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YAY!! The fabulously classy love story of Elena and Nathan was featured on the One Lovely Day blog [by Project Wedding]. I’m a huge fan of Project Wedding [and you can visit my page listing for real reviews from our real lovely clients, too], so naturally being on their blog is such a fun little pre-Thanksgiving surprise!

Thanks again must go to Dave and Sandy Richards for the wonderfully vibrant, happy photos. And, seriously, doesn’t everyone want ‘happy’ photos?? I know I do for you!

Visit the rest of the images [and you can click through the gallery, too!!] here!

Newlies: Elena + Nathan


This was my first time working with Dave Richards and his cute-as-a-button wife Sandy, but I’m really hoping it won’t be my last. Just looking through the images he recently blogged of Elena and Nathan have brought back a flood of memories from their seamlessly stress-free, gorgeous day. I’m thrilled to gush to you some of their perfect images!!

Radiant bride…. check!

Handsome groom…. check!

Killer cohesive bridal party…. check!

Ridiculously pretty church… check! And then, there’s love.

Lots and lots of love.

And a great reception locale like The Ebell Club, Long Beach doesn’t hurt either!

The decadent arrangements from Flower Allie add the perfect POP to this fun color scheme of navy and orange. And here’s a designer’s inside tip: when working in a candle-lit, romantic environment, go a shade lighter with your linen. In the light of day, you may not understand- but in the deep, dark colors of your reception, that extra “lift” of color will make all the difference. Keeping with Spanish feel, we used La Tavola’s dupionique in royal [a cobalt blue tone, much like the Spanish tiles we used as escort cards] to ensure the colors didn’t get lost in the evening light. It was the perfect impact!

Isn’t it always the “little” things that get you?? Elena chose for us to do a “detail wrap up and decor budget” for her. It’s one of our most popular additions these days and can be added to any of our services. For Elena and Nathan, we took the liberty of implementing several tiny decor elements to really impact her day. We upgraded linens and napkins, added a lace knot napkin wrap, detailed the bride and groom chairs [with lace tails and signage], created menu cards for their buffet, concepted and created their escort card tiles with alternating blue/orange colors, wrapped candles in custom lace, created wedding programs, and designed/assembled 20 welcome baskets [complete with custom timeline, logo/artwork, and packaging for her guests]. WHEW. All in 2 weeks time. If THAT’s not bang-for-your-buck, I don’t know what is!

Just a suggestion, but if you skip on over to Dave’s site, there’s more where this came from. He’s a great blogger [in example: timely, generous with images that are generously sized, and credits all of his vendors]. I love this in a photographer. I love this in ANY vendor. I’m on his side.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this wedding come together! I got to work with Elena and Nathan from the get-go, so here’s a shout out to our all-star cast of characters:

Ceremony: Wayfarer’s Chapel
Reception: Ebell Club Long Beach
Photographer: Dave Richards
Event Design and Planning: In The Now
Florist: Flower Allie
DJ: John Suarez, After Dark Entertainment
Napkin Rentals: Signature Party
Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen
Catering: Jay’s Catering
Custom Graphics: Kristen [Graphical Intern], In The Now
Vinyl Escort Card Logos: Creative Media Print
Hair/Makeup: Artistry By Briana

Holla! Look at that list. It’s what I love to see. :) So sad it’s over… so happy they’re married. It’s the bittersweet small moments in life that keep me pushing forward. Hoping you find some JOY in today, tomorrow, and your ‘forever’.


Newly-Weds: Michelle + Todd

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Back in May, I had the honor of working with a fab-u-lous couple who threw a beach inspired wedding at The Redondo Beach Historic Library. Not only were they adorable, fun, and full of life….so were the colors/theme. Take a walk on the beach with these gorgeous photos by Candice Brooke [aka Mark Brooke Photography].

POP color of green….love love LOVE!!!

My fav….times a million!!!

Michelle hand wrote all the guests names on sand dollars in place of escort cards.

The peeps that made it happen:

Coordination/Planning from In The Now Weddings
Venue is The Redondo Beach Historic Library
Flowers by Deanne @ Bella Fiore
Cake by Kings Hawaiian
Photography by Candice @ Mark Brooke Photography
Videography by Megan @ Water Tree Events

With Love.


