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Happy New Year!


As you’re ringing it in- remember to be safe, take it easy, soak in the season, and keep making memories that you’ll talk about for years to come.

[Image above from our New Year’s Eve Party table design, circa 2009/2010 NYE]

Cheers to a new year, and all that comes with it!


I will say this, publicly [and never enough]: I am only as strong as our weakest link at In The Now. And I am beyond blessed with the people who have been brought into this company by chance, happenstance, serendipity and straight up need [whom God has graciously led here]. This year was full of TONS of memories- at weddings, at the studio, at team meetings, at random coffee and dinners out, at late night crazy craft sessions. I am thankful for the people who surround me. It makes me wish we captured more pictures than I can post! But, here’s the teensiest splash of our vibrant team!

Josh getting “the shot” for me in the back alley:

Rachel and Sharon rockin’ the guys boutonnieres in September:

Making Brittany model wedding dresses for consideration in a shoot early this year:

The whole vendor team for one of our fabulous June weddings:

Krissy with cupholders on her biceps back in May [for our StyleLab workshop!!]:

Josh and I waiting in a bed on a field. No big deal.

Sharon’s perfect thought bubble pic [after about 3 cups of coffee and 2 redlines]:

I think this wedding is collectively one of our *favorite* this year [we talk about it all the time]- golf carts, tons of details, catastrophes resolved… the whole 9 yards:

Doing my favorite thing ever:

I literally text pictures like this to clients after picking up dresses. This one was for Melissa, June 16:

Rachel blushing because she was *endlessly* hit on by this DJ:

The team gals grubbin’ at Gypsy Den before a Monday Meeting:

Sharon and her husband modeling for us:

Me and my adorably sleepy interns on the way home from a styled shoot for the Wedding Chicks:

This is how we roll with our clients:

I always ask Josh to take images for me [at shoots and weddings] when I’m running around. I always regret that decision:

Kristen and I agreed- cake looks great!

The “good sport” crew who hustled with us to set up a shoot in the dead of night so that we could shoot through dawn. Me and my crazy romantic ideas…

Lots of tulle at this Langham, Pasadena summer wedding:

This is us, assembling favor tags and champagne tags in a hotel the night before a wedding. Committed, much?!

One of our craziest fun craft nights, this is Kristen belted in 1/2 way across the car because we couldn’t find her clicker… and Dawn, texting:

The gals grubbin’ it up pre-wedding [apparently involved in an important conversation]:

A day where we called in the reservers, for sure!! At the Serra Plaza Event [call time: 7am, time we left the studio the night before: 1:30am]:

The supportive men testing out their photo frame. Eye closing is intentional and awkward [both at the same time]:

Hands down- the most fun year that this company has seen yet. And I know for certain that 2011 is going to rule just as hard [if not harder]… as it’s only days away, I can’t wait. I’m stuck with a wide grin on my face, a spring in my step, and a place in my heart full of thanks/joy/humility just thinking of what’s in store. This is just the smallest of glimpses into who we are- more to come in the future, too.

2010- thanks for everything!



Hi all! Rachel here to finish out the design recap of the year. It’s been a whirlwind for sure [but doesn’t every year seem like it passed by in a flash?] so I’m glad we’re revisiting it. Especially because I feel like I get to relive all the great experiences. Now let’s get to it!

Once we had models, it seemed we never turned back. After the Coco Chanel Inspired shoot we moved onto quite an adventure, building an outdoor cafe in the middle of nowhere at 3 a.m. The lovely Amanda over at the Ruffled blog asked us to produce this for her site [which you can see HERE and HERE] and I don’t think we dissappointed, if I do say so myself. The rich and bright color of Yanessa’s sweater sealed the deal for me…and that delicious lemon cake. Yum.

Moving right along, the awesome readers of The Wedding Chicks blog voted us the stylists for their next StyleLab [an honor to say the least]. We envisioned the bride being the modern bohemian daughter of well-to-do parents in Nantucket. Bringing a balance of traditional [a FULL place setting. Like, FULL full.] and modern [a snazzy cardigan for the bride] was our aim. We were lucky enough to get this on The Wedding Chicks blog as a two-parter HERE and HERE.

We rounded out the year with a Spanish Soiree inspired shoot, which landed us yet ANOTHER feature on Style Me Pretty. This shoot was especially fun since fellow Nowie Sharon and her hubby Steve served as our hotter-than-hot models.

Seriously, isn’t she just the cutest?

It’s been a great year and I can’t even imagine what 2011 has in store for us. But whatever it is, we’re more than ready to tackle it!

See you in the New Year!


The results are in!!!

Congratulations to DAWN from our In The Now team for her lovely, seasonly festive Tangled Christmas Lights cookie:

Our readers loved your artistic creativity and you may now brag about it ALL year long [until next year, when we once again give you a run for your money]!

That being said, has populated a comment from one lucky reader who will take home the itunes gift card, and the comment is…

Please email me personally as soon as you see this so that you can claim your prize! And enjoy- hope Christmas treated you well and that you’re ALL gearing up for the new year like we are!


