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Invites: Steph + Tom


My dear friends Stephanie and Tom tied the knot in July [and you just recently got a glimpse of their gorgeous photos captured by Trever Hoehne. But, what we neglected to show you before now, is their incredibly posh French-inspired invitation suite that we created in their honor. So, please feast your eyes:

Steph had a vision from moment one for her wedding: simple elegance with a cream, black and chocolate scheme. Keeping in mind that their affair was a desserts only style of reception, it fit perfectly! We chose a “wordy” invitation to act as the overall design- and the simplicity of it was the perfect compliment to the evening!

Boxed and tied with lace, these were meant to be hand-delivered for their intimate guest count.

The delicate femininity of the lace and font played perfectly against the masculine color scheme and angular modern box.

All in all, one of my favorites designs to-date for invitations. I love the playfulness and romance of the suite, and how we got to carry it through to the big day with the favors, ceremony programs, guestbook, and dessert signs!

Have an inspired day with love flowing like the Seine River!


Hello all and welcome to the new once weekly feature Design Dollop! Let’s break down the name for a quick sec. Why Design Dollop you ask? Lemme tell ya’ why! What I’m going to share with you are some of my favorite nuggets of design. Hence, a dollop. Just a dollop of design at a time. SO, heeere’s Numero Uno!

Aren’t those one of the most amazing things you’ve seen? I mean, really. Really?! How fun are these! I unearthed them a while back while trying to search around for clear silverware and couldn’t WAIT for a chance to use them. Luckily, we got to team up with the super fab Jasmine Star to design a French Inspired Bridal Shower [that you can see here on Style Me Pretty].

They TOTALLY add a modern edge to a traditional concept. And can you believe they’re plastic? They’re plastic!

Whelp, that concludes the first installment of Design Dollop. Hope these plastic silverware inspired you as much as they did me. See ya’ next week!

Annnd remember, if you need some totally rad chicks to rock the design socks off any event, this is the place to be!

Oh, Jose Villa, the world is a more beautiful place because of you.



It may be officially unholy, how much I love these images. Jose is well respected in this industry for his clean, artistic style and it’s no surprise that so many artists just gravitate to his work as inspiration. I’m so thankful for inspiring people like this who continually push me to be at my best.

Soak it in, my lovely readers- this one is easy on the eyes!

Happy Friday, y’all!



This is just a little something I made to catch your eye. No, this isn’t a real wedding. I did whip up this invite comp with a couple in mind but really, I was channeling my inner Martha and just needed to SEE this idea come to life!


Things I love about this invitation:

1. 45 degree angle.

2. Text as the WHOLE invite.

3. Marriage as the center, larger focal point.

4. Hello, it screams to be letterpressed!!

I just adore everything about it. I’m so thrilled that I got to design it so perfectly. What are y’alls thoughts on the design??

Hope it makes your heart dance like it makes mine to the mambo!



Pro Pics: Shelley & Tony


Boy are you all in for a treat today! I have been DYING to share these images with you guys. They are drop dead, hold on to your nickers Ga-orgeous! I knew when I saw the work of Amy & Maurice, aka The Theorie, on their website that they did amazing work, but it’s still always a “hold your breath” kind of moment until you finally see the finished product of all the pictures that they shot on your day. And wow, were these so much better than I was ever expecting! Simply amazing! A perfect capture of Shelley & Tony and all of their special little details on their wedding day.

The wedding was held at a private estate in Trabuco Canyon, compliments of the bride’s Uncle.
He built this bridge just for them, since the prvious one had been washed away by a storm.


The flowers were all provided by the amazing Carissa of JL Designs.

I mean come on, anyone who can make a box of boutonnieres look THAT good, has got to be a great florist, right??



A few pics of the bride & groom, and their wedding party.






The ceremony featured hanging vases filled with pink roses & peonies, and pink petals covering the aisle floor.


We added yellow ties around each chair, for a nice big POP of color!





The grounds of this home had an endless supply of amazing photo opportunities. It was such a perfect setting.




Shelley’s Uncle has a collection of classic cars that he has donated to Auto Museums over the years. Lucky for us, they are all so grateful for the donations, that they let him take them out whenever he wants for his person use. Score for us!! These bad boys make for great pictures!





The cocktail hour featured small square vases wrapped in a funky mod fabric that we found in the L.A. Fabric District, and single pink peonies in each one.



We made use of the beautiful oak tree in the middle of our cocktail hour space, by hanging varying sizes of white paper lanterns throughout the entire tree.


A couple more shots of Carissa’s beautiful creations…




I absolutely adored these vases that Carissa provided for the place card table.


