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Nearlies: Jane and David!


I know what you’re thinking right now [as I assume you’ve already scrolled down JUST enough to see the .gif image below]- and you’re right. There is absolutely NO reason that two people should be so cute together. But, alas, Jane and David just are. They’re adorable. They’re easy going. They’re fun to be around. And they’ve been captured by one of the best- The Image Is Found.

J+D are our *first* couple to-be-wed in 2011 [March!!!]. To say that the whole team is elated [and chomping at the bit to get back at it] is an understatement. They shall reap the entire benefit of us loving so wholeheartedly what we do. We can’t wait to start this year off with a BANG for their modern, clean SLS Hotel wedding!

Always ideally [and God grants us this quite often it seems], we pair our services with couples seeking to have FUN during their engagement [and wedding]- people who don’t take themselves too seriously, who value the art in their event and who really truly like one another [so much more than loving]. These two are a perfect example. I couldn’t have snapped it better myself. Here is love, y’all:

Rush over to The Blog for more images, as I always leave a precious few to entice you to click over!!

Janey [and Dave, too]- we truly cannot wait. As we chat through your desires and your details, I am growing more excited by the moment to flawlessly unwrap your dream wedding. I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of your vendor dream team- and I’m so thoroughly prepared to work my tailfeather off to make it everything and more. You’re a gem, you’re a doll… you’re wonderful [and a bag of chips, too]. T minus 3 weeks!!! :D


We had this epic idea of doing a pair of photo shoots centered around the idea of “first and last”- essentially, the first party you’ll have as a newly-engaged pair [the engagement soiree] and the last party you’ll have after you tie the knot [the morning-after brunch]. This soft, romantic photo shoot was conceptually presented to us as “a ballerina marries a musician from the orchestra” and immediately, we were hooked into the softness and warmth that the color palette gave us. Here’s just a glimpse of some details from the shoot:

So much more beauty headed your way [including the very different, very graphic, very 60’s brunch we designed!]…


Ummm I want! Can I have?!

These are brooches. I am ALL about brooches- and all about wearing my words of love on my physical person to boot!

Thank you, etsy, for always being such a wellspring to my life. The most wonderful and fun things always seem to come from you.

Run off and see what else is in store at this store and, you know, lots of others!!


How To: Tie [in] a Tie!


I’ll give you a HUGE secret into making your wedding look bomb [and please, overlook my 90’s phraseology because seriously there ain’t no better way to put it!]: you gotta tie in the ties.

That’s right- they key to a stylish bridal party lies in one of the most commonly overlooked pieces: the tie. Hint #1: don’t get it with the suit. It’s hardly ever the best choice for you. Mainly because suit companies aren’t making these important accessories a priority [and that’s okay]. My suggestion? Give people a tie for keeps. That’s right, add in the cost of the tie to your guys’ gifts. Why? Because it’s worth it. It is always, always worth it.

I just pulled these real quick from one of my favorite online resources, The Tie Bar. It’s a collection of my favorite looks and feels from ties. If you’re a client of ours, you’ll know that my eye goes straight to structural design- I love keeping ties modern and masculine. I’m also known to consider a tie the jumping off point for an entire color scheme. Playing with “safe” colors and pairing it with a major funky accent- totally the bee’s knees. But I’m not opposed to keeping things seemingly simple and kicking it up a notch with texture. The best way to do that is to get knitted:

We’ve always maintained that we’ve been blessed with the kindest most stylish clients, and the men are no exception! Here’s 3 prime examples of guy style that totally rocks!

This stylish 2009 [!!] wedding was one of my favorites. Cecile and Julian totally trusted the vision we had for their wedding and really let us pop-it-mod with their guys! This was day two of the event, so the groomsmen opted for a kelly green pocket square as a boutonniere alternate; but we whipped up a simple bloom for the groom to sport. Their sleek grey suits complimented the eggplant in their stylish ties [the guys wearing a simple eggplant with white polka dots; Julian sporting a modern plaid design].

….and don’t forget the killer socks and white shoes [yes, all the guys bought these amazing white shoes for the reception!!]

Angi and Ryan wanted to keep their guy style simple: they knew Ryan would wear a black suit [that he’d purchased for the occasion] and they wanted to ensure the guys could wear a pair of black slacks they already owned. So, we paired their look with a killer blue oxford button up and a plaid tie:

Ryan wore a crisp white shirt under his jacket but kept the same tie. Their party members looked casual and stylish- just how they wanted!

