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YAY! This wedding from last September at SmogShoppe was a standout memory of a whirlwind event [fun, exciting, lighthearted and bursting with color and personality!]!! Lauren and Charlie were SO fun- and the pictures prove it! So glad that Junebug agreed and featured the fantastic event on their blog!

So thrilled to be a part of the killer vendor team that pulled this event together! And to work at a venue we know and love so well- even more of a yay moment! Run over to see What Junebug Loves about this wedding!! I know you won’t regret it!


Oh, Ashley Rose, you are too many things. And Esther- well, I think you know already how the entire team feels about you, right? I mean, let’s admit it: working your wedding was a fight amongst the gals because of all your cute details. But more than anything, the genuine love that you see pictured here is just a set up… a set up for the amazingness that’s to come in future weeks. The details are wonderful. The pictures are great. But the moments between a couple getting married… those are epic.

And just a quick aside for you: any photographer that sends me little sneak peek images just a day after the event in my inbox earns major brownie points. And when you send them to bride too, she cries. Anything to bring us back to those memories and those moments.

Cannot wait to reveal more. Their wedding was popped like it was hot thanks to Rachel!


Friday Lovely: More Cake.


Another lovely gem by the fabulously talented Maggie Austin.

This is more than food. This is more than event inspiration. This is life inspiration. I can’t even imagine creating an art that’s edible, perishable and delicate beyond reason. But some people are born to do it… clearly. Oh, Maggie, never quit what you do. Your designs are what fuel my creative fires.

What fuels you, dear readers? Find something today to cleave to… you’ll never regret following your heart to a place where passion and creativity meet for cocktail hour.


Now that you’re already deeply in love with Irene and Aaron after watching their ridiculously amazing video [thanks to Still Motion], here’s just another little snippet for you of their incredible day:

[so so so so so many more fun details to come!!]

Ian Grant is being such a tease; posting one or two images a week just to keep me in crazy anticipation for the full shebang. And from what I’m seeing… I am over the moon! I highly suggest becoming a Facebook fan of his so that you can get some sneaky previews too! Thanks to Ian and Tanya for the way this lovely couple was captured. Not only was their day totally flawless, they have the incredible pictures to prove it. Nothing makes my heart happier!

Aaaaand, just for giggles, the unanimous “favorite” [by the couple] photobooth image of the night:

Yes. That’s my husband. And yes, he thinks this is highly humorous to make 3 pictures look as identical as possible. But I can tell you he was wildly laughing between each frame. That boy!

More to come. I promise!


Everything about this is my favorite. It’s my favorite that Jack Rodriguez is the photographer for this wedding [because, well, he’s both friend and family]. It’s my favorite that lovely Rachel is the event designer on this wedding [because, well, she’s also a bridesmaid and dear friend of Channy’s]. And it’s my favorite that I have the honor of crafting the floral design element for this wedding [because, well, solid photography plus lots of design details makes for quite the killer wedding].

It doesn’t hurt that Channy and Gaston are gorgeous together, either. I’d say that helps entirely too much, actually.

This rooftop engagement session in LA [with the city wind that just echos moments from classic movies] is definitely a favorite. There is romance. There is softness. There is true love. There’s even a hint of mystery here.

Channy and Gaston are tying the knot this weekend [!!!], in an event with a Victorian twist and formal feel [my favorite right now]. They’re in the final countdown and we couldn’t be more THRILLED over here to pull together the last bits and pieces of their big day, so that everything flawlessly flows from minute to minute, detail to detail!

I think outfit #2 is my favorite. The drama of it all!

See what I mean? Old Hollywood classy glamour, y’all!

So New York-y in all the BEST ways!

If you can believe it… there’s even more where this came from. Run to Jack’s blog to gush over the rest of them [and leave a comment with some love for the couple, while you’re there].

C+G: we are all counting down the days along side of you! We’re thrilled to make your dreams come true, take away some stress from your lives [even if just for one day], and add some beauty to your world. I can’t wait to put together the wedding that will be permanently remembered through pictures for the rest of your life. Such an honor!


I have to thank the ladies of Be Inspired for this lovely find. Their post on ombre wedding style [something I am completely weak-kneed for] featured this invitation suite from Minted, and I am smitten:

I adore the hand-painted feel. It’s artistic without trying to hard. It’s simply flawless. If I could make my business have this essence, then I will die a happy woman.

Allow yourself to truly stop a moment and soak in the art all around you. Some may see this as a wedding invitation suite- to me, it is a living, breathing, inspiring masterpiece. Negotiate your own terms today- and make it count!


I love this. I love the textures used. I love the way the moments were captured. I love the shots used. And I love that this video takes me right back to the most special day in the life of Brooke and Toon. I remember it vividly- and this shows everything that I remember and more!

The Wedding of Brooke & Toon from New Classic Films on Vimeo.

I know, it’s a bit lengthy. But even watching a portion of it, you’ll be captured by their love. I dare you.

Huge thanks to Camron and team at New Classic Wedding Films for being there with us that day! This makes me thrilled to work together again [and again and again] in the future!


Nearlies: Laura + Loren.


You know those couples that are just easy together? That’s Laura and Loren. When they’re together- and when they’re with me, they’re always smiling. There isn’t tension. They don’t have ideas that contradict the other’s taste level. They flow. They make sense. And they smile. It’s funny how effective a smile really can be.

So when they went on a search for a wedding photographer, I jumped at the chance to pair them with someone who would capture their essence correctly. When they landed with the [brand new to me] Tyler Branch Photography, I was thrilled. When I saw these, below, I was elated.

Hugging. And smiling.

And smiling some more…

Quite possibly the most perfect picture of lovely Laura:

One for the road…

Tyler, I am jaw-droppingly thankful to you for these images. I can’t tell you how much more excited I am for the nuptials of L+L now that I’ve seen a slight preview of their love captured through your lens.

And to the adorable couple whom I am honored to be planning alongside: this is what your love story looks like, from the outside. All the beauty, all the peace, all the heart and all the fullness that these images bring into the world… that is what you two are bringing into the world daily just by being together. 9.10.11 can’t come soon enough!


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