Big puffy peonies just make me swoon…


And on to the reception details!





I loved how Carissa made it seem like these tulips were growing out of the cake stand. So amazing.


The guest tables featured small groups of pink tulips, arranged in lot of different funky white vases provided by Carissa.




I couldn’t decide which ring shot I liked the most, so I just included them both. ;)



Shelley hand crafted these super cute cootie-catchers that served as their menus. They were absolutely adorable.




And last, but not least, the scrumptious cookie buffet that replaced the cake later that night.


Thank you once again to the fabulous vendor line-up that made this event such a success. I couldn’t have done it without you:

Photography: The Theorie
Videography: Studio West Video
Florist: JL Designs
DJ/Lighting: Brady of Props FX
Catering: 24 Carrots
Cake: Sweet Gems
Rentals: Signature Party Rentals
Linens & Chairs: Dress My Chair
Hair & Makeup: i-style Salon, Los Angeles
String Quartet: Andromeda String Quartet

~ Alicia

Oh, Ronthia, what will I do without you?? I already don’t know.

Okay so everyone… I have been anxiously, ANXIOUSLY awaiting to share these pictures with you guys. Not only because Cyn and Ron are totally beyond words fabulous to the tenth power [math style, y’all!], but because I had the honor and privilege of being not only their coordinator, but acting as their florist. Yep. You heard it. I did it. All 6 bouquets. All 10 boutonnieres. All 27 centerpieces. That just happened.

When Cynthia approached me about having problems finding a florist who got her “vision”, she literally included this picture on her email:


Yep. You guessed it. It was one of mine. Something I whipped up after having a hair-brained idea that it would be “oh-so-cute” to create a hedge from leaves, and have flowers poking out of it. Cynthia loved this simple idea and from there, it stemmed on to become a vision that complimented her long banquet tables in such a way that neither of us could turn back. How was it, doing flowers AND running the show, you ask? Terrifying. Stressful. Exhilarating. Confidence Boosting- no doubt. I think I’m more comfortable now than ever in my own skin- and I cannot thank the Ronthia enough for that! To trust me the way they did… Cynthia’s kind and loving emails to me never got old, and I hope they never will [as I KNOW we’ll be pen pals for yearsandyearsandyearsandyears]. But back to their day. Their day was beyond words. And to say that I’m personally counting down the MINUTES until I see everything that Sarah K. Chen has to offer.. uggh, understatement! Okay, I’ll shut up now! PICTURES!


A snap of their centerpieces, and here’s the sweetheart arrangements, below:


Cyn’s color scheme was classic and simple: black, white, and an emerald green SO detailed and perfect that the bridesmaid dresses were hand made [and inspired by the exact color seen on Kiera Knightly in Atonement]! Because of that, we kept nearly all of the decor black and white, and let this deep, warm red in for just a few pops of color and spice!


Their event took place at the gorgeously historical Craven’s Estate in Pasadena. Could it get ANY better?? Seriously? The ceremony was out front, with the elegant, stately front door setting the backdrop, white the reception was hosted on the back patio and backyard area. With the lower level hosting our cocktail hour and dance floor… this event was dripping with history and originality!


Props to me. I’m a perfectionist and I took about 5 solid minutes tying that bow and cutting the tails at the top of the aisle. I’m intense. And it’ SO worth it. Also, here you can see that we re-used 10 of her centerpieces down the side of the aisle. It was SO perf. We trickled petals in between and voila! Amazingness squared [math joke AGAIN- were you not prepared this time either??]!!




A preface: I get really into bouquet wraps. This one was my favorite so far. Heart shaped buttons are no laughing matter!!




OH how I love bridal bouquets. I made little minis for the moms! Here are their nosegays:



I told C&R that they just HAD to jump into their photobooth PRE vows. Such cute pictures and even better memories!!


Thanks to Cheesy Photobooths for being consistently fun! Now, some post-vow photos:


My favorite moment of nearly every wedding is right after the ceremony. When the bride and groom are delirious and in disbelief and have that split second to themselves to share in the enormity of the entire occasion. That is where the love happens, people. That is this moment. And C&R shared it beautifully. Perfectly!


“Did we just….?” “Yep. We did!”


Some reception shots, before the chairs were moved back around:






And some details by nightfall:


[These are the lanterns that inspired it all!!]


So, C&R are not the traditionalists. There was no cake. There was no bouquet toss, no garter. And they tried- OH how they tried- to get out of their first dance. But the crowds would not have it, and revolted. So, for the few moments that Cynthia and Ron agreed to step out onto the dance floor and share their moments with the world… I had the honor of snapping as best I could.




