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Invites: Christie + Seth

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Hey ya’ll! It’s been quite the while. Don’t fret, I’m back with some amazing invitations to share with you.

I love how these invitations turned out. They got a bit of everything I think invitations should have – personalization, signature colors, a monogram of sorts, and awesome packaging.

Christie + Seth [you may remember them from here or here] wanted to have invitations that spoke to what they’re guests would experience at their wedding. Fun, rustic, eclectic, and full of loving details. What better way to say that than screen printed wood invitations?

The color palate for the wedding was a burnt orange, olive, and yellow. The wood seemed like a perfect backdrop to put the main invite on and use the other paper pieces pop with the rest of their bright colors printed on stark white.

The thing I love most about creating wedding invitations is when the design just “clicks.” A piece of information about the bride or groom, a special thing that’s going to be incorporated at the wedding, something about the venue, or just a simple color palate can all trigger these “clicks.” After that… things just WORK. Ideas come so rapidly and before you know it… we have something that is IT. For this invite, that moment came when I was told from Rachel that the ceremony was taking place under a huge oak tree. I loved it so much, it went on the invite, the direction card, and the RSVP card.

Doesn’t this look like the perfect sneak peak to what Christie & Seth’s wedding would be like? Lucky for you, The Wedding Chicks featured some incredible photos of the big day from Mathieu Photography. They are just incredible.

One tip for all of you who are thinking about invitations – whether it be for a wedding, a birthday party, or a fun get together – make it yours. Find a special “thing” to set your event apart from the others. Something that is special and will tie everything together. Something that speaks to who you are. Something that is … you.

Congratulations to you, Seth + Christie. May your life together be blessed with love forever!

With Love,


Invites: Steph + Tom


My dear friends Stephanie and Tom tied the knot in July [and you just recently got a glimpse of their gorgeous photos captured by Trever Hoehne. But, what we neglected to show you before now, is their incredibly posh French-inspired invitation suite that we created in their honor. So, please feast your eyes:

Steph had a vision from moment one for her wedding: simple elegance with a cream, black and chocolate scheme. Keeping in mind that their affair was a desserts only style of reception, it fit perfectly! We chose a “wordy” invitation to act as the overall design- and the simplicity of it was the perfect compliment to the evening!

Boxed and tied with lace, these were meant to be hand-delivered for their intimate guest count.

The delicate femininity of the lace and font played perfectly against the masculine color scheme and angular modern box.

All in all, one of my favorites designs to-date for invitations. I love the playfulness and romance of the suite, and how we got to carry it through to the big day with the favors, ceremony programs, guestbook, and dessert signs!

Have an inspired day with love flowing like the Seine River!


Hop on over to see it in it’s full glory, but YIPPPEEEEE for Shannykins and Scott’s rustic homespun wedding being featured on the beyond-fabulous and famous blog of Jen Campbell, Green Wedding Shoes! Fun, fun fun!

A little preview to whet your appetites [of course, I just kinda sorta gave you that yesterday, right below, with the description of Shannon’s flowers!!]:


The farm-inspired portraits, the historic site location [which was in her family!!], the large bridal party, the funky, fun, unique wedding was full of vintage glamour and homespun wedding details. Really, it’s worth the moment it’ll take to soak it in!!

Visit the Green Wedding Shoes post directly and brag about how you “knew us when”, ’cause these So Cal Event Gals are going places!!

Hoping you’re making your Friday full of lovely “features” in life of your own! Enjoy the rain- we hardly get it here and I find no reason to complain when it IS here! I’m one of those stand-outside-without-an-umbrella-and-just-enjoy-it types of gals. And I love it!



Pro Pics: Jamie & Jeff!



Ok, please don’t stone me…if any of you have been reading the blog long enough, you’ll remember Jamie & Jeff from wayyy back in September. Their wedding was at The Historic Cottage in San Clemente, and it was one of the first I had the pleasure of doing sans-Mandy Kins. But I swear I haven’t been holding these beauties hostage from you guys. We just got the disk of images from Tony Florez a few weeks ago, so I sorted through them the first chance I got. And boy were they worth the wait!

Here are just a few of the beautiful portraits Tony took of Jamie and Jeff before they walked down the aisle.


Jamie 2

Calafia Park Arch
The ceremony was held at Calafia Park down the street. What an amazing view!

