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Happy leap year day! YAYYYY!

I know we’ve been a wee bit MIA.

It’s just, well – we HAVE been working on something pretty awesome for today’s Utterly Engaged Leap Year Remix party. I won’t spoil the surprise, but stay tuned for photos of maybe the most challenging design challenge to date.

In the meantime….we owe you guys big time. We owe you a piece of our heart, and here it is. Warning! It’s a little bit long. A little bit raw. And a little bit, ALL of us.


AMANDA | I LOVE the table trial. It’s honestly my favorite- simply because it takes all these visions and ideas we’ve been chatting through and shows them to the client. But more than that- it becomes obvious what works, what doesn’t and why. When you’re piecing together an event in your head, sometimes you can easily “see it”- but sometimes you can’t and you’re just relying on your intuition. Plus, there’s nothing better than seeing a client truly EXCITED about their wedding- the design, the love, the day. It’s an exceptional feeling.

RACHEL | The table trial HAS to be my favorite, because up until then, people think I’m crazy in the head – I know it’ll be amazing but they don’t really know, until they see it come together at the trial. (PS Rachel gave me – Carizza – her responses over the phone, so this is related via phone to the best of my abilities – if you know Rachel AT ALL – you know that the inflection in her answers are WAY more exciting than portrayed!)

KRISTEN | My fav is that moment when it hits that everything is coming together, which is typically in the wee hours of the morn when your hair’s pulled back, makeup’s half off, missing a shoe, and elbow deep in paint. The moment varies every time and sometimes happens every few seconds, but the reaction’s still the same –  “Dang.. that was a good one.” “Ahh that’s sooo. Freakin. Cute.” “Stop it, I can’t even handle it anymore I’m so good.” “I need some food.”

SHARON | My favorite part is the rehearsal… no one has seen it first hand, but they can all imagine it, and best part yet, their family is there and they are in the mix… it’s controlled chaos… Love it!!!

ALICIA | I love the times when the bride and groom have a moment to come in to preview their reception room before the guests come in. The looks of joy on their faces, when they see everything they’ve been imagining for months finally come to reality is utterly priceless.


DAWN | My favorite moment at a wedding is right before the bride prepares to go walk down the aisle. All her love and excitement pulled together into one. Never has there been a bride who wasn’t smiling full of love.

AMANDA | It’s a toss up between fluffing the bride’s train [typically, this is a moment that the world fades away and although she’s distracted, she’s kind of only with you and her father. Giving those last moments of wisdom is the best feeling- just knowing they’re in good hands with you directing], and the kiss! The kiss is always so telling for me. I love watching couples- especially ones who have waited all day to see one another- finally reach for each other after [what seems like] the longest 20 minutes of their life! Nothing like a warm embrace from two people so genuinely filled with joy and love!

SHARON | When emotions are running from all ends and you send your bride down the aisle and the world stops for the 43 seconds it takes her to walk down the aisle… I’ve witnessed it… the whole world literately stops!!! I’ve googled it!!! I know! :D

ALICIA | The exchange of vows is always my favorite part. A well written exchange of love and affection gets me crying harder then most of the guests are, every time.

LISA | When the officiant pronounces the bride and groom as husband and wife for the first time. From that moment forward life is changed (!) and everyone who is there to witness has a smile on their face!!


BRITTANY | The father daughter dance. I tear up every time STILL! And of course the end of the night hug from my couple. It’s like graduation day, and I’m the proud parent lol!

RACHEL | It’s a tie between the grand entrance and the grand exit. For the entrance, it’s like, HOORAY we’re married! For the grand exit, it’s like, HOORAY life together!

MIRIAM | When the bride & groom cut the cake. Their personalities really seem to come out during this process. It’s fun to watch.

NENA | All the Love seeing the new husband and wife enjoying their new time together.

CARIZZA | There’s always an inevitable moment in the reception when the bride gets separated from the groom (whether its Aunt Mildred pulling him to the dance floor, or his buddies congratulating him). And while searching through the crowds of her friends and family, the bride asks, “Do you know where…my husband…is?” And she smiles softly, cuz she just called him her *husband* for possibly the first time ever.  She’s not used to saying it yet, of course, and it means the world! A small moment I know, but such a precious one.

AMANDA | Grand entrance is up there for me. Again, another moment when the world goes quiet and, as they wait for the DJ, our team gets a moment to banter, congratulate and prep the couple for the coming moments. They’re giddy and distracted and listening to the music and hearing their names announced together- it’s a flutter of excitement! Plus, I love walking couples through their cake cutting ceremony. :) You know honestly, I just kinda LOVE everything about weddings.

AND there you have it. We love everything about weddings. What’s your favorite part? We’d LOVE to hear. Cuz likely, it’s our favorite part too! ;) xoxo!

Friday Lovely: Laced!


I have to thank my wonderful very super special clients for some of my best ideas. SO for this one, Amanda, it’s your fault! Amanda and Theo are getting married in July and at our last meeting, the gals and I gushed over her pinterest board which included a very special influential piece: a White Owl necklace. If you aren’t familiar with this Etsy seller… get familiar.

