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I am thrilled and honored whenever I get asked to do something a bit different. So when I got approached directly by Evite, asking for me to design a birthday party [which turned into not one, but TWO individual shoots], I squealed with delight. I mean really- who am I to have anyone approach me?! I think anyone in a self-made business feels that way. But truly, my business is client-made, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am beyond grateful for it. The feature showcases our Super Mario Brothers party with a fun little edgy twist [I mean, gold stud table trim?! I die!]. Here’s a link to the full page, but just to give you a taste….

I also got to design and concept some FUN activities that are Super Mario inspired for the kids- so don’t forget to look through all the images [from the feature and beyond]. Seriously, so fun! Talk about a blast from the past [and from my pixelated youth… Oregon Trail anyone?!].

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Featured For Our Feature!


Remember this? Well, now Front and Main, the West Elm blog, featured the photos also! Be still my beating heart. I love it so!!

Honored to have been a part in such a small way. But still- really cool! Love that I got to style something that has the chance of going viral on Pinterest! ;)


Okay so this one feels like a cheat feature- but, you know what, a deal is a deal! Amy from Wedding Chicks reached out to me to help stylize a fun little DIY based shoot at her home along side Nace from Contemporary Catering [who was cooking up the most delectable treats- I honestly do not have enough good words in my vocabulary to say enough about him!!]. Coupled with the fact that it was inspired by all things West Elm, I KNEW I was on board!! Although I felt like mostly I just contributed to the idea of “stand there, look cute”- I was honored and flattered that I got to be a part of this. And truly, who WOULDN’T want to spend a day with fun industry folk-turned-friends, to laugh a lot, style a little, eat a bit… and more. It was magical. And the proof is in the pictures:

Mussles and Chorizo

Seabass with Roasted Tomatoes

The best part about Amy Squires [from Wedding Chicks] is that she’s a retired photographer. And she’s seriously incomparable. I love her work SO much. Loved it when she shot weddings; love it now when she shoots food for fun on her iphone. Seriously, Ames, way to knock it outta the park! I’m drooling.

Bourbon Pears for dessert!!

And, at least I got to fully contribute in this way:

Teensy Yellow Arrangements in Amazing Mercury Votives from West Elm

ALL of the recipes can be found on the Wedding Chicks Blog– seriously, they are simple and delicious! And don’t miss the stellar cheese board that Nace put together, too! Seriously, that guy is the real deal!

Run over there, y’all! The fun is bountiful.


I am totally and completely in love with all aspects of this. I always say to myself “I am DONE with styled shoots”- mainly because real love, people’s real love, is much more inspiring for me. Sometimes no parameters is the hardest to design in. But when the gals at Cloud Parade approached me about helping promoting their new site by utilizing their vendors for a shoot, I quickly came up with a concept that really inspired me: seasoned love. After planning The Boutwell’s vow renewal that happened early last year, I became totally enamored with the idea of everyone celebrating triumphant love. I mean really… what’s more worthy of celebration than marriage kept? And I knew the perfect couple- and family- to model for it. These real-life friends of mine, with a real-life successful marriage, and their real-life adorable kids were the perfect inspiration to let the ideas come together. I realize this got really wordy, but it’s worth it for me to give you that great back story! I can’t be more thankful that the lovely Jasmine Star was aligned to take photos for us. And with no further delay… go visit the full post with more details and TONS of images, over at

I mean, really…..

They’re SO cute, right?! Don’t miss out. View the full feature here!