Calafia Park Ceremony

Jamie Earrings
Isn’t Jamie unbelievably stunning?

Wedding Invitation

Invitation & Bouquet

Jamie & Jeff
The two of them make such a beautiful couple!

Jamie & Jeff 2
And beautiful couples make even MORE beautiful babies!!! Jeff and Jamie also incorporated a baptism for their son Riley into the ceremony. Such a touching idea.

Jamie & Jeff 3


Bride & Groom Starfish
They had a fabulous seaside, beachy theme that turned out so so cute.

Basket of Shells

Shell Placecards

Shell Wedding Cake

Toss Bouquet

First Dance
Their first dance was amazing. It started out sweet and slow, and then turned into something straight out of Dance Dance Revolution! It had me rolling on the floor laughing!

First Dance 2

Cake Cutting

Thriller Dance
And who doesn’t like to end the night with a good Thriller homage? Face masks and all…

~ Alicia

Here’s my quick preface: these are terrible pictures, especially because I have SEEN half of their pro pics already and they blow mine out of the water. I cannot wait to receive the disk. But, alas, my photos from M&J’s wedding. They had such a FUN, funky, unique, FUN event!

Venue: Oceanside Museum of Art
Photography: Amanda @ Hearts and Horseshoes, and Ryan Russell
Catering: Homespun Desserts
Band: Steal Dawn
Flowers, Cake and Decor: Family of the bride!

Moving on…. Mandy and Jordan are the BEST! I wish I got more images for you of them together, but those will be coming to the blog in the near future. So, until then, here are some details, portraits, actions shots… all mixed together for you.


Mandy’s sense of style is KILLER.


Her knee-high white boots were just the tip of the iceberg.


The ceremony took place outside of the museum, on the front patio, while the cocktail-style dessert reception was downstairs in the main foyer/lobby area. Upstairs we had a large open theater space that we packed with people, chairs, and a live band for dancing!



These tiny tea light holders from Target were used as floral accent pieces. Since ALL candles are prohibited in the museum, they got creative. SO cute!



They chose ONE exhibit to keep open during their “cocktail hour”, and it happened to be theeee coolest [and most fitting] exhibit in the place!


Alicia modeling one of the lovely bridesmaid bouquets. The little “cuffs” were hand-crocheted by one of the bridesmaids. Amazing!


THE CAKE!! My goodness. When Mandy told me her aunt was making the cake- I was worried. Really worried. Especially after she showed me the inspiration picture. But, hot dang, this is WAY better than I could have ever anticipated. From a real baker or an at-home baker!



These images were exposed terribly and I had to lighten them up a LOT- sorry!



Some of the mini desserts:


These carrot-cake cupcakes were her grandmother’s special recipe, and the same flavor as her mom and dad’s wedding cake!



Some reception photos:


Some pictures of the father/daughter and mother/son dance:




I love how happy Mandy and Jordan were the ENTIRE day! So filled with smiles and love!


The father/daughter and mother/son dance was actually played live by members of the bridal party and some of their best friends, Sean and Sara Watkins, along with Sara’s husband, Todd Cooper. A fun little bluegrass, down-home feel for the special dance!


A late-night shot of their wedding ceremony program:


And one last shot, at the end of the night, Mandy and Jordan actually just walked the two blocks home to their house from the museum. It was SO cute. I wish I got a better picture, but I’ll never forgot how cute they were, hand in hand, walking home full of love and life!


M&J: planning your wedding was the most fun EVER! I’m so glad I got the chance to spend time with you and know you more. Your kindness and fun, spunky personalities are so fun to hang out with. I can’t wait for the years of barbecues, holidays, and random get-togethers that we’ll all get to enjoy as our families grow and change. I truly love planning weddings of friends more than ever and now, you two are friends of ours for life! Hope that this little jaunt through Europe is enough of a vacation from the norm to act as a total life-refresher [even if it IS work for you, Jordan!!].



Blogged: Grace & Brian!


I am so so excited to share these scrum-didly-umptious images by Henry Chen with you guys!! He did an AMAZING job capturing Grace & Brian truly in love, in the moment, in the now.

And to top it off, he started doing TWO posts for his brides! One portrait, and one details! Ummm, hello! A blog full of details?!? Can you say, a coordinators Dream!?! Henry, you are a genius!!!

