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Yay! Remember how we briefly mentioned being part of a design challenge for Utterly Engaged? Oh, you don’t? That’s likely because you’re not yet following us on Twitter or Facebook [hey, not everything can make it onto the blog! Sounds like you need to remedy that!!! ;)]. Well, last month, we created a gorgeous internationally-inspired tabletop for the Utterly Engaged Leap Year Party, and out of the 13 tabletops who entered, ours made the Top 3! :D Visit the UE Issue 20 for images from the rest of the tables [as well as much much much more], but here’s a few snaps of our handiwork:

The Top 3 teams pictured along with the Utterly Engaged gals; and of course our *adorable* “sak-tails”, which were saki-bomb style signature drinks

Our ITN team was rep-re-sentin’ at the party!! We’re essentially the entire right side of this group shot. :)

Once we get more images of the sweetheart setup, we’ll go crazy explaining all the details, but suffice it to say that we’d be nowhere in this design without our trusty partners, Creative Media Print, and our new friend Kim at Art With Nature [truly a floral genius]!

Now- scamper on over and read that latest issue!!




I am- each time we put ourselves out there- humbled and in awe of the people who reach out to us, who dare to dream with us, and who take the time to put themselves in unfamiliar territory for a shot to be a part of “us”. To ALL the intern candidates who applied: thank you. I could say endlessly more… I’m wordsy like that. But seriously, there is nothing stronger to say then thank you for your belief in this company and in what it could be with you as a part of it.

From all of us, to you… we are so thrilled to see where the future takes us!


I’m willing to admit from minute one that we’re not vitally committed to either of these positions; but for the right person, we’re hoping to add to our little bubbles of talent. If the right candidates come along, we’d love to bring in a person skilled in the art of graphic design [think wedding monograms, invitations, and graphics for media-related details] and also a floral design assistant with great availability and love of floral work to grow up this side of our company!

Rachel applying a “his” and “hers” vinyl monogram to some sweetheart chairs

Nestling candle couples and putting finishing touches onto a on-site-assembled centerpiece… phew!

Basic duties of a graphics intern:

*Attend any graphics-related design meetings [such as invitation design, working directly with client, and/or tabletop trial to discuss detail ideas]
*Create invitation options for couples to consider, working with a color palette and a general/vague [or possibly specific] idea from their designer
*Utilize any unique requests from couple/designer to create custom pieces within an invitation suite
*Work with an existing [alternate designer’s] graphic piece to form a cohesive look on the wedding day by providing details for client [such as font matching to already-sent invitations so that the design flows continuously]
*Work in a TIMELY manner with set turnaround times to designer/client between revision rounds
*Set documents to correct “print ready” files and be aware of the meaning of this term; work with our design vendors to set up accurate and easy-to-navigate files for all detail elements concepted

Basic duties of a floral intern:

*Attend any floral-related design meeting [such as initial floral meeting and/or tabletop trial]
*Learn the art of placing floral order, stem counts, and accurately pricing events
*Familiarize yourself with the floral market and/or vendors located in/near the market in downtown Los Angeles
*Assist the floral design team on dates of floral trials and assembly of weddings
*Assist and install on wedding days
*Be ready and willing to learn all that you do NOT know; bring eagerness to the table – that covers a multitude of “lack” in experience

sending a gorgeous bride literally UP the aisle at another fave venue, Soka University

Rachel and a ridiculous amount of donuts… when the car is packed, THIS is the option!

Lisa and some *adorable* grilled cheese late night snacks

We’ve considered, for a graphics person, the allowance of a design-from-afar personality, but our hunger to connect with one another trumps this desire. However, if you feel like you’re the EXACT one we’re looking for… even though you’re 6 states away, I do encourage you to reach out and apply!

