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The gorgeous wedding of Irene and Aaron went viral thanks to their photographer, Ian Grant. So viral that I haven’t truly been able to track where all it’s been featured. But, when Ian announced this evening that Wine Country Weddings not only featured the event, but voted Irene’s bouquet as their Top Summer Bouquet [actually, number 1 in their Top 5!!], I was tickled and thrilled.

A couple close-ups from Ian:

And one more of the feature [biggest picture!!]:

So proud of our work and our design work in her big day! We don’t offer floral design for every client, but when we do, we love to be passionate about it. Her color scheme of hot purple and fuchsia brought a rich, lush feel to the outdoor environment. If you don’t remember her gorgeous day, rush on over to their original Wine Country Weddings feature for their simply chic details!

So thrilled. So blessed. So honored!


Now, I realize this may go against everything we do here at In The Now. I say that because we’re typically ALL modern, all the time. We love plexiglass, we love slim, clean designs. We love something with a dual purpose and we adore working the small details and pops of fun into the practical “must haves” of a wedding.

Table numbers are no exception. I’d say that 90% of our weddings this year have featured some sort of plexiglass table number- though we re-invent the way we do this, it is something we’ve become known for, and something our clients are quite fond of.

But when I stumbled upon this etsy print

I couldn’t help but imagine it framed on a table in an art gallery setting. Or, resting under a clear glass charger at EACH place setting boasting proudly what table you are walking by. Oh, the ideas for a print like this!!

Rush on over to view the rest of the offerings over at Dekanimal’s Etsy Store and get creatively inspired yourself!

Have a love-fueled Friday, my most important lovelies!!


Now, I don’t know about you, but when I see this:

I immediately think of this:

and that is one yummy thought!! The European etsy designer Daim Blond has a ton of jewelry products from earrings to necklaces and bracelets in a multitude of styles, but this particular style is just a fun way to breathe youth into your everyday look. Now, it may not work 100% with your wedding attire- but for the whimsical, fun-loving brides out there… it may be just the perfect touch. Especially in this muted pastel palette:

Take a step towards Katy Perry and candy coat yourself in the most classy way!!


Favorite Moment


Just a quick favorite moment from the recent wedding of Jackie and Matt [who tied the knot Father’s Day]!

Jackie just couldn’t compromise on Matt seeing her prior to their ceremony so they opted to forgo the “first look” that has become so popular these days. But what the two couldn’t resist is taking a moment to truly be together before uniting as husband and wife. So, they met- around the corner from one another- held hands, and spent a few minutes in prayer.

I cannot think of anything more perfect, more romantic, or more foundational for a marriage. Especially for a couple like Jackie and Matt. They are two of the sweetest, most tender-hearted and kind souls I’ve met… and their love for one another is rooted deep in their faith.

Just a reminder to be fully, wholly, and really you on the day of your wedding. Don’t compromise. Don’t give yourself anything to regret. Just own who you are and stay authentic to it- and let the day unfold as it’s meant to be.


Augh. I cannot love this any more. Since Piper and Tyler tied the knot [and Piper is a FAB makeup artist in the industry- one that we’ve referred and worked with multiple times because her attitude, makeup, and personality are just a perfect fit for our amazing clients], they have been featured multiple times with their festive Cinco De Mayo wedding. This week, not once but twice, they were featured on The Loveliest Day!! First with pictures by Abi Q Photography and the second day with pictures from their co-photographer [yep, totally amazing am I RIGHT?!] Richelle Dante Photography!

View their first feature here and their second feature here! Their wedding was truly the best. So, I’m thrilled for them. Plus, Piper worked these photographers BIG TIME with those gorgeous eyes and rockin’ style of hers. Love it. Tyler- you are one lucky dude. You scored big time with Pipy! And I can’t think of a guy who I think is more deserving of her affections. Love you both to the moon!