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Tromp L’Oeil. A phrase that has stuck with me since high school [my days in pottery/ceramics class- wherein I chose to make a ceramic “turkey dinner” for Thanksgiving- that my mom, to this day, proudly displays on her mantle each year]. It means “deceive the eye”. To make something, in art, as realistic as possible, without it actually being the object/item in question. Hence, ceramic turkey dinner.

This is one tromp I can certainly get behind:

Flawlessly blending two of my favorite things: wood grain and food. Just stop it with the faux bois graham crackers!! Oh how I would love to take these camping for s’mores!! Or better- utilize them for our s’mores stations at a wedding [something we tend to do quite often around these parts- and the guests always DEVOUR them!]. Thank you, Etsy Shop HomesteadingRoasters for your lovely inspiration on this lovely Friday. Perfectly timed. Perfectly summer. Perfectly inspired.

Be in awe of the simple changes in life today. Sometimes a creative idea is just what someone else needs to make their day. Go grab a cup of coffee, get those brain wheels crankin’- and create something with your hands! Bake it or not, it’ll be the best part of your day!



There aren’t enough words to say. About this video. About the couple. About their magnetic relationship and their perfect wedding day. And when it comes to Still Motion, I can only say that it’s an honor to work with a company with such passion and dedication to their jobs. The way they shoot is absolute perfection. Just watch and see…

how crazy is this? // irene + aaron’s SDE from stillmotion on Vimeo.

So so SO much more to come from this wedding. Please note “the team” [that’s us] was rollin’ deep that day- we are all OVER this video. And I adore that! Can’t wait to share the rest with you [this just shows the tip of the iceberg on their decor and details!].



Newlies: Kristine + Eric!


There’s a reason why we’re drawn to the couples who work with us. I’ll admit it: it’s the excitement of the event. It’s the gorgeousness and inspiration that floods in when we hear a couples’ initial vision. It’s the ideas that fill our mind on how to twist what they’ve seen and made their inspiration into a new, completely unique vision for their wedding. But most of all… it’s them. The looks at one another. The stories from their hearts. The love they share. Kristine and Eric hit it off with us [and, I say US very literally- we met them on a wedding day just before an install, and they met with about 5 members of our team at their initial meeting!] and instantly there was a click there on a personal level. Kristine just gets it. She knows where to keep it romantic, and where to pop it modern. She knew how to be inspired by her venue. And thankfully, she totally knew that this day was most important because, well, she was getting married to the love of her life. It was clearly evident to us, and obviously to Brandon Kidd also- as he captured their love so fluidly. It oozes out of their images in a way that took my breath away and brought me to tears. And now, I’m sharing their stunning images with you…

Her bouquet, with those dyed peacock feathers, is just unbelievably. And I’m SO thrilled that it photographed just as gorgeous as it was!

I mean this in the best, most tender of ways but… Eric was a mess all day long. He knew he would be. We joked about it plenty when we saw them prior to the big day [and, even during!]. But it’s moments like this that make the connection real and raw- they make the day personal for each person working it, and each person attending it.

This moment above of the Ketuba signing is my favorite. It is SO real and tender. I’m totally in love with it. And, that crisp ring shot ain’t bad, either!

At SmogShoppe, there’s always a concern with the ceremony decor because of the space flip that takes place promptly afterwards. This simple herb-adorned aisle treatment may be my favorite of all the things I’ve seen there yet!

A hugely fun install project- vintage key/tag escort cards! Kristine was processing through a fun way to display them, so I suggested utilizing one of our oversized frames and stringing them [we opted for lace to keep the romantic feel of the day]- then quirked it up with mini burnt orange clothespins. So so so cute!

Promptly to follow: a gratuitous amount of decor and reception shots featuring the lovely work of Holly Flora.

The place cards are just ridiculously adorable with their hand-written scrawl. And that “late night snack” favor? Adore!

And a couple last tendies [which, to me, means “tender photographs”] of their first dance:

Isn’t it wonderfully refreshing to see a couple so clearly INTO each other? I adore this part of my job [the part where I get to witness two lives being bonded together forever, and then the part where I get to re-live each of those moments in their permanent state through photos as the day flies by…]

K+E: if it wasn’t evidently apparent how much we adore you, please revel in that truth now. You two are “the good ones”. The ones that make every drop of sweat and every unexpected snag [that is promptly solved] worth it. Your day was perfect, don’t get me wrong- there wasn’t a single snag to overcome, but… the love you two share fuels the fire in our hearts to share what we do with the world as the days go by. You make us work tirelessly with silly smiles on our faces after 15 hour days. For that, I’m forever grateful.

Vendor Rundown for all our fabulous readers…

Venue: SmogShoppe [shouts to Bobby, Galen and Stephen who chatted us up until the wee hour of 3am during the packdown with lots of laughs and fun!]
Coordination: In The Now’s very own Sharon [and of course, Kristen and Rachel for their incredible assisting abilities]
Floral and Decor: Holly Flora
Photography: Brandon and Kristin Kidd
Cake: Susie Cakes
Catering: Heirloom LA
DJ: Patrick at 123 DJs
Calligraphy: Trial By Cupcakes [love love love]
Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen

I don’t have enough good words to say!

**This wedding was fabulously featured last week on Ever Ours, special thanks to Lydia for the feature!!



Featured On: Ever Ours!


I loved everything about this wedding. And, I feel like [as an event designer] that’s a rarity for one that we had absolutely zero hand in planning. It’s the snob in us. It’s not my fault- it’s our JOB to design. So, naturally, we have opinions. But Kristine [this gorgeous bride] put together such a stunning concept, and planned it flawlessly- coming together so organically with details to easily swoon for. It was an honor for us to even be attached to this event! Sharon flawlessly executed each detail and plan of Kristine and Eric’s wedding day- and I got to be a mere pair of helping hands and a smiling heart of support. I could go on and on about this- but I’ll save that for another day. For now, JUMP on over to Ever Ours and swoon over the images that Brandon and Kristin sent to them!