As I mentioned in our initial blog post about adding to our team, we have a delicately balanced dynamic… which is why we’re considering these two roles- although very desirable at this point in time- an added “bonus” for us! Since we do offer graphics to nearly every client [usually working in conjunction with an invitation designer and our own skills in-house], we’re fond of the idea of growing up this side of our company. And since we do consider floral design something that ties directly into our job as event designers [though we offer floral services quite selectively to our clientele and have to be absolutely convinced that we’re the BEST fit for them and their needs prior to doing so], we’d love to tie either of these skills into the one person that may meet all of our needs as a Design Assistant! If we could roll you into one giant person…. exceptional! If not all of these areas fit your skill or heart’s desire, just say so. We just want to ensure we’re being clear and communicative on our end for what our little growing family needs! So, please, don’t hesitate to connect to us with your Random Rundown, Resume and/or Portfolio to Carizza by 3/18 at 12pm with the subject line: Floral(or Graphic Design) Intern/Name for consideration!


You know the type. You know it, ’cause it’s your type. Not type A, per say, but definitely detail-oriented. We’re looking for a highly efficient, highly organized, super highly bubble-icious personality to join the ranks of our already-fabulous team of planners.

on our way up to our annual January team retreat to Big Bear in January- one of TWO cars full of love lovin’ gals!

Miri and Sharon with our favorite Bobby of TACT Management at one of our favorite venues, Marvimon!

Basic duties include the following:

*Assisting planners at meetings such as space walk thrus, client planning update meetings, timeline creation meetings, vendor meetings
*Scheduling of appointments on behalf of planners
*Office orchestrational duties [such a prepping and printing paperwork for the day-of the wedding, and MORE]
*Shadowing planning team on the day-of the event
*Attend and assist planner with rehearsal needs the day prior to events

And so, so, so much more!

caught off guard at our own Carizza’s December nuptials with Lisa

Alicia wearing a tiny, tiny, ever-so-tiny hat at a group trip to Downtown LA

Carizza, Rachel, Kristen, Lisa, and Brittany flashing smiles and hearts at this past weekend’s wedding!

Since, really, each client of ours and each wedding experience is unique, we’re looking for the right combination of organized/detailed that meshes with an “okay-to-fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants” type of personality. We strive to continually better our services and our team at the benefit of each vendor and client… so a priority of excellence [and the sacrifices that are paired with a dedication to such] is essential. Plus, we love a great smile [and more than that, we love someone who just choses to use that smile as a default position]. This position will truly be one that is meant to help graft you, as an intern, into this industry with a possibility of grafting you into our team- so we’re looking for serious candidates only! Everything has a “try it on” time, and if you’re thinking this may be for you… well, we suggest you try it on for a bit!

And, on a personal note from myself: we have, over the years, had the privilege and honor of meeting a lot of exceptional planners. Some are quite similar to us; some are very different. In fact, there are many people who are – or could be – great planners. But we’re looking for a certain style and certain fit here. I pray to, in no way, discourage anyone that may apply and may not get the position here. Know that we encourage everyone to explore [nay, exploit!] their skills and passions fervently. But our team dynamic is special and something to be protected! As you’ve taken some time to observe our blog, our Facebook Page, and my twitter account, I think you’ll know if this is something you could see yourself as a part of! We’re not just a fun time… we’re committed to the hearts and days of our clients in a serious way [now more in 2012 than ever] and aligning ourselves with those who fold into our pack is something we’re crazy excited about! So… what are you waiting for?! Shoot over your Random Rundown, Resume and/or Portfolio to Carizza now (with the subject line line as: Planning Intern/Your name).

Remember, the deadline for all applications is Sunday, 3/18 at 12pm!


So… I know you’re wondering. I know it, because we’re asked about it all the time. “What exactly is a Client Concierge?”- let alone, a team concierge! Well, I’m here to tell you. It’s an amazing position that blends a healthy amount of customer service, commitment to the team members and the industry we’re in, and a bit of PR as well. But most of all… it has heart. And lots of it. Just ask Carizza!! Carizza is our first ever Concierge and we’ve literally carved the position around her skill set, her desires, and the need we truly felt we had as a team/company [plus, the addition of this official title adds so much to our dynamic that it sets us up for success every single day]. I can’t say enough good things about our Client Concierege [specifically, as a person] and about finding the right one to add to this mini team-within-a-team!

