Now that you’re already deeply in love with Irene and Aaron after watching their ridiculously amazing video [thanks to Still Motion], here’s just another little snippet for you of their incredible day:

[so so so so so many more fun details to come!!]

Ian Grant is being such a tease; posting one or two images a week just to keep me in crazy anticipation for the full shebang. And from what I’m seeing… I am over the moon! I highly suggest becoming a Facebook fan of his so that you can get some sneaky previews too! Thanks to Ian and Tanya for the way this lovely couple was captured. Not only was their day totally flawless, they have the incredible pictures to prove it. Nothing makes my heart happier!

Aaaaand, just for giggles, the unanimous “favorite” [by the couple] photobooth image of the night:

Yes. That’s my husband. And yes, he thinks this is highly humorous to make 3 pictures look as identical as possible. But I can tell you he was wildly laughing between each frame. That boy!

More to come. I promise!