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Nearlies: Julie + Lucas!


You know when you have seen something that is so beautiful that it haunts your memories… in the good way? It’s like that first moment you step off of the plane in a foreign country, or laying on your back staring at a starry sky and really soaking it in. Well, that’s how I feel about the work of San Diego-based photographer Luna Photo. I worked with Paula and Mike years back- maybe 3 now. And they haven’t left my radar since. So it was no surprise to me that Julie and Lucas just “knew” when they saw their work, and met with them, that it was a match made in heaven!

Julie and Lucas are tying the knot at one of our favorite stomping grounds [and Julie’s alum], Soka University! Although we work there a ton, it’s only recently that we’ve started working with students who have gone to Soka- which gives it an extra special touch! Plus, their “student only” areas are gorgeous beyond words for events [and Julie’s day will be NO exception]!

When I met Julie and her mom nearly a year and a half ago, it was fun. Shouldn’t it always be? Right away I felt like they knew what they wanted, and they were looking to partner with someone who could help facilitate that vision. I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with this darling couple [and Julie’s family] so closely- and I can’t wait to see our efforts come together in July!

Julie is such a classic beauty. She’s got that girl-next-door smile paired with some killer heels and a total lighthearted attitude!

I honestly don’t think I have enough good things to say about the whole combination of elements here. The light, bright, gorgeous photography plus this exceptionally cute and in love couple paired with the rustic natural elements of the park they chose. I am in LOVE with the entire experience, captured forever in photos!

Jules and Lucas: I adore you two! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings and, as the clock ticks closer to summertime, how the plans unfold into a gorgeous masterpiece fueled by your love!! It’s such an honor, such a pleasure, such a totally fun time to be with you two! This is just the beginning of the best things that are yet to come.

And now, readers- scooch on over to Luna Photo’s Blog for more pretty pretties and definite inspiration!



I know, you guys. Twice in a month. Be still, my little beating heart!! And what’s even better… the couples that we have, we get to brag about. For me, it’s all about the love of the couple. Irene and Aaron are no exception! I can’t *wait* to share all the mushy gushy details of their big day back in July here on THIS blog, but suffice it to say that each email I received from Irene was full of down-right belly laughs. As I’ve mentioned before… we’re a match. It’s just the way it works.

Visit the feature here for their gorgeous details, their fun write-up and description [and their blushingly kind words about our team]!!



There’s no real explanation as to why we [as a collective team] haven’t shouted from the rooftops about our very own Carizza’s impending marriage. Okay, well, maybe there is. You see, it’s all happening so quick! In just a few short weeks, one of our favorite gals will change her last name as she stands before an intimate group of guests in a local art gallery. And I get to witness it. Not only witness it- but facilitate. There is no other job in the world for me than this, I tell you.

Cariz and Dev got their shapes snapped a few weeks back by Megan Hartley, their photographer and friend, and I can’t wait to see what will come of the wedding after seeing the adorable moments she snagged from their engagement session. Now, without further delay…

Please note: yes, Carizza is wearing not one but two obnoxiously large floral accent headbands on her head. My kinda girl from the get-go.

Aaaaand, since their wedding is taking place in December, they had to winter it up a bit:

How CUTE are her little wedgie feet all tippy toed to kiss this tall guy?!

On a side note: I think I have seen Carizza one time without something on her head. Her wedding is no exception. I cannot wait. And one last moment, for the road:

Their wedding is pulling together flawlessly, even with the short engagement [just about 7 weeks!!]- and we are all a buzz at the studio about the fun details being set into place. I can’t even begin to describe the cuteness that will follow on their big day, but I can say… it’s going to melt me into a big puddle of Amanda. Not just the cute. But everything about marriage, the reality of it, the enormity of it, and the excitement of it.

C+D: the countdown is here!! What a whirlwind it’s been, and I’m thrilled to be cheering you on [pom pons and all] from the sidelines as you two prep for the most meaningful day in your lives thus far. For all of the bows we’ll be tying, the sleep we may be losing, the crafts we’ll spend hours perfecting… you are worth it and more. And more. And more. And more.

Endless love.


Yay! Yay! I could not be more proud. Honestly, you guys- our team rocks. I can’t take any credit for the fabulousness featured recently on Style Me Pretty. It was a group effort on our team’s part. The amazingly adorable graphics were created by Kristen. The flawless design was Rachel. And, of course, the meticulous and perfect coordination of the event goes to Sharon. I’m so thankful to Esther and Daniel for the relationships that have been forged with my girls. They trusted us and they let us do what we’re good at- with excitement in their hearts. Truly, it was our honor. And we LOVE you, Esty!!

Run off to see more of the details that Ashley Rose snapped on the Style Me Pretty feature!!



Trend Talk: Hair Pieces!

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Seeing me without a headband is a rarity. Anything that adorns my noggin is usually there because I’m in need of an outfit pick-me-up, or because I’m trying to bring some funk into the boring ponytail. In short, headbands are my solution to crazy hair and a lazy being. You look put together, with minimal effort. Yay, hooray!