Thanks Lydia for the feature! We are always so thankful and humbled by the people who love and support us!!



I just can’t seem to quit you, monochrome!

This single image of some randomly flavored [how many purple flavors are there in life, am I right?!] popsicles has given me more inspiration than I had been able to muster in days. The delicious shade of the plate. The deep and intricate lines on the popsicles. The way it’s simply shot from overhead. I’m in love.

I blame it on my new Pinterest page. It’s locked me into several hours of searching images, quotes and random ideas online. For this, I’m both thankful and humbled. There’s nothing like realizing how many talented people are in the world.

Spread the wealth today! Value yourself and appreciate others. Both are equally growing and important. It’s good to be humble but not self deprecating. Know your worth! And shout it confidently from the rooftops- while never getting too “big” to consider others and their talents too!




POSTED BY carizza

**Thanks to EVERYONE who flattered us by applying [and for their kind words]- we did already interview for these positions and are making our careful selections! Once we’ve made up our minds, we’ll share them with you- our loving audience!**

Summer time is here! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, bride and grooms are getting married and….

In The Now is looking for a dynamic duo of interns to join our team!

We are looking for ONE design intern and ONE planning intern.

Applicants for both positions must be able to:

  • **Commit to a 6 month internship, starting ASAP.
  • **Devote at least 2 days a week to being at the studio (downtown Santa Ana), which translates into 10-15 hours a week. Studio hours are generally 10am – 7pm, and we are flexible on days but really looking for consistent days of the week from someone.
  • **Attend team meetings (first Monday of the month at 7pm)- these are mandatory, silly, and essential.
  • **Be available for the most exciting part…weddings! We have a full calendar through the summer and rest of the year- a great chance to get some true hands-on experience and soak up the season with us!

Applicants for a planning intern must also be able to:

  • **Communicate effectively, via email, phone, and in person [and always with a smile on your face- brightness in personality is a huge staple at In The Now].
  • **Understand how to be logistical support to the team.
  • **Take initiative with tasks and take liberty in the office. We are look for a self-starter and someone whose desire is to keep a well-organized shop in check.
  • **Be willing to work on multiple projects at a time, whether it be independently or with a team.

Applicants for a design intern must be able to:

  • **Learn the creative aesthetic that In The Now is known for [bonus if it’s your aesthetic and you love it] and effectively design into that aesthetic [be it graphics, hand made details, photo shoot elements].
  • **Understand how to put together colors, ideas and details in theory and literally [being hands-on is a design staple here].
  • **Be willing to act as a support system for the team’s designers, assisting with the day-to-day tasks that come with the creative side of events.
  • **Be open to learning about all sides of event design [including and not limited to fine details, floral design, and lots and lots and lots of “crafternoons”].
  • How to apply:

    • **Email a random rundown (10 facts) about yourself to Carizza [me] at Please include potential availability. Remember that this job is a personality driven job. We want to know what makes you tick- what makes you love events- what makes your heart skip a beat!
    • **Resumes are also welcome. For design interns, any portfolios/pictures that show your style and experience are also great.
    • **Wait to hear if you’re chosen for an interview. We’re planning to interview this Saturday, so please also let us know when you’re available that day. Like we said- we need some peeps to start immediately, hitting the ground running with us for our busy August!

    Really, what we’re looking for is that perfect fit to our dynamic team. To say that we’re a tight-knit family seems to be an understatement. We’re an oiled machine, looking to add a few links in so that we can continue running smoothly as we grow and change. We’re setting up 2012 to be even more amazingly wonderful than our current season is, so we’re hoping to find individuals who are ready to jump on board and be a real PART of something. In the past years, we’ve only had two interns turn out to be a temporary situation, so we truly gravitate to those people who are looking for a lifetime of wedding bliss with this industry. We want to invest in the careers of those who we believe will make industry staples in their future.

    We are so excited to be growing so that we may continue to bless others! Pass it on. Candidates must submit their information before Friday the 22nd to be considered for an interview, so… hope to hear from you soon!

    By madness, of course, I mean wedding.

    Ever wonder what you can do, all you D-I-Y gals, now that you’ve taken the time to scoop up and scour all of those thrift stores/flea markets/swap meets/yard sales? If you’re “en trend”, and have planned a wedding that is a reflection of our current times in the industry [meaning- Anthropologie, vintage, shabby chic inspired with mismatched glassware and bud/bottle vases], here’s a great, creative, fun and permanent DIY for the crafty crafters in you!

    The end result:

    Yep. That’s hanging pendant light fixtures. Out of old decanters and cut-crystal/glass vase ware. And it’s *amazing* looking, right?? It’s definitely a good weekend warrior project- so knock it out [how amazing to tell your friends, family, and kids that these cute hanging lamps are actually from your wedding tables!!!]. I truly love this idea. So, attempt away! Put your own spin on it! Paint them with glass paint from the inside to reflect colors! The world is your oyster, dear readers.

    And remember: do nothing without your full self, intent to finish the project, ambition, and excitement!

    Happy holiday weekend, y’all! Be safe, eat some refreshing watermelon, sip some lemonade, and soak in time with loved ones! Take pictures, too!! Nobody ever regrets capturing a moment in life.



    My oh my oh my oh my.

    I cannot express the deep passion I feel for this simple, modern, clean, adorably gold collection of flatware.

    If I could still register for stuff [you know, 30th birthdays and anniversaries and “just because” parties], I’d register for these. A splurge of a price, but worth each precious penny!