This picture makes me feel crazy…. crazy good!

Life imitates art. Which imitates life. Doesn’t this just feel like a surprise party in the making? Or a birthday debacle? Whatever it is, I love it quite a bit! Thanks ffffound for the lovely Friday you’ve just given me!

Treat yourself to a balloon today, and let it fly in the sky after a few hours of fun! Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.



Well some of you may remember that I won a stellar contest a little over a month ago with our gorgeous inspiration board depicting what we thought to be an elegantly nautical, East Coast style soiree. Well, those plans came to fruition last week and now, the images have been featured on the ever-fabulous, highly-read-worthy blog of the Wedding Chicks!

I could NOT be more thrilled with the way the ideas were captured by fave photog Chenin Boutwell. She turns everything she snaps right into gold- so I’ve been giddy since moment one about this!

The stylish workshop was broken up into a couple of posts- so be sure to visit ALL of them and leave love for your fave event stylists over there!!

Wedding Chicks Part 1

Wedding Chicks Part 2

Definitely there are MORE images, descriptions and fun to come regarding this workshop so stay tuned for more! Thanks so much Amy, Jocey, and Chenin for allowing me to turn a portion of a San Clemente Golf Course into a dreamy, Nantucket wonderland!!



Y’all ready yet or WHAT?? I know I am. While I’m scurrying around, trying my darndest to pull together some absolutely killer modern details for this April tabletop, I’ve got a smile on my face and a spring in my step! I am LOVING this California spring-time weather, the pre-wedding-season bustle, and the joy that is encompassing everything and everyone in my life!

I know that after I show you this, you will not be able to STAND it another second- but you’ll have to! I need just a few more days to really whip up something special, so hang in there! I promise to try my hardest not to disappoint. Think fun, fresh, funky, modern… April!

Hopefully this April is blessing you from the inside out!



Pro Pics: Jamie & Jeff!



Ok, please don’t stone me…if any of you have been reading the blog long enough, you’ll remember Jamie & Jeff from wayyy back in September. Their wedding was at The Historic Cottage in San Clemente, and it was one of the first I had the pleasure of doing sans-Mandy Kins. But I swear I haven’t been holding these beauties hostage from you guys. We just got the disk of images from Tony Florez a few weeks ago, so I sorted through them the first chance I got. And boy were they worth the wait!

Here are just a few of the beautiful portraits Tony took of Jamie and Jeff before they walked down the aisle.


Jamie 2

Calafia Park Arch
The ceremony was held at Calafia Park down the street. What an amazing view!

Calafia Park Ceremony

Jamie Earrings
Isn’t Jamie unbelievably stunning?

Wedding Invitation

Invitation & Bouquet

Jamie & Jeff
The two of them make such a beautiful couple!

Jamie & Jeff 2
And beautiful couples make even MORE beautiful babies!!! Jeff and Jamie also incorporated a baptism for their son Riley into the ceremony. Such a touching idea.

Jamie & Jeff 3


Bride & Groom Starfish
They had a fabulous seaside, beachy theme that turned out so so cute.

Basket of Shells

Shell Placecards

Shell Wedding Cake

Toss Bouquet

First Dance
Their first dance was amazing. It started out sweet and slow, and then turned into something straight out of Dance Dance Revolution! It had me rolling on the floor laughing!

First Dance 2

Cake Cutting

Thriller Dance
And who doesn’t like to end the night with a good Thriller homage? Face masks and all…

~ Alicia

I actually received my final payment enclosed in a card at the wedding. The card was, clearly, written by Erica [in advance, of course], and signed “Erica & Aaron Perez”. Her married name. And the way I knew she felt writing that, in advance, the way I was so CERTAIN she looked at it, giggled, anticipated it, planned it, and got excited all over again…. that’s why I love Erica.

Another dream client- a dream wedding, and such a day full of JOY and laughter. Alicia [aka “The Leashy-keeners 4000”- not really, I just made that up right now] was with me all day yesterday and we actually talked- MORE than once- about how everyone at their wedding, all 230 guests, were so happy to be there. It seemed like a day, a union, that was so much anticipated and so longed for by the whole crowd. That is a wedding rarity. But it was in the air, filling the room with it’s joyous presence- and Leash and I were no exception! It was truly an honor to be a part of this wedding day with Erica, my happy bride and Aaron, my easy-going groom. They didn’t let anything get in the way of this day. And I’m SO proud of E for that- worth the effort to consciously “let it go”- right, Erica?? Yay! Onto my pictures that clearly do not do the event justice by any means…


St. Joseph’s set the background for our ceremony. We had minimal decor at the church, mainly because of lent, but the natural light flooding the sanctuary was stunning!