Here’s one I can take no credit for [aside from being the “safe harbor” and “best cheerleader” via email]… Emily and Richard’s RAD wedding in 2010 was full of quirk, personality and style. Richard and the boys really went there with their look:

And it fit their personalities to the T, as displayed during the processional:

It seems these days, having stylish women in the wedding is simple. There are PLENTY of dress options and accessory options out there that make your life easier by being buy-ready for an instant wow factor. For guys, however, a little more assembly and thought has to take place. It’s always worth it- having stylish men in your wedding will make your guests see your personalities come through even more!

Here’s to plugging away on your plans for a hip, modern and stylish soiree!!


In case you’ve yet to know this about me: I adore anything super sized. Or anything drastically undersized. However, in this specific circumstance, the super sized wins ten fold.

Stop it, you obnoxiously large head bow!! Okay- just kidding… go on.

Though obviously not the most practical head piece out there, it definitely is one that makes a strong statement. This was pulled from an inspiration shoot featured recently on Green Wedding Shoes [and it caught my eye from my lovely intern’s computer- so much so that I gasped aloud!], but wouldn’t it be fun if sometimes people gave into their stylish whimsy and just went with it? I definitely think so!

Give in to something today. You know you’re dying to. Just make sure that it’s something you’ll hold your head proud about come 2012.


Spotlight On: Me!


If you think this is awkward for you to read, imagine writing it about yourself…

I’ve owned and honed this company for about 6 years now- growing it up from nothing [literally replying to ads for coordinators off of Craigslist!] and turning it into a well-desired, big-idea-inspired company that it still aspires to be. As a true business owner, I know the job is never done. I continually strive to push to be great. I want our team to offer the BEST experience to our clients. I’m passionate about taking care of one another [and all the weddings we work], our clients, our vendors- anyone we come into contact with. I’ll be honest- there’s still a lot of elements that are ideas and not put into practice. But more and more, with each passing year, we grow and change and shape ourselves into serving hearts and helpful hands. I came into this industry with one simple thought: I just want everyone to have what I have- in marriage. I believe so firmly in the practice of a joyful, happy home and marriage that I wanted to share it with each person I met. And if I can make gorgeous events at the same time- double bonus! My prayer is to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. To find a way to reach them [either through myself or through our team members] so personally that it will leave a lasting impact of wonderful memories from their engagement and wedding.

Things you may want to know about me:

My favorite rides at Disneyland [or, any theme park really] are the wet rides. I cannot get enough of California Adventure’s River Rafting Ride. It’s a total requirement regardless of time of day, season of year, how cool my clothes/hair/makeup is. I just gotta do it!

I love oreo flavored anything, really. It’s my fave dessert and total weakness.

I’m left handed- and my writing is completely and totally illegible. Sometimes even to me [whoops]. I’ll write extra words on my to-do list just hoping that enough of them will make sense that I can decipher my own written code.

I prefer room temperature water. Partly because I have sensitive teeth, partly because I feel [and know] that it quenches my thirst so much better.

I never wear makeup on the bottom of my eyes. No bottom eyeliner or mascara- maybe I used to, but I don’t really remember. I haven’t for a solid 5 years now, and I don’t see myself changing this anytime soon!

Why you’ll love working with us:

I really think I’ve assembled a powerhouse of a team. There are a few things that the past years in business has taught me: you can never have too many helping hands, there are never enough hours in the day, always be prepared. Thankfully- I’ve learned to implement these simple rules into the best wedding packages I can create for the benefit of our clients [and fellow vendors]. We try our best to amply staff our events [with no assistant limit, no “pay for extra people”, no rules about it]. We like to be the first to arrive and the last to leave- often and easily working 16+ hour days to ensure the job is done right. We come with plenty of emergency supplies in tow [I consider it more of my wedding tool belt, but having those crucial little “extras” are just a part of a job well done]. More than that, we just really like what we do. And when you love what you do- it shows. I think it kinda oozes from my pores. To do our job right, we limit the clients we take on. Purposefully scaling back our “amount” so that our quality can be flawless and we can breathe in each day with our clients- we’re willing to try new things, push our limits, and break our backs for this job, this wedding, this industry. I am a fearless leader for my girls [though always pushing out my fears to be better than myself]- I am a sounding board for design, a best friend to my clients’ ears, and a full spring of knowledge for those awkward situations that you just don’t know how to handle. At least, I try to be- and I try to train up each team member to confidently offer those qualities, too!

Chances are, if you have had even the tiniest email exchange with me- you’ve likely been given a nickname, seen at least an “xoxo” if not a “!!!” and a “:D”, and felt like you were sitting face to face with me whilst reading it [I’ve been told I have that effect with the written word]. More than that, though- I hope you felt welcomed by me and by the team. I pray this blog is a place that you can come to laugh, relate, and truly connect. I have always greatly desired that our online presence would be so much more than words on a screen… that it would be full of real human compassion, inspiring ideas, fun anecdotes, and more than that- so entirely full of us.