And of course, my favorite pictures of the whole event. The post-party:


Me and my girl!!


We SO get each other. Meant to be. :)


Newlyweds!!! Cannot cannot CANNOT believe it! To be quite frank: I’m thrilled. Honored. Sad. Changed.

Guys- I am CHANGED by your love. Your kindness. Your genuity. Your patience and humbleness. Words can’t describe how it was for me to be able to be a part of your lives. You are so apparently in love. So apparently going to be able to ‘go the distance’. It’s with marriages like yours that, one by one, the world is changed. Thanks for being you- and SO SO SO much for letting me be me. I love the way you love one another in a way that allows me to love my babe more. I hope that through your video and pictures, you remember and cherish each and every moment of this day for the rest of your lives. I know, beyond a doubt, that I will.




I feel like such a proud mama bird right now. And if birds could lay eggs that hatched into the most breath taking wedding you ever saw…that would be my egg. You should remember Shelley & Tony from the In The Mix posting I did a few weeks back Here. They are a couple from Chicago, who enlisted my help a few months back, to plan a wedding at Shelley’s Uncle’s private residence in Trabuco Canyon. You should also remember from the post that I told you there was still plenty more fabulouness to be revealed about their wedding.

So….let the fabulouness begin!!!

Shepards Hook & Program

The ceremony featured Shepherd’s hooks with hanging bud vases filled with pink roses & peonies. And we hung one of these hand made, uber-cute programs from the back of every chair.

Pink Bridesmaid Bouquet

Speaking of florals…check out this bridesmaid’s bouquet, featuring peonies, garden roses, tulips, & ranunculas. All of the flowers were provided by my new favorite florist, Carissa, of JL Designs. She is BEYOND fabulous and had so many great ideas that contributed to this day. It wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Place Card Boards

The place card table was another one of my favorite areas. So simple, yet such an impact at the same time.

Pink Place Cards

Peonies & Place Cards

The ceremony was officiated by Tony’s Uncle, who flew in all the way from Korea.
It had a beautifully intimate feel to it, and had yours truly sniffling away in the background again.

Shelley & Tony Ceremony

Shelley & Tony Ceremony 2

Shelley & Tony Ceremony 3

You may now kiss the bride!!

Shelley & Tony Ceremony 4

The family dog decided to sneak out and make an appearance during Shelley and Tony’s walk back down the aisle. Which was totally predictable if you knew this dog at all. I swear he was an escape artist. While we were on the property the day before for the rehearsal, every time someone said he was put away in the back, he would somehow manage to magically reappear within the next 10 minutes or so. So it made me laugh out loud when he just happened to appeared again, right at the moment that they were pronounced husband and wife. I guess you can’t fault a dog for wanting to see them get married right?

Shelley & Tony Ceremony 5

Now this picture makes me laugh out loud, but for a totally different reason. It is SO Tony. He knows exactly when to ham it up. So this couldn’t be a more perfect picture of the two of them.

Fabric Wrapped Vases

The cocktail tables featured simple, small vases, wrapped in our mod fabric, with a single pale pink peonie.

Cocktail Tables

We held the cocktail hour under this beautiful oak tree, filled it with pretty white lanterns of varying sizes, and tied the swing with some pretty ribbon.

The reception was held on what normally serves as Shelley’s Uncle’s driveway, but we transformed the space into a beautiful oasis. I apologize in advance for how many table shots there are to come, but it was just so beautiful that I seriously couldn’t stop taking pictures of the space.
Shelley & Tony Tabletop

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 1

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 2

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 3

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 4

Shelley & Tony Tabletop 5

Table Numbers

For table numbers, Shelley & Tony decided to do a photo shoot around the city of Chicago, taking pictures at some of their favorite places that featured numbers.

Table Numbers 2

This one was my favorite. The caption underneath says “it cost us $2.25 each to take this picture. thanks, mayor daley.”

Cootie Catcher Menu

Shelley also made these adorable Cootie Catcher menus that we placed at each persons place setting.

Tulip Cake

The beautiful cake provided by Sweet Gems. Carissa did a FABULOUS job creating a garden of tulips that appeared to be “growing” out of the cake stand.

Tulip Cake 2

Tulip Cake 3

Tulip Cake 4

Grand Entrance

Grand entrance time!

Grand Entrance 2

First Dance

Which went straight into the first dance.

First Dance 2


A speech by Shelley’s Dad.

Shelley & Tony

Cake Cutting

Who wants some cake?!?

