Now, I know that this wedding has been featured already on Wedding Chicks, but I thought it might be fun to break down some of our favorite details for you here and now! I can’t thank Ryan Ray enough for his gorgeous photos. The film quality is just deliciously romantic, soft, and everything a wedding should be! Now- onto the details!!

The Guestbook

Since the wedding was an intimate 60 guests, we really wanted something unique and special for their guestbook. What we created was a concept unique and beautiful in it’s own right! We adorned 60 tall pillar candles in glass containers, and tiered them onto a shelf. As the guests wrote a note of their prayers, hopes, and wishes for the couple, they lit a candle in honor of the marriage and in belief that those prayers/hopes/wishes would come true. By the night’s end, 60 candles glowed brilliantly! Geno and Courtney are candle fiends, so this particular detail was a perfect fit for their wedding! And, it was something we loved putting together, too. :)

The Guest’s Adornments

We’ve done things similar to this before, and we always love the idea of exciting your guests with a small detail to make them feel special. The “adorn yourself” idea always works! We created 60 unique boutonnieres of balsa wood flowers – 30 for the gals with a feather and lavender accent, 30 for the guys with a double feather accent – and displayed them in wooden trays with signage directly applied onto it. We nested a padded foam board that all the boutonnieres could stick into so that they were easy to grab and pretty to look at! Courtney and Geno’s wedding focus was ALL about family and closeness, so this was a perfect way to let every guest know that they were hand-picked to be part of the crowd that witnessed this gorgeous ceremony!

The Ceremony

The ceremony site boasted two monogrammed vases at the “back” of our aisle way. In the middle of all the chairs was a simple, clean arch with minimal fabric [so as to not affect any of the guests’ view of the actual service]. Since the first time we screen printed wood invitations, we’ve been enamored with the effect of screen printing onto wood. For this specific wedding, we actually printed onto multiple different pieces- the first of which were the ceremony programs, which were delicately placed on each guests’ chair, and adorned with a small pearl accent! Aside from that, we also had the guests’ toss fresh dried jasmine blossoms at the bride and groom during and after their first kiss. Since we opted for a 360 degree ceremony site [to continue that “intimate” feel], we knew that not all guests would get to toss their blooms as the couple recessed down the aisle- so we broke those rules and had them toss during the kiss! The muslin bags were adored with a monogram explanation tag letting the guests know what to do!

The Chair Detail

We wanted to dress up the chairs with a simple, darling detail that was easy to execute but also added some whimsy to the day. What we landed on was a ribbon “sash” complete with side bow and hanging tails. The tails, which hung to the seat of the chair, were perfectly snipped at an angle. This one was definitely one of the most difficult to complete- simply because of the time and care taken in each bow- but was so SO gorgeous when viewed as a complete group! It may be my favorite chair detail yet!!

The Place Setting

For us at In The Now, it’s all about the small things. This wedding is NO exception! We already knew that, with a small guest count, the seats at each table would be assigned. In lieu of a traditional favor/place card, we wrote thank you notes with each guests’ name on them, and tucked them into our napkins. We then wrapped the napkin with a luxe navy velvet ribbon, knotted off to one side [another labor of love by yours truly]. To finish off the guests’ experience, another screen printed wood element was included for each setting: the menu card. Again, adorned with a pearl accent and placed next to each person’s plate, it was the perfect way to express love, care, and intimacy for this event from the bride and groom to each of their guests. And the guests went WILD for them!

The Table Numbers

We are BIG fans of a dual purposed item here at In The Now. Mainly because, in our eyes, less is [almost always] more. The cleaner the lines, the better the feel. The more streamlined our events can be, the more they echo our personal style and the more rich they tend to feel! So, we came up with the idea to stick the table number directly onto the candlestick that held our centerpieces. And I absolutely ADORED the outcome!

The Sweetheart Table

A simple move of the ceremony arch and we’ve got a killer backdrop for bride and groom “snapped” portraits from friends! The hanging candles and flowers [in the mercury glass containers] further emphasized the fact that THIS was the focal point for the evening. We added a little pop of textural pillow onto each of their chairs to ruffle them up a bit. Moving the monogrammed vases behind them was another way to ensure that guests’ knew today was all about the bride and groom!

The Sweet Station

Their simple sweets display from Sweet and Saucy Shop was adorable with the large oak tree backdrop. Another way of SIMPLY dressing up in the smallest of details: the cake stand. Their mini two-tier cake was adorned with a peach ribbon bow- the same that was on the guests’ chairs- and became the centerpiece of the table in the best of ways. Again, maybe one of my favorite, most simple to accomplish details EVER!

Hope you enjoyed! We absolutely LOVED being a part of this wedding. Courtney and Geno were a dream to work with and their faith in us and our vision truly showed!

Have a day full of the little things- whether it’s pedicures, a dinner out, taking in a late night movie… or just 5 seconds of uninterrupted eye contact with the one you love!