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Spotlight On: Lisa!


I wanted to take a moment this week to introduce you to our two newest faces. They’re very important to me- and they’re truly the driving force behind the daily/weekly/month tasks [and cleanliness, and efficiency, and kindness] of operations here.

Lisa is our current planning intern, and I feel so thankful, confident and moved by her passion for this job. She comes from a bridal background [working for 3 years at a bridal salon and loving her experience there interacting with brides so much, that she wants more!!]. She’s organized. She’s immaculately styled, always. She’s got an infectiously loud laugh and a smile in her heart that shines all the way through her perfectly white teeth [it’s a thing of hers]. I’ve, myself, been insanely busy throughout the time she’s been with us and her confident attitude has brought me through so much. She hardly needs direction to have a job done perfectly each time. She is clearly communicative, a natural leader, and so comfortable to chat with. I can say with confidence that picking her [which was a team decision] was a decision with divine intervention. What a purpose and future she has here!!

Lisa, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m glad that you picked us!! Even though you’re a newbie nowie, you’re a lifer in my eyes!


I love the feel of this entire shoot that Grey Likes Weddings featured. It’s selling headpieces. But I’m enamored with the stylish feel. The muted palette and the pop of deliciously red lips. Get into it, ladies!

Someone, for the love of all, please go rock some red lips this weekend [inspired by the lovely Sharon, who is never seen without her “lips” on]!!

And visit HERE for more pictures and details from the shoot!


Nearlies: Randa + Josh


Can I brag about these two?? Can I? Can I?? Because, well, technically, they aren’t mine to brag about. They belong to Brittany and Rachel. But more than that… I think everyone that has met or come into contact with Randa has fallen in complete LOVE with her. And that being said, I want to brag. So I will. Because Brandon Wong captured her, and her love Josh, so perfectly!

Oh- at this point, I need to add: Randa is gorgeous. Like, so so photogenic, any photography would be clamoring to have her!! I’m glad Brandon snagged them!!

Josh looks like a cartoon in this one and I am obsessed with it:

[Um, see what I mean about how beautiful this girl is??]. Randa and Josh are tying the knot at one of our favorite haunts [where Randa is an alumni!]: Soka University! Although she’s not our first Soka student/alumni… she is the first one utilizing the student-only areas of the property. So, don’t miss it. You’ll want to see. The space is ridiculously gorgeous!!

Aaaand I saved my favorite for last. Which Randa, of course, promptly changed to her Facebook profile picture upon receiving. Naturally.

R&J: you know we love you. Since moment one, we were just a complete fit. Your wedding has been the culmination of a lot of work, togetherness, fun decisions, some stress pockets along the way… but more smiles than anything. And more emails, and spreadsheets, and phone calls… and napkin/ribbon/linen/china colors… and enough laughter, hugs, and meetings to fill our hearts for years to come. I can’t wait for your big day! Can’t wait to see how it unfolds, and to get you two back up that aisle, hand in hand, as husband and wife!!

Oh and P.S. it’s pronounced like Rhonda. Only spelled cuter.
Fill up your love cup today with a couple of cute, dance-y split leaps!!


Nearlies: Maha + Jacob!


This is cutting it close- on my end. And I’ll be honest, we have two weddings [as a team] in two weeks from now and we’ve YET to have our readers meet the lovely couples. This, featured here today, is one of them.

When Maha came to me initially, it was through a family referral. She told me up front: she’s traditional. She wants her wedding to be timeless, classic, beautiful and to compliment her and Jacob. To rewind my thoughts from what the industry has been doing the past couple years has been a HUGE breath of fresh air. And the team we’ve assembled for her and Jake’s wedding… well, they’re epic. Timeless. Classic. I can’t wait to see it unfold!

When Maha and Jake are together… they fight like siblings. They flirt like highschoolers. And they smile wider than I’ve seen in quite some time. They compliment each other. After a decade of waiting and wanting, they’re tying the knot!! What can I say- timing is truly everything!

I love this girl’s smile. When she is smiling, the whole room lights up. I can’t wait to see it radiate through her wedding day. And if I haven’t bragged enough yet about Josh Elliott, their photographer, well… here it is now: way to rock it, Josh!! Those who haven’t heard… hear now. He’s a top pick!

And one last cutie cute:

M&J: I seriously just want to be at your wedding right now. Can we all just be there?! You two have endured so much just in this short time of being engaged… that I want to create that perfect ending [or, beginning] moment of this season and send you gleefully into the next. The way you love is exciting to watch. And I’ll be watching in just a week or two! :D


Nearlies: Amanda + Jered


This is a proposement session. You see, Jered surprised Amanda with what she thought was a workshop [for photographer Jeff Newsom] where they would be modeling as an “engaged couple”. But really, it was their engagement. His proposal. Their time to shine!

This is Amanda, standing under a bridge- before it all went down.

This is it. All going down. SO cute, right?!

I’ve known Jered for quite some time now, so I have been excited for this day… for quite some time now. Finding a girl that loves Jered so wholeheartedly and excitedly wasn’t easy [sorry, Jer]- but Amanda does. I can see her face light up when she’s around him. It’s such a beautiful thing, and something everyone hopes for with their friends!

That one, above, is my favorite! Nothing, and I mean nothing can replicate someone who is professionally artistically skilled with photography. This image is just beautiful.

When they showed me this image, below, they explained that they were dinosaurs. Then Amanda said “I’m the one that spits!”. This is why I love them.


And, in case you were still wondering about the amount of awesome their wedding might be, see below [which is how they revealed to their friends and family that they were engaged]:

So darling! They’re giving me a heart attack [haha!] and planning their wedding in just 2.5 months; and I really am thrilled to be along for the ride!! I can’t wait to reveal the fun, unique, and personality-fueled accents that will make their day more than special! J+A: you two are the best of the best. I can’t wait to get you two hitched!!

And if you want more- hop on over to The Voltron of Awesomeness [which is Jeff’s blog] for lotsa pretty pictures!


Friday Lovely: Brainiac.


I can’t describe how much I love this picture; this idea; this notion; this reality:

I am certainly 100% a right-brainer. Which means that I need to surround myself with lefties to keep me grounded. I love the balance of it… I also love the discipline of carving out time to flex my left side by planning and executing events that are well-organized [a skill set I’ve definitely developed over time]. The structure of this entire company is revolved around exploiting and advancing the natural skills that each member brings to the table. Each year we grow [literally, at 14 of us now], we change, we develop more traits for greatness. I am so so proud and honored to share my brain with the ladies that surround me.

But enough thinking for today. I think I’ve reached my left-side max! Take some time out this weekend to explore your opposite side, push it to the brink, and exhaust yourself with the challenge. Change is good; challenge is great! And growing up… it ain’t so bad.


Maybe my favorite adorably-styled bride of the year! Talk about channeling Audrey!

And one more adorable moment while they were seated during their Persian wedding ceremony:

Ack! So cute!


Sneak Peek: Brooke + Tom!


Augh Jen Lauren Grant and her tagging-us-on-Facebook skills! This little teaser right here is making me giggle:

Partially because I didn’t get to be at this wedding in person [it was rocked two of my faves, Rachel on design and Sharon on plans]. Partially because I was so inspired by Brooke, her mom Tracy, and their passion/excitement/creativity for the wedding. This was a good one, y’all. Just check out that slice of floral elegance you see from Megs at Honey and Poppies. Perfection. I can’t wait to show you more.

And there will be more.


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