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A Big Congrats!


Congrats to Brandon Wong and Katrina for capturing an award, and capturing our beloved Dawn on her most special of days. We *love* this photo and we’re glad others do, too!!

[and we love even more how much it highlights those perfect modern toasting flutes, and her glitzy jeweled head piece!!]. Definitely award winning, we’re so thrilled that it’s making headlines! Congrats to all of you!


Renewed: Chenin + Doug!


Months back, we shared the news that the sweet vow renewal of Chenin and Doug was featured on Wedding Chicks, but we never took a moment to truly highlight the details and give them a pop of light here on OUR blog. And so, the time is now!

Chenin is a superstar in her own right. I met her years back when she shot a wedding for a mutual client but we fell out of touch in the industry and reunited about two years ago to collaborate on a shoot for a workshop she put on. I was incredibly honored [to say the least!] when she asked me to style for her back then… so, needless to say, I was floored when she inquired late last summer about planning and designing her vow renewal for early spring. Truly- this couple is such a delight to be around! Super fun to plan with, even more fun to just know and observe. Now, onto the goods…

Chenin’s style is crazy perfect- if you can’t tell. Her BHLDN dress was *fab* and just as a bonus, the peach band at the bottom fit perfectly into our subtle perky color scheme! P.S. it’s always fabulous when the client has an obsession with all things obnoxiously heart-ed as well. Chenin and I just “get it”. Hearts = amazing.

Crazy in love, still, after their 10 years!

I can’t brag enough on Hugh Forte. He knocked these images out of the PARK! The private estate gave us a perfect backdrop… but, really, a great photographer is crucial to capturing anything in a way that will commit your memories permanently for years to come. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, 10 years into marriage, Chenin and Doug have produced the *cutest* children. Meet Max and Scout:

The details of this day were crazy good. I have Chenin to thank for that, mainly- because, since she’s in the industry, she understands the importance of the small things. Having someone understand where to splurge and where to save can sometimes be a losing battle as a designer… but Chenin and I just clicked on every detail for this one. From the custom monogrammed lounge pillows [thanks Amy!]…

…to the fun pop-color cloth “thank you” cocktail napkins:

But, more details later!! Since this was a renewal of vows and not an actual “ceremony” per se, the couple opted to enjoy cocktails prior to the formalities. They mixed, mingled, and- when ready- cleared a space to commit themselves once again with new words and an old, deep love.

They utilized the estate’s pool and patio area- which had a centrally focused fireplace area [abundant with built-in bench seating] for their main space: ceremony, cocktails, and dancing. The dining lawn was nearby, but truly the celebration had it’s life in this stone-surrounded space!

Natch, we added some fabulous pillows to the already-provided bench seating. Can you say “gold sequin”??

One of my favorite small details [mimicked more than once since] are these clear plexiglass rod swizzle sticks- with the top dipped in glitter. It’s such a fun, clean modern detail! And here’s those cocktail napkins in play [at their specialty whisky/bourbon “tasting bar”- a real man’s detail right there!]:

The tasting bar was located nestled into a garden area with a rocky path [that backed to the stone courtyard]. Since the space was narrow, we tucked the bar underneath a vine-y trellis and we brought in skinny [24″] tall bar tables and barstools to give the space some much needed hangout seating!

And here’s a great snap of the true focal point for the evening: our fireplace. This was our ceremony site, our dance floor, and our show stopper! We created a custom monogrammed front panel/mantel that made the space feel just right. Megan from Honey and Poppies created a truly magical large wreath that gave the fireplace just enough personality!

The amount of love in this vow renewal was crazy. The team and I stood toward the back, soaking in their words and heeding their wise love and crying. Seriously touching. And then, once more, sealed with a kiss.

The dinner space was no less impressive and showed no lack of thought and detail. I’m serious when I say that this may be one of my favorite designs, ever, to date! Large plexiglass chunky table numbers [5″x7″ big!] featured a pale pinky-peach hue. Oversized warm gray candles in two heights just added depth to the space and made it feel more like an intimate dinner party. The floral bursts that Megan created fit perfectly between the family-style dining platters the couple wanted [and leveled with wood and gold pedestals]. A custom gold table runner [that ran the length of 6 dining tables!] set the scene and brought the design together [paired with our nubby knit-style eggshell linen from La Tavola]. And, don’t even get me started on the place settings! Or, ya know… do.

I nearly flipped when Chenin initially had a chat with me about her style: veering toward the masculine, she liked the idea of a muted palette. Less floral, more greens. Gray. Peach tones. Not rustic, but home-y. Warm. We added in small touches of persimmon and just a slight nod to split pea. We kept the ideas modern, clean and classy. But we also kept it real.

Personalized chop [12″]dinner plates that acted as place cards. Pop color napkins complete with screen printed menu wrap. Sleek modern flatware. It’s just beyond fabulous.

A cute sweets station in lieu of a cake [since, you know, they did that once before].

Set up on a desk.

And, of course- an old fashion photobooth. Like, a legit chemical processed film style black and white photobooth. So amazing.

With some cute modern pops…

And as the night rolled on, things just got better and better.

[those candles glowing on the bar tables are actually painted gold glitter ombre…. and they are perfection].