Carizza just trying on a ridiculously fabulous, fashionable statement-veil at a photo shoot last fall

Carizza showing her bling and “modeling” her gown, pre-wedding, with Lisa and Kristen helping!

Basic duties of our Concierge Team include:

*Infectiously inviting emails to clients, vendors and team members to aide in orchestration of weddings and team functions
*Scheduling and attending client meetings [from initial inquiry, to client orientation meetings, and more]
*Establishing a unique relationship with our couples created at inquiry and fleshed out at rehearsals and on the wedding day
*Attending to the bride/groom, family and vendor staff at each event we work
*Creating and concepting client care in all it’s forms [gifts, cards, and relationships]

And so, so, so much wordless more!

Rachel getting “Jersey Shore’d” by Lisa at our retreat

Carizza hanging 1000 paper cranes like it’s no big deal

Sending out last year’s Valentine’s was a labor of love, and one long evening!

We do know that this position is quite possibly the most unique position we’re asking for someone to fill. Not only is it PR-related, but it’s so much more personal than that. We’re looking for a heart that can bridge a great divide, to fill a space in our team that we know is needed, but we’re waiting for the right person to fill. This person may not be totally creative, and they may not be totally organized- we’re looking for the willingness to grow, adapt and change as our team does the same. But more than that, we’re looking for a commitment to people and the loving of them that is unparalleled. Someone that will add to our dynamic in such a dramatic way [and, yes, it is dramatic] may be what we’re the most excited to find- because a truly exceptional being is out there just waiting for a home, and we know it! So if this sounds like you… welcome home! Please apply by sending a Random Rundown, Resume and/or Portfolio over to Carizza by 3/18 at 12pm with the subject line: Client Concierge Intern/Your name for consideration and to set up a meeting. So much of this role will be decided upon email style [virtually meeting you is vital!] and our in-person experience of you right-off-the-bat! And trust when I say, we cannot WAIT to connect more!


Are you constantly setting the perfect table, or intrigued by those small details that truly bring an event together? Sounds like you may be a fit for a design role on our bourgeoning design team! We’re looking for an individual willing to push the box, keep a good rapport with clients, gain trust and inspiration from all sources, and – well – create some gorgeous events by our side!

Rachel re-filling a sweets station at a lovely summer soiree

Just gushing over some cute details from our recent Utterly Engaged Design Challenge table!

Basic duties include the following:

*Assisting designers at craft nights, trips to Los Angeles, tabletop trial meetings, floral design meetings [if applicable]
*Working with programs such as adobe illustrator/photoshop, microsoft excel/word, and a healthy commitment to social media
*Creating and assembling design documents in conjunction with [or on behalf of] our team’s designers
*Floral and or Office orchestrational duties [such as organizing samples, ribbon bins, creative vendor catalogues and MORE!]
*Shadowing the design team the day-of the event
*Attend and assist any design-driven meetings with team designers

And so, so, so much more!

Dawn, Nena, and Lisa on lovely Carizza’s wedding day

Josh literally surrounded by truffle favors at our first 2011 wedding last year!

What can only be described as “the craftermath”- the casualty of the studio after one epic crafter-noon!

Since we strive so much to create unique, impeccable details for each client, we’re looking for someone willing to take the time and effort to think of amazing, client-specific inspirations alongside of us. We know that weddings these days are creative-driven [to say the least] and we adore being a part of this movement! Our goal is to always keep our designs genuine and original [even believing that “nothing is new under the sun”… but that doesn’t mean we can’t flip it on it’s side, change the color, and give it a fresh breath of life!]. We’re looking for one talented individual who can vibe from our crazy energy, our creative spirit, and one who can “see” the design come together in front of their eyes. Color inspirations are a must [and we looove to pop those colors modern!], and an infectious, healthy amount of laughter is something that comes along with part of the job [you know, after you suggest a 9-step-process favor packaging for a client with 250 guests in attendance….]! Since creative individuals can end up in so many lines of work, we’re hoping for the ones who love love and are committed to it just as much as we do [and are]! This role is a little bit of everything- so it takes a certain someone that’s willing to BE a little bit of everything [and, if you aren’t yet- don’t fret! There’s time to learn… it’s what this season is for].