Ok, so on to the shots. Rancho Las Lomas has so many interesting little nooks and crannies. You could probably spend a half a day exploring all of the grounds there. Visiting the animals, and just taking in it’s pure beauty. Henry captured it all!

Rancho Las Lomas Street Sign

Rancho Las Lomas Tiger

Mon Amie Bag

Hot Pink Shoes
Grace’s hot pink shoes were so sas-a-fras! I wanted to build a runway coming out of the bridal suite just so she could stop down it in those kittens!

Wedding Rings

Strawberries & Champagne

Hot Pink Shoes 2

Pink Bracelet

Grace Bridal
How gorgeous is she?!? Straight out of a magazine, right?

Bridesmaid’s Bouquets


Chair Sign

Pink Place Cards

Grace & Brian Ceremony

Ceremony Violin

Rancho Las Lomas Swing

Rancho Las Lomas Telephone Booth

I love this one. It’s like Henry caught Grace & Brian in a secret moment from behind the bushes. I like to think that he really did. :)

Rancho Las Lomas Reception

Korean Rice Cakes
The super cute appetizer Korean Rice cakes.

Station Sign
Grace made these great signs for her food stations from 24 Carrots. There was a Sushi station, Carving station, Salad station, & Risotto station. And they were D-Lish!!!

Pink Favor


Korean Rice Cakes

The gorgeous croquembouche made by Susanne Michel of Sweet Art.

Trio of Cakes
And the stunning trio of cakes that Grace did. To signify the French, Korean, and joining of the two. :)

Grace & Brian

Ok, so I posted most of the detail shots, because…well because I just couldn’t resist. BUT I still command you to go view all of Grace & Brian’s stunning portraits over at Henry’s blog here because they’re fab! Now go, hurry, go!!!

~ Alicia

Newly-Weds: Grace & Brian



This was THE perfect wedding day! Mother nature tried to mess with our heads for a couple of days before hand, with the weather forecast calling for rain for most of the day. Heather (from 24 Carrots) and I came up with a plan A, B, and C, that would move everything indoors. But come Saturday morning, the sky was clear, the birds were chirping, and the sun was shinin! Looked like that “sunshine dance” I promised to do for Grace & Brian had worked after all! :D

Which leads me to this…a beautiful sunny day at one of the most beautiful venues in Orange County, Rancho Las Lomas. What a shame it would have been if we didn’t get to use this stunning outdoor courtyard.

Rancho Las Lomas Ceremony

Grace had all of these Gorgeous handmade details. Seat cards, programs, escort cards, favors, menus, you name it, she made it!
Chair Sign


Floral Arrangement

Pink Placecards

Pink Placecards 2

Apothecary Jar

God, this place is beautiful!
Rancho Las Lomas Cocktail Hour

Rancho Las Lomas Ceremony 1

Rancho Las Lomas Ceremony 2

There’s the fabulous Henry Chen hard at work.
Rancho Las Lomas Ceremony 4

Rancho Las Lomas Ceremony 5

Rancho Las Lomas Ceremony 7

After the ceremony, we moved everyone upstairs for cocktails, and gave ourselves an hour to turn the same space into the reception area. And I have to give the biggest Thank You here to the entire staff at 24 Carrots for doing such an AMAZING job once again! I have never worked with a catering company who is as hard working, efficient, helpful, AND fun as 24 Carrots. You guys are amazing, you make my job so much easier, and I wish you could be at EVERY wedding that I am a part of!

Ok, I’ll stop gushing now, but seriously, any brides out there who are still in the market for a catering company…your search is not complete until you’ve at least tried 24 Carrots. They will blow you away!

Rancho Las Lomas Table

Rancho Las Lomas Table 1

Pink Favor

I wish I had remembered to take a picture of what was inside these boxes because they were THE CUTEST magnets in the entire world! They each held a different traditional version of a Korean Bride and Groom, and they were so so so cute!!! Ok, I just couldn’t handle NOT showing these magnets to you guys, so I found a seller on Etsy that has them. Check out the shop Here to see a pic. Aren’t they Fab?!?!?!
Pink Favor 1

Pink Table Number

Station Cards

Rancho Las Lomas Table & Cakes

This has got to be one of my favorite details about Grace & Brian’s wedding. When Grace told me & Amanda at her initial meeting that she would be doing not only one, but THREE cakes at her wedding, we were squealing in excitement! And to top it off, one of those “cakes” was going to be a croquembouche???? Somebody please pick me up off the floor.

