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Okay so, this is a 50/50 thing right here. 50% me being “in trouble” with myself for not updating that crucial sidebar you see to your right to let you know that Candice [the lovely, lovely assistant that was with us for just over 1 year] has branched off to start her own video company with her husband. The other 50% is me literally glowing with pride over how she’s capturing love stories these days.

Favorite moment caught: during the ceremony, the way the bride is looking at her groom so emphatically. Like she’s letting every single moment of reality sink in. It’s really magical to watch.

Hello, how can you not want a wedding video?? [Had to say it- you know I did]

Be sure to check out their new company, LunchPail Pictures and get in with them before they explode into something you’ll only wish you could have experienced. I have all the faith in the world in this pair- and the way they caught the moments in this wedding above, the real authentic love expressed, I know that I’m right to believe!


I am Thankful.


A simple post as a simple reminder for me to look back on in the years to come.

I am thankful.

Thankful for a husband who inspires me to do my best.

Thankful for a career that I love wholeheartedly.

Thankful for a lifestyle that is flexible to my needs [as much as I flex myself to it].

Thankful for a hard-working group of people who seem to surround me, labor joyfully alongside of me, and do so with a smile on their faces and a skip in their step.

Thankful for a family with which I can celebrate health and happiness.

Thankful for time- and the years I’ve had so far in life [they’ve been a journey].

I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful.

I hope you are all thankful as well.


Wow. I can’t believe it. TWO features in ONE day? God is truly smiling on us. Amanda and I had such a great time designing this shoot together, and I’m so happy the whole world gets to share it with us! Okay, maybe not the WHOLE world, but a good chunk of it! Many thanks to Leila Khalil from Be Inspired PR for putting this shoot together and Becky Hill for her super awesome photos. Go ahead and check the whole shebang out HERE!

YAY!! The fabulously classy love story of Elena and Nathan was featured on the One Lovely Day blog [by Project Wedding]. I’m a huge fan of Project Wedding [and you can visit my page listing for real reviews from our real lovely clients, too], so naturally being on their blog is such a fun little pre-Thanksgiving surprise!

Thanks again must go to Dave and Sandy Richards for the wonderfully vibrant, happy photos. And, seriously, doesn’t everyone want ‘happy’ photos?? I know I do for you!

Visit the rest of the images [and you can click through the gallery, too!!] here!

Sneak Peek: Sweet Suites!


The In The Now graphics gals have been busy this season with some pretty cute projects. And we’ve finally gotten our act together to capture them properly [in prepping to update onto our precious main site over the winter!!]. So, here’s just a teensy taste of what is in store for you all on the paper trail:

A chic simple design where we utilized screen printing onto wood and packaged it into a box with rustic wood filler:

An elegant, formal invitation that just screams “fancy” for this July all-black-requested affair:

A modern take on the Mexican fiesta-style wedding invitation featuring loads of papel picado and hand-drawn graphics:

And lastly, a super clean, modern invitation suite for a recent industry event [that went from nothing to packaged in literally 3 days- that is what I call efficiency!]:

Stay tuned for posts on each as they get their moment in the sun from the designers!


Not your typically Tiffany either. That’s right- not Tiffany & Co. this time [though, let’s be honest- who doesn’t adore them??]; it’s Tiffany lamp inspiration that we’re delighted about today. Since my mom has always been such an avid Tiffany lamp advocate, it’s only natural that I gravitate to them for a semblance of home and the past. But this whole put-Tiffany-piping-on-a-cake thing just sends me to the moon and back. I cannot imagine creating this masterpiece, but I am so thankful that someone did!!

Another Maggie Austin home run in the cake department. And special thanks to Emily [a fellow lover of all things wedding and crafty deliciousness] for shoving this in my face [I’m always so thankful when people point out the brilliance that I end up too busy to notice- I need it!!].

Let your art shine today- whatever it may be!


I am thrilled, honored, elated, and totally glowing with pride that the beloved [and famed] Wedding Chicks felt we were worthy of their extremely “short list” for professionals!

You can go straight to our Hand-Picked page to read the sweet, sweet words that the Chicks wrote on me and the company by clicking the link. I’m still blushing each time I think about it. Plus, now I get to wear this badge of PRIDE on my blog and site!

Reward yourself today for even the smallest of accolades!!


Nearlies: Irene + Aaron


Sometimes I think my clients are just TOO much. No, no- not too much stress, or too intense, or too overbearing. You’re forgetting that I literally just happen upon the best clients in the world. When I say ” too much” I mean too funny, too sweet, too cute, and sometimes [in Irene’s case] too totally wrong about themselves!

You see, Irene prefaced the email with the link to her photos by saying that I should “keep in mind they know how awkward they are”. So, of course, I was expecting your standard awkward engagement photo. And then I opened these from Ian Grant Photography, and gave my eyes a whole minute to do a super-drama-diva roll before telling Irene that she was off-her-rocker crazy. Like, she should be put into a straight jacket. And here’s me saying, Irene: it’s NOT ‘the dress’, it’s not ‘you’, it’s not ‘Aaron’, it’s certainly not awkward- it’s love. And above all, it’s your love. And I love that love.

When a couple has about 1/3 of their engagement photos full of laughter and true, genuine smiles… you know you’re in for the good stuff.

Growing up in Pasadena and now living in [and planning from] the Bay Area, Irene and Aaron are tying the knot at the incredibly ridiculous Saddlerock Ranch! A dream venue for brides and design teams alike!

Are you totally in love with them yet? Well, if not, here’s one to put you over the top:

Am I right?

Thanks to Ian for capturing them so authentically!

Irene [who is most likely going to read this] and Aaron [who, let’s face it, probably won’t]: yay! Just, yay! I love the way you two love one another. That last picture, in the ice cream shop- reminds me of who I want to be. It’s full of all the hope and love and newly-wedded [almost wedded] bliss that dreams, real dreams, are made of. I love who you are. Don’t change a thing. Funny dress/face/laugh/feel and all.


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