Another quick personal note: our aesthetic is something that our team highly respects. It’s not one that everyone can fold into easily- but our love of clean lines, quirky details, and modern palettes is something we’re not willing to compromise on. Frankly, I feel blessed to have aligned a team of any amount of people who are passionate about the same “feel” that our events seem to carry through! We’re looking for those who are motivated and inspired by interior design, minimalism, “just the right amount” of detail, and unexpected elements. This may or may not be you- but we encourage and ask that a healthy dose of thought be put into your own style before striking out to say that OURS is your own, as well! We’re looking for people who will LOVE our work- but we also want you to LOVE your work! Ideally, we’d find the right candidate that would believe it to be one in the same. Taking the time to consider the ideas, inspirations, palettes and details that we feature on our Twitter Page, Facebook Page, and – of course – our blog should guide you into the right direction. Finding another member to add to this very special part of our industry and team is something we’re thrilled to consider! We’re just waiting on YOU to send over your Random Rundown, Resume and/or Portfolio to Carizza by 3/18 at 12pm (with the subject line – Design Intern/Name)– so jump ON it! I know that’s not always a designer’s strength… but it’s something crucial to this team and this industry; and something we take quite seriously! Hope to hear from you… like NOW!


We’ve been conjuring up this idea for a while- and frankly, debating it heavily between team members [just because, when a dynamic of a group is already so great, you worry about injuring it by adding to it] but, the time is now to trudge forward confidently knowing that our team is yearning to find a few good members for our 2012 season! We’re looking for role-specific additions to add their skills and bring their smile to the table, and over this next week, we’ll be delving more and more into what it is we’re looking for in each intern! But for now [and these intern posts will remain at the top of the blog ALL WEEK LONG], suffice it to say that In The Now is calling all who desire to use their talents as a…

Planning Intern and Assistant

Design Intern and Assistant

Client and/or Team Concierge

Now, as I said, we’ll be taking the time over this week to explain the actual traits we’re looking for in each candidate. We’ll be posting ONE position description every day for the next 4 days, starting tomorrow. Please do review each position before submitting your application, so that you apply for the position that best utilizes your strengths [though – if you stumble across one you KNOW you’re the perfect fit for, then by all means – send it over pronto!]. As you’re waiting for these position posts to go up, feel free to start on the items you’ll be submitting below, and peruse our facebook, blog, and twitter accounts to get a FEEL of who we really are!

Please also be aware that we will be accepting applications for the positions with a deadline of 3/18/12 at 12noon. Anything later cannot be considered [hey, you gotta have rules sometimes… right?!].

As always, please send:

1. A resume

2. Pictures/portfolio to sway us of your amazingness (not mandatory, but always helpful, especially in design!)

3. and our favorite… a random rundown featuring 10 facts about the unique YOU [these can be as irrelevant to weddings and/or our industry as you’d like- and for examples, just visit our website- all of our bios are formatted in a “random rundown” format!].

Please email all applications by 3/18 to Carizza at 12noon, our darling Concierge (who has requested to format your subject line in a specific manner! Subject: Position/Name. This will make us more efficient ;) )

She will be scheduling all interviews [which are set to take place on Saturday, 3/24, at our studio with a host of our team members in tow- so please be aware of your schedule and available for this date]. You will be informed of whether or not you have been chosen for an interview by Tuesday, 3/20. We truly hope to meet you, hear your story, and find our even more perfect fit!


Inspiration can come from anywhere. And since, as a team, we’re neck deep in designing for our fabulous 2012 clients, everything we look at lately seems to be some form of beautiful or amazing or magical. But, this was unexpected. And more than that, it is completely jaw-dropping. Because it’s real and natural. Coming to you straight from National Geographic, this is the result of wind and snow and freezing weather in our beloved northern neighbor, Canada.

Like dancing legs, flowing fabric or the perfect flip of the hair… but it’s solid. It’s ice. It’s naturally made. Can you even believe it?! I am enwrapped in it. Completely immersed and totally in love.

Hope that your weekend is just as naturally inspired as this still, silent moment above!


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