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Yay! Can I just say that I *adore* this wedding, this couple, this whole experience??? Chrystal and Ruel are so fun, so unique and totally infused their quirky personalities into their day and their Up! inspired wedding. So glad it got noticed; it’s beyond feature-worthy!!

There is so so so SO much color and whimsy over at the Wedding Chicks post, you won’t regret moseying on over for a peek!!

And- just to whet your whistle:

Seriously now… what are you waiting for?! Go see more HERE!!


Featured On: Buzzfeed!


Yippereedooooo!!! I love, love, love that we were featured on buzzfeed along side of Jasmine Star and the gorgeous stylings of Erica @ 1011 Makeup for this floofy, fun, favorite-of-mine veil:

The entire article- which focuses on unique, fun and inpsiring head pieces for brides- is full of amazing, so it’s worth seeing, I promise!

Visit the post here to see more, more, more!


In the past, I’ve done a post on creating a color palette and I think it still rings true. But, so you don’t have to dig through old blog posts and to update it on how we do things now, I’d like you to meet our current color palette set up:

Now, let me break it down for you right quick!

We always feature two main colors, and two accent colors. Most of the time a bride already knows or has a feeling of her main colors. Pink and grey [very popular]. Yellow and grey [same- popular]. Black and red [a bit dated and classic, but you get the idea]. We start here and write down these colors at the initial meeting [along with some pertinent info regarding the feel and vibe the clients’ desire for their big day; which ties into the color scheme pretty big time]!

Chenin and Doug’s vow renewal boasted warm “roasted veggie” tones that complimented the Italian-style Villa where the celebration took place. We amped up the palette by adding in the split pea color!

We always add in a base color, which is typically but not ALWAYS the color of the guys’ suits. Navy. Grey. Black. Sometimes brown. This also can be used as the color for the chairs [fruitwood being a common one, for chiavari chair rentals]. It can also be the color we use for fonts and text throughout the wedding experience [from invitations and through to all other paper products].

Christine came to me already knowing she wanted her 3 bridesmaids in different colors of dresses- turquoise, coral and yellow. We twisted the scheme to complimentary tones of these colors and actually ended up adding a light/soft tone of EACH of these colors into their big day. The striking black “base” color lent itself as an amazing compliment to the rest of the brights!

We pick a light, creamy tone: either white or ivory or something in between. This color designates the softness or the striking modern feel that each wedding may take. Clean white typically leans to the modern. Soft ivory leaves you with a warm, romantic feeling.

We pick a metallic. No wedding can escape having a metal tone. You just have to pick one that suits you. Sometimes gold. Sometimes silver. Sometimes an unexpected bronze or a warm light champagne. Whatever it is- pick it and stick it! This will tie in your candle holders, flatware, girls’ jewelry… and, adding in a metal is just the best way to step up the elegant factor!

Jackie originally wanted her wedding to be pink and black- a combo she’d set her heart on years prior. When she realized by looking around the web that the combo she loved may be a bit out of style, she went for a more classy grey and pink scheme. Since Matt’s favorite color was green and she really wanted him to love the event, we picked complimentary tones that gave the couple a fun, romantic color scheme that could still be swung modern through details and crisp, fresh white accents!

From there, we add a “push” color. That means we push our clients. This is where we “pop it modern”. Since we concept multiple color schemes for each client, we alternate what color we can push them [and their comfort zone] with in each scheme. Sometimes, we keep things light and airy and romantic and “safe”- if we know it’s what represents the client, their needs/desires, their personalities and the setting where the wedding will take place [like, a private estate or lush garden]. But most of the time we add in this small push color to scare and thrill our clients into trusting us. And, if I must say, we always end up in love with it!

Here’s a whole round of options from a client last summer:

Typically we send anywhere from 3 to 5 boards. As you can see from above, Michelle ended up going with Option 4 [though it was a true toss up between Option 1 and Option 4]. She came to me in advance knowing she wanted blush and grey, and she wanted a modern-feel to her big day. So, we punched it up with a turquoise teal blue that was featured in her sweetheart chairs [blue chiavaris!], charger plates, and candle holders. Just enough pop to twist the color scheme from romantic to unexpected! And the effect was truly delicious! We don’t always use the same base color in all of our options but since we knew what this client was going for, we focused mostly on that push color selection. Here’s another option from Chenin and Doug’s big day- as you saw above they chose Option 5, but this is a good example of how broad the options can really be:

Why selecting a color scheme is important: well, because it all starts here. I’m all about how “wisdom prepares it’s table”. Meaning, the wise take the time to set themselves up for success- and that’s something we believe in here at In The Now. We also love and live for a cohesive look and feel to the event. Weddings without schemes tend to easily wander off and get away from us- becoming a beautiful jumble of things that I can’t seem to wrap my type-A-but-uber-creative brain around. I’m an oxy-moron kind of person, I know [being organized and creative]. But, the fact of the matter is… the more you understand your colors, the more others will. The vendors. The friends. The bridal party. Even yourselves! And that is worth putting some time, effort and energy into! After all, this gorgeously expensive dinner party you’re throwing for a bazillion of your nearest and dearest is worth being understood right? I mean, who doesn’t want to make a splash, make a statement, make it personal and make it perfect for you?! I know I do!

So, go forth and color the world with your love! Feel empowered! Pop it modern and push yourself until you’re a teeny tiny bit afraid of “if you can pull it off”. Because you know what? You can! Just work it!!


This adorable couple were- from the start- some of the fun ones! They booked us because of their love for stylish events and got hooked with with Brittany and Rachel to bring their dreams to life! Their bold color scheme focused on navy and lemon, and we tied in from there some gorgeous warm coral tones along with a kelly green punch. It was beyond fabulous [naturally, as that’s how we try to keep things around here]. Their ceremony took place at the Mission Basilica in San Juan Capistrano, and was a simple, formal site to be seen:

I cannot emphasize enough how much the motivation of our team is the marriage beyond the wedding. These two emotional frames, below, sum up the WHY in what we do!

A fun portrait from the Mission:

And now- for the reception [!!!!] details! Their reception took place at Harborside Ballroom on Balboa Island. Rachel did a rockin’ job making sure that each detail felt personal, full of fun and color, and represented the couple to a T! From glitter-covered candles to meal-indicating place cards, this one was fun fun fun!!

We wanted to keep the options for their details cost-friendly [especially since the guest count spilled over into the 300s when they were planning] so a simple colored-ribbon adorned table to create lines of escort cards fit the bill perfectly!! The groom’s sister is responsible for nearly all the graphic design inspiration and decor, so we took that and tried our best to echo it throughout the space!

The escort card backing color worked as the meal indicator for the banquet staff [I love something with a dual purpose!] and the simple grosgrain ribbon wrap incorporated color and personality to the place settings!!

Navy is the new black. Or brown. Or grey. Seriously! It’s my favorite “base” color for all of the color schemes we design these days. These navy linens rooted the room and gave us such a creative space to work with the rest of their colors without coming off cheesy or playing “rainbow bright”!

Ribbon backdrop. Check. Fabulously sequined linen. Check. Star wars cake toppers. Check.

I think any avid reader of ours by now knows how much we *adore* vinyl accent details. This wedding was no exception. Mirrored vinyl stickers adorned the cake stands featuring mini desserts. Since silver was their metallic accent, this was such a fun personalized piece!!

A quick snap of the bridesmaid bouquets to make you happy [including these super blown-out coral charm peonies from this warm summer day!]. And one portrait of the over-the-top GORGEOUS bride, Kathleen:

And her delicious bouquet:

A lace wrap *over* her pop-color wrap makes the traditional feel just a bit more whimsical. Love it! Since we were so heavily involved in the floral side of things, here’s a centerpiece or two to dwell on…

The name of the game was “turquoise containers featuring white and yellow florals with natural green leafy accents”. And I like this game. I like it a lot.

K&J: you two are the best. We loved you from the start. It, truly, was kismet. I’m so thankful that couples like you- fresh, fun, exciting and IN LOVE- find us and seek us out to be a part of your day. It was an honor and a pleasure. I hope we did as right by you as you did by us. We adored your wedding and hope that the memories you made as you danced the night away are the ones you’ll keep on your nightstand through pictures for the rest of your long long marriage. :)


Yay! Claire and Steve’s *gorgeous* Laguna Beach wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty California!!

This wedding was fun, beautiful and completely wonderful and awesome [in the literal senses of the terms]. Rush on over to see the details!