Grace wanted to represent both of her and Brian’s cultures, by displaying a Croquembouche for Brian’s French heritage, rice cakes for Grace’s Korean heritage, and then a traditional American wedding cake, to represent their cultures blending together into one. Swoon….
Cake Tables

Cake Table

Cake Topper

The Croquembouche was made by Susanne Michel of Sweet Art who came through for us during the final week before the wedding, when the original baker was no longer available. I didn’t get to taste a piece myself, but I heard everyone around me oohing and ahhing at how delicious the chocolate mousse inside it was. Maybe one of my other brides will order one of these again and save me a piece? ;) Any French brides out there??

Croquembouche 1

Korean Rice Cakes

Rancho Las Lomas Tables

Rancho Las Lomas Tables 1

Rancho Las Lomas Table 2

Rancho Las Lomas Tables 2

The happy couple waiting for their Grand Entrance.
Grace & Brian

First Dance 2

First Dance 4

Grace & Brian 1

Grace put together the cutest slide show to surprise Brian with. It had everyone in tears and in giggles. The perfect combo if you ask me.

And I just love the way the lighting began to look as the sun went down. Amber & her team, of Amber Event Design did a Fabulous job lighting the space!
Slideshow 1

Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting 1

Cake Cutting 3

Cake Cutting 4

Cake Cutting 5
I love how Brian didn’t even attempt to open his mouth for the cake. He knew what was coming and he took it like a man! Now that’s a sign of a good husband if I ever saw one!

Me, Grace, & Brian

To Grace & Brian, thank you again for letting me be a part of your day. I am so happy to have been there to watch you two join your lives, families, and friends together. You are truly one of those couples who just “fits”. The perfect compliment to each other, balancing each other out in the most perfect ways imaginable. I know you must be having the most unbelievable time in Paris right now [can you feel my jealousy seeping through the page?]. I wish you two the love, happiness, and laughter that you had on your wedding day, for all the days of your life.

Hugs and hugs and hugs and kisses!!!

~ Alicia

Jenny and Nick are the besssst! I had an instant click with Jenny when we met. She has possibly THEE cutest smile and laugh- ever. She’s “the kind of infectious that is good to spread around” [name that quote]! So, I knew that her wedding would be such a delight to be a part of. And I was right! Her smile engulfed her face for the entirety of their day. She was mellow, giggly, easy-going and in love. The two of them together… so fun!


If you can’t tell, Jenny went total Martha Stewart and made all of her ceremony decor out of tissue poms. I LOVED it. So cute!



They married at Almansor Court in Alhambra on a sunny Sundy [see what I did there? I took out the “a” in Sunday, to make it rhyme-y] morning. The weather was perfection!


Eddie @ Commerce Flowers rocked their personal flowers so hard. She loved them!!


They opted to do potted plant centerpieces to act as a take-home for their near and dear. Some details of the event:






Their cake. THEIR CAKE! It was my favorite thing EVER. It’s kinda old school/tradition in that the tiers are separated with poles and it’s intricate… but that little tulle skirt it’s wearing and the TOPPER alone make it amazing to a whole new level!!



The 80’s are back with a vengeance in ALL the best of ways!


Their good friend Matt Gainer came out to shoot candid photos while one of my faves, Wayne Toshikazu caught the formals and detail shots. I love the abundance of photographers. It’s my favorite. What can I say? I like pictures. Don’t blame me. No, don’t be mad. It’s cool. Get over it. :)


All that to say, knowing that their pictures will be FAB makes my job that much more fun!




They are so incredibly and undeniably best friends, and so apparently in LOVE. Weddings like this are a pleasure to work!!




It was a great GREAT day! It’s funny, when you get used to working late nights [until Midnight or so] to be off by 3pm and have the rest of the day to lounge and hang… but you’re exhausted ’cause you’ve been up since 6:00am!! It was a very nice break in the schedule. And really, who better to do it with?? The meetings that Jenny and I shared together were always so relaxed and fun. She didn’t ever overly-concern herself with things going wrong or “what if”s. She really could make a gal pass two hours chatting with ease! And that is why we at ITN TOTALLY HEART her. So big time. I’m so glad that you two are one big happy family now. To many more fun family events, to more paper cranes, to more wheat grass… to more memories!

We wish you nothing but the best and tons of little red-headed, freckle faced babies!!!



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