Happy brides are my BUSINESS!

Onto the Westin Long Beach. The ballroom was simple and gorgeous. The staff was incredible. The food was UNSPEAKABLE good. DANG. We lucked out! Erica’s been planning this event for a year and a half and the details were definitely in place!


Their fab photog, Renee Broughton used their engagement session to also snap their table number shots. This one was my FAVE:


I loved Erica’s 3-fold favors. Papa box, mama box, baby box! All held different sweets and treats and then were packaged together with a monogram and tulle. I can’t say this wasn’t a HUGE labor of love for Erica’s family! She had a vision for it and I think they turned out just darling!!


We, of course, tucked menus into each napkin. Did I mention about the food yet [I know I did]?? Us vendors ate the chicken and it was “bomb”. Wait, I don’t think people say that anymore… it was [insert some killer phrase from at least 2008]! For reals!



The easy head table decor. Those marbles in the vases were this amazing color of blue. I just wanted to keep hanging out with them [yes, the marbles] because I wanted to figure out their color and paint my life to match!!

A first for me: monogram IN the bouquet! Erica’s bouquet was extra special and personal and Jenny B did a great job making it what she wanted. Those deep red roses were so huge and lush, and her rhinestone initial was TOO cute. She also pinned the entire bouquet wrap with charm initials for the loved ones not able to be at the ceremony, those who had passed away. SUCH a neat touch!


Always a Bride…..’s best friend!! :)


Don’t hate on that pic. I’m trying to look crazy. Thank God I’m already married!!


The fabulous and fun and “Ohhh, I don’t TAKE pictures of me” Renee Broughton, y’all!!

Straight into the first dance. DANG Erica was emotional- appropriately, though. She was never a sobbing mess, but her voice quivered with the reality of it all sinking in. Because she “got it”, we sure “got it”, too. It was an enormous day for everyone in attendance!



And after some toasts, we had her father take her back for one last moment as his baby girl and nothing more…


Of course Aaron took his mom out for a twirl or two, too!


Sigh. I’m in love. I know E was excited to eat this cake that she hand-picked the flavor of. But I am 100% happy as a clam just looking at it. Forever.


I think you all know by now that I am a HUGE fan of Martha Stewart’s style, taste, vibe, etc. These thin ribbons on the cake are soooo Martha. I can’t imagine how hard they are to place, perfectly spaced and perfectly straight, but HOT DANG. This was perfection. A smoooth white buttercream cake with navy ribbon. UGH.


Thanks, Rossmoor!!!


I caught this quick shot of one of our amazing flower girls snapping a photo of the pair dancing. SO stinking cute!


The pic above is totally over-blown-out because another flash went off when I was capturing it. But there’s something so unique about it, I just had to post. By the way, Erica LOVED the amaretto cake she chose so greatly, she had Aaron feed her twice before taking the fork and offering him any! Haha!! LOVE that girl!


Calling people out, specifically, for her bouquet toss!


“The Prep”… and….


The result! Gotta love it that they were both dead set on getting married next!! As Ray at Fly By Night, our DJ said: it’s gonna be a LONG time before THAT wedding happens!

All in all- the evening was beyond fabulous. Nearly perfection, actually. I don’t have a complaint in my book. Great vendors. Great location. Fantastic couple. Amazing crowd. A room full of love… that meets every one of MY needs and MY desires- and this day wasn’t even [supposed to be] about me! For that, I’m thankful, grateful, and in awe! E&A: you two are full of it! LOVE that is. It’s oozing out of everything you do. Your kindness, genuity, candid nature, and loyalty [as your friends kept saying, over and over again]- it permeates the core of who you are. I knew it from the moment I met you. Insta-friends, Erica. I’m so thankful to have been a part of making this day everything you truly knew it could be. I hope it was more, in reality, than your dreams could have told you it’d be!!



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