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Americana Details!


In honor of the delicious three-day-weekend we all just experienced, I figured we’d give a huge shout out to our great nation [and the troops who support it] with an even bigger preview of the killer photo shoot that Rachel submit via Elizabeth Anne Designs [for the Inspired Creations Contest! This one has red, white, and blue all over it… with a toss in of nude and a snap of copper!

Lovely graphics whimsically displayed, and designed by our favorite Kristen!

Florals by yours truly; hand-bent wire name cards by the ONLY gal on my team I trust with such details… Sharon!

One last cutie image of the *adorable* couple that came out to play with us:

Thanks to Mathieu Photo for the heart warming images and Strawberry Farms for their gorgeous grounds [at last minute, even!]. And, for a backstage preview of what it’s like to work it with us from Lunchpail Pictures, Click Here!

Proud to be an American. To live in a country with so many freedoms, so many choices- and to be given the responsibility and obligation to find the right path for me. Live proud today, y’all! And hug a solider [or a soldier’s family] while you’re at it… giving love is a good thing!


I’ll be honest- I love a good confetti toss. No, I won’t limit it to that. I love a good anything toss. Tossing of fresh lavender during the first dance… count me in! Tossing some heart-shaped rice as the couple leaves the church…. yep, I’m there. Tossing oversized confetti as the couple exits their reception in the getaway car… you know it!

So, when my favorite Martha put this out in one of her latest mags, I knew it was kismet. Because, just look at it:

She always makes things so pleasing to look at with her palettes. And I’m into it! The random confetti sizes, the glassine envelope so subtle and gorgeous attached to the front of the program… and the multi-use program cover now having a greater purpose! I’m smitten like a kitten. :)

Find two things that you love and need, mesh them together, and create something to monster design today! It just can’t be wrong when it ends up SO RIGHT!


Newlys: Stacey & Ernie

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Love is in the air! Especially when it comes to Stacey and Ernie. They were my first couple of 2011 and they did me proud! Not only were they super laid-back and excited to get married, their theme was killer! Stacey, being a yoga guru, wanted to bring the India feel into her “big day”…and that’s exactly what she did. With the design mastermind of my AMAZING boss Amanda, we came up with a yoga inspired wedding with a twist [like we always do here at In The Now]. Check out these stunning shots from the very talented Katie Neal and her hubby Ryan!!!

Ernie getting all sorts of sharp for his bride-to-be!

The programs were made from seed paper than you could plant, very eco-friendly.  Plus a gorgeous arrangement from the talented Amanda!

Incenses favors made by Stacey herself! Love the details

Again, Amanda’s amazing floral work with tons of pop color and texture

Happy tears of LOVE

All the desserts were vegan and d-lish!!! YUM

My two favs. Santiago Oaks was such a beautiful venue. Totally feeling the orange orchard!

Ta-Dah! I couldn’t be more thrilled of how the entire day looked. It definitely had a certain feel to it. And I also couldn’t have done it without the help of my fabulous team and hardworking vendors!

Planning/Coordination: ME and my oh-so-fab assistants Alicia, Carizza, and Kristen
Design/Floral: My boss, friend, mama-bird, and inspiration…Amanda!
Paper Graphics and Design: Shannon from our own ranks!
Catering and set-up: Kimberlyn and her team @ 24 Carrots
Cake and mini cupcakes: Luscious Desserts
Photography: The very talented couple Katie and Ryan @ Katie Neal Photography

Thank you again to ALL who made this happen! I’m am forever grateful to have such helping hands who put this together. Here’s to you, and a wonderful year full of weddings, happiness, and of course LOVE!

With Love.

Sneak Peek: Sarah + Sean!


I can’t thank Lane Dittoe enough for capturing their love so accurately. Here’s just a glimpse at their authenticity…

[P.S. fierce makeup on Sarah thanks to Carina and the team at Flawless Faces]

More to come!


I am just fully humbled and awe-struck by this feature. And not because the wedding is gorgeous.. I know the wedding was gorgeous. I was there. I got to witness the beauty in person [the actual beauty- nothing that could be put into words- the beauty of two people who are so intwined, so in love, so honored to be taking part of this commitment that their day is flawless from top to bottom].

I’m thankful for peoples’ words about this wedding. Amy and Jocey at Wedding Chicks, claiming it was the most beautiful wedding they’ve featured this year. Ryan Ray– the photographer, brilliant in his own right, thanking ME for the details and beauty of their photos. Truly… there aren’t words.

Click here for the full feature!

Today, I am just thankful.


Join us here, from the morning to afternoon, and snap up some of your favorite goodies!

For some extra enticement, I’ve snapped a few terrible photos of the way our studio is currently laid out. Keep in mind, there’s lots of stuff in boxes and it’s still “under construction”- things are being pulled from the rafters and out to sell all day today! But here’s a little preview:

Please, please, please… help send these items to a good, fun, and loving home! Operation: clean our studio is in T-minus 22 hours!!! :D


I’ve worked my share of ceremonies that are dying to incorporate faith, heritage, and tradition. In fact, it may be that I’ve worked nearly 50% of weddings that want uniqueness only to be counteracted by the other 50% that crave the sameness of generations past. And I love either one equally- because it’s what is right for the couple and the family.

However, I’ve never had a bride get a traditional dress made that ends up looking like this:

I’m fairly certain this is a custom made, gorgeously etheral Korean Hanbok. And I am dying for it. The lush layers that give true bridal essence are just beyond-words. Angel Swanson flawlessly designed this event and the capturing of it by Elizabeth Messina couldn’t have been more perfect!

Makes you want to add in some tradition to your wedding, right? What can you take from family [the past, the traditional] and give a new spin to? Stretch your mind to working something completely sacred into something completely YOU!


Don’t forget! We’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday!

This post will stay at the top of the blog all week long, so be sure to visit and peek at the funsies below as they post new as well!

Hope to sell some stuff and see you there!!


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