I love my job. I’m blessed by my company. There are days that I cannot believe I actually did it- I’m a business owner! And there are days where my 29-year-old self thinks that my 22-year-old self is a full on nut job being so ambitious from the get-go [secretly so thankful and grateful and inspired by that little 22-year-old girl, though]. Every year we start older, more mature in the business, more rooted in what we know to be the right way for us to offer our services- it’s like the first year of real life. This year especially, I know big things are to come. Surrounding myself with the right people was the first step, and now it’s time to take the leap for the rest of them! Thanks for being along for the ride.


Sneak Peek: Jane + David!


These two lovely darlings are tying the knot in March and I already cannot WAIT! We always find pleasure in working with photographers who push the box, capture details, create gorgeous artwork [at a wedding no less]- and really help us remember WHY we do this crazy business in the first place. The Image Is Found are those people. Here’s a quick pic of Jane and Dave, through their lens:

Completely in love.


Spotlight On: Carizza!


The newest face in weddings worldwide [or, at least my world]- meet Carizza, intern extraordinaire:

Carizza appeared [to me and Rachel at least] literally out of the blue one day via twitter when we sent out a desperate plea for models for an event fashion show. She immediately responded and not only got us multiple people for the event, but on the day-of, she arrived [starbucks in hands] with a car full of gals to ensure they were prompt and prepared for the day. I knew immediately that this somewhat random coincidence was really all just God’s plan for my business continually unfolding. I told her right then and there- she should intern for us. After a few weeks of weighing her options [because she already has worked in the wedding industry a bit, and her schedule is quite full as it was], she reached out. From our first coffee date to our daily life in the office together, Carizza is a team player. She’s got her head on straight, drive in her heart, and passion for this industry. It only took her two trips to Starbucks with me [ever] to know that I always get a water when I get my coffee- and since then, she brings it with my coffee daily, unprompted and unrequested. We are extraordinarily blessed by the beginning of this beautiful, growing relationship.

Things you may want to know about her:

She’s still in school, studying for PR- but on top of that she works 2 jobs and dedicates multiple hours a week here at In The Now.

She’s the face behind the team email account, and she takes it seriously! From vendors to clients to random inquiries- she’s the one to contact [and who will contact you] for all the little day to day needs.

Even though she’s a few inches taller than the tiniest girls on our team, she has the smallest foot- a whopping 5 1/2. I am baffled!

She likes what she tends to call “old people things”- wearing pearls often, she wears classy sweaters and prefers dry old man alcohol [whisky and such].

She genuinely cares what you have to say. She makes good eye contact, listens, and soaks in every moment of a conversation.

She has the neatest handwriting- and on top of it, is fervent about using her hand-written planner as opposed to any type of electronic option.

Why you’ll love working with her

Well, first of all- you can read the notes she writes at each meeting! Her note taking skills are changing my entire world [and I’m so thankful for it]. She’s invested in you, and in your wedding. With a background in the catering side of event management, it only took her a short while to realize she truly wanted more from this industry and experience. She sought out a way to dive farther in through working with us and I can say confidently that this is just the beginning. Her heart is truly made to work with others- to give of herself and to ensure events are organized to perfection. The asset that I have in her is twofold: her kindness rubs off on me, and her organizational skills coupled with the fact that her in-office time is so great makes working events with her a total breeze. She can be my second set of hands without needing any affirmation that she’s doing the task right- she knows, because she was there when the client was talking with us about it! This skill alone is worth mountains of dollar bills, and she’s currently providing it for us out of the love of her heart.

Chances are, if you’ve met wit her and I- you’ve yet to see the real power she holds. She may be quietly sitting in at most meetings, but she’s really just taking a moment to absorb the methods we have, the way we roll in client relationships, and the way we try and best put ourselves out there for initial meetings. She is the perfect hostess and “face” for In The Now, and trusting her with my client relationships [even just the small things- which can be so difficult to hand over] has been one of the easiest decisions I’ve made thus far as a business owner. If you meet her in the near future- hug her. It may be preemptive, but you’ll want to eventually so you might as well just get used to it.

Rizza- I’m thrilled for this year, because of you. You have given me a lightness in my heart and a hope for my future. I have a tendency to want to baby this company, to hold it close and not trust it to anyone- but your attitude, initiative, knowledge of current industry trends and vendors… and more, more, more- it has inspired me to take risks that even a year ago I could never see myself taking. I’m so thankful for your diligent work for us. For the way you’re so willing to emulate the feel I want in each email, phone call, and relationship made with In The Now. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll say it again here now with confidence: I try my best to pick “lifers” for this team, and you are lifer material, for sure. Thanks for being YOU, and for helping me truly turn back into me.


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