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I’m holding my breath. I’m waiting for it! I’ve been wishing and hoping and counting down the minutes. That’s right, y’all… I’m talking about the return of wedding glam. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve loved this time away from the fuss and frills of the formal wedding event, but it is TIME for the comeback. I have high hopes for 2012. For those hopes, I can thank Molly Sims. Her fashion and glam-inspired bridesmaid gaggle is jaw-dropping and the perfect re-entry to the world of classy, formal-inspired weddings. Talk about full length gowns done right! I love this blend of trendy and next stage:

Are you ready, 2012?! Because team In The Now is rollin’ in strong! We can’t wait- and we hope you’ll join us for this generation glam… wedding style!!


I’m not sure if any of my readers are familiar with a little blog called Grey Likes Weddings [she says, with a thick sarcastic accent], but I am smitten like a kitten when it comes to posts like Minted. Just from the few that Summer posted, I am in awe of the raw beauty and talent of these people’s submissions. I want ALL of it in my life.

A few of my favorites:

And my favorite for it’s true authenticity….

Ugh. If I had a journal that looked like this, I may be inspired to actually WRITE in it!! You guys- there are so so so many more where this came from. I can’t urge you enough to swing by Grey Likes [on a regular basis, anyway] and weigh in on your favorite inspired design!

And until then, value the written word and carry it in your heart. Happy weekend, dear friends!


Trend Talk: Number Me Fancy

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Happy Monday!

To kick off your week, we’re starting a reader response driven blog convo about wedding trends. The heart behind this is to encourage discussion with brides, vendors, fans and friends, about anything from design to fashion to etiquette, bring it on! I know you’re dying to ask… :)

We’re starting off this fun topic with….table numbers.

We’re often asked about those boring pieces of plastic that you see at Carl’s Jr (or at table number two with your new in-laws). Or, they can be wire numbers hand bent to match the same font that’s on your invitation/programs/design suite…as evidenced below:

At ITN, we believe that every item on your tables (and in your wedding!) should be purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. Brides, you’ve put all this effort into the linens and china, why ruin it all with a piece of plastic on a metal stand? Let’s just make those numbers part of your table!

These stained wood blocks with a sophisticated vinyl application were conceptualized and handmade by our very own Rachel! What I love most about these table numbers (besides the adorable key that is just the cherry on top), is the contrast on the table. Your guests aren’t straining to see their table numbers – it’s not hidden amongst a centerpiece or blending into the linen – it’s functional and fabulous!

Photogs, how often do you remove that cut out piece of paper stuck onto cardboard in order to get that table shot? At Courtney and Geno’s wedding, that didn’t have to happen – because the table number was seamlessly worked into the set up. Less clutter – more efficiency.

And who says a table number has to be of actual numerical value? At Irene’s wedding, we used cities as table numbers, which were places that the bride and groom had visited together. Adorable and personal.

I hope that this added a smile onto your face this Monday – and that it gets you thinking about how to make things fun and functional =)

So don’t forget to email me some current wedding trends that you’re interested in discussing (or you can write on our facebook wall!). Then on Monday, we’ll respond. This is meant to be a conversation instead of a soap box, so friends, let’s trend talk!

Happy Friday friends!

I found this little treat over at Paper Crave, who directed me to the Leobella etsy shop, who specialize in handstiched paper goods.

I adore this piece with all of me because it’s so fantastic in all the simplest ways! It’s a little throwback to something traditional, whilst keeping it fun and fresh. I hope that is how we love each other – keeping true to the heart, but always remembering to add some zeal into it. Appreciate the old, but be excited about how to apply it to loving each other every day! Forever and always.

Newlies: Natalie + Josh

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You’ve waited long enough! Ok, I’ve waited long enough, but how can you wait any longer with these two? I mean c’mon, just look at em’! Natalie and Josh were married back in June at the lovely Brookside Equestrian Center where Rachel and I whipped up a little outside romance in the heart of Walnut, Ca. Working with beautiful Shannen Norman was such a pleasure [as you’ll note in the photos] along with all the other vendors on deck. Enjoy Natalie and Josh’s adventure through their summer wonderland!

The man of the hour!

Carissa from JL Designs worked her magic with all the florals we could handle. Lots & lots!

Props to my co-pilot and right hand gal, Rachel, for her design decor. Marvelous!

Best part of the evening, if you’re me anyway. Sweet and Saucy stole the show with their gorgeous yet scrumptious dessert display. We literally had to fight off guest to get a picture before the whole table was empty haha!

Found Vintage Rentals rentals supplied this rustic table that completely set mood.

A now just a few of my favs, enjoy!


Just another simple reminder why I love doing what I do!!! Side note: Nat and Josh did have a videographer which I plan on tracking down and snagging their video, so keep your eyeballs peeled.

With Love.

I have the amazingly talented Hope Stanley to thank for this- good thing I’m a follower of hers! Her passion for all things wedding fashion is infectious- and this remarkably adorable styled shoot is no exception…

So amazingly cute! The Purple Tree hit it outta the park on these, too! Be sure to check Hope’s Facebook Fan Page for more yummies from this session!

And remember- say it loud, say it proud, say it in the brightest of lights: you’re in LOVE! Whether it’s with someone, something, a career, a pet, or a new cooking class- life is meant to be embraced! It’s worth shouting from the rooftops with the cool wind rushing against your back. Fall in love with something exceptional so that you can be someone exceptional!


If you’re a friend and fan of ours on our Facebook page, then this may be old hat. But for those who are still gettin’-with-the-times, here’s a deliciously lovely sneaky peeks of the brilliant work from two of my favorite girls, Rachel and Brittany! All photos courtesy of Shannen Norman– her perfect work in capturing SO MANY amazing details does not go unnoticed by this bunch of event gurus over here. We are so thankful for it!! Now onto Nat and Josh:

Obsessed with this image even though it has nothing to do with us at all, in any way! Possibly my favorite bridesmaid color [and capture] of all time:

And one last detail-filled labor of our love, for the road:

So much more with words and love and thoughts and reasoning, to come!


I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for a good classic design. Revisited, of course. And more than that, since moving into my FIRST place with my own backyard earlier this month, I’ve had the out of doors on my mind! So, this blend of traditional style with an amazingly modern outdoor twist is melting my heart from the inside out:

Oh, Restoration Hardware, you are too many things boyfriend. TOO many! I mean really, a full teak wingback chair? Are you trying to send me to the poorhouse? Because I’m fairly certain that nobody could purchase just one. It’s gotta be a set. A duo. A pair of twinsies.

Possibly the most worthy backyard splurge, and the most noteable statement of a fashion-forward home!

Take some time today to reinvent the wheel for yourself. It’ll make you feel good to create something uniquely you, that will be appreciated and inspirational!