Christine and I met in highschool. But, honestly, I don’t think either of us remembered. When she scheduled an initial consultation I didn’t recognize her name at all. But when she walked in, I recognized her immediately- from French class. Needless to say, I was beyond floored when she picked ITN to partner with her on her day. And more than that, I was shocked and INSPIRED when I saw that her bridesmaids all had come from our school as well- how amazing that 10 years later she stil considered them her “bests”. I love it! And it’s a true testament to who Christine is: loyal, sentimental, committed. I have to mention gorgeous and completely fun-loving as well, which you’ll see! Nick and Christine met in college and tied the knot this past summer at Keys Creek Lavender Farm in a party bursting with color and personality! From shabby-chic accents to rustic charm, this wedding was filled to the rafters with all things lovely. And the details??? I adore them all!

The whole color scheme for the wedding came about when Christine mentioned she wanted her gals in different colors. Mustard, coral and turquoise were the base and we went tonally from there, adding in a soft yellow/deep ivory, warm peach, and tiffany-esque teal to bring the color scheme together. The pops of bursting brightness combined with the softness of lace and lavender [literally the flower- not the color] gave the perfect whimsy of romance to the event!

The site is a “flip space”- meaning ceremony and reception are in the same location and need to be “flipped” during cocktail hour. Quite common and honestly, it gives us a good excuse to really play up the focal point in the ceremony, as it’ll be featured all night long. So, we hung ribbons from the trees to blow in the breeze. All 6 colors [the 3 bold and 3 softer tones] wafted gently during the ceremony and wrapped the bridal party in color for the photos. After the ceremony [while the guest were away], the head table was placed near the same spot so the view for the evening felt magically delicious!

On each guest’s chair during the ceremony were placed these little muslin, monogrammed toss bags filled with dried lavender [to shower the newly-married couple]. And also- as it was amidst the summer heat- a dual purpose and 100% gorgeous wooden paddle program fan:

[These are nearly ALWAYS my favorite detail and this batch is no exception! They are SO handy, SO useful, SO cute and get snapped up by the guests before we could even bring a single one home with us for a sample!!]. We wanted the ceremony to feel natural and ecclectic all at once- so we utilized furniture in pop colors from Found and nestled them in between clusters of chairs. Once the ceremony concluded, we moved the furniture to around the pool area to keep that lounge-y feel available all night long!

Look at those wafting ribbons:

We set up a killer pre-ceremony beverage station featuring the farm’s lavender lemonade. We literally could NOT keep that container full- the guests loved it so much!!

For place cards, we opted to give the guests monogrammed beverage glasses [which we’ve done before]- but with a rustic twist! Tall, modern-style mason jars boasted whimsical striped straws and oversized vinyl monograms. The guests LOVED drinking from these all night long [with multiple refills] – and it put that signature drink the couple picked to great use!!

And a quick snap of the couple with them:

And just a touch of the cocktail hour detail- patterned mustard linens with small bottle bud vases chock full of color!

The reception details were SO fun! Not only did Christine and her mom paint a mini birdhouse for each guest to take home, but we provided them with a mini jar of lavender baking sugar- which complimented the place settings perfectly!

Just a quick rundown of the table details:

Amazing textured ivory linens and mustard napkins from La Tavola
Pop-Color Turquoise Glass Charger Plates
Natural ribbon wrap with a cute little coral wooden flower detail [that people tied to their wrist as bracelets all night!!]
Mini jars of sugar with custom label
Hand-dyed lace wrapped around modern-style tall votive candles [6 different colors of that lace!!]

And everyone *loved* it all!

I literally CANNOT remember a time where the dance floor was more packed for the entire evening. Since most of the guests were shuttled into the site, the dancing continued until the very very end. And it was fantastic!

And of course, a playful cake cutting:

And just a few of my favorite portraits from the day….

[Maybe a favorite detail we utilized: Christine really wanted the guests to enter this open space though a “doorway”- so, this is how all the guests entered the ceremony and reception site!! SO gorgeous with simple floral swag detail- and our beverage welcome station was located just to the right of this set up! A real grand entrance for the entire group!!]

And just a quick candid of the gorgeous bride:

Thanks to Equinox Photo for the magic being captured!

Nick and Christine: you two love each other infectiously!! It’s truly not every couple that shares friendship and depth like you two do! The years you’ve spent together so far have rooted your love and commitment in a way that is going to nurture your future. I loved being a part of your day- even if I was a 9 month pregnant beast! The day turned out flawlessly and not only did our TEAM have fun, we got to watch and facilitate all of your guests having fun with and around you as well. You two are fabulous. We are honored and blessed to share in your joy with your marriage! To many, many more years, more celebrations and a bright future!!