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Now- I can only show so much at the current time. That’s because we’re working up a fabulous feature for our lovely Dawn and Jack’s big day last spring. But, I mean seriously, I am bursting at the seams to at least show a little bit!! Here’s an overall feel of their big day:

A first look in downtown LA [at the Standard Hotel, no less!] led to a walk through the city pre-ceremony…

Snippets of “dead” and wood floral marked their day with lots of character [especially because of their venue: The Museum of Natural History!]

Freaking FANTASTIC details full of snazzy linens, plexiglass modern details and a mix of the old-and-new that is a serious trademark style of this darling couple!!

I go all heart-eyed for these linens. And the frosted plexiglass placemats COMPLETE with place card names in vinyl. And the modern flatware. Can I say more?!

Dawn’s veil- that she wore only for the ceremony- was a ridiculous cathedral-length of amazingness. Like, seriously. It was SO amazing!

And again, I cannot gush enough about how well they tailored their event to their space. Like, perfect for a museum; perfect for them!!

Her pop-color lip was my fave, and of course a little snap of her woodsy and dead-inspired bouquet:

One last quirky portrait to set the mood for the rest of your day:

I love this couple. Like, shout-it-from-the-rooftops love them. It helps that Dawn has been with the team now for a couple of years. Finding interns that the team truly fits with can be tricky at times… and then, we get people like Dawn. Her and Jack have been a fit since day 1 and it was OUR blessing to be there laboring for them on their big day, as they’ve done alongside us. I love that only the team know the ins and outs of their big day- but that THEY know the ins and outs of other people’s. More to come from Dawn and Jack soon, for sure!! Was this enough to get you craving more or WHAT?!


What can I say about this day?? I mean, clearly, this was a whopper of a wedding. And to boot, for some of the most excellent people we’ve ever met [….and their muppet dog, Larry]. When I say “rush on over to their feature on Green Wedding Shoes“, I really, really mean it. The bride: gorgeous and ethereal. The groom: dashing. The dog: a bit of whimsy. The details: out of control.

Pam and Eric: you trendsetters, you! We love our Levs. That’s for sure. Reliving this day in the blogosphere has got to be the best part of my week.

Click click click… just one TINY click away and you’ll be whisked to their wonderful wedding world!


You guys. We have so so so soooooooo much stuff to sell. These photos are just the tip of the iceberg. So, I’m really hoping that the crowds come out in full force this Saturday and Sunday between 8am and 3pm. Make it happen, y’all! And to entice you more….

We’re selling a huge lot of the turquoise bud bottles from the above shot, as well as taking custom orders for disc plexiglass table numbers [featured in those photos as well]!

And these table numbers will be custom-order-able as well:

Yep! Thick, plexiglass square chunks [that can boast a number only, or text similar to this] that can stand up on their own for your table numbers!! We have a bunch of fuchsia chunky glitter-coverd votive holders, also! And some hand painted glitter-paint silver votives:

Also for sale, some blushy pink glass 10″ dinner plates [that we used as chargers and place cards for this event]- and you can see those disc table numbers again:

We’re selling these two wood columns/pillars as well as the pearl ivory trophy vases on top [my FAVE! we have 3 for sale]…

And these exceptionally delicious teal mercury glass votive holders:

We’ll be taking orders for these little beauties also. I love that these cake toppers look like they’re floating [and they are *perfect* on a top tier with their dainty 4″ size]!

What we don’t have pictured is TONS of vaseware [random one offs and entire collections], TONS of candles [even a section of used candles that I like to call “luminary candles”- meaning they’re ugly but totally use-able and perfect for illuminating your darkened reception path through a paper bag], TONS of votive holders in all sorts of finished and sizes, TONS of ribbon rolls, paper, fabric yards and lots and lots of floral supplies for anyone up to and into the DIY challenge [or any florists!!].

Again- hoping to see some smiling, shining, happy little faces this weekend at the studio. So come on out!

In The Now Wedding and Events Studio
12951 Main Street
Garden Grove, CA

Parking is ample around the back of the building in the lot, and in front on the street!

Kisses and hugs and rings and things,

Designer Swap Meet!


That’s right- the beloved Designer Swap Meet is back [and better than ever]!! On the weekend of October 27th and 28th, a group of your favorite wedding industry pros will be selling some of their fab pieces from past weddings to get your hands on! A collection of us will be joining in on the fun [and a list of who’s selling will be revealed in the coming days] but I can speak for us at In The Now and say that it’s one you WON’T want to miss! From collections of candles and vases, to small fun details and even some “custom order” possibilities- we’re here to take your wedding all the way to WOW! Please be sure to stop by for a purchase, a browse, or even just a chat! We’d love to see you join in on the fun!


Everyone knows that soft, subtle palettes are taking over the event world right now. And for good reason! I mean, just try to resist this:

Thanks to One Wed for the delicious exploitation of my heart with this one!! It is the perfect compliment to so many bridal gown styles. And- even if you aren’t into a pop of color in your bridal white for the ceremony… spice it up for your reception! I always say: color adds instant personality [which is why we always push our clients to “pop it modern” with their schemes]. You just can’t go wrong with a touch of floral romance!! I mean.. COME ON! Rhinestone leaves?! Dead.

Have a soft, romantic, love-filled Friday!


Yay! Yay! Yay! This over-the-top sweet, cute, stylish couple partnered with us while planning from afar. And the payoff was amazing [thanks to the talent of one Chenin Boutwell, we have pictures to prove it]!! Which is clearly why it’s amazingness was featured on Style Me Pretty!

Visit the full feature here [and be sure to click the link to see even more wedding goodness!! Alissa and Frankie: you two are just the bee’s knees!! So glad the whole world has access to see it.


I am a very simple person when it comes to my personal style. I like small, thought-out details. I don’t over-dress [like ever], I hardly accessorize, and I lean to the casual side with my clothes. But I do LOVE color. Vibrant color. Pop color. Subtle tonal color. So, naturally, this little ditty caught my eye big time:

… seem unimpressed. Well, that’s because I saved the best part for last!

Thanks to Modcloth for the peep show! Seriously- pair this with a gold clutch and some gold heels and you’re taking me straight to the emerald city!! This could make a killer rehearsal dinner look; or even [for those that plan so far ahead] an amazing Christmas party frock!

Wear it once and the rest will be green with envy!! Hardy har har, Amanda! ;)


A Big Congrats!


Congrats to Brandon Wong and Katrina for capturing an award, and capturing our beloved Dawn on her most special of days. We *love* this photo and we’re glad others do, too!!

[and we love even more how much it highlights those perfect modern toasting flutes, and her glitzy jeweled head piece!!]. Definitely award winning, we’re so thrilled that it’s making headlines! Congrats to all of you!


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