The draping on the pieces is perfection in every way. I LOVE that the chain connects multiple places and creates a “just right” feel and shape to the hanging lace.

Like a feather, only better:

Bride or maid, I find these pieces to be truly fantastic and I would LOVE to see them in person! And, if the array of gorgeous necklaces wasn’t enough, I stumbled onto these:

I am swooning, completely in LOVE with them [too bad I don’t wear earrings very often]. Tempting though, aren’t they? Scootch on over to her shop for more options and to see the incredible work in all it’s glory!!!

Have a lovely, wonderful, inspired Friday, y’all!!


Friday Lovely: Rocks On.


I am literally obsessed with Carly Waito right now. Like, honestly, how many times can you google an artist’s name just hoping the right combo of words will lead you to a link of someone selling SOMETHING of hers?? This collection of mineral paintings is stopping time- and my heart- when I look in their direction. I want one for my home. And that sentence is quickly turning from want into need. I mean, these are paintings, y’all. Not pictures or still photos. They’re oil paintings. And I want a huge collection for my living room.

I’ve been inspired quite a bit lately by the look, feel, and raw qualities of geodes and minerals. So, this is right up my alley. I can only blame Pinterest for the introduction [and the hours of googling, and the slightly saddened heart that I couldn’t even find MYSELF this perfect Valentine’s day gift].

Tell me a set like this on your living room wall isn’t something to squeal over:

I honestly can’t even pick a favorite! I would die for even a print or COPY of a few of these fantastic pieces. I’m deeply enamored. And this gal deserves all the buzz she’s getting right now… and some. Here’s to hoping I get to see lots more of Carly’s work in the future….. in my living room.

Oh yah- and happy weekend everyone!!


I am in *love* with these gorgeous Sarah Seven bridesmaid frocks that were featured a few weeks back on Snippet and Ink. Like, seriously. They’re light.They’re flow-y. They’re gorgeous in so many two-toned ways!

They are a bit short [read: stylish] so they may not be right for everyone, but dang if those gals ain’t working’ their gams- am I right?!

Rush off to the full wedding feature if you want to see MORE of the fun wedding these were a part of [including the bridal gown, by the same designer]! And, as always- have a HAPPY FRIDAY, a FUN WEEKEND, and a HEART full of the best kinds of things [like love!!!]!


Trunk Show: Jenny Yoo

POSTED BY carizza

Jenny Yoo is our go-to girl for all our paper writing service photo shoots, mostly because everything she produces is drop.dead.gorgeous. Quality fabric, classic cuts, and beauty in simplicity makes us love everything about this designer and her fabulous team. We most recently used them for our Vibiana shoot!

We heard word that they’ll be LOCAL (they’re usually in LA, which is definitely still worth a drive!).

SO excited that they’ll be coming to us. I hope that some of you lovely looking brides get to take advantage of this! =)

Things I love:

– e-Magazines. Especially when viewed on an iPad, those images just JUMP out. YUM.

– When our styled shoots from TWO years ago are still being published.

– When said styled shoot, from two years ago, is IN an e-Magazine, with the bride being a follow industry professional, and the photographer just as lovely as she was when we last worked together.

Kristin and Dustin are most loved on our blog for their styled shoot, inspired by Sleeping Beauty. Not only is Kristin a local photographer with the most fun giveaways, but she is also the only person over 6 years old who can rock a skort. We’re all jealous Kris, seriously.

Their photographer, Bethany Belle, was just as excited as we were to have a styled engagement shoot (which we love – and hope our clients do more often!). Bethany also shot fresh and so clean-clean photos of their wedding.

We are stoked that this shoot is such a classic. Thank you to Nuptials e-Magazine (San Diego) for the feature – you can see the full (FOUR page spread!) here!

Hello there all!

My current obsession cialis pills (Total misuse of  “current” since all my obsessions turn into a melting pot of want!) is with this eye catching Hive Honey Set by Biodidatic.

It just screams adorable. A pure delight for any major tea drinker or honey enthusiast! The ease of accessibility (no more squeezing bears to steal their honey) and the modern design makes me want to buy two.

To add this adorable set to your life head over to .

Duh, we’re so excited about this one. I mean, a you-must-browse-the-gallery amount of excited! Our beloved, darling, wonderful Carizza had her wedding recently featured on Wedding Chicks. It’s no surprise- not only are Carizza and her [new] husband desperately in love with one another [so much that it oozes from them in their photos], but they’re as cute as buttons, too!

This fun, intimate event was so so so fun of cool modern details [from frosted mustard plexiglass invitations, menus and signage- to gold-gilded leaves amongst their clean white floral pieces]. It’s too many things for words… but it’s a PERFECT amount of things for pictures! Rush on over to their feature on Wedding Chicks to see it in it’s full glory!!

I am beaming with pride, like the mama bird I am. More to come on OUR blog in the future!