engagement pics from months back, I can only IMAGINE what Aaron had to work with under the warm San Clemente sun [and a backdrop like Casa Romantica!]. Attack of the killer wedding photos… right?!

Carmy and Elms [just now made those names up, so deal with it]: I am totally completely head over heels in love with your love. Your families. The moments in your wedding sunk deep into my soul and I’m keeping them as part of my heart. I’m so honored that I got to spend those cherished hours with you. I hope you’re resting and relaxing and honeymooning it up! And I’m glad I didn’t blog these until now, so that I can shout from the rooftops how good it is to see a love like yours become a marriage like yours is sure to be.

Love fearlessly today, my dear readers!


Say what you will about the quality of items from the college and newlywed shopper’s dream, Ikea, but this Swedish Ikea Cookbook will remind you as to why it became such an American sensation to begin with: the packaging.

These images from the cookbook are impeccable. They’re clean, nicely colored, perfectly aligned and hit me right where it counts. I could look at these all day long! Lines of straight, pretty sugar… boxes of milk [not even sure how they do that!], and more! Check here for more, but first love these, here, because I do:

Seriously, with the vanilla beans all lined up “just so”?? I am in LOVE. Appreciate the unexpected in today!!


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