However! Head pieces are not just for the thick-haired and mangy-maned! We’ve definitely been seeing a lot of brides are steering away from the traditional veils and instead, popping in a flower, a ribbon, or even a cute hat/fascinator (thank you Kate!) when they exchange their vows. And they’ve been doing it AMAZINGLY well.

Disclaimer before we continue on with my head piece-pushing rant: At ITN, we adore tradition – and along those lines, traditional veils. We are pro-veil. We just realize that veils aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you’re not comfortable with a piece of tulle in your face. Sometimes you’re getting married on the beach and you don’t want to be blown away into the Pacific. We get it. Thus, exploring options. End disclaimer.

I have to start this out with my girl, Brooke. Instead of a traditional birdcage, this is a huge bow. As big as her face. Maybe even bigger. Score one point for ridiculous bow size, and another point for cuteness!

You guys met Natalie and Josh recently, but we have to bring them back again…because they’re just so addicting, this couple is! Natalie ditched the whole veil concept and instead, tucked an elegant flower into her hair. What a simple, gorgeous statement that didn’t detract from Natalie’s beauty and Josh’s love.

Sometimes you have to think even MORE outside the box. Like this styled bride for a California Shootout that Amanda designed. A ribbon? Yes please. We take ribbon very seriously. Seriously – never discard a piece of ribbon: satin, velvet, grosgrain or otherwise, that you can tie in your hair to match the napkin treatment. (It may or may not be a part of your design package when you book us…maybe.)

Fascinators can be done in many different ways. Thanks to the Duchess, it’s becoming more mainstream. Here’s our beloved Steph – who was WAY ahead of her time. Now that’s something that not a lot of people can do. Luckily, with the right hair stylist, you can bring in any headpiece and they’ll be sure to work it into your hair style, to ensure that you’re safe and secure. and your little hat too!

And to top it off (ha!), we have a few headpiece Nowie moments.

Sharon, in another styled shoot. Rocking this headpiece like whoa. It adds a pop of color to any wedding palette, without stealing the big picture – aka Sharon’s gorgeous self and lips. ;)

Kristen and Amanda, using REALLY big, and REALLY real, peonies in their hair. If I could do this every day, I would.

And um…me. Just…hanging onto a ridiculous headpiece that we used in a photoshoot. (You think this photo is ridiculous amazing? Wait until the actual shoot comes out. Jaw-dropping!)

Just a day in the life. Watching trends, making them happen, and pushing them to grow even more. What about you? Headpieces? Traditional veils? Tell us what you love and why you do. Because I’m sure we do too!

Loving always,

Spotlight On: Nena!


….and it’s pronounced Neh-Nuh. Just so you know. Not Nina. Her full name is Lorena. But, nobody calls her that.

Nena is our design gal. I knew from the moment she walked in [and, well, when I recognized her face from our last Designer Swap Meet] that she was a serious contender for the internship. Since then, it’s just been easy with her. Not only has it been a perfect personality addition… Nena just gets it in a way that, with design, is essential. It can’t be explained. It can’t be taught. It can only be inherent. It helps that she followed the industry- that she was familiar with the trends, the blogs, and the movements being made with weddings. But more than that… her personal style and aesthetic has been a breath of freshness to add to our tight-knit little community. She keeps me on task, keeps me company, and has clung to the ideas and philosophy of design at In The Now so so perfectly. I love that I can dump creative projects onto her and trust the hands that it’s in. Her creative prowess is already deeply affecting the quality of the weddings we have for this season- and I can’t wait to see what she continues to bring to the next, and the next, and the next! She was the frontrunner from moment one, and one of the most load-lightening and heart-brightening decisions that I’ve made for myself this year. I can confidently say that I personally now have a brighter future with Nena in my life.

Nen- you’re the best. I hope this makes you just as happy 6 years from now as it does today [I know it does for me- even moreso]!!


Spotlight On: Lisa!


I wanted to take a moment this week to introduce you to our two newest faces. They’re very important to me- and they’re truly the driving force behind the daily/weekly/month tasks [and cleanliness, and efficiency, and kindness] of operations here.

Lisa is our current planning intern, and I feel so thankful, confident and moved by her passion for this job. She comes from a bridal background [working for 3 years at a bridal salon and loving her experience there interacting with brides so much, that she wants more!!]. She’s organized. She’s immaculately styled, always. She’s got an infectiously loud laugh and a smile in her heart that shines all the way through her perfectly white teeth [it’s a thing of hers]. I’ve, myself, been insanely busy throughout the time she’s been with us and her confident attitude has brought me through so much. She hardly needs direction to have a job done perfectly each time. She is clearly communicative, a natural leader, and so comfortable to chat with. I can say with confidence that picking her [which was a team decision] was a decision with divine intervention. What a purpose and future she has here!!

Lisa, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m glad that you picked us!! Even though you’re a newbie nowie, you’re a lifer in my eyes!


I love the feel of this entire shoot that Grey Likes Weddings featured. It’s selling headpieces. But I’m enamored with the stylish feel. The muted palette and the pop of deliciously red lips. Get into it, ladies!

Someone, for the love of all, please go rock some red lips this weekend [inspired by the lovely Sharon, who is never seen without her “lips” on]!!

And visit HERE for more pictures and details from the shoot!


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