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Like, super delicious. Not the apple- the cake. Check it:

I actually found this last week, considered it for last week… and went back to it. Because I cannot get it out of my mind. Sorry, guys- maybe I’m hungry when I blog! What of it?! Either way, that cake’s clumpy, chunky, rustic gold frosting is calling my name and owning me all at once.

And for that, I thank 100 Layer Cake and all that they are.

Happy weekend! YAY that it’s another Friday already.


Hello, Cute-iful! It’s like a perfect, breezy summer day already here in Sunny So Cal and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the pops of emotional sunshine that keep creeping into my life. I adore the springtime and everything about it- and mostly, I adore the weddings that it brings my way!

This delightful sweets table that I’m sure you remember has seemed to get my blog and twitter friends clamoring with excitement! And rightfully so! Thanks to Cyd at The Sweetest Occasion for the wonderful little write up and feature of our perfectly placed desserts!

It’s an honor to be featured anywhere, but when blogs come out of the woodworks to love on something you’ve had your hand it… it’s truly a new level of humbling! Thanks to all my readers, friends, family and fans from my deepest heart… in ways you’ll never know, you are the ones that have kept me in this industry, creative and brimming with excitement! Jump on over to The Sweetest Occasion to see more of us and so so SO much more weddings!

Happy sunny day, y’all!



ANOTHER teaser for you. And this one is a real hoot!! Talk about a great week [and instant gratification, by the way]- this lovely dessert bar was from this past weekend’s wedding! Special [special special special] thanks to Nicole Hill Gerulat for the blog post chock full of pictures!! Even more thanks to the impeccable Melody at the Sweet and Saucy Shop for her gorgeous goodies to make this display a smashing success [hellooo, alliteration!]. Did I mention that this entire reception was desserts? No meal, here. I’m a huge fan of this idea and have always pitched it to clients on a budget, and I’m so glad that I finally got to do one!

And the infamous TISSUE POM POMS that [if you follow me on twitter, you heard me moan about a couple of days last week] my team and I made in the wee hours of the morning!!

Visit Nicole’s post for more images and leave her pretty pretty comments about her pretty pretty pictures! I cannot wait for y’all to see the ridiculously perfect vintage furniture that Jeni from FOUND supplied. You will flip. Like for serious.

Until then, hang on and enjoy the ride!!



Well… almost.

I’ll be honest- although the industry right now seems to be flooded with designers who are inspired with the recent remake of Alice and Wonderland [this re-creating their versions of Alice’s Tea Party], the table that Grey Likes Weddings featured last week stopped my heart. In fact, ONE in particular detail left me swooning, big time…

The cake!! The mini three-tiered hedge of a cake with half painted red roses. You guys… I love it. I love the fondant work. I love the creativity. I love the attention to detail. I cannot get enough. The cake was crafted by the genius behind I Believe It’s Cake and for the past week [since I saw it] I’ve been trying desperately to find an excuse just to hang out in Laurie’s presence so I can hug her in person. You can visit the photoshoot feature and see many more pictures of the inspired design… but really, here’s what you’ll be looking for [and at!!]:

And yes- that little crown is the topper. But really, it’s the roses that send me over. And the fondant leaves. I’m not sure how aware you are but I’m obsessed with ANYthing shaped like a hedge!

I’m off to work a fabulous wedding with a wonderful couple at a top notch venue. What a way to start my weekend! Hoping this Friday finds you well, lovelies!



I dare myself to be consistent! I LAUGH in the face of my enemies!! Just kidding. I’m honestly super proud of myself for getting out this Friday Lovely on an actual Friday. YAY me, YAY!

But this lovely was totally easy to chose now, wasn’t it? I’ll bet you can see it right now, under these words, so distracting that you may even be looking and THEN reading. Because that’s the type of readers I’ve got, huh? Impatient and brimming with curious thoughts and wandering eyes. I love that about you all. Hope you know that. It’s a trait of my own!!

Without further adieu, compliments of Jasmine Star, your Friday Lovely…


Word on the street… that’s the head table decor y’all. Like, wow. Style. Yep! Floral designer Lauryl Lane truly outdid herself when it came to the texture-heavy, interesting and unique elements involved in the wedding of [also wedding photographer] Brandon Kidd to the lovely Kristin [now Kidd, too]. I am dying over the cotton. Dying for it. It’s delicious times ten! And because lovelies are always better in threes, here’s a few more drool-worthy deets:


It’s okay. You can say it. Everyone is thinking it… that bouquet is RIDICULOUS! Out. Of. This. World.


….aaaaand it’s a wrap on my search for my most favorite ever in the world ever cake topper to top a cute little two-tier cake. Ever. Oh Melody, you are so Sweet and Saucy with your confections!

Now that I’m hungry, inspired and beautified [from the inside out], it’s time for the weekend!! Allowing the beauty above to seep down into the very core of my being… enjoy the ride, lovelies!