Apparently, it’s the only place we go these days!!!

No- really, I’m just kidding. It’s such a total honor to see the snaps that the fabu Jasmine Star took of our work in the fall of last year. This shoot was a total labor of love- efforting for something truly unique, inspired and different to add our point of view in an even stronger way in this industry.

After a shoot like this, as a designer, you’re exhausted [not inspired], cranky [not elated], and completely sick of every single project you’ve just put into place [instead of squealing with delight- well, except that centerpiece…. THAT one made me squeal]. But seeing the images with fresh eyes weeks later is always such a healing, blessed moment for us. All of our hard work paying off- being permanently part of the world from here forward. There’s no feeling like it! I could go on, and on, and on- for serious. But, I won’t. I’ll just say this…

Visit the whole shebang and the lovely words said about us [blushing… like, really, when did we become creative masterminds?!] at the feature here! I hope you love it like we do!!