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Wow, y’all. In case you didn’t know in advance:

1. I’m a sucker for a bouquet with tails. In fact, it’s nearly exclusive that my bouquets have tails. I just love them flowing in the breeze.

2. I love a sharp, pop of color.

3. The whimsy of garden-style, texturally heavy floral design is something I simply cannot get over.

So this gem, below on the right, found on Elizabeth Anne Designs has me twirling in my office chair. And for all the right reasons.

Find joy in the smallest of things today- and grasp onto them tightly!


It’s back! By popular demand [and due to large quantities of excess here at the NOW studio]- we’ve set a date for a new Designer Swap Meet! If you missed the last one, you missed a rockin’ good time!

This time, as far as we know it, In The Now will be the ONLY designer selling items [but more are welcome to contact us if interested!]- I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. We’ve extended the sale to two dates in May to better accommodate our shoppers! Please bring bags and boxes to pack your own items [something we fell short on early in the day last year]- and come with an innovative spirit! We can’t wait to meet you, connect with you, and help your wedding vision come true!!

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Do your thing.

This is style for wedding, for life, for your heart! Hope to see you either day- May 21 or 22!


Okay so maybe this is a weird one. But, I took a vacation earlier this week for a few days- and you all hopefully know what I mean when I say that I was watching “vacation TV”. It means a whole lot of Dog The Bounty Hunter, COPS, and random animal TV shows.

Because of said TV shows, I discovered a nearly extinct animal called the Kakapoo. It lives in New Zeland. It’s high-maintenance [only mating when it’s favorite tree is in full bloom], and has hardly a purpose [can’t fly, and has a screeching cackle cry]. They call it the Owl Parrot. And I am in love with this adorable, fat little pointless being. So much so, that I’d love this:

You guys- this does not even embody the cuteness. But it’ll do. And I love this painting enough to truly WANT it. Or at least want to design something inspired by it.

Never forget those random sources of heart-stirring inspiration! Sometimes those will be the ones that truly set you apart from the rest of the pack!


We asked our good friend [and former Nowie] Candice to come alongside of us on the day of our darling Inspired Creations Contest shoot. What was produced literally stirred my heart as I watched it [and even now, when I think about it, I’m warmed].

I’ve always been a huge fan of team work. I’m really all about how “it takes a village”- and this company is set up accordingly [from the fact that we don’t limit the number of people brought onto each wedding, to the fact that we try our best to respect all of our vendors and treat them like a vital importance to each event- which they are!]. Here’s a little sneaky behind-the-scenes footage of what it’s like to prep and set a photo shoot with us. Thanks to LunchPail Pictures for their incredible skills at making us look ever-calm, ever-cool, ever-put together. We love that!!

Oh Penny, Brown Penny from Lunch Pail Pictures on Vimeo.

The hands you see: me, Kristen [with the iconic black hairband on her wrist], Rachel, Brittany [pouring our champagne], Carizza! That’s right y’all- we roll deep, even for photo shoots!

And since this video is delicious in SO many ways… I’ll bet you’re dying to see more from that IC Contest shoot [aren’t you??]!! Well, you can find it right here! We definitely covet your votes, should you find time to browse the submissions and truly believe that ours is the bee’s knees! Regardless, we’re thrilled with our design. It screams In The Now- using all the simplicities we believe in, and tying it up in a gorgeous bow [with long, flowing-in-the-wind style tails… just how we love to do!].

Hope you enjoy!


I think anyone that follows me on twitter knows my obsession lately for blocks of vivid color [expressed in my color palettes throughout the past months].

What you may not know is that these are actually pantone swatches [a graphic designer’s staple, and a love found through my sister that I’m deeply grateful for]. So when I saw this little D-I-Y I was immediately taken with the idea!

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a huge D-I-Y gal, I’d rather pay someone to D-I-F-M [do it for me] as I feel that people who do things professionally, tend to do them best. But these, I want to get my hands on OH SO BAD! Anyone down for the cause to make me some magnets?? :)

In the words of that same beloved sister of mine [stated on the bottom of her emails as well as her cell phone greeting]: have a colorful day!


Once again [and I can blame this on Katie Neal instead of myself just this one time… can’t I??], these two are actually newlies and not anymore nearlies. Stacey and Ernie tied the knot this past weekend at Santiago Oaks Park… and I’m confident Katie captured them just as beautifully then as she did here!!

I gotta hand it to our girl, Brittany. I can clearly, most definitely say that she knocked this wedding out of the park!! Since we’re now treating nearly all of our clients to a “dual package” system [meaning, they work with one planner and one designer from our team, together 4 eva], I had the honor of working with Stacey and Brittany equally to pull off their fantastically colorful nuptials!

Stacey is a yoga instructor. This explains much about Stacey. She’s calm, reflective, peaceful, genuinely caring… I adore my moments with her because of it. And their wedding definitely reflected this passion- colorful tribal and Indian influences were evident [I cannot WAIT to show you pictures!!]

Oh P.S. I forgot to mention- she’s also gorgeous! And Ernie is her perfect counterpart. I think they pretty much fell in love instantly… and they seem to effortlessly stay there.

Hands down, my favorite:

Stacey and Ernie- you two are a total delight together. It’s evident in your smiles, in your laughs, and it was definitely evident on your wedding day!! Hope you’re soaking in the sun and honeymooning it up!


Who are these people? I mean, really. It’s sort of beyond amazing to me. It’s true art. It’s innovation at it’s finest. It’s inspired. And I am so, so into it.

Dying for a picture already?

This is a carpet made out of plastic forks. Forks you say? FORKS I SAY!!

And here’s another, made of pasta:

Visit the blog from the artists at We Make Carpets for more fresh, inspired artwork.


This is just one of the dozens [and dozens, and dozens…] of amazing photos from the shoot that Rachel put together in honor of the Inspired Creations Contest! In case you’ve missed our tweets and Facebook posts, there are more photos up on The Sweetest Occasion Blog [yipppeee!!].

I’m swelling with pride and completely, totally in LOVE with this shoot!! Hope you enjoy, too [and if you love it- go vote by commenting on it!]. The photos were published yesterday and there’s oodles of inspiration to pour through [the contest photos will appear for the next 28 or so days- with 30 tables entered into the competition!! Keep checking back on both The Sweetest Occasion and Elizabeth Anne Designs over the next month and find out what YOU love!!


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