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Another little nugget we’ve been clinging to for a few months. Sarah and Sean got married at one of our favorite venues last summer.

UGH why are they so cute?? Seriously- this wedding was magical through and through.

Stay tuned for more in the future!!


As most of our ITN blog followers know we LOVE us some branding. I am sucker for a great presentation for even the most simplest things. So of course my eyes are always please when getting a glimpse of anything that has to do with Laduree. As delish as the sweet treats are there is something even better offered at Laduree!  You guessed it… Branding and presentation.

The first time I saw the photos above I died over the color combinations and how something so classic can come off modern and even a bit quirky .

I can see 100 different weddings designed JUST from that plate of Macaroons.

I think I would be a happy girl if I received one of these amazing boxes! The detail on the box is over the top and I love it.

So the next time you just happen to be in France go to Laduree (or go to and take a second and get inspired!

We’ve got some things we’ve been holding our breath on. And, hopefully, they’ll be revealed fully in the months to come. But for now, a sneak peek of this gorgeous, perfectly fun couple from last fall!

Brooke and Tom got married in Brooke’s family’s backyard. Her step-father built their wood tables by hand. And their dance floor. And he etched their names into it. Oh yah, and they built that bridge over the pool that the ceremony took place on. Pretty epic, right? Between her step-dad and her mom [who oozes natural style and design eye], Brooke was already in great hands. We’re honored to have taken part in their big day!

More and more and more to come- soon!


Dying you guys. Dying. This awesome couple tied the knot on the first day of this year and, although it was a complete whirlwind experience, it was such an amazingly special day to be a part of. Just look at their FACES!

I just can’t stop posting pictures of how *adorable* Jer and Amanda look together!!

And one last little cutie for you to realize that their personalities are just the most awesomest:

More where that came from, supplied by the talented kindness of Jeff Newsom [whose blog is appropriately named ‘The Voltron of Awesomeness’. I tend to agree].


Trend Talk: Escort Cards

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The guest count is finalized and the tables are assigned – huzzah! You’ve carefully placed your immediate family close to you, different social groups at the same table, and even made sure that the grandparents sit away from your brazenly loud college roommates.

All this thoughtful planning, but you’re not the one who’s going to be directing the reception traffic (cuz you’re going to be too busy being that beautiful bride in the spotlight) – that’s why we have escort cards =)

Escort cards (not to be mistaken for place cards – another blog on that to come!)  are used to instruct guests to their table. Whether its an intimate 5 tables or a grand 25 – guests want to know where they’re sitting, and more often than not, who they’re sitting next to.

Even though this is often one of the last steps in the wedding planning/producing process, just remember: It’s a simple, thoughtful detail that has low impact on your budget, but can have maximum impact for your guests.

Sometimes, all an escort card might need is a pop of a color to help it out. Like this eye-catching yellow backdrop from Azadeh’s wedding.

To give your wedding a cohesive look, consider using the same background print as your invite, or maybe use the ribbon that your bouquet is wrapped in. A thoughtful presentation goes a long way.

BTW – The best way to display escort cards is alphabetically, to minimize card grabbing frenzy! =)

A fun alternative to individual escort cards is the seating chart – which provides the same purpose, just presents it in a different way, and equally tangible way. At Angi’s wedding, we displayed ridiculously HUGE heart shaped seating charts.

Come on – cute colors and easy to read font? SO awesome. Can’t go wrong with that. Beauty in the streamline simplicity.

Also – a commonly asked question – where do you PUT said escort card display? We generally recommend these to be displayed in a common area during the cocktail hour. This gives people time to find their card, and gives your display some time to shine! ;)

By now you also know that ITN girls love a multipurpose detail, especially one that can be showcased as the center of attention. At the Serra Plaza opening event, we created boutonnieres for guests to wear.

Though they were used as name tags instead of escort cards, you can totes rock this idea for a large scale wedding where families might not know each other. Cuz everyone loves something personalized.

And…how about an edible escort card? This has seriously been my obsession lately – in a wonderful, can’t-get-enough-of-it way! Though not fully published yet, Ashley Rose gave us a little sneak peak of Lillian’s wedding last November.

Vinyl monogrammed lollipops – a labor of love and worth every second. And worth every lick, since they were champagne flavored – yummmmmm!

And…this amazing surprise that Amanda showcased at my wedding last month – ornament escort cards! Perfect for a December wedding, and yes, I knew nothing of it until the day of! Thank you Manders!

They also doubled as wedding favors, which was such a treat for everyone. And don’t forget to give people clear direction on what to do. Always.

Again, escort cards are another trendy detail that can be often overlooked and tossed to the side. By bringing in some purpose and some CUTE into your escort cards, your guests can be super excited about their seating assignment, and maybe even a bonus gift or treat on the side ;)

Love each other always!

Martha just knows how to revive a traditional home accessory. Behold, stamp soaps – inspired by conversation candy hearts!

She even tells you how you can do it yourself – here! Now seriously – soft cialis no one uses bar soap anymore, I know! But how cute would this look in your powder room when guests are over?! And not just on Valentines day – which is coming up soonsies!

but every single day of life. Because that’s what life is about – love, candy, and making it cute (and clean?) in the process.

SO!….someone come over and help me make these! ;)

Okay- I know. Are you bored yet or what?? We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled bubbly programming soon here. But, how could I NOT mention the most amazingly random, exciting and completely once-in-a-lifetime type of feature that we just had?

That’s right- you read the title already… we were featured on Home Depot’s Blog The Apron just today! Apparently they got wind of our fabulously industrial inspired shoot on Style Me Pretty earlier this week and just had to shout from the rooftops that they supplied so many of our elements! And they’re right.

We, as a team, completely love perusing the aisles in search of inspiration [in fact, if you’ve been a loyal reader you’ll note we’ve utilized other sources from there- like these brick placemats from a tabletop last year… hand picking bricks from a huge pile on a second-story shelf inside the old H.D. definitely turned some heads- especially from two ladies in heels- but we do what we can to make it fab!]!! I say, always visit the most unconventional place you can find, and never leave home without your thinking cap! Inspiration is truly everywhere! Honored for this chance at our once-in-a-lifetime style of feature! We sure had fun creating these pieces!!


2011 was crazy amazing in all the best ways. We had a wonderful jam packed year that pushed us to become more creative designers, even more efficient coordinators, in short – better people.

We fell in love with every single couple and wedding of 2011. We are so excited and proud to be picked by our friends Amy and Jocey over at The Wedding Chicks as one of the top 10 wedding posts of 2011 (we’re #3!).

And what makes it even more flattering is that it wasn’t even REALLY Amy and Jocey who picked – the Google analytics did all the work.

Ahhhhh! =) The smallest details, with the biggest love.

A special thanks to our dear friend Ryan Ray for the images that captured the blogosphere’s heart, on this post right here.

Reflecting back on 2011 is like a happy soft smile with a twinkle in your eye. Love each other always!

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