Cake Cutting 2

Cake Cutting 3

Cake Cutting 4

Father Daughter Dance

A beautiful father daughter dance as the sun officially set.

Father Daughter Dance 2

Father Daughter Dance 3

Which quickly turned from the Beatles “Michelle, My Belle” to Rick James’ “Super Freak”. As you can tell from the picture, I was not expecting this. So as Shelley’s dad started bustin his moves, my lens could barely keep up!

Shelley is a BIG baker, and is known in her family and circle of friends for making the most amazing cookies. So it was a no-brainer that she wanted to do cookies for favors. As good as hers are, she certainly didn’t want to have to deal with the stress of making all these cookies in the last few days before the wedding, so they went with these delectable choices from Bristol Farms.

Cookie Buffet

Cookie Buffet 2
I wish I knew how to take better pictures in the dark….take a photography class (must add this to my list).

To Shelley & Tony, I wish you both so much love and joy in your future. I know you are both going to make the most wonderful parents someday (and by someday, I mean you better start makin babies asap!). ;)
Shelley, I am going to miss our daily emails. Which almost makes me sad that your wedding is over.
Tony, please continue to make Shelley smile from ear to ear, every day, as I know you can.
Take the time to love and appreciate each other every chance that you get, and you’ll lead a long and happy life together.


~ Alicia

The Fabulous Vendor Lineup:
Photography: Theorie
Videography: Studio West Video
Florist: JL Designs
Catering: 24 Carrots
DJ: Brady of Props FX
Cake:Sweet Gems
String Quartet: Andromeda String Quartet
Hair & Makeup: i-style Salon, Los Angeles
Rentals: Signature Rentals
Linens & Chairs: Dress My Chair


Shelley & Tony

Shelley & Tony came into my life just a little over a month ago. We got an inquiry from Shelley who said she was planning her wedding from all the way out in Chicago and she needed help. And what better place to turn to for a wedding planner extraordinaire then here right?!?

I have to be honest, when I first heard that the wedding was only two months away and Shelley and Tony had ZERO vendors booked, it made my heart race. The wedding was to be held at her Uncle’s private residence in Trabuco Canyon, but other than the venue and me, there was zero set in stone.

Happily though, I am amazed at all we have accomplished in just this short month. Every vendor is booked and so many decisions have been made, it makes me giddy with butterflies in my stomach to think of how amazing this wedding is going to be!

So let me share with you guys, just a few tid bits of what’s to come…

Their color scheme is a base of Black & White with accents of Pink, Yellow, & Orange. Shelley and Tony have such an awesome sense of style, so it was no surprise when they picked these adorably funky invites from the Etsy seller ellothere.
Shelley Invitation

Shelley RSVP

We also got to do one of my favorite things during the one weekend that Shelley and Tony came out to California. We took a trip down to the wonderful Dress My Chair showroom in Costa Mesa and tried out soooo many combinations of table setups. We literally pulled practically every linen from the hangers until we finally came up with something Shelley and Tony loved!

It was originally one of the color combinations that Shelley was opposed to when we started, but when she finally gave in and took a look at it on the table, it was perfection! Which is one of the reasons I love taking brides down there so much. Things can look so different in your head than when you actually see them in person, so Dress My Chair’s showroom allows you to find out just what that vision in your head really looks like. :)

Shelley Dress My Chair

And while Shelley and Tony loved this color combination, they definitely wanted to do something different than a damask for their base runner. Some of you might remember the trip to the L.A. Fabric district that Amanda posted about here earlier this month? Well that was for these two!

And after searching through hundreds of options, we had a winner!! This super funky, mod fabric, that incorporates the black, white, and yellow all in at once!

Wack Forest
What do you guys think? So amazing right??

We also decided that we’ll use the fabric to wrap the vases of the cocktail table arrangements in, like this. [I make a killer stick figure cocktail table right?] ;)

Cocktail Table

And last, but not least….the caterers! Shelley & Tony tried a few different caterers while they were out here, but weren’t as impressed as they would have liked to be. So they put their trust into my hands and sent me and her parents (who live in California) off to 24 Carrots for a tasting.

Ahhh the sacrifices a wedding coordinator has to make! ;)

Ahi Apps

Shrimp Apps

Olive Salad

Bean Salad

Stuffed Chicken

Tri Tip


Needless to say, the food was all AMAZING! And the staff at 24 Carrots is JUST as AMAZING!

So stay tuned for more to come. Their wedding is just 3 and a half weeks away! And I promise that there is more fabulouness that has yet to be revealed!!!

~~ Alicia

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