Now- I can only show so much at the current time. That’s because we’re working up a fabulous feature for our lovely Dawn and Jack’s big day last spring. But, I mean seriously, I am bursting at the seams to at least show a little bit!! Here’s an overall feel of their big day:

A first look in downtown LA [at the Standard Hotel, no less!] led to a walk through the city pre-ceremony…

Snippets of “dead” and wood floral marked their day with lots of character [especially because of their venue: The Museum of Natural History!]

Freaking FANTASTIC details full of snazzy linens, plexiglass modern details and a mix of the old-and-new that is a serious trademark style of this darling couple!!

I go all heart-eyed for these linens. And the frosted plexiglass placemats COMPLETE with place card names in vinyl. And the modern flatware. Can I say more?!

Dawn’s veil- that she wore only for the ceremony- was a ridiculous cathedral-length of amazingness. Like, seriously. It was SO amazing!

And again, I cannot gush enough about how well they tailored their event to their space. Like, perfect for a museum; perfect for them!!

Her pop-color lip was my fave, and of course a little snap of her woodsy and dead-inspired bouquet:

One last quirky portrait to set the mood for the rest of your day:

I love this couple. Like, shout-it-from-the-rooftops love them. It helps that Dawn has been with the team now for a couple of years. Finding interns that the team truly fits with can be tricky at times… and then, we get people like Dawn. Her and Jack have been a fit since day 1 and it was OUR blessing to be there laboring for them on their big day, as they’ve done alongside us. I love that only the team know the ins and outs of their big day- but that THEY know the ins and outs of other people’s. More to come from Dawn and Jack soon, for sure!! Was this enough to get you craving more or WHAT?!