Okay- I know. Are you bored yet or what?? We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled bubbly programming soon here. But, how could I NOT mention the most amazingly random, exciting and completely once-in-a-lifetime type of feature that we just had?

That’s right- you read the title already… we were featured on Home Depot’s Blog The Apron just today! Apparently they got wind of our fabulously industrial inspired shoot on Style Me Pretty earlier this week and just had to shout from the rooftops that they supplied so many of our elements! And they’re right.

We, as a team, completely love perusing the aisles in search of inspiration [in fact, if you’ve been a loyal reader you’ll note we’ve utilized other sources from there- like these brick placemats from a tabletop last year… hand picking bricks from a huge pile on a second-story shelf inside the old H.D. definitely turned some heads- especially from two ladies in heels- but we do what we can to make it fab!]!! I say, always visit the most unconventional place you can find, and never leave home without your thinking cap! Inspiration is truly everywhere! Honored for this chance at our once-in-a-lifetime style of feature! We sure had fun creating these pieces!!