And one last detail to leave you with… our mantle turned nightfall during the dancing hours. I *loved* their monogram, made by the ever-fab Lori at Paper and Thread!

This was our team’s first vow renewal celebration but I’m praying it won’t be our last!! I can’t think of anything more worth celebrating than marriage success. Marriage is amazingly rewarding, fun, challenging, selfless and incredibly trying at moments. And the success of it truly depends on how much you’re willing to give, serve, put in, be there, change yourself, be yourself, speak the truth…. the list goes on. It’s an incredible honor to be in my own 10th year [!!!!] of marriage and I can only hope to continually establish our love as something to be treasured for years forward. Chenin and Doug: you two are a true inspiration. You’re the real deal. I’m so thankful for your place in my life and heart. Beyond words grateful for the time we spent together planning, plotting, laughing, and creating. You two are the best.


Friday Lovely: Ice Balls


I realize it’s a weird title. To be honest, it’s a semi-weird product. But, for anyone with a love of seamless symmetry, it may very well be a must:

Ice trays for oversized balls of ice. Perfectly round. This is changing my life even more than the square ice cube trays [….which I own, of course]. Naturally, sold at the Museum of Modern Art, they are a truly fun touch to any beverage.

Ice balls. Get into it. And moreover- have a wonderful, love-filled Friday that bursts into a love-filled weekend. Spend some time soaking in the warm summer sun for all the days it’s left [and then we’ll all appreciate the cool winter rainy nights together]!


Sneak Peek: Pam and Eric!


Is this bride *not* the most epic gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen??

AND- this snap of their escort display:

AND- this perfect room shot:

AND- a quick couple pics of the ridiculously perfect invite suite that we pulled together for Pammy…

AND- well, we really love this couple. I’m all warm and fuzzy just thinking about their recent early-September soiree. Truly, these pictures are memories stamped in time [for the bride and groom, friends and family, and our team alike]!


Married: Elysse + Jeff!

POSTED BY carizza

2012 has been out of this world and each bride and groom has forever captured our hearts. Elysse + Jeff were the PERFECT couple to start our season off. Elysse came to us a week after cheap custom essays Jeff proposed (which he so cutely did so on her birthday – yay!). These lovelies both knew they wanted to have a personalized soiree, and they also knew we were the gals to make it happen ;)

Our graphics gal Shannon started out their whole wedding inspiration with some heart fluttering graphics that told their story:

True to their nature, E + J already knew what type of venue they wanted when they came to us, and they got it! The Orange County Great Park Hangar was the perfect setting – untouched territory by the event world, which gave the unique experience that the couple was looking for, and totally inspired by Jeff’s aerospace engineer career and Elysse’s constant travels of the skies.

I could not be more in love with the Hangar space for E + J – it’s truly a space that says “This is SO them,” which is something we want for EVERY couple.

Designer Rachel brought in wonderful details – like these LAX sign inspired plexi table numbers (which, naturally, were also airport codes). It makes me smile every time!

And yes…that is a triple ribbon napkin treatment – a nod to a runway. ADOR-able.

Elysse and Jeff were so organized and on top of things, we almost asked them to join our team! ;) At every meeting, Jeff brought his HUGE 3 ring binder, full of vendor contracts and notes jotted down on engineering computation paper – it was a nice laugh, and also great to have a couple who knew exactly what they wanted.

I asked Elysse to share a little bit of her experience, since it’s a very personal experience that is unique to each bride:

From the bride: “My favorite part of the planning process was hand picking every conceivable detail of the wedding right alongside my husband, truly making it ours. All the gals at In the Now were great resources and to see all the details Jeff and I picked become a reality on the wedding day made us really proud. Seeing the handmade name tags assembled & displayed, the plexiglass + vinyl airport codes,  monogrammed dance floor – it was so surreal!”


Elysse’s bridesmaid and extraordinarily talented friend made these amazing letter pressed and hand calligraphed escort cards. Now THAT’s a baggage tag done right!

And how amazing is this plexiglass monogrammed card box? I’m pretty sure that I need it…for life.

No event is complete without amazing vendors – Kimberlyn at 24 Carrots provided the fantastic food (and a stellar late night snack, mini grilled cheese and tomato soup….to die for!), Sweet and Saucy Shop topped it off with great desserts, and Wedding 64 photography captured all the moments!

And the their very lively wedding guests brought the party (especially the bridesmaid and groomsmen..tearing it up on the dance floor!) Oh and the dance floor…of course! Seamless with a huge vinyl logo – what more could you possibly ask for??

Some advise from Elysse to all current and future brides: Remember that there is always a solution for any problem/issue. In the Now has anticipated every potential issue that could happen on your wedding day and can handle anything. You might not even know it happened, because they’ve already handled it. No joke. Definitely prioritize what is most important to you when planning and allocate accordingly, unless you have an unlimited budget (lucky you!).

Oh dearest Elysse and Jeff, you know we adore you. There’s no doubt about the depth of the love we all share in our hearts for you and we will be here to be BFF for now and always. We vow to cherish you both, to meet up at Disneyland, to share meals together, and to celebrate your 10 year vow renewal with you. Mahal na mahal.