We did a lot of designing this past year. Mainly because we love it. But more than that- because we really wanted to put ourselves out there. Collaborate. Learn. Grow. Mess up. Make it right. Make it better. Fail. Succeed. Get huge opportunities. Jump through hoops. Pull rabbits from hats. And keep a smile on our faces. So it’s only right that in this last week of the year, we take some time to pat ourselves on the back for contributing to the wedding world in 2010. And thank the people who took a moment to give us opportunity beyond measure. We loved each and every shoot we were a part of!

We started the year off right, capturing this tabletop in January that was featured on Junebug Weddings:

Our modern plexi-glass fireplace turned heads [the challenge was an industrial-focused centerpiece in lieu of floral] and our hot cocoa with marshmallows warmed hearts!

Moving right into the heart of the matter, we shot this quaint little table in our studio, which was featured with the table cuff as a simple Do It Yourself on Style Me Pretty [a must read for all nearly-weds out there!!]. The vivid colors against the grey walls make it one of my favorite shoots to-date. I love lush, saturated colors!!

We then moved right into full styling mode- meaning we stepped it up, started including real life couples as our muse/model figures, and made most of our shoots into actual, produced events that could have easily ran flawlessly on their own as weddings, showers, celebrations of many kinds! We started with a huge undertaking: an upscale bridal shower soiree with a delicious Coco Chanel vibe updated for the modern gal:

With about 7 stationed areas and 8 models to shoot, we definitely gave Jasmine a run for her money on this shoot [but it began a beautiful and real lifelong friendship that I couldn’t be more thankful for- and plus, she loves our aesthetic, so… it’s a win/win]

*Not only did this killer chic shoot get us featured again on the fabulous Style Me Pretty Blog, it also inspired a real life bridal shower that we had the honor of designing in August as well as another photo shoot feature that will debut here shortly!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so I truly hope you’re loving it as much as I am- taking the time to reflect back on the year. Where we’ve started and where we are now are two totally different places am I’m so thrilled that I love my job today even more than I imagined I could this time last year!

Stay tuned…



I love seeing the world from a different point of view for a brief moment. And when I’m able to, I’m full of thanks and awe and wonder. And sometimes, you just gotta write it down. So, naturally, these ‘everyday cards’ by Allison-Kate Stationary were an easy choice. Alli and I go way, way back and it’s great to see her truly pursuing what she loves now more fully than she ever has before. Plus, they’re kinda funny too!!

Total fave:

Nothing is more relatable than having a human moment with someone when admitting that life isn’t always perfect and sometimes you just gotta deal with it. But let’s not forget the good stuff, too…

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Go check out the facebook fan page for more!

Here’s to feeling real today with someone by your side!!

Note to add: Friday Lovely posts are always, 100% the opinion of myself and the In The Now team. They’re never sponsored or slanted in any way or for any reason. We keep it genuine here. Just thought you should know, fo sho.


We’ve done this before with the team at In The Now. And since traditions are fun, we’re doing it again. Last week at our holiday party, I brought out the green and red baking supplies so that we could properly do-up some delicious sugar cookies. The idea was to use the items provided to make an *awesome* and creative cookie that our readers would vote on!

The winner on our team gets bragging rights, but one lucky commenter will receive a $15 iTunes gift card just for playing [winner selected randomly]!! So fun already, right?? So, without further adieu- here are the cookies!!

The Stop Sign:

The MasterCard:

The Apple-and-worm:

Pac Man and Ghost:

The Coffee Cookie:

The Mexican Flag:

The Shake Weight:

The ridiculous web of love:

Festive Heart:

Super Cookie:

Tangled Christmas Lights:

And – typically I keep it anonymous so that none of our readers know who made which cookie, but honestly- This is Sharon’s:

The picture from the top doesn’t do it justice:

Basically all she did was rip off the top of one of Dawn’s cute-as-a-button little snowman cupcakes and plop it onto her cookie. I’ll give her an A for creativity in getting a great design. But seriously. And just to give you an idea of how much Josh liked that…

One last little peek at how adorable Dawn’s cupcakes were!!

Phew! Hopefully at least one of these cookies moves you enough to vote! Just leave a comment stating your favorite cookie and why it’s your favorite- and you’re automatically entered into the drawing! Special thanks to Jack Rodriguez for capturing our cookies so perfectly, so accurately, so gently! We love Jack!!

Voting ends at 8am on Friday the 24th [Christmas Eve] with a winner announced on Christmas day! But don’t check then- check it later. :)

Have fun and good luck [well, to all of us!!]!


Listen, y’all. I know it’s not the summer anymore, but let’s consider two things real quick:

1. We live in California. The official state of the everlasting summertime.

And more importantly…

2. Um, this is our winter attire. Our winter beach attire!

I am over the moon for these modest, vintage swimsuits by Jessica Rey Swimwear. I can’t thank my new friend Kristen Rogers enough for introducing me to them through her blog. Kristen shot the suits so perfectly and don’t think I’ll hesitate a bit when thinking of these beauties for one of our upcoming styled shoots!

Hop on over to Kristin’s blog for more!! And here’s to thinking warm, sunny, heart-filling thoughts!


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